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CLIMBER ROBOT - ILCB - ITALYA small plastic robot with Art Deco styling, rectangular body, cylindrical head, thin arms and legs. The robot is designed to climb by gently pulling on the string. With arms and legs extended, he's 5.5" long. Produced in various colors: silver and metallic green. The string has a disc at the top and a hoop at the bottom. 1960s. climbing
GIANT ROBOT - DENYS FISHERPoseable plastic robot from the British Doctor Who TV series. No action. Held together with elastic bands. Denys Fisher 1977 Harbert version (Italy) dated 1979.
NANDO - OPSET - ITALYA bare galvanised metal pneumatic tin robot. Italian. A surprisingly small robot (13cm) with a relatively simple construction. The pneumatic bulb allows the robot to walk and the head to turn. The face is a simple stamped design of eyes, nose and mouth with detailing provided by a decal. It has hoops for ears, a grill effect on the chest and a retractable antenna. "il Robot a Telecomandato" ("the remote control robot")

The box has the wording "A. Ste. 58" which possibly indicates a date of 1958.

Head variations have been identified: a full decal (eyes, nose, mouth) and a simpler decal, eyes only. A red metal head version (the side panels of the head) has also been found.
PINOCCHIO ATOMICO - OSKAR - ITALYItalian Pinocchio Spaziale in space suit. Silver plastic articulated poseable puppet with goldfish bowl space helmet and backpack. 13.5 ins tall. This would appear to be based on a book of the same name published by Dan Voivod in 1962.
ROBOT CHARLY, WHITE VERSION - RE-EL 45 - ITALYWhite plastic battery operated remote control pedestal robot. Multicolored kaleidoscope wheel in the chest. Moves, flashing lights and talking function. RE-EL is an Italian company, though it sold most of its robots in France. Dated to later than 1983.

See also the Logo Robot version.
ROBOT ESPLORATORE - HONG KONGWhite plastic battery operated Attacking Martian style astronaut. Rotates, shooting guns. Made for distribution in Italy.
ROBOT SERIE GLI INVINCIBILI - HK STAR - HONG KONGItalian version of the Robot Serie Space Superman No 106C. Plastic Shogun style battery op rotate-o-matic style robot. Bright orange. Opening doors and shooting guns in chest. Rotates. Flimsy build. One of the 106A, 106B 106C 106D series. Made for Italy.
SPACE F.D. ROBOT - SY/YONEYA - JAPANRed lithographed tinplate astronaut robot. Holds a yellow plastic hosepipe. Advances with moving paddle feet. Astronaut, Fire Department Robot. Based on the SY Robot with Spark body. This is the version wearing a hat and the box also shows the fireman with a hat. The reason for the removal or addition of the hat is unclear but may be a cost-cutting measure. 18cm Date?

The box pictured here carries a logo at the bottom left indicating that the Fire Department robot was a special edition made for distribution exclusively in Italy. There is a box version without this logo.

Note: this robot has been reproduced. Originals have a fixed key on the robot's left side. Repros have a removable key that fits on the right.

VINYL ROBOT - VINILOS ROMAY SA - ITALYStatic vinyl robot money bank based on Swivelomatic. Italy
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