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CRAZY SPACE GUN - BANDAI - JAPANLarge black plastic space gun. Bazooka style with telescopic sight. Paper decals. Battery operated light and noise. Date? Aug 15, 2017
MONSTER DART GUN - SYR- JAPANRed plastic dart gun with a built in flashlight feature. Rubber tipped darts. 7.5 ins. Blister carded. Japanese monster themed target. SYR ghost logo.

See also the Lightan versions.

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
Jul 21, 2017
KOSMICKY SPACE TANK WITH ROCKET - IGRA - CZECHOSLOVAKIATin battery operated space tank with rocket launching structure on top. Small gun at the front. Tracks. 15cm Eastern European, Czechoslovakia. Name? Box?
Jul 16, 2017
GYRO CAR - KANTO - JAPANRed tin friction space car. Lithographed cockpit detailing Large spinning wheel on the hood. 17cm. Date?Jul 04, 2017
DIA 100 SHOOT AUTOMATIC - DIA - JAPANBlack tin plastic cap gun. Early style. Sold in trade boxes of 12. The box art has monster/Godzilla style artwork. Jun 23, 2017
IL PICCOLO ASTRONAUTA - MAKER? - ITALYThe Little Spaceman. Space board game with a distinctive plastic spiral centrepiece. Maker? date?Jun 23, 2017
COSMIL - LE CONQUETE DE L'ESPACE - MAKER? - FRANCEFrench space board game. Date?Jun 23, 2017
AN 2000 - MAKER? - FRANCE A French reworking of IM JAHRE 2000. Jun 23, 2017
COMET RUNNING WATER PISTOL - KGK - JAPANClear green plastic space water gun in the shape of a jet plane. KGK is Kanto Gosei Kogyo. Jun 23, 2017
COSMONAUT - VR? - USSRWindup astronaut with a clear dome. Pot-bellied pin walker astronaut with a red woollen space suit. 1960s. Came in a plain brown box with a VR logo. Jun 23, 2017
ASTRA SPACE CAR - NORMA - ESTONIAA box shaped flat blue tinplate space car or tank with a large white colored plastic dome on the top. Three small red lights are set around the collar of the dome. A red plastic rocket and antenna fit into holes at the back. 20cm x 15cm. Battery operated bump and go action with lighted dome with color effect. A variation of the KUU UURIMIS JAAM
Name? Box?

Russia USSR
Jun 23, 2017
SUPER ROBOT - HIRO - JAPANTin and plastic wind up astronaut. Spark window in chest. Stepover feet. Japanese box. Silver body, red head, black limbs. body, red head. Tin chest panel. Box?
Jun 23, 2017
LE VOYAGE VERS LA LUNE - MAKER? - FRANCESpace board game based on the Georges Méliès film. Details? Date?Jun 23, 2017
MAGAZINE .45 SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANGreen plastic space water gun. Yellow plastic insert in the handle. No 1979. Details?Jun 23, 2017
NATIONAL BOY WALKING SPACEMAN - MAKER? - JAPANSmall plastic windup stepover spaceman. Grey plastic. N on the chest. Offered as a premium. Jun 23, 2017
PLANET WATCH - MAKER? - W GERMANYNon-working space wristwatch. Similar to Esco designs.Jun 23, 2017
ROCKET SPACE GUN - MAKER? - MEXICOBlue plastic space gun. Three rings on the barrel. Large trigger. Marked ROCKET on the sides. Based on the Kellog's Smoke Ray Gun. Clicker action? Located in Mexico. Maker? Box?Jun 22, 2017
ATOMIC RAY GUN - ICHIMURA? - JAPANSmall black and silver lithographed tin friction space gun with distinctive ribbed single spark window. Six diagonal litho windows and the distinctive line decoration ending in two circles - just at the top of the handle.Jun 22, 2017
ATOMIC RAY GUN - ICHIMURA? - JAPANSmall silver and blue lithographed tin friction space gun with distinctive ribbed single spark window. Six diagonal litho windows and the distinctive line decoration ending in two circles - just at the top of the handle.Jun 22, 2017
SPACE GOGGLES - MAKER? - USAConventional style space goggles. On sale March 1953. Details? Jun 11, 2017
SPACE SATELLITE LAUNCHING BASE - MARX - USAThis is the third version of this space station toy. Lithographed tin launch station with crank powered spinners, large oval antenna and a separate plastic spring loaded missile launcher. It came with two spacemen. This is a variation of the Space Satellites with Launching Station

