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888 CAP PISTOL RAY GUN - DIA - JAPANSmall blue and red tinplate space gun. The gun has a raised green revolver chamber molding on each side and has molded and lithographed detailing of a rocket on a background of stars and Saturn. Marked 888 on the sides. 3ins 7.5cm

This is probably by the DIA or Diamond company of Japan 1950s. It is the same pressing as the DIA plain cap gun. 3" embossed cap pistol. Cap firing action. Early Japan 1950s
Box? Packaging?
A-1 CAR SPACE PATROL - ASAKUSA - JAPANThis is a very large low profile, rectangular tin lithographed space vehicle. The red and cream car has two rear fins at the sides and a tail fin. At the front is a clear plastic dome containing a tin astronaut. The astronaut sits behind a cylindrical red plastic cockpit light. A small chrome front bumper contains two amber lights. Marked A-1 Car at the front and Space Patrol on the sides. Battery operated bump and go action with a flashing red light in the cockpit.

An early example carried the Emperors date 40-9-8 which is eight of September 1965.

ALEN 55 SPACE WATER PISTOL - LILPA - ITALYA hard plastic space water squirt gun. Transparent plastic with a ball shaped muzzle. A plastic spaceman or alien is visible inside at the back of the barrel, similar to the German Ideal design. Made by Lilpa of Milan. Name? Date? Box? Packaging?
ALFA ZETA GUN - CO-MA - ITALYPlastic space water pistol. A long, slender gun with a telescopic sight. A spinning plastic wheel is set into the side. 47cm. Date? Box?
ALPS SPACE GUN - ALPS - JAPANA miniature (3 ins) tin space gun. Classic shape with a rear fin. Light green with three red dots on the side. The handle has a pressing similar to the Alps logo. "ALPS" is pressed into the fin, though the S can be hard to see. When the trigger is pressed, resistance is felt, and a small jet of air exits the barrel. It may be a smoke/powder gun, as the air isn't strong enough to push out anything so dense as a cork. Box?

See also the KGK space guns.
APOLLO XV SPACE ROCKET - RAJA TOYS - INDIABased on the Horikawa XB-115 rocket. Tin and plastic friction wheeled rocket with a green spark window. Friction action with rotating nose cone and spark. 11.5" tall, tin litho/hard plastic. The rocket has a simpler litho design and a green nose tip. It is marked "Apollo XV". Box? The subject suggests a 1970s date.

ARMA DE LOS ESPACIOS, ROCKET DART GUN - NEMROD - SPAINA red plastic classic rounded space gun. Shoots darts. This is a Spanish version of the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Gun. The gun is structurally identical to the original but carries Spanish wording and an archer logo. 1950s. Box?
ASTRA SPACE CAR - NORMA - ESTONIAA box shaped flat blue tinplate space car or tank with a large white colored plastic dome on the top. Three small red lights are set around the collar of the dome. A red plastic rocket and antenna fit into holes at the back. 20cm x 15cm. Battery operated bump and go action with lighted dome with color effect. A variation of the KUU UURIMIS JAAM
Name? Box?

Russia USSR
ASTRO BOY BAGATELLE PACHINKO STYLE - MAKER? - JAPANTin and plastic bagatelle with graphical background. Shoots a large number of balls. Bell targets. Two versions shown. Atom Boy Pinball Machine Pachinko 1964 Box? Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY BASKETBALL GAME - TOMY - JAPANPlastic Atom Boy Game, Tomy Box? Plastic balls are directed at a basket target. Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY BOAT - TADA - JAPAN. Simplle red, white and blue lithographed tinplate boat. Action? Box? Atom Boy Boat, Tada Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY CAR - TADA - JAPANRed, white and yellow open top car with white sides. Vinyl head on tin shoulders. Atom Boy Car, Friction action. Tada. Box? Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY GUN - MAKER? - JAPANConventional black tin revolver with silver and red details. Pop gun shoots corks. Astro Boy graphic on the handle. Maker? Box?
ASTRO BOY GUN - MAKER? - JAPANConventional light blue tin revolver with wood effect handle. Pop gun, shoots corks. Astro Boy graphic on the handle. Maker? Box?
ASTRO BOY GUN - TADA - JAPANConventional black and silver tin revolver. Letter D and Astro Boy graphics on the handle. Tada. Box?
ASTRO BOY ON MOTORCYCLE - ASAKUSA - JAPAN. Atom Boy riding a brown tinplate motorbike maked Mighty Atom on the fuel tank. Friction action. Asakusa (Box?), Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY POLICE CAR - TADA - JAPANBlue and white open top tinplate Atom Boy Police Car. Friction action. Marked P.D. Tada (Box?), Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY RACING CAR 8 – MAKER? - JAPANRed and silver racing car with vinyl Atom Boy head. Friction action. Maker? Box? Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY SPACE GUN - TADA - JAPANAngular tin lithographed double barrelled space pistol style gun with Astroboy on the side. Spring loaded, shoots darts. 8 inches long. 1960s Box?
ASTRO BOY SPACE MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANLarge 18 inch tinplate lithographed space machine gun. Wood effect stock, ribbed red plastic spark window at the base of a smooth plastic barrel with red tip. Astro Boy / Mighty Atom litho on the stock and the body. Friction action with noise and spark. Box? Date?

Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY SPACE MACHINE GUN BATTERY OPERATED - TADA - JAPANMetallic blue tinplate space machine gun with brown wood effect stock. Atom Boy graphics on the stock. Battery operated with flashing lights and noise. Tada. Box? Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY TANK - KA - JAPANBlue lithographed tinplate tank with body of Atom Boy printed on top. Vinyl head. Friction action. Atom Boy Tank, Friction action. Box? Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO MOBIL - MAKER? - INDIAThis is an Indian copy of the Marubishi Astro Mobil. An red and yellow lithographed tin friction space vehicle. The vehicle has an unusual tear drop shape with vinyl pilot head under a clear dome and two long clear red plastic engine tubes at the back. Two wire antennas sweep backwards along the top. Marked Astro Mobil. 8" 20cm. While very similar to the Marubishi original there are differences in the lithography. No maker's mark. Possibly Raja. Box?

Friction action with noise and spark. Asia

ASTRO SPECIAL SUPER-JET - MAKER? - USAPlastic space water gun. Angular design with distinctive angled fins at the front of the barrel. Green and yellow versions known. Box? Packaging? Date?
ASTRONAUT GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANA light metallic blue lithographed tin space gun with spaceship shaped body and a small rear fin. The gun has side fins which enhance the rocket effect. Clear red plastic barrel with ribbed base. Marked Venus-Mars on one side, and Jupiter-Pluto on the other. ASTRONAUT marked on the handle. Friction noise and spark action. Box? KO
ATOM BOY DOUBLE DECK BUS - ASAKUSA - JAPANA brightly lithographed blue double deck Atom Bus. Friction action. Asakusa (Box?), Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ATOM GUN 73 - SY/YONEYA - JAPAN SY Logo. A relatively small (13") tinplate friction space gun, highly lithographed. Number 73 on the stock. Lever cocking attachment. Spark window set into the top of the barrel. The box has particularly attractive space scene illustrations. SY Logo. Box?

The toy appears in a 1964 Japanese exporter's catalog. It is shown with a front grip that did not feature on the actual gun.

This is the same pressing as the SY Space Machine Gun
ATOM JET - YKS - JAPANA small, simple blue-green and red tin friction space rocket with a tin astronaut pilot head under a clear plastic canopy. The toy has large rubber wheels and a small tail wheel. There are slots in the front for sound effect. Carries the logo YKS. Single tail fin. 17cm

There are two versions of this rocket: one with a pilot behind an open windshield and one with a pilot under a clear canopy. Box?

See also the Star Jet version of this rocket.
ATOM JET CAR – BANDAI - JAPANBlue and yellow lithographed tinplate racing car with vinyl Atom Boy head behind a clear plastic windshield. Atom Boy Jet Car, Friction action. Bandai. Box? Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ATOM JUNIOR - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAPlastic space gun with probable water squirt action. This is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun. Marked Atom Junior on the sides but with no maker's mark. Known colors: green 5" (13cm) Box? Packaging?

The gun is described as the Atomic Junior gun in the Perth Sunday Times dated 16 August 1953.
ATOM NEW SPACE TANK - YOSHIYA - JAPANThis space toy claims to be a space tank but looks much more like a space car with its charming rounded lines. The box name may actually be ATOM IN SPACE CAR. It uses some components from Yoshiya's friction tanks. The red lithographed tinplate vehicle has porthole detailing and a large atom symbol on the hood. Marked Atom New Space Tank. There's a large plastic dome on top containing a yellow tin astronaut working the controls. This 6" 15cm toy has a friction crank operated mystery action. KO Box? Date?

