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ARMA DE LOS ESPACIOS, ROCKET DART GUN - NEMROD - SPAINA red plastic classic rounded space gun. Shoots darts. This is a Spanish version of the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Gun. The gun is structurally identical to the original but carries Spanish wording and an archer logo. 1950s. Box?
ATOMICO SPACE GUN - SPAINPlastic space gun with simple clicker action. This is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun though the muzzle is much larger than the Pyro. Marked ATOMICO on one side but with no maker's mark. Available in a wide range of colors, some with hand painted detailing. Maker? Box? The same gun was also produced in Argentina. 5" (13cm)
CAPITAN MARTE - CAPTAIN MARS GUN - SPAIN?Large plastic space rifle, red body, white stock, yellow barrel. XL5 decal on the sides. The unusual stock is flat in design with a battery housing in the middle. Battery operated with noise and flashing lights in the barrel.

Capitan Marte is the Spanish Steve Zodiac from Fireball XL5

This is the same design as the Tada Tommy Kick gun.
CAPTAIN SCARLET SUPER ESPACIAL DART PISTOL - BALTASAR - SPAINBlue plastic pistol. Spring darts shooting action. Gerry Anderson. Bag with header card. Baltasar, Spain. Accurate shape, but the color is not accurate. Comes complete with a trade card. Possibly unauthorised.
DETONADOR AIRE COMPRIMIDO, SUPERMAN GUN - GEYPER - SPAINPlastic space gun with a distinctive curved handle. Superman images emboseed in white plastic panels on the grips. Pop gun action with pull plunger. The name translates as Compressed Air Detonator.6" 15cm Blue and red colors known. 1950s.

Cowboy/western theme on the back of the box. Crossover.
EQUIPO PLANETARIO - JEFE - SPAINSilver vinyl playsuit with yellow plastic belt. Comes with a white plastic dart firing space rifle, space pistol in holster and a knife in a sheath.
ESPACIAL SPACE GUN - SIERRA - SPAINA later (1980s) plastic dart firing space gun based on the Aqua Jet which in turn is based on the Futuristic Products Co Strato Gun: notice the three round details on the gun from Lone Star's mold. Sold on a backing card with two darts. Marked ESPACIAL on the handle.

Colors: red, white, lime green, pink.
Galaxia Metralleta Espacial - Gonher, SpainGalaxy Space Submachine Gun. Made by Gonher of Spain, this gun is big, almost actual size for such a weapon, 22.5 inches long. When you pull the trigger it makes an incredibly loud noise, followed by a bright flash in the barrel. The sound device is simple, a small striker hits a diaphragm not unlike a stereo speaker, making a very effective pop. The light is provided by a simple bulb attached to a 9V battery, hidden under the red fin on the top of the gun. The box is all there, but a bit rough around the edges.
JUPITER SPACE GUN - COIBEL - SPAINA pistol like space gun with a magazine at the front and a full trigger guard. JUPITER molded on the side. Shoots plastic disks from a spring fed magazine.

There are two versions shown: a blue plastic one and a die-cast metal version. COIBEL is marked in a circle.

This is the same design as the Planet Blaster and the Star Trek tracer guns. Lanza discos.
LA PISTOLA ATOMICA DEL BANDIDO DEL ESPACIO - BERNABEU GISBERT - SPAINThis is based on the Enlish BCM Space Outlaw gun. Essentially identical except for the fact that the wording "Pistola Espacial" is molded into the sides of the gun. Chrome silver die-cast classic style gun. Cap firing with recoil barrel action. Red plastic spark domes on the side. Space Bandit.
LANZA CHISPAS - BERNABEAU GISBERT - SPAINAngular clear plastic space gun. Red ribbed body, blue flared barrel, rear addition and trigger. Friction action with spark. Blister carded. 15cm
LANZAVENTOSAS - GEYPER - SPAINA small 4" 10cm plastic space gun with small telescopic sight and distinctive horizontal lines on the handle, sides and nozzle. Shoots plastic darts. Card mounted on a target shaped backing card with vintage space graphics. Various colors including red, green and silver. Pistola espacial.
LASER GUN - PSE - SPAINRed plastic space water pistol with a barrel inset, sometimes in a contrasting color. "LASER" molded in side panels and PSE in a circle on the handle. The plastic bellows component is removable. Box? Packaging?
LASERTIN - MONTEPLAST - SPAINLarge white plastic battery operated raygun with red telescopic sight. A bulky gun with a large red lens hood. Battery powered three color flashlight with buzzer sound. . Marked LASERTIN and logo M in a diamond. Two box versions shown. Spain Date? 1960s? 26cms There is no "atom chamber" on the left side though the position is marked by a circle containing the Monteplast logo.

