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33 REPEATER Z-Z RAY VARIATION SPACE GUN - WYANDOTTE - USARecent research has established that there are two versions of the Wyandotte Space Gun. This "litho tip" version is a later gun and has been dated to 1941 in an A&P Food Store advertisement. The gun was sold in the original 33 Repeater box.

This is a red painted pressed steel pop gun with rings pressed into the body. Flared muzzle with a large lithographed front sight and a small rear telescopic sight. 7" 17cm

Pop gun action Produced by All-Metal Products (1941, Wyandotte, Michigan, USA).

3 COLOR SPACE RAY GUN - IDEAL - USAPlastic raygun. Nine inches long. The space gun has a very distinctive huge flared front end with lens assembly and three blue plastic prongs at the rear. Battery powered flashlight with three color lens operated by a lever on the lens housing. Comes with display box, instructions/morse code key, bulb and bulb holder inside.

The gun is featured in an Ideal Catalog for 1952.

Colors are combinations of red, blue and black.

AGENT ZERO-M SONIC BLASTER - MATTEL - USAA very large black plastic bazooka. This was perhaps inspired by the success of the Wham-O air blaster. The bazooka-like air gun is hand-pumped until full, placed on the shoulder, and then fired. It release a concentrated burst of air toward spring-loaded targets accompanied by a booming sound. The gun was considered capable of producing high decibel levels and is now considered dangerous. 1964.
AQUARIUS WATER PISTOL - PALMER - HONG KONGClear orange plastic space water pistol. The gun has an arched top and bottom, giving it a distinctive bowed shape. Marked Aquarius. 6.5" 17cm. Made in Hong Kong for Palmer, USA.
ASTRO FLEET GUN - PARK PLASTICS CO - USAYellow plastic space gun with red muzzle and trigger. Distinctive lines run along the gun's body and the barrel has a more substantial muzzle piece.. Shoots spinners with small plastic domes, each containing an astronaut figure. It calls them "manned space craft".

This gun was later released as the Sky Lab, a more topical name.
ASTRO ZAPPER - KUSAN - USAA large 11-1/2" bazooka like plastic space gun. The gun is cocked and fires light plastic ball. Came with 3 plastic balls
Available in black and white versions. The earliest version is currently dated to 1974 and later releases date as late as 1980.

Some versions have Star Wars look-alike graphics.

ASTRO-PHASER ELECTRONIC SPACE GUN - MARX - USAMade by Louis Marx Co. The Astro-Phaser is a large, black box-shaped plastic battery operated space gun that produces three electronic sounds. Decal detailing Identical to the Sound O Power gun. 12 inches long.
ASTRONAUT FLASH BUZZ GUN - REMCO - USAAnother variation of the plastic battery operated raygun with light and buzzer sound. USA. This is a bulky angular gun with a big trigger guard and two part working telescopic sight. Yellow/ black sightand black/yellow versions. Window boxed.

Featured in the 1964 Remco catalog but advertised in newspapers in December 1963.
ASTRORAY FLASHLIGHT TARGET GUN - OHIO ART - USAThis is the original version of a space gun that ingeniously combined a flashlight with a dart shooting action. The bulky 10" red plastic gun has a large white lens cover and a white tail fin. The flashlight is the large top structure and the darts are fired from the lower tube. Includes metal target with 2 shooting surfaces

Pressing the trigger lights the flashight target and fires a dart.

Produced in a number of other versions, including the Japanese Lightan range. Newspaper ads date this to November 1966. Two box versions shown.
ATOM BUBBLE GUN - FLYRITE PRODUCTS - USAA substantial red metal space bubble gun. The muzzle is dipped in a soap solution and bubbles produced by pulling the trigger. A cartridge containing a soap solution is included. Hand painted diecast metal. Space-styled rings at the front and in the middle of the barrel.

