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FLASH GORDON 2 WAY TELEPHONE - MARX - USAA carded set of wire framed walkie talkies with blue center sections. Wire type. Pulp artwork.
FLASH GORDON 500 SHOT WATER GUN - ESQUIRE NOVELTY CO - USAA retro styled plastic space gun with telescopic sight. A ridge runs along the underside of the rocket shape body to the unusual shaped trigger. 6" 15cm. Water pistol with brass nozzle. 1950s.

The gun was released as part of the Flash Gordon outfit in 1952.It was carded with a holster and compass. Available in a range of colors: grey, clear red, clear blue etc

It was also available separately as the "Space Ranger Water Gun" in a Popsicle mail-away in Canada in 1953. See also the Super Jet Water Pistol advertised in The Capital Times, 17 Dec 1952.

A slight variation is known with no lower fin and a with a different plug arrangement at the back (bottom).

FLASH GORDON AIR RAY GUN - BUDSON CO - USAA large and very distinctive red painted metal air blaster space gun. Flash Gordon decal above nozzle tip at front. There is a wide silver metal band around the nozzle. The top lever is cocked and a blast of air fired from inside. Made by Budson Company in 1948 and widely advertised from September of that year.

Some versions have Flash Gordon molded into the sides, others have unmarked sides but have a circular Flash Gordon decal on the muzzle.

It is possible that there is a slightly earlier (1947) version of this gun that does not have the Flash Gordon association.

This is the first generation of air blaster guns. The patent was filed in 1946.

Still on sale in a Miles Kimball catalog for 1950.
FLASH GORDON CLICK RAY PISTOL (ARRESTING RAY) - MARX - USALithographed 9.5" inch tin space gun. Retro styling with simple click action. This a reissue of the earlier Marx Radio Repeater Gun clicker gun pressing with much more colorful graphics. Marked Flash Gordon Arresting Ray. 1952
FLASH GORDON GOGGLESThe goggles included in the Flash Gordon paysuit. 1951
FLASH GORDON RADIO REPEATER CLICK PISTOL - MARX - USALithographed tinplate clicker space gun. Retro deco styling. 9.5" litho tin-makes clicking sound. Mfg. by Louis Marx for King Features Syndicate. The box has a KFS 1935 copyright date. Widely on sale in 1935.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
FLASH GORDON ROCKET FIGHTER SHIP 5 - MARX - USARed tin wind up rocket with retro style litho. A reuse of the pre-war Buck Rogers Rocket Ship pressing. Officially licensed by King Features. Forward motion with sparks from the rear. Louis Marx USA

Note: In 1951 Marx had released its own in house version of the pre-war rocket. It was believed that the Rocket 5 was followed by the Flasg Gordon version, but newspaper references in late 1951 suggest that it appeared at the same time - or that it was planned at the same time. They released the rocket with "Flash Gordon" printed behind the pilot's head and on the wing.

Current earliest mention is in a November 1951 newspaper advertisement with a poor picture. It was widely on sale in late 1952.
FLASH GORDON ROCKET RANGE GUN - JAN-RU - HONG KONGLong blue rocket shaped plastic space gun. The back of the guns has fins at the top and bottom. Spring loaded dart shooting action with caps. Shoots white rocket shaped darts. Blister carded. 1981. This is basically the same toy as the Hong Kong Jet-Rocket Gun
FLASH GORDON SET - TORGANO - ITALYLarge 8 cm figures made of a Bakelite-type hard plastic. Hand painted. Collectors refer to this rare set as Torgano Flash Gordon spacemen because of a similarity to the characters in the Flash Gordon serials. The top two figures are both Flash Gordon, one holding a ray gun in each hand while the other, a clear helmeted figure, holds a space rifle. At his feet you can just make out a dead alien. Torgano of Sarona.

The two other figures are Prince Thun, the Lion Man of Mongo and a Mechanical Man. There are at least two paint versions of each figure. Date? Probably 1950s.
FLASH GORDON SIGNAL PISTOL - MARX - USAAll steel- color decal- green with red trim-gray with red trim-makes whistling siren noise and sparks. Made in three colors: green, red, and greyish-purple.

Also made in a patriotic version not Flash Gordon-Air Raid decal-blue with red trim

A patent was granted in 1935. Pat No. 94312. Inventor Louis Marx. The gun was widely on sale in 1935.