This is a version of the Remco Electronic Spacel Gun original. The window box version has identical graphics to the 1965 Captain Buck Flash Buzz Ray Gun.
LOS INVASORES (THE INVADERS) - BERNABEU GISBERT - SPAINSet comprising the Del Bandido Del Espacio or Space Bandit, a chrome silver die-cast classic style gun based on the Space Outlaw Gun, together with a plastic holster. Bernabeu Gisbert is an Alicante based toy company.
MARCIANITO, EL REY MAGO - MAKER? - ARGENTINAThe Little Martian, Magician King. A silver plastic space gun with simple clicker action. This is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun though the muzzle is much larger than the Pyro. Marked ATOMICO on one side but with no maker's mark. Available in a wide range of colors, some with hand painted detailing. The same gun was also produced in Spain. 5" (13cm)
MASTER FLYING LA SUPERPERFORADORA DEL ESPACIO - GEYPER - SPAINA delightful and unique combination of flying saucer and space gun. The gun comprises a circular plastic flying saucer with a central dome. Inside are two astronauts and antennas. The saucer has a plastic handle attached to the base so that it can be held in the hand. The saucer has two large engines which accept spring loaded spinners. The set comes with a pair of space goggles.

Seen in grey and light blue versions. The box has Dan Dare inspired artwork which adds to its charm. Geyper's advertising dates this to 1954-6. Superperforadora translates loosely as "Super Punch".
MASTER GUN - GEYPER - SPAINPlastic spring driven space gun, shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. The gun has Master Gun molded on the sides and has a distinctive finned muzzle. The box art and name are similar to the Geyper Master Flying Gun. The art work owes much to the Dan Dare Planet Gun.

There are two box versions, both with the same picture though the style of drawing alters. The top version has a harsher, comic book look while the lower (probably the older) has a more naturalistic style.

Based on the US Plastic spinner design.
MAZINGA SPACE GUN AND HOLSTER SET - GINPEL - SPAINA white plastic battery operated space gun with a slender gold barrel. that emits a loud siren noise. The gun has a prominent circular perforated disk on the side for the siren effect. Sold with gold holster, belt and pouch. 1979.
METRALLETA ESPACIAL - HERMANO GONZALEZ - SPAINGold plastic space machine gun. Double barrel with reciprocating action. Cylindrical magazine, tommy gun style. Marked Patrulla Espacial. Friction noise and spark. Condor Patrulla Espacial decal on the barrel. The box has an old style space scene. Also in black. 55cm GONHER
METRALLETA ESPACIAL APOLO XX - BERNABEU GISBERT - SPAINThis bright, and colorful space rifle is 22 inches long, and made from hard plastic, in a rainbow of neon colors. Marked Bernabeu Gisbert on the box, though the gun has the mark of VFerre. This toy manufacturer is fond of transparent guns with whirring gears, and lots of action. By pulling the trigger, you set the gears in motion, there is also a hammer inside the front magazine that is actuated by a cam on a large orange gear, and strikes the plastic shell once with each firing. There are various color combinations.

Two box versions shown, one of which is full of cartoon characters. Date? See-thru

METRALLETA RAYO SPACIAL DOUBLE BARREL SPACE GUN - SPAINLarge tin lithographed double bareed space gun. Clear plastic barrels with orange plastic cores that move when the trigger is pulled. Friction noise and flashing light action. Also sold in a SPACIAL GUN variation. Based on the Yoshiya DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN.
METRALLETA SPACIAL-6 MACHINE GUN - MONTEPLAST - SPAINLarge clear plastic see-thru space machine gun. Blue plastic stock and barrel tip. The gun has a raised area on top containing visible plastic gears. Paper decal with Spacial 6 wording. Friction action with rotating gears, noise and spark. See also the pistol version of the gun.
METRALLETA SUPER-LASER - MONTEPLAST - SPAINLarge plastic battery operated space machine gun. Wood effect plastic stock. The barrel is tipped with a plastic light. Sound and flashing lights. Some of the components are the same as used on the Super-Lasr Pistola version of the gun. Two box versions shown. Two finishes: grey plastic and chrome silver. Date?
NEPTUNE AQUA GUN - PALITOY - ENGLANDFeatured in the 1959 Palitoy and Vogue catalog. A transparent plastic water space gun. Similar to the Mitra Marziano by Simca of Spain. Details?
PATRULLA ESTELAR LANZA DISCOS - AIRGAM - SPAINGrey plastic space gun. Angular skeletal design. Shoots 25 small plastic disks from a cylindrical magazine. Date?
PERRY-NAUTA SPACE GUN - SPAINLarge black plastic space rifle with angled wood-effect stock. A large flashlight is mounted on top. Day-Glo yellow spark windows. Friction action with sound and spark. The gun is essentially a space pistol with an added stock: the gun is also available in the smaller pistol format (inset).
PETER FLINTH SPACE GUN - MOLTO - SPAINA blue plastic pistol-like space gun with a magazine at the front and a full trigger guard. Shoots plastic disks from a spring fed magazine. See also the Lampis Plast version. Blister carded.

