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A TRIP TO MARS - MAKER? - ENGLANDAn early space board game. The Great New Airship Game. Circa 1900.
A TRIP TO THE MOON - MAKER? - GERMANYAn early space board game. Moon exploration theme. B Dice logo.
AN 2000 - MAKER? - FRANCE A French reworking of IM JAHRE 2000.
APHELION OR THE RACE TO THE SUN - F H AYRES - ENGLANDEarly space board game. Fantasy Zodiac theme. c1900
APOLLO - MULDER - W GERMANYSpace board game. Four large plastic rockets for counters. Dice.
ASTROJAGD - MAKER? - W GERAMYStar Hunter. Space board game. Date?
ASTRON - PARKER BOOTHERS/WADDINGTONS - USA/ENGLANDSpace board game with diecast rocket pieces. The board is attached to rollers and moves forward at each turn. 1954.
ASTRONAUT - MAKER? - SWEDENSpace board game with plastic spaceman figure. This is a Swedish release of the German IM JAHRE 2000 version. 1950s
ASTRONAUTS - MAKER? _ USAA space board game with Apollo themed artwork. Details?
AUF DEM MOND! ABENTEUER IM WETRAUM - HAUSSER - W GERMANYOn the Moon Space Adventure. Space board game with an Apollo Moon landing theme. Includes plastic astronaut playing pieces. 1970
AUJOURD'HUI DANS L'ESPACE UN VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE - LA TOUR ST DENIS - FRANCEToday in Space, a Voyage to the Moon. Space board game using a roulette wheel to determine the throw value.
AUS DEM WELTRAUM ZURUCK - ERNST SCHUTZ - W GERMANYBack From Space. Apollo themed space board game. c1970
BASE LUNA - ARCO-FALC - ITALYMoon Base space target game. Darts are fired at the printed targets. Mailan. 1950s
BEYOND THE STARS - GAME PARTNERS - USASpace board game. Includes plastic spaceship pieces and spinning tops. 1964.
BIMBO'S MONDFAHRT - CARY SPIELE DD - W GERMANYBimbo's Journey to the Moon. Space board game.
BLAST OFF! No. 57 - SELCHOW & RIGHTER - USASpace board game. "The moving planet space game" No 57. The idea is for players to land on moving planets. 1954
BLAST-OFF - MAKER? - USASpace board game. Date?
BLAST-OFF! - WADDINGTON - ENGLANDSpace board game. 1969. Apollo Moon landing scene.
CAPTAIN VIDEO AN EXCITING SPACE GAME - MILTON BRADLEY - USACaptain Video themed space board game. In the game players move their four markers through the solar system using a spinner.
The game includes a fold-out cockpit. 1952
CARRERA A LA LUNA - MAKER? - SPAINJourney to the Moon. Space board game. Moon exploration theme. Date?
CARRERA ESPACIAL - LADE - SPAINSpace Race game. Space capsule theme.
CIRCUITO SIDERAL - MAKER? - SPAINSpace Tour. Space board game. 1958
COLONEL JET SPACE GAME - SILVER RICH CO - USASpace board game with metal rocket playing pieces. 1952
COLOQUE UN SATELITA EN ORBITA - VICTORIA - BRAZILPut A Satellite in Orbit. Space game, plastic satellites are flipped onto the board.
CONQUISTA DO ESPACO - ESTRELA - BRAZILConquest of Space board game. No #613. Details?
COSMIL - LE CONQUETE DE L'ESPACE - MAKER? - FRANCEFrench space board game. Date?
COSMOS - RUMAIRE - FRANCEA highly-hyped space board game. A small plastic device is attached to an arm extending from a globe of the world. Details?
COUNT DOWN, THE ADVENTURE IN SPACE - LEON STIEF - USASpace board game with a spiritual tone. 1960.
COUNTDOWN - WHITMAN - USASpace board game with an mathematical education theme. 1962
COUNTDOWN SPACE GAME - TRANSOGRAM - USASpace board game. Spinner. The pieces are cardboard rockets on stands. First sighted in October 1961.
COURSE COMET RACE - MAKER? -Space board game. French & English. Date?
DAN DARE BIG GAME HUNT ON VENUS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA large boxed shooting game consisting five thick cardboard cut-outs of space-like creatures, that are held in position by a series of small wooden blocks and, through use of elastic bands, they can be knocked down when fired at using the enclosed elastic-band firing space gun.

One of the larger (20" by 10.5") of the three Dan Dare shooting games. Glevum Games aka Char Valley
DAN DARE DRAUGHTS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA boxed game of draughts (checkers/dames). The chequered board folds in half. The game comes with red embossed Dan Dare and yellow Mekon wooden pieces. The box lid shows the RAF version of Dan Dare in front of a green planet with blue background.
DAN DARE FLYING DISCS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA shove halfpenny game played on a board with Dan Dare space graphics. The object is to knock the discs into one of the The halfpennies are metal discs. The board comes in a very plain brown box. The object is to push the discs into one of the six scoring rows without the disc touching the lines.