A patent was filed in 1946 and published in 1952. On sale in 1948.
Pat No. 2599888
Inventors Weldon Beezley and Oliver Phillips xadded
ATOM BUSTER SPACE GUN - MARX - USASmall black space gun made of heavy gauge pressed metal. Unusual wind up mechanism gives sound and sparks at the press of the trigger. Paper decal with ATOM BUSTER logo. This is a variation of the G-Man Automatic Gun.

The description for the Atom Buster Sparkling Automatic Pistol states it's "a powerful looking little weapon but it shoots perfectly harmless sparks when you wind it up and pull the trigger. Handle decorated with bright red and yellow Atom Buster decal. 85 cents."

Appears in the 1952 Christmas Book, Montgomery Ward
ATOM FLASH ZOOMERAY GUN - TIGRETT ENT - USAPlastic skeletal space gun propels a coiled paper streamer from the barrel. Sold in a display box and bagged with header card. The gun has no moving parts: the streamer is fired by flicking the wrist. 7" long

The red version is most common, and the earliest version came with a metallic purple fringe attached to the front of the paper roll (which also features spacey graphics). It was sold both boxed and bagged. You can see the plainer paper roll most often found on bagged examples. These plain rolls were also sold as replacements for when the original one got torn to shreds.

Yellow, blue, gold and pink versions are also known. On sale in late 1951.

The carded version with the cowboy motif was made in Belgium: marked Gebruiksaanwijzing Z.O.Z.

ATOM GUN - MAKER - USA?Pot metal, solid cast gun. This primitive gun has bomb-like fins and is marked ATOM. Origins unknown. 7" long.
ATOM RAY GUN - HILLER - USAMetal water pistol raygun. Consists of a water reservoir cylinder perched on the sliding plunger and trigger. A metal screw cap allows access to fill the cylinder. The original trigger is metal. Plain silver finish. USA 1948 Hiller began life as a manufacturer of model racing car components and their expertise is evident highly effective and well-engineered raygun. Also produced in a red version. The gun appears in an advertisement in 1946.

This iconic design appears in a range of variations around the world.
ATOM RAY GUN - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAPlastic water pistol space gun. Plastic body with a metal reservoir cover, trigger and barrel. A copy of the Hiller Atom Ray Gun made in burgundy plastic or Bakelite. An Australian newspaper advert in the Sydney Sunday Herald 27/11/49 date this plastic version to 1949. It has a distinctive curved trigger.

It was replaced by a metal version in 1950. The manufacturer of this gun has not yet been identified. Box unknown. (In this picture the metal end cap is from the USA version. The Australian version may differ.) Box?
ATOM-BUSTER - WEBB ELECTRIC CO - USATubby green plastic space gun with plunger at rear that creates a blast of air. Mfr: Webb Electronic Company - USA Size: 10 inches "Mystery Gun. Invisible Blast"

Year: 1950's A patent for this Vortex Gun was filed in 1957 and issued in 1959. Patent no. 2879759

Material: Plastic

Function: Air Gun

Color Variations: Green, Yellow, Red. The box for all three is identical save for a printed indication of the color on the lid. The gun comes with a paper target comprising a picture of an atomic mushroom cloud. The target can be perched loosely and will react to the blast of air.

air blaster
ATOM-MATIC WATER ROCKET GUN - PLAYCRAFT CO - USAAn early and simplistic design of space gun from the 1940s. The skeletal gun has a metal reservoir handle, blue plastic barrel, brass trigger. Squirts water. The toy measures approx. 7" The handle, barrel and tip are cast aluminum. The barrel is inside a thin plastic covering, the rings are plastic and the plunger is brass.

On sale in October 1946 (Dothan Eagle December 11, 1946)
A press cutting in 1956 attributed this gun to Henry Hilinski and Steven F Woods of Detroit. The gun, apparently, did not sell well. aluminium

A patent for the gun was granted in August 1946, inventor Edgar Crumb.