This release copies the packaging of Star Trek tracer guns. Lanza discos.
PETER FLINTH SPACE GUN / GALAXIAS - LAMPIS PLAST - SPAINA red plastic pistol-like space gun with a magazine at the front and a full trigger guard. Shoots plastic disks from a spring fed magazine. See also the Molto version. Blister carded.

This is the same design as the Planet Blaster and the Star Trek tracer guns. Lanza discos.

This gun was also sold as GALAXIAS. Lanza discos.
PETER FLINTH SPACE RIFLE / GALAXIAS - LAMPIS PLAST - SPAINA large (18" 45cm) red plastic space rifle. The gun has sweeping lines from the stock to the bottom of the barrel. Short telescopic sight. Shoots 20 plastic disks from a spring loaded magazine. Blister carded. Panda logo.

This gun was also sold as GALAXIAS. Metralleta Lanza discos.
PISTOL ZUMBADOR - LEMSSA - SPAINAngular pistol style blue plastic space gun. Large chrome plastic telescopic sight. Perforated barrel. Shoots large-headed darts that whistle. Minimal space content to either the gun or the box, but the missiles are like those found on the Screaming Missile gun. Spain.
PISTOLA ASTRAL - AIRGAM - SPAINPlastic space gun with a skeletal barrel. Telescopic sight with silver end cap. Shoots white plastic darts. Two versions: one bagged with header card, one in a box with a target scene on the back. At least two colors : red and black. Lanza Ventosas.
PISTOLA ATOMICA - MADEL - SPAINA clear plastic space water gun with short telescopic sight and various space moldings in the design. Six rings at the base of the barrel. Based on the Palmer 6 Ring space gun, though the front sight fin is much larger. Available in transparent and opaque plastic versions. Box has card inserts. Date?
PISTOLA ATOMICA - MAKER? - SPAINA bulbous red hard plastic space water guns. Rings around the nozzle. Fins at the front and back. Marked Atomica on the side. Date? Box?
PISTOLA ESPACIAL "WIREFRAME" - EVERLINDO - ARGENTINAThe name is unconfirmed. An unusual blue hard plastic space gun consisting of a ribbed "wireframe" structure of rings surrounding a central plastic core. The handle has a similar open stucture. Spring action, shoots rubber tipped plastic darts. Box? Packaging?

This is the same design as the Pistola Espacial by Airgam of Spain
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - JUYPAL - SPAINGold plastic space gun with friction spark action. Spark windows on either side. Sold in an open box with plastic cover.
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - KCJ - SPAINAn angular yellow plastic pistol style gun that shoots both darts and spinners. This allows the spinner to become a target for the dart. The gun has a barrel pointing upward to facilitate the aiming of the dart. Sold on a card with a basic but interesting graphic. Date? Carded
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - SHAMBER'S - SPAINA plastic space gun with a flat profile barrel. Two cylinder moldings on the handle. The barrel is a flat, slotted structure. Shoots styrene winged plane darts. The main feature of this space gun is the green alien figure on the blister card backing.
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - TARI - SPAINSimple plastic space gun. Shoots spinners. Red and green versions. See also the French Le Sideral version.
PISTOLA ESPACIAL - THUNDERBIRDS DART GUN - PILEN - SPAINAnother release of the Lone Star Thunderbirds gun (a copy of the Aqua Jet) in this unauthorised Thunderbirds dart gun, though it carries a Lone Star licensing reference. The red plastic space gun shoots darts. Sold on a blister card with a picture of Scott? from the Gerry Anderson series. The original design of the gun can be traced back to the Futuristic Products Co Strato Gun. Pilen were based in Alicante.
PISTOLA ESPACIAL MARTE - REDONDO - SPAINThis is based on the Taiyo Razer Ray Gun, but the design has been altered slightly. Clear red plastic space gun with large trigger guard. Clear red plastic barrel with a green silver tip. You can just make out the altered gears in the side which spin when the trigger is pulled. MARTE molded on the side. Friction spark and noise. Mars Space Gun. There areat least two box variations. Three visible gears. Barbed nozzle tip..
PISTOLA ESPACIAL WIRERAME GUN - AIRGAM - SPAINAn unusual hard plastic space gun consisting of a ribbed "wireframe" structure of rings surrounding a central plastic core. The handle has a similar open stucture. Spring action, shoots plastic darts. Produced in various colors: red-white, chrome-green. 9 ins 22 cms. Despite its appearance this is quite a heavy, substantial raygun.