On sale November 1958.
Jun 11, 2017
PISTOLA ATOMICA - BALILA - BRAZILBrazilian release of the Atomic Ball Gun. Plastic revolver. 9" A horse is molded into the grip, a detail that indicates its conversion from a cowboy themed original. Fires hard plastic balls when the gun is cocked with the lever on the underside of the barrel. Blue box with space graphics.
Known colors: red. Western, cowboy crossover.

Originally by Mfg. by M&L Toy Co., NJ - 1951 (Morris & Louis) On sale December 1952.
Jun 10, 2017
FUN GUN - WHAM-O - USABlack plastic air blaster gun with a barrel extension and sight. This is a reissue of the Scorpion Hip Gun by AidsJun 10, 2017
SPINNER GUN - SI/IS - ITALYRed and yellow plastic spring driven space gun, shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. Based on the US Plastic spinner design.

The handle is marked SI or IS and Depositato meaning registered design. Name? Maker? Box? Date?
Jun 09, 2017
FLYING SAUCER GUN - BULLMARK - JAPANA spinner shooting space gun with telescopic sight. This is a plastic space gun kit and comes with a spaceman figure that attaches to the spinners. 24cm x 16cm x 5cm Date? Jun 05, 2017
TAKARA SPACE GUN - TAKARA - JAPANClear blue plastic space water gun. Bulbous design, particularly the bottom of the grip. Rear fins. 12cm Marked TAKARA. Box? Date? May 30, 2017
LANZA CHISPAS - BERNABEAU GISBERT - SPAINAngular clear plastic space gun. Red ribbed body, blue flared barrel, rear addition and trigger. Friction action with spark. Blister carded. 15cm May 30, 2017
ALFA ZETA GUN - CO-MA - ITALYPlastic space water pistol. A long, slender gun with a telescopic sight. A spinning plastic wheel is set into the side. 47cm. Date? Box?May 30, 2017
DIA WATER PISTOL - DIA - JAPANBlack metal tinplate space water gun. Early design with a revolver shape and with DIA molded into the handle. The box art features a Japanese superhero. Sold loose in trade boxes of a dozen. Dia is an abbreviation of Diamond. May 26, 2017
AGENTE ESPACIAL - BW PLASTICOS - ARGENTINAPlastic space gun with sight. Shoots darts. Carded. Maker BW

The basic shape is that of the Lone Star range of diecast space cap guns. The sight has been altered and deep lines engraved in the body forming a grid pattern. Seen in light green. See also the POLICIA PLANETARIO PISTOLA ESPACIAL

May 19, 2017
SPACE BOAT - MAKER? - ENGLANDTwo tone white/silver hard plastic space boat with rocket motors. 17cm long by 9.5cm wide. 1950s Details? Packaging?May 19, 2017
MARS SUPER JET GUN - LYRA - GREECEA version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun. Bulbous shaped blue and red tin space gun with a ribbed clear green plastic barrel containing a moving core. Marked Mars Gun. Saturn on side. Friction action with spark. 9.5" 24cm
May 02, 2017
GIANT WATER PISTOL - MAKER? - JAPANBlue metal tinplate space water gun. Small, early design with a revolver shape and with GIANT molded into the handle. DIA style. The box art features a space style submarine theme. Sold loose in trade boxes of a dozen. Apr 24, 2017
MOONSTAR - MAKER? - JAPANBare metal tinplate space cap gun. Small, early design with a jet plane molded into the handle. DIA style. The box art is a bizarre crossover design with western cowboy and a space theme. Sold loose in trade boxes of a dozen. Apr 24, 2017
THUNDERBIRD 3 SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANRed plastic water pistol in the shape of Thunderbird 3. Yellow plastic tail fins. Molded white panels in the handles. Maker? Packaging?Mar 22, 2017