ATOMEE WATER GUN - PARK PLASTICS - USASmall 5 inch angular hard black plastic water space gun marked ATOMEE. 1961 catalog. Various colors. Bulk display box.
ATOMIC 5 PISTOL - NEWELL - USARed plastic space gun. This odd shaped gun is big at the back, reducing in diameter towards the front of the stubby barrel. This shape allows the pre-loading of a number of balls. There are small sights on top. The gun shoots table tennis balls, red ones are provided: the plunger at the rear is pulled back to cock the gun.

The first sighting is in the Gray Hardware and Miles Kimball catalogs for 1950.
ATOMIC BALL GUN - M&L - USAPlastic revolver. 9" A horse is molded into the grip, a detail that indicates its conversion from a cowboy themed original. Fires hard plastic balls when the gun is cocked with the lever on the underside of the barrel. Blue box with space graphics.
Known colors: red, yellow

Western, cowboy crossover.

Also sold as the Space Rocket Gun, a grey gun with space graphics that fires rockets.
Mfg. by M&L Toy Co., NJ - 1951 (Morris & Louis) On sale December 1952.

ATOMIC DISINTEGRATOR GUN - HUBLEY - USAClassic art deco shape space gun. Die-cast metal with a profusion of dials, gauges and fins. Red plastic panels on a stylish molded handle. Cap firing action. Made in the 1950s, this was Hubley's only space gun.

The gun appears in a Western Auto catalog for 1953,
ATOMIC FLASH GUN - CHEIN - USALithographed tinplate blue and yellow space gun with simple telescopic sight and low profile rear fin.. Red spark window at the front of the barrel. Friction action with sound and spark. Replaceable flint. This gun appears to have started life as a Mar_x prototype but at some stage it was adopted by Chein and released with slight modifications. 7 1/2" 18cm

The gun has the same shape as the Sparkling Six Shooter.

Listed in a Chein catalog as item No 96.

A patent was published in 1953. Pat No. 169039. Inventor Samuel Hoffman.
ATOMIC JET GUN - J & E STEVENS - USAThe full title of this gun is Atomic Jet New Space Police Fully Automatic Repeater Cap Gun

Silver die-cast metal cap firing gun. Marked SPACE POLICE on one side, ATOMIC JET on the other. A letter S is marked on the handle. There is a small telescopic sight mounted on the top.

The barrel has distinctive rings around the barrel and vertical moldings on the body that continue this ringed effect. There is a front sight that curves backward. Despite its space design Stevens still felt safer emphasizing the fact that this is a police gun. It is also claimed that the gun produces smoke rings.

The patent for this gun was published in 1953, Pat No. 170023. The inventor was F. J. Maywald.


ATOMIC MACHINE GUN - IDEAL - USALarge plastic space machine gun. A substantial space rifle made of the swirly plastic so color variations are the order of the day. It has a long thin barrel with rings that gives it added style. There's a substantial sight attached to the top though it's rather obstructed. Crank action cap firing mechanism.

The gun was widely advertised in November 1953.
ATOMIC OUTER SPACE AIR RAY GUN - AIDS INC - USAA metallic gold plastic variation of the Budson original air blaster gun design. You cock the gun by raising and lowering the fin on top, this draws back a metal disk in the center of the rubber. When you pull the trigger, the disk releases and the volume of air in the chamber is compressed through the narrow barrel delivering a formidable invisible blast. Box?

Aids Inc produced several variations of this design. See the Supersonic Defender Gun and Scorpion Hip Gun. On sale in October 1957. The gun appears in the Miles Kimball catalog for 1958.

Made by Aids Incorporated, out of El Segundo, California

A patent was granted in 1949 Pat No. 154516 Inventor Thomas M Shelton
AUDIO SIGNAL RAY RIFLE - ARLISS - USAPlastic space rifle with a distinctive rocket in the place of the sight. Battery powered flashlight action. Marked with a star in a circle with wings logo on the stock. Two fastening points for a carrying strap. 17" Seen in yellow and blue versions. The rifle emits an "audio signal" shoots a beam of light. Targets are printed on the reverse of the box. Date?