Tentatively dated to 1963

There is a similar blue version made by Everlinda of Argentina.
PISTOLA INTER PLANETARIA - MAKER? - SPAINThis plastic plane shaped gun has a yellow upper, a whitye lower and a pink handle. It shoots three rubber tipped darts. maker? A variation of the Marx/Superior Mfg. Co. Triple Dart Dart Gun. Maker? Date?
PISTOLA INTERPLANETARIA - MAKER? - SPAIN?This is a Spanish version of the American Super-Site Magic Bullet space gun. Hard plastic space gun with a telescopic sight running the full length of the gun. Click action with a captive reciprocating bullet that peeps out of the barrel when the trigger is pulled. Marked Interplanetario Automatico Telescopio. The telescopic sight is just a tube and there is no whistle built into the handle, though the mouthpiece is still evident. Gold plastic. Maker?

Also shown (below) is a version of the gun with a different firing mechanism. It would appear that the gun is cocked by pulling the plunger at the back of the gun. Details? Name?
PISTOLA LANZA COHETE, ROCKET LAUNCH GUN - SHAMBER'S - SPAINLong slender plastic space gun, pistol style. The barrel has a slot in the side revealing the spring. Shoots small plastic darts. Red, blue and black versions.
PISTOLA OVNI ESPACIAL (UFO SPACE GUN) - JYESA - SPAINLarge green and white plastic space gun with a chrome silver front cover. Battery powered with siren. Based on the Lincoln Siren Stan design but with the telescopic sight removed. Jyesa have been rather careless in that they have reused the box art for the lighted version despite the fact that there is no light. The artwork shows a red light on the top but this is not present on the actual gun: there's a hole but no wiring. You can see that a light would prevent the toy from fitting into its display tray. There is no sight on this version.

This gun was also sold with the red light feature as the Pistola Spacial Luminosa.
PISTOLA RAJOS LASER - JEFE - SPAINGrey plastic space gun with red handle and barrel tip. The design is essentially a long rocket shaped tube with a pistol grip. Battery operated flashlight and sound. Currently only seen in this Jefe catalog. Box? Details? Photo?
PISTOLA RAYO ATOMICO - NEMROD - SPAINSpanish version of the Atom Ray Gun by Hiller. Silver metal diecast water pistol withmetal water cylinder stopper and nozzle tip. Pistola Rayo Atomico molded on the sides. Marked Nemrod
PISTOLA SIDERAL - JYESA- SPAINBlue tin lithographed bulbous space gun with a clear green plastic barrel containing "lipstick" inserts. Friction noise and spark. Spanish A version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun. 9.5" 24cm
PISTOLA SIDERAL - MAKER? - SPAINBlack plastic space gun with large lens housing, a battery powered flashlight. Humped back, compass, two buttons. Details? Maker? Date?

The spaceman graphic on the box is identical to that found on the Tim-Mee Laser Ray Gun, suggesting a connection with the company.

Space gun based on the earlier version of the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Super Sonic Ray Gun.
PISTOLA SPACIAL LUMINOSA - JYESA - SPAINLarge red and white plastic space gun with a chrome silver front cover. Battery powered with siren and a prominent flashing red light on top of the gun. Two box versions shown. Comes with a lanyard attached to the handle. Translates as Lighted Space Gun.

See also the Ovni Espacial version that has no light.

This is the same gun as the Lincoln Siren Stan, though the sight has been removed and the light substituted. Red and green versions shown. This is a variation of the Tomy Siren raygun design.

