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MR GALAXY - JUNIOR TOYS - JAPANPlastic and tin battery operated robot. Rising and falling action. Tin chest plate with a red plastic suggestion of guns. Green plastic eyes. One of a series of robots based on this design. Marked Junior Toys of Japan.
Junior Mr Galaxy

This robot is featred as a new item in the 1976 Asahi catalog.
MR ROBOT - ATC - JAPANTin and plastic windup. Advances with wheels turning as his arms and legs move and the bell rings. Asahi. Removable key. Small directional wheel at the back.

No firm date yet. AKA the Bell Robot. Bow tie. Similar to the SY Mego Man. It is featured in a Japanese Toy Fair catalogue for 1962. The influence of Ideal's Mr Machine is evident in the design and the name.

Two versions are known: the yellow eye one shown and a red eye version.

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MYROBO - YONEZAWA - JAPANPlastic battery operated robot. Myrobo paper decal in the chest. Monster Robot style. Japanese window box. Simple walking action with flashing eyes and clicking sound. Uniquely a knob on back adjusts height. 7.5" Batteries and switch are located in the head. Embossed on the back is the Yonezawa logo and MADE IN JAPAN.

Several color combinations known. English and Japanese box versions.

The first sighting is in the 1976 Asahi catalog.

RADAR ROBOT - ENGLISH AND JAPANESE BOX VERSIONS - KY - JAPANSmall plastic windup stepover robot. Large silver antenna. V shaped insert on chest. Protruding eyes. Yoshino

Yoshino is connected with the Asahi company and some versions of the box carry the later A style Asahi logo. This robot appears in the 1976 Asahi catalog. Astroids shape
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