FLASH GORDON SOLAR COMMANDO SET - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USACarded set of one hard plastic Premier spaceship and three plastic Premier spacemen. various color combinations. Blister carded.
FLASH GORDON SPACE COMPASS - ESQUIRE NOVELTY - USACarded Flash Gordon wristwatch compass. Spaceman's head and Saturn design.
FLASH GORDON SPACE GUNGrey plastic battery operated raygun with light and sound.
FLASH GORDON SPACE GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA large heavy diecast and plastic cap firing gun. White and red, with a plastic barrel tip. Angular telescopic sight. Flash Gordon logo on one side 9.5" 24cm Dated 1981.

FLASH GORDON SPACE GUN AND FIGURE SET - MAKER? - ARGENTINALight green plastic space gun. Sold on a header card with three remolds of US space figures. The gun is the Atomico clicker. This is a knock off Flash Gordon carded set. 5" Possibly made by Plastikon.

The clicker gun is a copy of the Pyro Space Control gun and the figures are copies of Premier originals.
FLASH GORDON SPACE OUTFIT - ESQUIRE NOVELTY - USACarded Flash Gordon space goggles, belt and wristwatch compass with spaceman's head and Saturn design.
FLASH GORDON SPACE OUTFIT - ESQUIRE NOVELTY CO - USABlue fabric and plastic space suit. Comprises vest with celluloid shoulder extensions, belt, leg pieces and arm pieces. On sale 1951.
FLASH GORDON SPACE PORT - PYRO - USAThis is the Flash Gordon version of the brightly lithographed tin space port with a mechanism for ejecting a plastic Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser hard plastic rocket. The tinplate station and the X-300 rocket have the additional wording "Flash Gordon"

The standard version was on sale in December 1952. Box?
FLASH GORDON SPACE ROCKET SQUADRON - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USAA carded set of five Premier hard plastic spaceships.

Includes four assorted 5" long rockets and one 9" long rocket, assorted colors including metallics. Copyright 1952. On sale December 1952.
FLASH GORDON SPACE SET - MAKER?A blister carded set of seemingly authorised if rather cheaply constructed Flash Goldon related merchandise including a white plastic space gun. This is another apperance of the Palitoy Cosmic Ray Gun. Bar coded. 1980s?
FLASH GORDON SPACE WATER PISTOL - NASTA INDUSTRIES - HONG KONGGold plastic space water gun. Angular design with a cylindrical barrel. Blister carded. 1975 Nasta Industries.

Also sold with vinyl holster.
FLASH GORDON STUN GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGLarge plastic space machine gun. Clear red barrel, black body and stock with yellow plastic panels. Boxy yellow telescopic sight. Battery operated action with sound and flashing light in the barrel. Marked TOMMY Z on the sides. 47cm 1979

No obvious maker's name on the box.
FLASH GORDON WATER PISTOL - MARX - USAA plastic space water pistol. Classic space styling with fins and rings on the barrel, dials and streamline shapes on the sides and a small sight on the top. The water pistol does not have Marx on the gun. Flash Gordon Water Pistol is molded on the grip. The box has Marx and King Features Syndicate wording. A patent for the gun was filed in 1952 and issued in 1953.

Pat no. 168909

Louis Marx and Company USA 1950s
Came in rellow, and red, and a red version with gold paint. 7-1/2" 13cm

5-1/2" hard plastic space water gun with telescopic sight. Brass nozzle. Colors include red and bronze.

Includes a red plastic compass on a wristband, and a silver cardboard holster all mounted on a backing card. The gun is designed to fit into two metal clips attached to the holster.

The earliest sighting is in the 1952 Blackwell Wielandy catalog.
JET-ROCKET GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGLong red rocket shaped plastic space gun. The back of the guns has fins at the top and bottom. Spring loaded dart shooting action with caps. Shoots yellow rocket shaped darts. Blister carded. 1968. Also released as the Flash Gordon Rocket Range Gun.
PISTOLA MARCIANA - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOLithographed tinplate clicker space gun. 9.5" The gun has a picture of Flash Gordon on the handle but has Tom Corbett wording on the side. This is a reworking of the 1952 Flash Gordon Click ray Pistol. Little effort has been made to make it a Tom Corbett specific version other than the addition of the name.

Based on the original 1935 Flash Gordon Radio Repeater design by Marx.

