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ESPACIAL ANO 2000 - TEYCA - MEXICOClear red plastic space gun, rounded shape with a distinctive ringed chrome nozzle with a circular sight. Friction action with spark. Teyca decal on the side. Lanza chispas. Blister carded. 7" 17cm

INTERPLANETARY CLICKER WATER GUN - RENWAL - USAThe Planet Jet Gun. Plastic water pistol space gun. The gun contains a rubber bladder. The trigger presses against the bladder to shoot water. Color versions: yellow, red and blue. The cap and trigger should be the same color.

The card on this example has the Renwal Toronto Canada address.

[Recently examples of this gun originating in Mexico have appeared on the market. The authenticity of these has yet to be established. They may have no holes in the cap and the color of the cap and trigger may not match.]

MAT SPACE GUN - MAKER? - MEXICOA simple blown plastic water gun. The interesting feature of this gun is the fact that it is based on the Tudor Rose clicker gun design. Details?
PATRULLA DEL ESPACIO PISTOLA ATOMICA (SPACE PATROL ATOMIC PISTOL) - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOA Mexican release of the Marx ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE. This is a hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun. Made by Plastimarx, the Mexican Marx subsidiary.

The handle has no markings.

The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Red and green lens filters are also included to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. The gun is marked Super Beam Signal Ray. Seen in red. This is a mold used for a range of space guns. 8" 20cm
PISTOLA ATOMICA - MUSA - MEXICOMexican version of the Atom Ray Gun by Hiller. Silver metal diecast water pistol with black plastic water cylinder cap and black plastic nozzle tip. Box? Date?
PISTOLA MARCIANA - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOLithographed tinplate clicker space gun. 9.5" The gun has a picture of Flash Gordon on the handle but has Tom Corbett wording on the side. This is a reworking of the 1952 Flash Gordon Click ray Pistol. Little effort has been made to make it a Tom Corbett specific version other than the addition of the name.

Based on the original 1935 Flash Gordon Radio Repeater design by Marx.

1950s. Box?
ROCKET SPACE GUN - MAKER? - MEXICOBlue plastic space gun. Three rings on the barrel. Large trigger. Marked ROCKET on the sides. Based on the Kellog's Smoke Ray Gun. Clicker action? Located in Mexico. Maker? Box?
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