A toy similar to this is featured in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog as #1085 SPACE SCOOTER.
ATOM RAY GUN - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAPlastic water pistol space gun. Plastic body with a metal reservoir cover, trigger and barrel. A copy of the Hiller Atom Ray Gun made in burgundy plastic or Bakelite. An Australian newspaper advert in the Sydney Sunday Herald 27/11/49 date this plastic version to 1949. It has a distinctive curved trigger.

It was replaced by a metal version in 1950. The manufacturer of this gun has not yet been identified. Box unknown. (In this picture the metal end cap is from the USA version. The Australian version may differ.) Box?
ATOM SPACE CAR - MAKER? - JAPANBlue and red tinplate four-wheeled space car with star detailing. Cockpit with canopy at the front, pilot head inside. Wings are set in the sides with vertical fins in each wing. Spark window at the back. Marked ATOM on the nose. Friction action with spark. 7" 18cm Box? Date?
ATOM TRAIN - MAKER? - BOX?Brightly colored red tinplate train with Astro Boy graphics. Friction action. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom.
ATOMATIC JUNIOR SPACE GUN - H.R. PRODUCTION - ENGLANDSmall 4" clear red plastic angular space water gun complete with attached water tank and brass tip. The gun has no stopper and is operated by filling the separate tank. Picture?

The tank has a metal clip on back to attach to belt. This is based on the of Knickerbocker MidJet Ammo-Tank or Space Jet Gun. Marked Atomatic on the side, rocket logo molded into the side. Box? Packaging? HR Production. This is a copy of the Knickerbocker MidJet Ammo Tank released in 1954.
ATOMATIC SENIOR RAY GUN - H.R. PRODUCTION - ENGLANDA transparent red plastic bulbous space gun water pistol. A classic shape with a sweeping top fin that ends with and upward curl. Marked ATOMATIC on the large rear fin. Brass nozzle. Box? Called "Senior" because there is a smaller, simpler gun by the company also called Atomatic. Also produced in yellow, blue and clear green.

This gun features in the Spellbound magazine for 1965. Box? Packaging?

Atomic / Atomatic

HR Production
ATOMI SADEPISTOOLI SPACE GUN - DEBOREX - FINLANDA variation of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol from the Finnish company Deborex. Dark red or mulberry colored plastic space gun with sight. Red dials. Shoots rubber tipped darts. DEBOREX is molded in one side and ATOMI SADEPISTOOLI in the other. There may also be a black version, but colors are hard to establish from photos.

1950s Box?

ATOMIC DISINTEGRATOR GUN - ENGLANDEnglish version of the Hubley Atomic Disintegrator Space Gun. Metallic gold painted die cast metal. Retro deco styling. Cap firing action. The catch by the trigger guard allows the cap chamber to emerge from the gun. Maker? Box?
ATOMIC GUN - BANDAI - JAPANLithographed green tinplate space gun with red detailing. Early bulbous styling. Rocket litho detail and a spaceman on the handle. Saturn on the tailfin. Water pistol. Box?
ATOMIC GUN - SHUDO? - JAPANA metallic blue lithographed tinplate angular space gun. Marked ATOMIC GUN with an atomic symbol on the stock. The gun has a single raised rectangular red corrugated plastic spark window on each side. Friction action with spark. Maker? This has the same shape as Shudo guns.

There is also a silver version with red detailing. Box?
ATOMIC JET WATER GUN - FETHALITE - AUSTRALIAPlastic space water gun with classic bulbous styling. Large rear fin and a small front fin. The plastic nozzle is recessed inside the barrel opening. Filler cap on the top. Atomic Jet is molded into one side of the large rear fin, and Fethalite 67 (catalog number) into the other side. Red, black, green and probably other colors.

This gun's design is from the Rocket Jet gun made by the US Plastic Co. It was available as a premium for those who raised 30 shillings for the ULVA charity in South Australia (see page 120 in the Blast off book for an example of the flyer). This charity drive was called “The Rocky Starr Christmas Cheer club” and was associated with the radio show “The Adventures of Rocky Starr”. The name of the show may also be the reason this gun was chosen as a premium as a version of it was produced in the U.S. for the “Captain Starr of Space” radio program and in both shows the main character was Rocky Starr even though the storylines are different. The newspaper article is from August 1953. Box? Packaging?