AUSTIN MAGIC PISTOL - AUSTIN MAGIC PISTOL CO - USARegarded as a space gun because of the distinctive retro style fins on the barrel. This space gun has a unique action: It originally fired a unique pink-white ping pong ball up to 70 feet or more utilizing a gas created in the firing chamber and ignited by a spark from a flint when the trigger was pulled. The gun uses calcium carbonate (carbide) crystals to generate acetylene gas. The gun was on sale in 1949. It was banned in a number of cities.
AUTO-MAGIC SPACE VIEWER GUN AND THEATRE - STEPHENS PRODUCTS - USAAn angular conventional shaped silver grey gun with a "Space Viewer" decal on the side. The gun is made of diecast metal. Battery powered flashlight, the gun projects picture reels onto a card theater. Seven reels supplied. 1946 Made by Stephens Products, Middletown CT. projection projector.

On sale in 1952.
AUTOMATIC BUBBLE SHOOTING GUN - ARLISS - USALarge plastic bubble blowing space gun. This substantial rounded gun has a sight and three turning cosmetic dials. There is a substantial reservoir at the tip of the barrel that holds the soap solution. When the trigger is pulled a ring picks up the solution and a stream of air blows bubbles. Arliss Co Premier Plastics Division.

Two known color versions:red with yellow attachments and yellow with red attachments.

Currently the earliest sighting is in a Monroe wholesale catalog for 1954.

A patent for the design was filed in 1954 and issued in 1955. Pat no. 2700845
BATMAN ESCAPE GUN - LINCOLN INTERNATIONAL - USASmall angular plastic pistol that shoots both darts and spinners. (Bat Darts and Flying Gadgets) There is a very basic paper Batman decal on the side. Blister carded. Red and black versions. 1966
BATMAN FREEZE RAY GUN - LINCOLN and BARAVELLI - USABlue and white plastic flashlight raygun, battery operated with siren. Two versions shown: one by Lincoln, USA and one by Baravelli of Italy. A much copied gun.

Two box versions shown: the plain window box and the space scene. Blue and red versions. (See also the Pistola Spacial Luminosa Spanish version.) c1966

BATMAN WATER BLASTER - MARX - USABlack plastic machine pistol water gun. Telescopic sight. Paper decal decorations on the sides. Card mounted. This is a prototype superhero gun.

Picture courtesy Hakes.
BATMAN WATER PISTOL - LINCOLN - USAHard plastic space gun water pistol. Card mounted. Batman molded into the side of the gun. "BATMAN" printed on the side. The dome on the side where the spark window was on the original has a stepped effect. The gun was produced in black and purple versions.

Similar to the Anti-Dalek Gun, though there are significant differences, most obviously the elaborate trigger guard. This is another gun based on the Space Outlaw gun by BCM. The dome where the spark window of the original was has a stepped effect and the telescopic sight is much longer.
BATRAY WATER GUN - PARK PLASTICS CO - USATo cash in on the 1967 Batman craze Park Plastics repackaged a number of their space guns.

A black bulbous hard plastic space water gun with added paper Batman decal. The gun itself is the basic space water gun used in many of Park's gun sets. This is a Batgun by virtue of its paper Batman sticker added.

Sold in trade counter boxes.
BELL GUN - BEE-VO - USARed plastic space gun. Made of hard plastic measuring about 6.5" by 4" and containing a glass marble Pull the trigger and the guns shoots a marble up a clear plastic tube into a bell that is in the honeycomb end of the gun. This rings the bell in the barrel tip. Boxed and bagged version shown.

The earliest sighting is in an Xmas photo dated Dec 1956.
BUB-L-GUN - HASSENFIELD BROS - USAAn angular blue plastic space gun. Machine pistol shape. The gun has a telescopic sight that acts as a bubble blower. The water pistol gun can then be used to shoot the targets.
Advertised as the Bub-L-Buster in 1957.
BUB-L-ROCKET GUN - KENNER - USAA 7-1/2" plastic bubble blowing gun in the shape of a rocket. The gun came in a boxed set and mounted on a display card as the Captain Space Bub-L-Rocket. Available in yellow, red, blue with 2 accent colors.

