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ATLAS EL ROBOT DEL ESPACIO HOPPING ROBOT- V2 - ARGENTINAA reissue of the Yone Mighty Robot Carrying Apollo. It's name translates as "Space Robot". The small lithographed tin and plastic hopping robot is pulling along a vinyl rocket with more paper decals than the original. The maker's logo is V2. Argentina.
BATMAN - LUSIA - ARGENTINAAn eccentric and rarely seen tin wind up Batman figure from Argentina. Felt hood and cape. Lusia made Batman and Superman figures in the late 1960s. There is a lever on the feet that switches from forward to backward movement (ratchets in the feet are allowed to move forward or backward). The wheels in the feet are cast iron.

Lusia used a variety of Schuco pressing from the 1930s to the 1960s, though there is no Scuhco equivalent of this figure. 16cm
EL GRAN ROBOT - PUKY - ARGENTINAPlastic wind up robot with 4 gears. Sparks in chest. Four visible colored gears behind a clear plastic bevelled chest plate. A variation of a SH original. The various parts were produced in a range of colors: red green, yellow and blue. Combinations of these four colors are known.

Argentina. Truncated pyramid head.
FOKI EL MACIANO - JUGUETES DAISA - ARGENTINAStatic tin robot, magic robot game component. Argentina. Painted tin with flexible concertina plastic arms, turned wood legs and bare metal tin feet. Helmet type head houses two flash light bulbs. Two D cell batteries fit in the torso.

The robot is advertised in the November 1967 issue of Billiken magazine.
PUK 02 BIONICO / ROBOTOM - PUKY - ARGENTINAPlastic battery op remote control four gear robot. Based on the SH plastic gear robot. Blue body, white arms and legs. Visible gears behind a clear plastic bevelled chest plate. Light in the chest. Distinctive cylindrical red plastic remote battery holder. Argentina. Two variations shown, one with a silver antenna and yellow plastic ears (as shown on the box), the other with a red plastic antenna and unusual split red ears. PUKO2

There is a box variation of this robot with the name ROBOTOM. The robot is the same but the box is much larger.
PUKY ROBOT - ArgentinaSmall plastic wind up stepover character robot. Sold in bag with header card. Argentina.
ROBOT - MAKER? - ARGENTINAA small lithographed tinplate animal-like robot with large plastic feet. Wind up hopping action. Marked Industria Argentina.

A copy of the Yone Jumping Robot, but with its own Juguete Mecanico (mechanical toy) box and with no antenna.
ROBOT APOLO - SANZ - ARGENTINA Small plastic robot, 5" tall. Chrome purple body with an clear orange plastic dome. This unusual robot has a large spring attaching the legs to the body. The arms are long springs with plastic hands. Pressing the robot makes it bounce with shaking arms. Art 4273 Apollo
ROBOT GIROPLAST - ARGENTINASmall silver celluloid and tin wind up robot with painted details.. "Giroplast" shaking motion moves him forward. Date? Also in white.

A second version is shown which has conventional feet and a pin walking action.
TOBOR ROBOT MECANICO - CAPRI - ARGENTINALithographed tin wind up robot with paddle feet and spark panel. Round metal arms, no antenna. Metallic blue with red and yellow detailing. This version retains the forward pointing tin hands of the original and also has the "W" on the chest. No antenna.

This is an Argentinian version of the Noguchi Mechanical Sparking Spaceman. "Lego" spark window. Date?

"Robot Mecanico. Centelleante"

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