This is a Moonlight Man variation of standard silver grey tin lithographed space gun. Pistol shape. Battery operated "with noise and miracle flash". Transparent plastic barrel tip has a rotating coloured light effect. Angular cutout with red inserts in one side. Batteries fit into the handle. Only the box differs from the original

Mar 15, 2017
GEMINIS 1-X-70 PISTOLA ESPACIAL - BASA - PERUYellow and white plastic space gun with elongated barrel with holes and an elaborate telescopic sight. Blue plastic details. Friction noise and spark action. The barrel removes for storage. This is a version of the Space Pilot Jet Ray Gun, by KO Mar 13, 2017
SPACE HERO 300-X SONIC GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGBased on the Tim Mee version of the Norton Honer gun. This white plastic space gun has a redesigned front end with a blue lens cap. It emits 4 different sounds. The interesting feature of this gun is the fact that it is referencing the Space: 1999 series in its font and in the depiction of an Eagle transporter on the box. 1970s. Mar 13, 2017
SPACE FIGURE SET - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOA large boxed set of Marx spacemen. The set consists of 12 plastic figures and the artwork suggests that it may also have contained the Marx Twin-Jet spaceship and the friction spaceship. The box has no name but has elaborate early space graphics.

Date? 1950s?
Mar 12, 2017
MARTIAN SPACE SUIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDBlue plastic space suit comprising jacket, trousers, helmet and gloves. On sale March 1955. maker? Photo?Mar 09, 2017
DAN DARE HELMET - MAKER? - ENGLANDPaper fibre space helmet with acetate visor. Picture? Advertised in March 1955.Mar 09, 2017
PISTOLA MARCIANA - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOLithographed tinplate clicker space gun. 9.5" The gun has a picture of Flash Gordon on the handle but has Tom Corbett wording on the side. This is a reworking of the 1952 Flash Gordon Click ray Pistol. Little effort has been made to make it a Tom Corbett specific version other than the addition of the name.

Based on the original 1935 Flash Gordon Radio Repeater design by Marx.

1950s. Box?
Mar 03, 2017
SKY ROCKET X7 - BANDAI - JAPANTin lithographed jet plane style rocket. Blue with red accents. Marked X-7 Sky Rocket. Borderline space. Mar 03, 2017
X-3 ATOM CAR - SK SHINTO? - JAPANThis is an early Japanese three wheeled rocket space car. Red, green and yellow lithographed tin friction car with a tin pilot head behind a windshield. The car has a large rear tail fin marked Atom and two smaller fins alongside. Marked X-3. Maker? Box? 1950s. SK in a diamond logo.

This is the same pressing as the Mitsuhashi X-8 Atomic car. See also the MT Space Patrol Car.

M in triangle logo. 13cm
Mar 02, 2017
SPACE WATER GUN - MAKER? - JAPANAngular style space water pistol. An astronaut design is molded in the handle. Sold in trade boxes.Feb 23, 2017
SPACE WATER GUN 628 - CHANG - HONG KONGGreen clear plastic water pistol. This is a knock off of the early Pez space gun design. Bagged with header card. This sample gun gives information on the manufacturer and the date. 1967. Feb 23, 2017
APOLO WATER GUN - MS - JAPANClear plastic space water pistol. The gun's body has a distinctive conical shape. Apollo misspelling. Blue and yellow versions. Sold in trade boxes. Feb 23, 2017
63 ROBOT - JUNGAN CO - KOREAGrey plastic wind up robot with space scene decal in the chest. Feb 23, 2017
SPACE RIFLE - AIRGAM - SPAINA long bazooka style space rifle that shoots balls. The long silver plastic tubes has ribbed red plastic components at the front, middle and rear. These components are the same as those used on the Airgam Pistola Especial - the "wireframe" gun. Probably mad by Airgam. Box? Packaging?Feb 23, 2017
SPACE WATER GUN - MS - JAPANClear plastic space water gun with a distinctive plastic antenna structure on the top. Magazine molded in the body. Blue and yellow versions known. Sold in trade boxes of a dozen. The Apollo graphics suggest a late 1960s date. Feb 23, 2017
SPACE FLIGHT GUN AND HOLSTER - MAKER? - USAThe box and the leather holster are shown here. The gun remains unidentified. Space graphics on the belt. 1950s. Feb 23, 2017
SPACE PATROL MAN - NOMURA - JAPANRed lithographed tinplate astronaut. The astronaut has a rounded, inflated style body with a small head. S marked on the chest. This is a reworking of the Nomura Tetsujin T26 molds. Battery operated remote control. The box art depicts a much leaner astronaut.

