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4 SPACE SHIPS THE SPACE FLEET OF THE FUTURE - PYRO - USALarge boxed set of four Pyro spaceships, all in grey plastic. The ships are held in a vacu-formed red plastic tray molded for the wheel base of each ship.

X-100 Space Scout
X-200 Space Ranger
X-300 Space Cruiser
X-400 Space Explorer

The set was on sale in November 1957
ALCA 234 - ALCA CAPEL - SPAINA copy of the Tudor Rose Space Flyer. Superficially similar to the Pyro X-100 but there are significant differences. The spaceship has a distinctive long sharp tail fin, though the length of this does appear to vary.

The factory had difficulty ensuring that the wheels would stay in place, so most examples have had the wheel supports manually welded to ensure a tight fit.

Usually silver, though bronze examples are know.

Made by Alca Capel of Barcelona. 1950s
AUTO ESPACIAL GERATOMIC - MIRIM - ARGENTINASilver hard plastic space car with gold painted details, a copy of the Pyro Pyrotomic Energiser. GERATOMIC molded into the sides.

Sold in a box. Date?

One of two Argentinian Pyro copy space cars
AUTO ESPACIAL SUPER BOMBEIRO - MIRIM - ARGENTINASilver hard plastic space car with gold painted details, a copy of the Pyro Fire Control Vehicle. Sold in a box. Date?

One of two Argentinian Pyro copy space cars
MARS RATTAN AIR X-300 SPACESHIP - MAKER? - INDIAThis is a yellow and red lithographed space rocket, a cross between a spaceship and a jet plane. This version has a lithographed pilot in cockpit detailing rather than the open cockpit of other versions. A simple hollow pressing with a friction mechanism positioned under the front end.

The original spaceship that it is based on is the hard plastic Pyro Space Scout X-100. Marusan copied it in tin as the Mars Dream Jet, and finally it has been manufactured in India as the Mars X-300, Rattan Air. The X-300 serial proves it is a copy of the Marusan, not of the Pyro.

xplastic asia mddd (ub)
Image Smith House Auctions
MYSTERE 5 - PLASTIMAR - FRANCEA distinct variation of the Pyro X-400 Space Explorer. This hard plastic spaceship is very similar in design but has significant differences: the vertical rear fins have become side fins and a much longer ridge now runs along the top. This is a friction version with the mechanism fitted inside the ship. Box?
PYROTOMIC FIRE CONTROL CAR - KLEEWARE - ENGLANDA copy of the Pyro original. Hard grey plastic.

Marked Kleeware Made in England in a circle.
PYROTOMIC WHISTLE - PYRO - USAA small hard plastic whistle in the shape of a spaceship with a pilot sitting in an open canopy. Marked Pyrotomic. Sold loose. Produced in a wide range of colors.
ROCKET CAR - KLEEWARE - ENGLANDHard plastic. Open cockpit with driver. Several colors: blue. red, grey, gold Sold loose as a Woolworth's bin toy.

This is a copy of the Pyro Rocket Car.
ROCKET SHIP - KLEEWARE - ENGLANDHard plastic spaceship. Side engines with mudguards. Rear fin. Colors: red, silver

This is a copy of the Pyro Rocket Ship.
ROCKETSHIP - MAKER? - ARGENTINAGrey hard plastic spaceship. A copy of the Pyro Rocketship original. Marked Industria Argentina. Maker?
SPACE CLIPPER - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDHard plastic spaceship. Long rocket engines run along each side of the central body. One of a range of six space toys designed as an extension of the original Pyro range. Similarities in the detail suggest that the original Pyro designer may have been involved in the design. There is also a friction version. Various colors: bronze, silver grey, blue.

The push along version was sold loose at Woolworths and also in a bag with header card. The friction version came in a colourful box.

SPACE CRUISER X-300 - TELEX - FINLANDA version of Pyro's X-300 Space Cruiser. Called RYMD RAKET on the box. Silver colored hard plastic with red wheels. SPACE CRUISER molded on the sides. This example is missing its pilot. 10 ins long with a distinctive needle on the end of the nose cone. It has a shorter upper and lower rear tail fin than the Pyro version, parts that are susceptible to damage. Marked Telex on the underside. Wittrock has been identified as the actual maker. Also sold in Denmark as Rumskib
SPACE FLYER - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDThis small hard plastic spaceship is superficially similar to the Pyro X-100 but there are significant differences. The spaceship has a particularly long, sharp tailfin. One of a series of models that extend the range of Pyro spaceships.

Colors: bronze
SPACE PATROL - LUNA-PLAST/PLOMBEL - ARGENTINAHard plastic spaceship. A copy of the Tudor Rose original, and similar to the Pyro X-200. Bagged with header card. Burgundy color.

The Argentine Space Patrol was originally released by Plombel in approx. 1957.
SPACE PATROL - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDLoosely based on the Pyro X-200, this is a larger and more elaborate version of the Space Ranger.

This is a push along version without a motor. One of a range of six space toys designed to extend the original Pyro range.

There is reputedly a friction version. If you know of it I would welcome information.
SPACE PORT, PLANETARY CRUISER CONTROL - PYRO - USAPlanetary Cruiser Control. A brightly lithographed tin space port with a mechanism for ejecting a plastic Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser hard plastic rocket. This would account for the damage to many of the Pyro spaceships. The X-300 was 0n sale in December 1952. Box?

