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A'S DO ESPACO (ACE OF SPACE) - ESTRELA - BRAZILBrazilian version of the Double Barrel Mars Gun. Large blue lithographed tin space gun. Two transparent blue plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action. Marked "A'S DO ESPACO". There is a great deal of space theme litho all over the gun.

See the Jato Espaco version.
CAPITAO ESPACIAL SPACE GUN - ESTRELA - BRAZILBlue and red tin lithographed bulbous space gun with a clear red plastic barrel containing "lipstick" inserts. Elaborate litho detailing of a space station and delta wing on the body. Marked Capitao Espacial. Friction noise and spark. Brazilian version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun 9.5" 24cm Box?

JATO ESPACO (SPACE JET) - ESTRELA - BRAZILBrazilian version of the Double Barrel Mars Gun. Large lithographed tin space gun, grey with elaborate scroll work and a wood effect stock. Two transparent green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action.

See the A'S DO ESPACO version. Very similar to the Metralleta Rayo Spacial.
PATRULHA DE ESPACIO - BRAZILHeavily lithographed tin friction double-barrel space machine gun. Clear blue and pink plastic barrels. Friction spark and noise action. The distinctive feature of this gun is the drum magazine mounted on the top. Brazil. Based on the Yoshiya DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN.
PISTOLA ATOMICA - BALILA - BRAZILBrazilian release of the Atomic Ball Gun. Plastic revolver. 9" A horse is molded into the grip, a detail that indicates its conversion from a cowboy themed original. Fires hard plastic balls when the gun is cocked with the lever on the underside of the barrel. Blue box with space graphics.
Known colors: red. Western, cowboy crossover.

Originally by Mfg. by M&L Toy Co., NJ - 1951 (Morris & Louis) On sale December 1952.
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