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ASTRONAUT SPACE HELMET - COLECO -USABagged with header card. On sale in July 1962. This helmet is clearly influenced by the real US space helmets.
ASTRONAUT SPACE HELMET - DEKKER - ENGLANDWhite plastic full head astronaut space helmet with hinged visor and imitation mike. NASA logo. 1970

Available with a space suit.
ASTRONAUT SPACE HELMET - RCA VICTOR - USAIntroduced in July 1966, this is an unusual combination of space helmet and phonpograph. Based on the well established Ideal space helmet design.
ASTRONAUTA SPACE GUN - ATLANTIC - ITALYA long yellow hard plastic dart firing space gun. 13" 34cm Distinctive straight edge along the top, coiled effect trigger guard and curved lines. The gun has an extra finned extension of the main barrel tip. Similarities exist with the Reliable Space Patrol Water Pistol.

Sold as part of the Astronauta space set comprising helmet, oxygen tanks and space gun. The helmet is marked X-0.

The gun would appear to be adapted from the Samco Mitra Marziano gun.

BEACON BEANIE SIGNAL CAP - CLEVER THINGS - USAYellow plastic beanie hat with a large red plastic light on the top. Current earliest sighting is in December 1952.
BUBBLE-O-BILL BUBBLE HAT - MATTEL - USAPlastic cap style helmet with bubble blowing feature. On sale in February 1954.
BUCK ROGERS COCOMALT RAYGUN & HELMET KIT - COCOMALT - USAA 1933 premium from Cocomalt. Comprises a card space gun and helmet. Packed in an envelope.
BUCK ROGERS PLAY OUTFIT - SACKMAN BROTHERS - USABuck Rogers play outfit comprises suede-like chaps/cuffs and vest with a circular leather patch. Cloth helmet with visor and chin strap. Leather belt.

Available in stores and a Cream of Wheat mail away premium. 1935
BUCK ROGERS SPACE RANGER HELMET - SYLVANIA - USAOffered free to children who brought their parents along to view the Sylvania TV set. The offer started in October 1952.
CANADA DRY SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - CANADAOffered as a mail-away premium in this 1953 advertisement. Picture?
CAPTAIN VIDEO SPACE HELMET The red verson was sold boxed in stores. A blue version was available as a Post's cereal mail-away premium.

The helmets were launched in December 1953 and were widely on sale in early 1954.
CASCO ESPACIAL - JEFE - SPAINWhite plastic full head astronaut helmet with hinged visor and mouthpiece. Date?
CASCO SPAZIALE X-3 - ATLANTIC - ITALYYellow plastic full head space helmet with a tinted hinged visor. Comes with oxygen tanks and connecting hoses. Small plastic antenna. Marked X3.
CASQUE ESPACIAL - MAKER? - FRANCEOrange full-face helmet with two antennas. Early 1970s.
COL McCAULEY MEN INTO SPACE HELMET - IDEAL - USAA variation of the earlier Steve Canyon space helmet. This was introduced in September 1960 and was very successful, running for nearly two years.
GENERAL ELECTRIC SPACE HELMETThis cardboard space helmet was offered free to children who brought their parents along to view a GE refridgerator. The scheme started in May 1953 and was very successful It ran for many years and was copied by other companies.
HAMILTON'S INVADERS HELMET - REMCO - USAIntroduced in Spring 1965.
LOST IN SPACE HELMET - IDEAL - USABlue plastic helmet with decal detailing. Introduced in late 1966.
MAN FROM MARS HELMET - PRACTI-COLE - USARed space helmet with a green visor "Cosmic Vision Eyeshield". On sale in November 1955.
MAN FROM MARS SPACE HELMET - DEWEY - CANADAFrom a 1953 issue of Playthings magazine. Man From Mars Space Helmet (with secret eyes) made of durable rubber by the Dewey and Almy Chemical Company, Cambridge, Mass. / Montreal, Canada.
MEN INTO SPACE HELMET - IDEAL - USAWhite plastic space helmet with full face hinged visor.
MIRRO SATELLITE EXPLORER'S HELMET - MIRRO - USAMirro Aluminium Company. A full-head cylindrical metal helmet with visor.