Blowing the end of the gun produces a stream of bubbles. The gun has an auto feed system and came with soap solution "rocket fuel" in a glass jar. A long-lived product.

One of the first sightings is in a newspaper ad: The Mason City Globe Gazette Fri Nov 19, 1948

BUBBL-JET - KENNER - USAA small clear red plastic space gun. Bubble-blowing action, using patented bubbl-tablets. The gun has a mouthpiece at the back to blow the bubbles. Blister carded, dated 1965.
BUBBL-MATIC GUN - KENNER - USAAn angular unpainted aluminium gun with a distinctive extra cylinder mounted above the barrel. This holds the soap solution cartridges which were available separately. This was the first toy manufactured by the newly formed Kenner company in 1947. Considered a space gun by collectors.

Earliest sighting is in The Galveston Daily News, Nov 7 1947

Point of sale display also shown.
BUCK ROGER LIQUID HELIUM PISTOL XZ-44 (RED/YELLOW VERSION) - DAISY - USAThis is the fourth of Daisy's Buck Rogers space guns. Produced in 1936 this 7-1/4" red and yellow lithographed steel gun is a delightfully extravagant piece.

The bulbous pressed metal gun has a vibrant yellow and red color scheme with lightning bolts. Water gun action with an internal leather bladder "25 shot repeater". The gun carries a small picture of Buck Rogers along with plenty of copyright information to ward of competitors.

The gun was also produced in a copper finish.

XZ44 cedd,cmee
BUCK ROGER XZ-38 DISINTEGRATOR PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the third of the Daisy Buck Rogers space guns, produced in pressed steel with either a copper or a nickel finish. For the first time we see the appearance of the space styling that was to become a standard feature of most space guns. The Art Deco styling is enhanced with the flared nozzle, cooling fins, molded handle and the raised spark window. 9-3/4". The gun combines a pop gun action with sparks.

The gun was sold in stores but was also available as a Cream of Wheat premium in 1935 and a Popsicle premium in 1939.

BUCK ROGERS COCOMALT RAYGUN & HELMET KIT - COCOMALT - USAA 1933 premium from Cocomalt. Comprises a card space gun and helmet. Packed in an envelope.
BUCK ROGERS ROCKET PISTOL - COCOMALT - USAThis is the first of the paper Buck Rogers guns. Made for Cocomalt promotion-1934. There are no markings indicating Buck Rogers but at the time there was no risk of confusion.

9-1/2" cardboard. Came in mail away set with helmet

BUCK ROGERS RUBBER BAND GUN - J F DILLE - USAThe second of the Buck Rogers paper space guns, John F. Dille Co. -1940. Offered a sales promotion for Onward School Supplies.

The 4-1/2" multi-colored paper gun card comes with with two cut out targets. Function - Punch out gun. Assemble and pull trigger to release rubber band
BUCK ROGERS SONIC RAY GUN - NORTON-HONER - USABlack plastic battery operated flashlight space gun that also makes buzzing sound-7-1/2". This is the first appearance of this long-lived space gun design. The gun had a long run. In 1953 other colors were introduced: red, yellow and green with knobs and lens covers in various color combinations from this range. Two box variations are shown; the die-cut version is also a 1953 innovation. Maker's name varies: some are Norton-Honer Mfg. Co., others are Commonwealth Utilities Co. Box. The gun has been seen in a Buck Rogers comic strip for 9/22/1948.

Some examples have a brass adjustment knob fitted at the back. It is thought that this would silence the buzzer to save battery life.

First seen in a newspaper ad in September 1948. A patent for the design was registered in 1946 in the name of John F. Dille.

Buck Rogers Super Sonic Ray Gun - Norton-Honer - USABased on the success of the Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun, Norton-Honer released an upgraded SUPER version: a much larger flared barrel and a redesigned rear that replaces the telescopic sight. The back of the gun is now has a distinctive hump containing a compass-like dial. The telescopic sight has gone and the lens housing has become a large plastic assembly that dominates the gun.