ATOMIC OUTER SPACE AIR RAY GUN - AIDS INC - USAA metallic gold plastic variation of the Budson original air blaster gun design. You cock the gun by raising and lowering the fin on top, this draws back a metal disk in the center of the rubber. When you pull the trigger, the disk releases and the volume of air in the chamber is compressed through the narrow barrel delivering a formidable invisible blast. Box?

Aids Inc produced several variations of this design. See the Supersonic Defender Gun and Scorpion Hip Gun. On sale in October 1957. The gun appears in the Miles Kimball catalog for 1958.

Made by Aids Incorporated, out of El Segundo, California

A patent was granted in 1949 Pat No. 154516 Inventor Thomas M Shelton
ATOMIC ROCKET - DSK - JAPANA simple small blue and red (3.5in) tinplate lithographed space rocket. Marked Atomic Rocket. Pilot in cockpit litho on top, with Saturn and satrs on the front. Unusual fin design. Fiction action with noise. DSK 1950s. Crimped construction. Box? Possibly sold in trade boxes.
ATOMIC ROCKET GUN - KGK? - JAPANClear plastic space water pistol. Bulbous retro rocket shape with large rear fin. 14cm Distinctive white ring at the back which is used to fill the gun. Available in several colors. Bagged with header card. Maker? Date? Box? Packaging?

See the earlier Rocket Jet version which was made by KGK Kanto Gosei Kogyo.
ATOMIC SPACE GUN - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDA plastic space gun from Tudor Rose. Gold bronze plastic body with clear red domed front. Friction action with spark. Atomic wording on fin. Has dial decoration on the side. Box?
ATOMIC SPACE RIFLE - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDLarge futuristic hard plastic space rifle with telescopic sight. The design is based on the Tom Corbett Atomic Rifle though there are clear differences. Water pistol action. Two versions are shown which differ in color, molding details (eg the trigger area) in dial detailing. c1953 Box? Packaging?

On sale in Australia in October 1953.

A patent for the US version was published in 1952.
Pat No. 169315.
Inventor Mahlon Hirsch
ATOMIC WATER PISTOL - RELIABLE - CANADAA hard plastic space water gun, a cross between a pistol and a more classic shape with rings on the muzzle and ribs on the side. 8" 16cm . This gun has a small enclosed trigger. There is an R in a circle molded into the side and black detailing of parts. There are several color versions. Box? Packaging?

First sighting is currently in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. Sold in trade boxes.

ATOMICO SPACE GUN - SPAINPlastic space gun with simple clicker action. This is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun though the muzzle is much larger than the Pyro. Marked ATOMICO on one side but with no maker's mark. Available in a wide range of colors, some with hand painted detailing. Maker? Box? The same gun was also produced in Argentina. 5" (13cm)
BATMAN FRICTION MACHINE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA large brightly lithographed tinplate space machine gun. The yellow stock has a large graphic of Batman and Robin. The gun has red spark window and long black barrel. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?
BATMAN FRICTION MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANA large brightly lithographed tinplate space machine gun. The red stock has a large graphic of Batman firing a machine gun. The gun has a blue barrel with a red spark window at the join with the body. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?
BATMAN FRICTION RAY MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA lithographed tinplate machine pistol. The gun has a angular shape with a tinplate magazine. There is a red red plastic barrel with a yellow plastic tip. Batman graphics on the stock and on the side. Friction action with noise and spark. Box?
CAPITAO ESPACIAL SPACE GUN - ESTRELA - BRAZILBlue and red tin lithographed bulbous space gun with a clear red plastic barrel containing "lipstick" inserts. Elaborate litho detailing of a space station and delta wing on the body. Marked Capitao Espacial. Friction noise and spark. Brazilian version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun 9.5" 24cm Box?

COHETE LUNAR, BILLY ON ROCKET - GORGO - ARGENTINATwo Argentinian variations of the Masudaya Billy on a Rocket.