Image Mark Bergin
Feb 18, 2017
NIGHT FIGHTER USAF - BANDAI - JAPABNSmall lithographed tinplate space plane. Green with yellow and red accents. Saturn logo at the front and a lithographed spaceman pilot. It is 4 inches long and 5 1/4 wingspan. Borderline space. Box? Date? 1950sFeb 16, 2017
SILVER SPACE GUN - MIURA - JAPANChrome silver plastic space gun. Bulbous styling with small rear fin. Three stars molded on the side. 19cm. Friction action with spark. 1970s? Miura - M in three concentric circles. Nov 29, 2016
SUPER DELUXE ATOM GUN - MAKER? - TAIWANBlue and orange lithographed tinplate space rifle. Friction action with spark. Top of the gun and the top of the barrel have clear red windows. Marked Atomic on the stock. 17" 42cm Astroboy / Atom Boy theme. Nov 03, 2016
ATOMIC GUN - BANDAI - JAPANLithographed green tinplate space gun with red detailing. Early bulbous styling. Rocket litho detail and a spaceman on the handle. Saturn on the tailfin. Water pistol. Box? Nov 01, 2016
B-61 BUZZ BOMBER - ALPS - JAPANA large, early lithographed tinplate rocket. Metallic blue and red with yellow trim. The rocket has a removable wing. Tailplane. Friction action with spark. There is a spark opening at the back, with a screw cover for a replaceable flint. The tail is marked GM-544. 1950s USAF

The name is a curious combination of the V-1 Buzz Bomb and the B-61 Bomber.
Oct 25, 2016
APOLLO XV - MAKER? - INDIATin and plastic friction rocket. Friction action with spark. This is a friction toy 11.5" tall tin litho/hard plastic. The rocket is marked "Apollo XV". Probably 1970s. Based on the Horikawa XB-115 original rocket design. Box?Oct 18, 2016
APOLLO 1000 ROCKET - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin and plastic friction rocket. Friction action with spark. Two similar rockets were produced by Horikawa, Japan in the 1960s. This is a friction toy 11.5" tall tin litho/hard plastic. Toy is marked "Apollo 1000" with space insignia. It has a rectangular box.

See also the version marked "XB-115" in a triangular box.

The body has a crimped construction making repair difficult.

Listed as new in the 1969 Horikawa catalog
Oct 18, 2016
DAN DARE GYRO JEEP - JOHILLCO - ENGLANDMetal gyroscope with a metal cut-out of Dan Dare. Known from this announcement in the Eagle in April 1952.

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Jul 30, 2016
DAN DARE JET FLEET - BELL TOY - ENGLANDKnown from this announcement in a March 1952 issue of Eagle comic. A set of five plastic jet planes on a header card. Picture?

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Jul 30, 2016
PALART FLYING SAUCER - PALART - POLANDLight blue plastic flying saucer with a pilot under an off-center clear plastic canopy. Clear plastic engine tubes at the back. Battery operated bump and go action and flashing light. Distinctive plastic antenna. Decal marked PALART WROCLAW. Box? Eastern Europe.Jul 30, 2016
DAN DARE JOLLIBOMS - MAKER? - ENGLANDMetal cannister in the shape of a rocket. Shoots six spacemen into the air. Picture? Announced December 1955.

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Jul 29, 2016
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