Advertised in Milwaukee Journal 8th March 1957.
MISSILE HELMET - PAYTON PRODUCTS - USAA copy of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet. The device on the top is appreciably taller than the one on the Renwal version.
OUTER SPACE HELMET PREMIUM - RALSTON - USACardboard space helmet available from Ralston Cereals in early 1954.
S.A.C. HAT - KUSAN - USASignal Audio Communications. Blue plastic space helmet with an enormous built in megaphone. SAC

Advertised in October 1961.
SIR RETRO ROCKETSBY - LINCOLN TOYS - NEW ZEALANDThis ad is from a 1968 New Zealand toy catalogue. Lincoln Toys was a NZ company that first manufactured in New Zealand and then moved it's manufacturing to Hong Kong.

The helmet is a variation of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet, possibly pink and other strange colours.

SOLAR HELMET - MISHAWAKA RUBBER - USASolar Helmet, by Mishawaka Rubber & Woolen Manufacturing Co., Mishawaka, Indiana. Solar also produced matching boots.

The soft helmet is lined with a foamy coating that Mishawaka advertised as Thermo-Lite; it came with a fabric chin strap that affixed to each side with a metal snap, and it incorporated a vinyl and Thermo-Lite lined chin guard. The Solar Helmet was made in three Junior sizes that I know of, Small, Medium and Large. The size is indicated with a single character imprint in the rear (located at the center point of the lower edge and indicating its size with either S, M or L). While it's clearly a copy of an early 1950's Buck helmet from the newspaper strip it was never released with any mention of the character.

Mishawaka made a pair of Junior "Solar Boots", as well, which they marketed as "Insulated Weatherproofs". Those boots also appear to have been released in various Junior sizes. The boxes for the two items are almost identical.

Various colors: "metallic" (silver), red, grey and black. On sale in November 1954.
SPACE ALIEN VOICE CHANGER HELMET - KINGSFORD - USAInsect-like green and yellow plastic helmet with bulbous clear red plastic goggles. Voice changing action.
SPACE HELMET - ARANT - USADistinctive egg-shaped clear plastic helmet designed to cover the entire head. A harness is provided to hold the helmet in place.

Appeared at the New York Toy Fair in March 1958

Arant started making transparent space helmets in 1953-4.
SPACE HELMET - MAKER - SPAINWhite plastic full helmet with large red plastic light mounted on the front. Chrome ear attachments. There should be a white plastic antenna on the top. Battery holder at the back. 28 cm x 24 cm
SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - HONG KONGThe helmet is a variation of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet. Packaging? Details?

The Renwal original is marked SPACE SCOUT on visor and ear pieces. The Renwal helmet has a gap in the headband in the back, the Hong Kong version doesn't. The ear pieces are attached to the helmet differently: the Renwal ear pieces attaching tabs are not visible from the outside but the Hong Kong tabs are visible.
SPACE HELMET - MERIT - ENGLANDThe helmet is a variation of the Renwal Space Scout Helmet. Merit was the trading name of J R RANDALL.
SPACE HELMET - ORBIT PRODUCTS - USAWhite plastic space helmet with a red ridge structure. Wings on the side. Comes with a battery holder: when pressed the top and the side wings light.
SPACE HELMET MASK PREMIUM - KRAFT CARAMELS - USAA plastic bag with an astronaut's head printed on the front. September 1953
SPACE HELMET RADIO - MAKER? - USASo far only identified from this 1958-59 Breck's Gifts mail order catalog. Space helmet with a built in crystal radio set. Widely advertised in late 1958.

Details? Photo?
SPACE HELMET WITH RADARD GOGGLES - BANNER - USAAn elaborate plastic helmet with a spaceship fitted to the top. Also included was a pair of dish shaped plastic space goggles. The earliest sighting is November 1953.
SPACE PATROL HELMET - BEEMAK PLASTICS - USAFull head dome shaped space helmet. White plastic. Visor. Comes with inflatable oxygen tanks. The tanks were available inblue and red plastic.