DAN DARE INTERPLANETARY DOMINOES - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA boxed set of 28 card dominoes, two sheets of 14. Instead of numbers the pieces have Dan Dare graphics printed on them. The box pictures the RAF version of Dan Dare in a control room. Announced in September 1955.
DAN DARE MOUNTAINS OF MARS EXPEDITION - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA boxed board game. The box has excellent Dan Dare graphics showing Dan and Digby beginning their climb. The unusual feature of the game is the "mountain" playing surface: three cards interlock to form a pyramid and small pegs mark the progress of players.
DAN DARE RACE IN SPACE GAME - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDSpace themed Dan Dare board game. Box lid depicts a spaceman Dan Dare on a blue background. Simple plastic spaceship counters, dice and shaker. On sale in 1953.
DAN DARE ROCKET BALL - GLEVUM GAMES - ENGLANDThe Rocket Ball game consists of a box base subdivided into a grid of four by four cells, each wih a Dan Dare graphic and a score value. A small tube is used to launch balls at the box and the player scores the value of the cell that the ball lands in. Dan Dare in RAF uniform against a space background. 1950s. Glevum Games was taken over by Chad Valley in 1954 and closed in 1956.
DAN DARE SHOOTING GAME - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA large boxed shooting game consisting five thick cardboard cut-outs of Dan Dare's enemies that are held in position by a series of small wooden blocks and, through use of elastic bands, they can be knocked down when fired at using the enclosed elastic-band firing space gun. Made by Glevum Games aka Chad Valley.

One of the larger (20" by 10.5") of the three Dan Dare shooting games.
DAN DARE SPACE SHOOTING GAME - GLEVUM GAMES - ENGLANDA small boxed shooting game consisting of a card backing scene with three spaceship cut-out targets set in. A small, primitive wire frame gun is used to fire wooden bobbins at the targets. Introduced Eagle 6:41 October 1955.

This is the smallest of the three Dan Dare shooting games, Roberts Bros.

Glevum Games was taken over by Chad Valley in 1954 and closed in 1956.
DAN DARE SPACE-SHIP CONSTRUCTION GAME - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDThis game consist of two card spaceship models made up of a number of interlocking car pieces. Players throw dice and assemble the jigsaw-like spaceships. The box depicts an RAF version of Dan Dare examining rocket plans. Introduced in the Eagle 6:33 August 1955.
DAS RAKETENFLUGZEUG - KLEE? - W GERMANYRocket Plane. Space themed board game. Eine lustige Reise. Clover Leaf. 1950s
DE LA TERRE A LA LUNE - CAPIEPA - FRANCEFrom the Earth to the Moon. Space board game c1970.
DER FLUG INS WELTALL - BUROBEDARF - DDRFLIGHT INTO OUTER SPACE board game. East Germany. 1956. 4 spaceships. Dice.
DESTINATION MOON - HOLDSON - NEW ZEALANDSpace board game with simple counters. 1950s Box and board are separate. Thos Holdsworth and Sons Ltd.
DESTINO MARTE - JUGUETES CEFA - SPAINDestination Mars board game. 1950s Juguetes Cefe, Zaragoza
DIE EROBERUNG DES WELTALLS - VIENNA VERLAG - AUSTRIAThe Conquest of Space. Vorstoss zum Mond. Space board game with Linde spacemen figures. Moon landing theme. Date? 1965. German text.
DIE REISE ZUM MOND - KLEE - GERMANYA space board game with box art inspired by the George Melies film, A Trip to the Moon. Dated c1921 and produced by Klee for a margarine factory Eidelsted. Modern copies are available.
АСТРОНАВТЫ ASTRONAUT - MAKER? - USSRAn unusual space game in which the Zodiac constellations and classic Greek mythology feature. Details? Date
EARTH SATELLITE GAME - GABRIEL - USASatellite themed space game. The game contains four plastic 3-stage rockets.

Dated to December 1956.
ELEKTRO MENSCH! - MAKER? - W GERMANYElectro Man. An electronic question and answer game with a space robot theme. Lights on the robot illuminate to reveal the answers to questions on the left. Several different question cards supplied. Date?
ESPACO 235 - MAKER? -Space board game. Date?
FAHRT INS ALL - HUGO GRAFE - W GERMANYJourney Into Space: board game. Two stage play: training then the flight. Includes a four part board, 6 astronaut figures inside two-piece plastic rockets.
FIREBALL XL-5 GAME - MILTON BRADLEY - USASpace themed board game based on the Gerry Anderson TV series. 1963
FLIEG MIT ZUM MOND! ABENTEUER IM WETRAUM - HAUSSER - W GERMANYFlight to the Moon Space Adventure. Space board game with an Apollo Saturn theme. Includes plastic rocket playing pieces.
FLUG ZU DEN PLANETEN - ASRO SPIELE - W GERMANYFlight to the Planets space board game. Details?
FLUG ZUM MOND - MAKER? - W GERMANYFlight to the Moon. Space board game. Details?
GUERRA A MARTE - ARCO-FALC - SPAINWar On Mars. Space shooting game. A wood and metal spring loaded gun is used to shoot missiles at a colorful space target divided into a number of scoring squares. 1950s.
IL PICCOLO ASTRONAUTA - MAKER? - ITALYThe Little Spaceman. Space board game with a distinctive plastic spiral centrepiece. Maker? date?
IM JAHRE 2000 - MAKER? - W GERMANYIn the Year 2000. Space board game with plastic spaceman figure. This is probably the original version, later released as Sputnik.

J-15 ESTACION ASTRAL DE AERONAVES - GEYPER - SPAINSpace Aircraft Station. A variation on a space shooting game. Bombs are loaded into a red plastic J-15 spaceship and dropped onto a target board.
JOURNEY INTO SPACE - SUBBUTEO - ENGLANDA large space board game. The game is based around a "Model World", a spiral track leads to the center. Plastic "rotator spacecraft fleet" spin along the track. The inspiration for the game was a BBC radio programme "Journey into Space".

On sale in 1955.
JOURNEY THROUGH SPACE - CODEG - ENGLANDA space board game. Details? 1950s?
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