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ALADINO - NACIONAL DE JUGUETES - MEXICOPlastic robot with long arms. Blow molded plastic. Comes in a red window box. Pull-along toy, the large red plastic wheels at the feet makes the antenna turn and the eyes move in an hypnotizing wavy motion. Decal detail on chest and wheels. 9"

The robot has the same basic body as Percival and Ar-Tur. xadded
BANCOMATICO ROBOT BANK - MAKER? - MEXICOA range of soft plastic money boxes loosely modelled on the large Alps robots. Made for the Banco Nacional de Mexico. Marked BNM in the chest.

Two versions shown. The circular cutout in the head is for coins. Date?
GIROROBOT - LEDY - MEXICOMexico copy of the Cragstan and Mortoys Rotor Robot.

Plastic battery op robot, multicolored plastic. "The Walking Giant". 14 inches tall. Hypnotic spiral eyes and spinning barber pole legs make this a distinctive robot. Semicircular discs in the feet give this robot a waddling action. Window box.

The original Cragstan version has a stylised C logo molded into the chest. The Ledy version is marked Ledy on the chest.

MAQ EL ROBOT PARLANTE - LEDY - MEXICOMexico Lost in Space robot. Similar to the Remco version but appreciably larger. See photo for comparative size.

It's called MAQ robot meaning La Máquina or 'The Machine'
It stands about 14 inches with many actions
1) It talks in Spanish by pushing a lever tht works while the robot is in motion (if you can catch it)

It says in Spanish: Insufficient information. Does not compute. My sensors perceive an external threat. Logical deduction. We have left the Solar System. The atmosphere of this planet is not breathable.
2) Inside the dome the "spinner" actually spins while in motion
3) A red light spins in the panel below the dome. It's a black disc with holes in it so light only shows through in spots creating a sequence.
4) The chest plate lights up. The top portion changes in different rainbow color
middle has moving lined colors, the bottom has white light. It's all done by rotating film.
5) The arms are poseable .
6) A bump and go action which is rather weak because the motor is overstretched.
(Thanks to Bart for this write up and the pictures.)

Lili Ledy was the premier toy company in Mexico and had the rights to G.I. Joe and Stretch Armstrong. Due to Mexican law at the time that restricted imports, Lili Ledy would gain the rights to the toys and produce them in Mexico. Often wrongly percieved as knock-offs, Ledy toys offer alternative versions of US originals. In the case of MAQ, one wonders why the robot bears no sign of its famous Lost in Space pedigree.

The robot has been identified in a 1971 Lily Ledy catalog.
MINI-ROBOT SET - GAKKEN - HONG KONGA set of two mini-robots. Each small plastic robot has a clear chest with a visible motor. A battery pack can be attached to power the robots. A variety of additional items allow customization of the robots: wheels, ramp, buggy etc. Lili Ledy of Mexico may also have made this set. Sold in a plain brown box.
MR MAQUINA - LILI LEDY - MEXICOMexican version of the later Ideal's Mr Machine. Plastic wind up robot construction toy. Whistling action. 19" 46cm El robot mas marcial y marciano. 1970s.
ROBOT - MAKER? - MEXICOA tinplate battery operated robot from Mexico. Walking action with lighted eyes. The robot has two oxygen cylinders on its back with wires connected to the helmet. Some versions have a prominent plastic switch on the head. The color variations known so far are green, blue, silver and red. More details or better photos welcome. Mexican Details? Maker?
ROBOT ACROBATICO - LEDY - MEXICOPlastic battery op construction robot. Multicolored plastic components. "Four robots in one" Picture of actual robot required. c1970
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