Announced in May 1952.
SPACE PATROL HELMET, CLEAR - BEEMAK PLASTICS - USAThe clear version was advertised in May 1952.
SPACE PILOT HELMET - TARCO - USAThe Tarco Space Helmet, complete with a spinner. Made by Tarrason of Chicago circa 1952. Colors: various combinations of red, blue and yellow.

Advertised April 27, 1952.
SPACE SCOUT HELMET - RENWAL - USAThe original soft plastic space helmet with a skeletal design. Much copied.

Marked SPACE SCOUT on visor and ear pieces. The Renwal helmet has a gap in the headband in the back

Appears in the News and Courier 1st November 1953. Advertised variously as the Planet Patrol Cap or Planet Scout Space Helmet. Packaging?
SPACENIK HELMET - MAKER? - USADescribed as a new item in November 1957.
STAR TREK ASTRO-HELMET - REMCO - USAYellow plastic helmet with chin strap and distinctive large bulbous eye domes. Decal detailing.
STAR TREK HELMET - REMCO -USAA strange white plastic beanie style helmet with hinged visor and a prominent red light on the top. Marked Spock or other character names.
SUPER SPACE SUIT - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAIdentified in a newspaper advertisement. Blue cotton space outfit with rocket graphics on the chest and legs. Comes with a helmet with a spaceship on the top. The helmet was available in straw and felt. Details? Picture? If you can help please contact
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET COSMIC VISION HELMET - PRACTI-COLE - USASpace helmet measuring 11" x 10". The helmet is made from a thin sheet of plastic with vac formed ears and top piece. Space Cadet symbol and "Space Helmet" text pressed into plastic. 1954
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET COSMIC VISION INVISIBLE HELMET - PRACTI-COLE - USASold as an "invisible" helmet because the visor material was like those mirror sunglasses that let the wearer see out without being seen. Made by Practi-Cole Products in the 1950s and widely advertised in comic books of the time.

Advertised in November 1952 (Capital Times)
TOMMY RAY SPACE GUN HELMET - B W LOLDED PLASTICS - USATommy-Ray space gun accessory helmet, depicted on the gun's box. Featured in the 1954 Spiegel catalog. Widely advertised in December 1954.
UNIDENTIFIED SPACE HELMET - MAKER? - USAFeatured in1954 press shots, this helmet has not been identified. One child is wearing a Tom Corbett Space Cadet suit.

US EXPLORER SPACE HELMET - BANNER PLASTICS - USAA reworking of the 1953 Banner space helmet. This version has a huge rotating satellite attached to the top instead of the plastic spaceship. It's possible that this was inspired by the launch of Sputnik in October 1957. Picture?

Featured in the 1958 Spiegel catalog.
VANGUARD COMANDANTE SPACE HELMET - ESCALANDRA - SPAINSoft silver plastic space helmet with oxygen tanks and a connecting tube. Winged star motif on the front.
VOYAGEUR INTERPLANETAIRE HELMET - GPM (G. PASCAL MOSSE) - FRANCEAn aluminium helmet with wire antenna, clear plastic visor and metal housing on top containing a light. Designed to accompany the Voyageur Interplanetaire space gun and outfit. Red, green, yellow and blue versions. 1954
WEE BEEP SPUTNIK HELMET - CPM - USAPlastic helmet with two spring antennas. On sale in December 1957

The helmet has a speaker under the white cap on top with a wire and connector coming out. The cable connects to a switch box and the switch box connects to the speaker cable in a radio or TV so you could here the sound from your favorite TV or radio show in your Westinghouse Cosmic Scouts Helmet. You can see the speaker on the inside of the helmet.

This example came in a Beemak Space Patrol Helmet box. It is thought that the Beemak product was adapted for sale by Westinghouse when they were sponsoring the Rocky Jones Space Ranger TV show.
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