1950s. Box?
REX MARS ARRESTING RAY SPACE PISTOL - MARX - ENGLANDLithographed 10 inch tin space clicker gun. Retro styling with simple click action. This gun has the same lithography as the 1952 Marx Flash Gordon pressing, but the name has been changed to the Marx in-house superhero "Rex Mars". Marked Arresting Ray Great Britain on the barrel. 1950s Box?
SNAKE SPACE GUN - VDM - SPAINRed plastic angular space gun. The name derives from the snake emerging from the front of the gun on the Flash Gordon knock-off artwork. The strange artwork shows Flash being attacked by aliens in flying armchairs. Bagged with header card.
SPACE EXPLORER GUN - PALMER PLASTICS - USAThis red plastic space gun shoots "explosive darts", sucker tipped dats with a cap bomb head. The futuristic gun has a handle that sweeps into the barrel in a continuous line. There are rings on the barrel and a lightning strike is molded into the sides. Carded with graphics that suggest Flash Gordon. The guns are usually two tone, each side of the gun is in a different color of plastic. Produced in black/white/yellow and red combinations. 5.5 ins

Also shown (right) is the Space Gun packaging variation: the backing card doubles as a cardboard holster.

USA Size: ? Seen in a 1953 Wholesale Novelty catalog.
SPACE PORT, PLANETARY CRUISER CONTROL - PYRO - USAPlanetary Cruiser Control. A brightly lithographed tin space port with a mechanism for ejecting a plastic Pyro X-300 Space Cruiser hard plastic rocket. This would account for the damage to many of the Pyro spaceships. The X-300 was 0n sale in December 1952. Box?

A Flash Gordon litho version is also known.
SPARKLING ROCKET FIGHTER SHIP 5 - MARX - USARed tin wind up rocket with retro style litho. A reuse of the pre-war Buck Rogers Rocket Ship pressing. Forward motion with sparks from the rear. Louis Marx USA

Note: This rocket is Marx's own in house rocket ship, a reworking of an earlier design and carries no reference to Flash Gordon. The box is the same, except the words "Flash Gordon" are not printed behind the pilot's head or on the wing and the nose cone has a black stripe with the Marx logo only. Versions are known with and without the number 5 on the wing.

Catalog photos sometimes show it without a tailfin, but production models have the tailfin.

Current earliest sighting is in a newspaper advertisement in November 1951, confirmed in the Montgomery Ward 1951 catalog.
STREAMLINE SIREN SPARKLING CELEBRATION PISTOL - MARX - USAA reissue of the Flash Gordon version but with no character connection. The steel painted metal gun has a large blue tail fin and nozzle. The gun has a decal indicating that this is a celebration gun, with pictures of early American soldiers. Sparking and siren noise action. Seen in red with blue fin and muzzle.

Louis Marx Company whistling siren noise and sparks
STREAMLINE SIREN SPARKLING PISTOL AIR RAID WARNING SIREN - MARX - USABased on the Flash Gordon Signal Pistol. A blue metal bulbous space gun. The all steel gun is blue with a red fin and muzzle. The gun has a decal "Air Raid Signal Gun" indicating its war time association. The box is the same as the later Celebration version of the gun. Pulling the trigger generates a siren sound. Sparking action. Available in red and blue.

On sale Chicago Tribune June 29 1941
SUPERSONIC ACES SET, PREMIER AIRPORT - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USAA boxed set of five smaller Premier hard plastic spaceships and one hard plastic spaceman figure. Mounted on a Premier Airport backing card. Window box.

Various color and figure combinations. These are the same moldings as those used for their Flash Gordon range of dime store toys.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET OFFICIAL SPACE PISTOL - MARX - USABrightly lithographed tin retro style clicker space gun. 9.5"" The gun has a picture of Tom Corbett on the handle and Space Cadet is printed on the barrel. Copyright Rockhill Productions. Based on the original 1935 Flash Gordon Radio Repeater Click Pistol pressin by Marx. 1952, though proof of the date is elusive.
TOMMY Z GUN - MIURA - JAPANLarge plastic space machine gun. Clear red barrel, silver body and stock with blue plastic panels. Boxy blue telescopic sight. Battery operated action with sound and flashing light in the barrel. Visible bullet in the side. The box is marked TOMMY Z though the gun has no marking. 47cm The box does not have any space graphics.

See the Flash Gordon Stun Gun version.
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