A Flash Gordon litho version is also known.
SPACE RANGER Z-101 - MOLDEX - AUSTRALIAThis is a very large hard plastic spaceship based on the Pyro X-200 Space Ranger. At 11" it is about twice the size of the Pyro: the Pyro is included in the picture for comparison.

Produced in a range of colors: green, bronze, silver, blue.

The spaceship has been dated to 1953 - it was advertised in an Australian paper in September that year.
SPACE SCOUT X110 - MARUSAN/K&K/ALPS - JAPANBased on the Pyro hard plastic X-100 Space Scout. It is a fascinating tinplate rendering of the original toy.

A light green/blue lithographed tin friction rocket plane. This is a cross between a rocket and a jet plane. The winged space plane has rocket motors mounted on the wing tips. X100 is printed on the wings and on the sides of the spaceship, as well as the wording Space Scout. The cockpit contains a molded red plastic cover. Friction action with noise and spark. 18cm

This is a litho variation of the Dream Jet Mars. This spaceship has also been seen with a different K&K manufacturer's logo on the tail. This would appear to be the Kamiya Seisakusho company. Alps may have been the import agent.

SUPERSONIC JETS SPACE SET - KLEEWARE - ENGLANDDespite its name this is a space set. The boxed set comprises a mix of products based on two manufacturers: Marx and Pyro. Kleeware borrowed the US molds for a short time and produced their own copies, usually marked Kleeware, Made in England. The plastic is slightly more transparent than that of the Marx originals. The Pyro is virtually identical apart from the logo.

The set comprises:
1 Pyro Style Rocket Car
2 Marx Style Space Car
3 Marx Style Twin Fuselage Spaceship #2
4 Marx Style A-Wing Spaceship #4

Brown card box with paper label.
TERRE MARS AND SPACEMEN - REX JOUETS - FRANCEHard plastic spaceship. This is a close copy of the Tudor Rose Space Flyer, which in turn is related to the Pyro X-100. The nose of the spaceship differs from the Tudor Rose version. The spaceship has a distinctive long plastic tail. Made in a range of colors.

The hard plastic grey spaceship was sold on a card with a set of four slender, smitranslucent hard plastic Rex Jouets space figures. Each comes with a clear plastic helmet. Marked Depose. It is interesting to note that though these figures are original designs, not copies of earlier figures, they still retain the four poses of the Tudor Rose group.

Later produced in soft plastic.

Colors: silver, red
X-100 SPACE CRUISER - SUNLITE - HONG KONGHard plastic spaceship. Based on a friction drive version of the Tudor Rose X-300 spaceship, which in turn is a copy of the Pyro original.

Tudor Rose added friction drives to a number of these early spaceships. The molds eventually found their way to Hong Kong and this was the result. Confusingly the spaceship has X-100 molded in the side, although it is quite obviously a X-300. The reason for this is unknown. The spaceship has a box structure added to the base to house the friction motor. Other color combinations exist. A box is not known, but is quite probable.
X-100 SPACE SCOUT - KLEEWARE - ENGLANDA copy of the Pyro original. Sold loose as a Woolworth's bin toy.

Colors: gold, grey,
X-100 SPACE SCOUT - MAKER? - FINLANDBelieved to be Finnish versions of the Pyro X-100 Space Scout. This spaceship is distinctive in that there are no cockpit cutouts; the openings are sealed. In addition there is an additional plastic lining to the underside of the fuselage.

Made in a wide range of semi-transparent plsastic colors.
X-200 SPACE RANGER - LESIEUR - FRANCEA hard plastic copy of the Pyro original. Seen in two-tone green and white. This model was a premium issued with Lesieur cooking oil products. The spaceship has rather more flash than other versions, reflecting the economics of providing free gifts.
X-300 SPACE CRUISER - KLEEWARE - ENGLANDA copy of the Pyro original. Sold loose as a Woolworth's bin toy. The two-tone plastic is characteristic of many of the English examples.

Two tone blue/red
X-300 SPACE CRUISER - MAKER? - ARGENTINABlack and white two tone hard plastic spaceship. Yellow plastic driver. Argentinian copy of the Pyro X-300.
X-400 SPACE EXPLORER - ALPIA - ITALYGrey hard plastic spaceship. This is clearly a X-400 spaceship manufactured by Alpia in Italy in the 1950s. This is a copy of the Pyro original, though it may be derived from the English molds. There is no name on the spaceship, though the Alpia logo and Bergamo are shown on the top of the ship. This is a friction drive mechanism, though it does not have the large box structure usually used for the motor (Tudor Rose style)
X-400 SPACE EXPLORER - KLEEWARE - ENGLANDA copy of the Pyro original. Sold loose as a Woolworth's bin toy.

Light blue
X-400 SPACE EXPLORER, FRICTION VERSION - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDBased on the Pyro X-400, this is an alteration that turns the original spaceship into a friction powered vehicle. A box structure has been added to the base and a pair of substantial black plastic wheels have been fitted. A basic noise making device was also included.

Sold in a box.

Colors: blue, green, grey
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