Coma Ves En Television "As Seen on TV".
PISTOLA SUPER ESPACIAL - SPAINA combination of the Lone Star Captain Scarlet dart gun with the Thunderbirds artwork from the Pilen gun. Red plastic pistol. Spring darts shooting action. Gerry Anderson. Blister packed on card. Comes with simple target figures. Picture?
PISTOLA SUPER-LASER - MONTEPLAST - SPAINChrome silver plastic space gun. Conical barrel tipped with a blue cap and clear light. Folding plastic sight on top. Battery operated sound and light action. 17cm. Date?

The body of the gun is the same molding as used on the Metralleta Super-Laser version of the gun.
SALON DE TIRO - XAFMAS - SPAINA red plastic and tin cork shooting gun. The simple pop gun comes with a gallery of card targets, each of which depicts a space or fantasy scene. Mallorca, Spain.
SENSACIONAL PISTOLA LANZA BOLAS - MAKER? - SPAINA yellow plastic space gun. The name translates as Sensational Ball Shooting Gun. The gun has a magazine on the top that accepts a number of the plastic balls and a hinged red end cap holds them in place. The balls drop into a flared muzzle and a spring loaded mechanism allows them to be fired. The box has particularly attractive vintage space graphics of rockets and flying saucers flying over a space landscape. Maker? Date?

See also the Selcol version of this gun.
SNAKE SPACE GUN - VDM - SPAINRed plastic angular space gun. The name derives from the snake emerging from the front of the gun on the Flash Gordon knock-off artwork. The strange artwork shows Flash being attacked by aliens in flying armchairs. Bagged with header card.
SPACE GUN - MAKER? - SPAINA hard plastic space gun with eccentric curved styling. One side is red and the other is yellow. There is a lightning bolt on both sides. It measures 5" 12cm long, and has a red transparent trigger. The short barrel widens considerably at the end and is tipped with a relatively large sight.

This "Zoomeray" style gun fires a transparent celluloid coil. When the trigger is pulled it pushes a firing rod out the back of the gun. When it reaches a certain point, it releases the spring loaded rod, which hits a similar plastic tack, with a wide head, attached to the center of the coil. The coil ejects about 2 inches from the barrel then returns instantly. I gives the impression of a red flash from the barrel.

Pistola espacial
SPACE KING MACHING GUN METRALLETA ELECTRICA - PERY - SPAINA green plastic battery operated space gun with light and sound. This gun has a built in magazine clip at the front and a short black barrel. The gun has a wire handle extension. This is a copy of the Exelo tin gun of the same name. Flashing light and noise. 12" 24cm Juguete No 100.

Based on the G-Man Machine Gun.
SPACE PISTOL - GONHER - SPAINA silver grey hard plastic battery operated space gun. The 19 inch gun has red plastic attachments and a clear red plastic barrel tip. The gun runs on a 9 volt battery: as the trigger is pressed, it actuates a reciprocating system, that activates a ratchet hammer (making the sound) and slides a light bulb-tipped rod, back and forth inside the clear red barrel. Date?

Pistola de juguete a resorte
SPACE POP GUN - GEYPER - SPAINChrome silver plastic space gun with sight. This gun has a knob on the back which when pulled back cocks the gun and when the trigger is pulled it would fire a cork attached to a string. Often sold attached to a colorful card with space graphics and target.
SPACE RIFLE - AIRGAM - SPAINA long bazooka style space rifle that shoots balls. The long silver plastic tubes has ribbed red plastic components at the front, middle and rear. These components are the same as those used on the Airgam Pistola Especial - the "wireframe" gun. Probably mad by Airgam. Box? Packaging?
SPACE RIFLE - GONHER - SPAINLarge gold plastic space machine gun. Magazine. Friction noise and spark action. Metralleta Espacial.
SPACE SQUIRT GUN - SPAINSmall hard clear plastic space water squirt gun with rubber bulb. The gun has a traditional revolver shape with an unmistakable space shaped barrel. Maker? Details
SPACE WATER PISTOL - COIBEL - SPAINA bizarre shaped plastic space water gun with sweeping fins at the front that converge on a plastic cylinder carying a paper decal SPACE. In fact, at the heart of this gun is a Park Plastics Squirt Ray the Outer Space gun (no trigger guard) which has been given the extravagant makeover. Pistola De Agua. Various transparent colors: blue, red, yellow. Name? Packaging? Date?
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