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ZOOMER THE ROBOT, VERSION 5 - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery operated robot. Advances with walking motion as his head lights. TN Coiled spring antenna on the head. On sale in November 1955.

Tin battery op robot with ratchet/spanner. Zoomer usually has red gel eyes that light internally. (The Radar Robot is basically a Zoomer with lightbulb eyes - though there may be exceptions to the rule)

The following Zoomer (Gel Eyes) color variations are known: (I.D. in no particular order)
Version 1: Silver face and body, black feet
Version 2: Silver face and legs, blue body, black feet, silver battery covering
Version 3: Blue face and body, black feet
Version 4: Blue face and body, red hands and feet
Version 5: Red face, charcoal body, red hands and legs, black feet
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