The plastic battery operated flashlight gun has three changeable lenses, makes buzzing sound. 7-1/2" Later guns had single non color lens. The main color is black with color accents. The gun was also made in all green and red. Supersonic.

The gun was on sale in 1955.
BUCK ROGERS U-235 ATOMIC PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the fifth and last Buck Rogers space gun produced by Daisy in 1945. The name Atomic on the box and stamped into the sides and reflects the popular fascination with the new science. Uranium 235 was widely discussed in 1945. The gun was on sale in late 1946. The gun is 10.5" and was available in either a silver colored steel or a black finish steel. Yellow and black box.

The new feature of this gun was its ability to repeatedly make a loud pop and produce a spark simply by pulling the trigger. No cocking of the gun was necessary.

Function: Pop gun action with spark effect.

A patent for this version was filed as early as 1935 and published in 1937.
Pat No. 2077763. Inventor: Charles F Lefever
BUCK ROGERS U-238 ATOMIC PISTOL AND HOLSTER SET - DAISY MFG - USAMfg. by Daisy 1946. A combination of a gold version of the U-235 space gun, leather holster and belt. Sold in a red and black box. This was a mail-away boxed set for Christmas 1946. 10" long gold colored steel

BUCK ROGERS XZ-35 "WILMA" ROCKET PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis is the second Buck Rogers space gun. The XZ-35 Rocket Pistol is smaller than the XZ-31 7.5" as opposed to the 9.5" of the XZ-31. In addition the XZ-35 barrel nose is black right to the end and has no collar. Called by collectors the "Wilma" gun. Pressed steel pop gun action. The box is the same, except that it carries the ZX-35 wording.

Released in 1935.
CAP SHOOTING TOMMY GUN (RADAR RAIDER) - ARLISS - USAA large plastic space machine gun. Rings on the barrel and muzzle. Large telescopic sight. Drum magazine. "Cap Firing Tommy Gun". Molded dial detailing in the side and lightning flashes on the stock. Marked Radar Raider on the sides.

Available in a range of colors including red, black and grey. 18"

A water pistol version of this gun was advertised in 1955. Arliss Co Premier Plastics Division.
CAPTAIN METEOR HOLSTER SET - RANGER STEEL CORPORATION - USABoxed set comprising the Ranger Cosmic Ray Gun and silver holster on a black belt.

A second, more colorful holster in red, black and white is known (bottom) but a maker has not been established. Date?
CAPTAIN SPACE SOLAR SCOUT ATOMIC RAY GUN - MARX - USALarge 26" hard plastic futuristic battery operated space rifle with telescopic sight. The sleek gun's principal feature is the large flashlight mounted on top of the barrel: it has a color changing action activated by a switch. When the trigger is pressed the gun makes a sound and the light shines. 27"

The rifle was produced in a wide range of colors including red, blue, silver, gold, white and maroon. The gun has a colored nozzle tip in various colors.

The rifle appears in a 1955 George Worthington catalog where it is shown as a two-tone version called Space Ray Gun. No such two-tone version is known. The technical drawing is dated 1954.

On sale in December 3, 1953, The Indiana Gazette

CAPTAIN VIDEO BELT AND HOLSTER - MAKER? - USATwo examples of the Captain Video holster.
1 Black holster with red top cover. White belt. Both carry Captain Video wording and logo.

2 Black holset and belt. Large red Captain Video logo on both pieces.

Maker? Early 1950s. Authorised Captain Video merchandise.

CAPTAIN VIDEO SECRET RAY GUN PREMIUM - POWERHOUSE CANDY - USAMail away premium. Red plastic gun, battery operated flashlight action. Based on the popular radio series, the gun was sold as a premium by Power House candy. 4 ins long battery operated gun. Came in a plain box with a "Luma-Glo" card that produced glowing messages when the gun was pointed at it.