Tin friction rocket with astronaut astride. Tin friction rocket with a tin astronaut rider clinging to the back. The rocket has two fins, Billy occupies the place where a third fin would normally be. Marked Cohete Lunar on the sides. There is a small rear wheel. Pull back action with noise. Box?
COSMOS - MAKER? - RUSSIAPlastic battery operated space car. Clear plastic dome with a red plastic pilot lying inside. Distinctive small red plastic light on the hood. Simple bump and go action with flashing red light. 23cm. Colors: orange. Name? Box?
COSMOS-189 ROCKET - AGATEX - ROMANIALight blue tin wind up space rocket. Three fins at the tail and three corresponding fins towards the front Nose on spring, red spark windows at the back. Pushing the rocket forward winds the mechanism. Marked with the Agatex logo on the wings. The rocket has a slider that opens a cover on the friction mechanism allowing access to the flint. 19cm Box?

See also the NAVETA SPATIALA ROCKET version of the rocket.
COWBOY ON HORSE SPACE GUN - JAPANEarly small blue and yellow lithographed tin space gun. This angular gun has two wavy lines cut into the sides of the gun with red plastic liners. Friction noise and spark.There is a picture of a mounted cowboy on the handle.
Name? Box?
Western crossover
COWBOY SPACE GUN - ASAHI? - JAPANThe shape is clearly a space gun, but the litho is serving the western market. A typical crossover item in the same range as the Space Navigator Gun, therefore probably made by Asahi.

Small early blue, red and yellow tin lithographed space gun. Angular pistol shape with a picture of a cowboy on the handle, COW BOY wording. Friction noise and spark. 3.5" 9cm Box?
CRAGSTAN SPACE JET GUN - YOSHIYA? - JAPAN A version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun. Bulbous shaped white and red tin space gun with a smooth clear green plastic barrel containing a moving core. Marked Space Jet. Red lightning flash and Saturn on side. Friction action with spark. 9.5" 24cm

The same pressing as the SUPER TRIPLE-O-GUN by TY. Marked Cragstan on one side.

Box? Packaging?
CRANK ACTION SPACE GUN - MAKER?Currently unidentified. This is a stubby plastic space gun with a distinctive crank attached to one side. Gold plastic. Name? Box? Maker?
CROWN SPACE GUN - CROWN - JAPANAn early black painted metal water pistol. Shaped like a rocket. A rear plunger is pulled to fill the gun. A crown symbol is embossed on the handle 6" 15cm 1950. Probably sold in trade packs of a dozen. Box? Plated metal. Packaging?
DAN DARE SPACE PATROL PLANE - METTOY? - ENGLANDA brightly lithographed red tinplate airplane with detachable wing. Friction action with spark. Plastic propellor.

Though the plane does not have Dan Dare wording Space Patrol is printed on the wings. The litho in the cockpit depicts characters clearly intended to be Dan Dare in RAF uniform. Box. Maker not established but likely to be Wells Brimtoy or possibly Mettoy. 35cm. Date? Box?
DEFENSE TRUCK WITH SOUND BEAM - ARCHER - USAHard plastic space vehicle with a cylindrical rotating grey plastic siren attachment at the back. Friction drive. Name? Box?

Was this item sold in a box? There are three boxed motorized trucks. There is no reference (yet) to a boxed version of this truck. The sound beam attachment was not included in any of the sets.

DREAM JET MARS X-300 - MARUSAN - JAPANA yellow lithographed tin friction rocket plane. It is a cross between a rocket and a jet plane with rocket motors mounted on the wing tips. Dream is printed on one wing, and Jet on the other. Mars is printed on the sides. The cockpit is contains a molded red plastic spark cover. Friction action with noise and spark. 18cm Partial box shown. Box? Confirmed in yellow; the light green version may be a lighting effect.

This is a copy of the Pyro X-100 Space Scout though it carries a X-300 serial.

This is a litho variation of the Alps Space Scout X110.
ELECTRIC WAVE GUN - TADA - JAPANA lithographed tinplate space rifle. The rifle has a red stock, red barrel brightly lithographed body with a space scene depicting a rocket flying over a landscape. Litho of an astronaut in a circle. There is a long clear green plastic window ralong the top of the gun. Battery operated noise and flashing lights. 21" 54cm

Two versions of the gun are known. One has older style, more realistic graphics and marked New Style Gun on the stock, the other has more cartoon-like graphics. This pressing was used for the Big-X machine gun.

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