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ATOMIC WATER GUN (BICYCLE WATER PISTOL) - RELIABLE PLASTICS CO - CANADAA hard plastic brass tipped space water gun, a cross between a pistol and a more classic shape with rings on the muzzle and ribs on the side. 8" 16cm . This gun has a small enclosed trigger. The gun has a ball lever extending down in front of the trigger. This would fit into a clamp and allow the gun to be fixed to a bicycle's handlebars. There is an R in a circle molded into the side. There are several color versions.

First sighting is currently in the 1954 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. The gun is an adaptation of the Atomic Water Pistol that came out the year before. Sold in a polythene bag with a header card.
ATOMIC WATER PISTOL - RELIABLE - CANADAA hard plastic space water gun, a cross between a pistol and a more classic shape with rings on the muzzle and ribs on the side. 8" 16cm . This gun has a small enclosed trigger. There is an R in a circle molded into the side and black detailing of parts. There are several color versions. Box? Packaging?

First sighting is currently in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. Sold in trade boxes.

ATOMIC WATER PISTOL, LARGE TRIGGER VERSION - RELIABLE - CANADARed plastic space gun water pistol with yellow pistol. "R" in a circle branded on the sides. Made by Reliable of Ontario, Canada. This gun has a distinctive broad trigger which extends to the bottom of the handle. The gun is based on the earlier Atomic Water Pistol design

The box shown refers to a new whistle feature. There is an version without the whistle. The gun appears in an advert in the Winnipeg Tribune in March 1949.
FLASH GORDON 500 SHOT WATER GUN - ESQUIRE NOVELTY CO - USAA retro styled plastic space gun with telescopic sight. A ridge runs along the underside of the rocket shape body to the unusual shaped trigger. 6" 15cm. Water pistol with brass nozzle. 1950s.

The gun was released as part of the Flash Gordon outfit in 1952.It was carded with a holster and compass. Available in a range of colors: grey, clear red, clear blue etc

It was also available separately as the "Space Ranger Water Gun" in a Popsicle mail-away in Canada in 1953. See also the Super Jet Water Pistol advertised in The Capital Times, 17 Dec 1952.

A slight variation is known with no lower fin and a with a different plug arrangement at the back (bottom).

INTERPLANETARY CLICKER WATER GUN - RENWAL - USAThe Planet Jet Gun. Plastic water pistol space gun. The gun contains a rubber bladder. The trigger presses against the bladder to shoot water. Color versions: yellow, red and blue. The cap and trigger should be the same color.

The card on this example has the Renwal Toronto Canada address.

[Recently examples of this gun originating in Mexico have appeared on the market. The authenticity of these has yet to be established. They may have no holes in the cap and the color of the cap and trigger may not match.]

MAN O MARS SCREECH GUN - IDEAL - USAHard plastic space gun with futuristic styling. There is a large cylindrical turret structure on the top. The trigger turns an internal crank which makes a lot of noise. Color versions include grey with black detailing and red with silver highlights. Sold with a card tag attached to the barrel. 1950s. Also produced in Canada.

The same gun was sold by Reliable as the Siren Gun
PYROTOMIC DISINTEGRATOR GUN - MAKER? - CANADAA Canadian version of the Pyro Disintegrator. The colors of the plastic are more pastel and muted. The gun differs from the US issue in that it does not have the Pyro pennant logo in the center of the little dial at that bottom of the grip, it is blank there on both sides. It has the usual US patent number on the grip where it meets the body of the gun but below that it says ÔÇťother US & foreign patents pending.

Two versions shown:
Top: orange with green barrel, yellow trigger, barrel tip and plunger.
Bottom: the trigger, plunger, and barrel tip are turquoise green. The yellow is almost translucent. The red is also more muted.

The original box that it came in showed Canada as the country of manufacture.

SIREN GUN - RELIABLE - CANADAThis is the same gun as the Man O Mars Screech Gun by Ideal. It is not clear if this is one of Reliable's own creations or a resale of the Ideal model. A version with a Reliable logo has not been identified.

A futuristic style hard plastic space gun. There's a distinctive cylindrical structure on the top which holds the friction driven siren mechanism 7" Produced in several colors. Sold in trade boxes.

First sighting in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog.
SMOKE RAY RUN PREMIUM - KELLOGS - CANADASmoke Ray Gun. Unknown maufacturer for Kellogs, Canada.

This was a mail away promo for Kellogg's Corn Flakes in the 50's, offered for 25 cents and two box tops. The hard red plastic gun is 6.5 inches long and clicks when you pull the trigger.

The big selling point, as the name suggests, is the smoke effect. The Smoke Ray really doesn't have much of a reservoir.

There is a small cap on the end of the barrel, you turn and remove it to pour in your talcum powder. As you pull the trigger a plunger moves forward to expel a puff of powder.
SPACE CONTROL GUN - RELIABLE - CANADAThis is a copy of the Pyro gun but it does not have the small fin on the top.

5" (12.5cm) hard plastic clicker gun with distinctive futuristic styling. Available in a range of colors. The wording SPACE CONTROL is molded into the side along with stars and Saturn. The handle has a backward sweep, there is plenty of rib detailing but according to the photo there is no tiny fin above the trigger.

This gun appears in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. Sold in trade boxes.
SPACE PATROL WATER PISTOL - RELIABLE - CANADAHard plastic space pistol with Art Deco ray styling: a bulbous gun with a prominent front fin and small rear fin. The gun is fitted with a small compass housed next to the rear fin. The word "Reliable" is moulded into the sides. Brass nozzle. Made in a range of colors: red, grey. 5.5" 14cm

First sighting is currently in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. Sold in trade boxes. In later catalogs it is called "Compass Water Gun"

Box? Packaging?
STAR TREK TRACER GUN - RAYLINE - USAA plastic pistol style gun with black panels on the handles. Shoots 20 small plastic disks which are loaded into a magazine. Available in various colors: silver, blue green. Date? Also sold by Grand Toys of Canada. Blister carded.
SUPER NU-MATIC JR PAPER BUSTER GUN - LANGSON MFG - USAThe gun is 5.5" long and cast in a heavy metal. It was produced by Langson Mfg, out of Chicago. The first US patent is shown as 13 December 1949, the last one is 9 January 1951 in Canada
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