Mentioned in a newspaper The Salina Journal, Mar 16 1955
CENTURY 21 SPACE GUN - STALCO _USAA most unusual red plastic space gun. The sleek, futuristic rifle gun has two stocks. The gun first shoots plastic spinners and these become targets for the darts which are fired by a pump action. The official toy of the 1962 World's Fair in Seattle.
CLICKA BUBBLE SHOOTER - Ranger Steel Products Corp - USAPlastic 7-1/2" plastic gun.
Versions: yellow body with red barrel and blue trigger
blue body with red barrel and yellow trigger. Comes with bottle of bubble liquid; blows bubbles when the trigger is pulled. Mfg. by Ranger Steel Products Corp. , N.Y.

The body of the gun has essentially the same mold as used for the Cosmic Ray Gun.
CLICKER JET GUN SET - REL MF CMPANY - USASmall grey plastic space gun "Clicker Jet Gun". Mounted on card with goggles and whistle.

The 5-1/2" plastic clicker gun has rings on the rear of the barrel and has a distinctly angled handle. It was sold in a set with goggles and in a larger set with goggles and whistle.

Colors: grey and yellow

Made by Rel Manufacturing Corporation of NJ. Believed to date from December 1952, though the advert is vague.

COSMIC JET GUN - WE-KO PRODUCTS - USAA small plastic water pistol 5". A rear fin and rings around the end of the short barrel. Rocket molded into the handle. Color Variations: red w/ yellow muzzle, green w/yellow muzzle. Sold in trade boxes.

Featured in a 1953 trade ad in Toys and Novelties magazine.
COSMIC RAY - STEVENS - USASilver painted diecast space gun. The gun has a combination of battery operated flashlight and a cap firing action. The gun has red capped windows on either side that light up when the trigger is pulled. Batteries fit into the rear of the gun, accounting for the gun's 11" length. It has the distinctive forward sweeping front sight of the Neutron Blaster and has a jet plane molded in the handle.

The gun was not released by the company before its closure, but a tiny number of examples were manufactured for evaluation.
COSMIC RAY GUN - RANGER STEEL PRODUCTS - USAMulticolored pressed steel space gun with transparent orange plastic barrel, the base of which is visible through a slot in the side of the gun. Marked "Cosmic Ray Gun" Small yellow site. Friction sparking action. 8 1/2 ins. The partially recessed nature of the barrel is reminiscent of some of the early Japan space guns.

The gun is featured in the Monygomery Ward catalog for 1952.
COSMIC RAY GUN NO 249 - RANGER STEEL CORPORATION - USAA red hard plastic raygun. The gun has a futuristic design with a rounded body divided into a number of segments ending with a clear orange cylinder from which a short barrel emerges. Sight on top. Eccentrically shaped handle. 7.5" 19cm long. Pulling the trigger produces sparks via an internal flint. Red and blue versions.

This is the same mold as used for the Clicka Bubble Shooter.

Made by the Ranger Steel Products Corporation. Widely advertised in late 1953.
COSMIC SPACE SET - US PLASTIC CO - USASet comprises two of the familiar spinner-shooting rayguns and a pair of microphones. This guns in this boxed set have a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger.

The spinner shooting guns are the original versions of this much copied space gun.

The walkie talkies are string type with a retractable antenna feature. Mouthpiece for siren noise. The set was being discounted in December 1953 so predates this.
COSMICLOUDER SMOKE GUN - JVZ FOR QUISP - USAA 7” long soft red plastic cereal premium space gun with movable cone nozzle. Talcum powder blowing action. The gun has a very angular design with a distinctive cone shaped muzzle. Stars on grips. Quisp molded on the barrel The funnel-shaped muzzle is removable so gun can be refilled with talc.

Posted in a mail away box. 1965
DAISY TWO GUN ACTION SHOOTING GALLERY - DAISY MFG - USAA target shooting game comprising two Daisy space guns, the Daisy Rocket Dart Pistol and the Daisy Zooka Pop Pistol. The target consists of two rows of plastic crows, a common feature of target games of the 1950s. The guns are based on the pre-war XZ-31 Buck Rogers guns.

On sale in December 1953.
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