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BUCK ROGERS PLAY OUTFIT - SACKMAN BROTHERS - USABuck Rogers play outfit comprises suede-like chaps/cuffs and vest with a circular leather patch. Cloth helmet with visor and chin strap. Leather belt.

Available in stores and a Cream of Wheat mail away premium. 1935
CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS PLAYSUIT - MONTROSE PRODUCTS - ENGLANDIncludes Scarlet hat, Spectrum badge and self-retracting toy microphone; foam backed nylon jacket with zipped fastening and pocket, mock flashing shoulder lights, black holster and belt, grey gabardine trousers, scarlet calf-length gaiters.
DALEK OUTFIT - SCORPION AUTOS - ENGLANDBlue and silver vinyl Dalek playsuit with arm pieces. The plastic head with an eye stalk that incorporates a flashing. The head incorporates accurate louvres. This was available from Scorpion Automotives in the 1964, though numbers were (allegedly) limited by a factory fire.
DALEK PLAYSUIT - BERWICK - ENGLANDRed and white vinyl playsuit with a card and plastic head piece. Relatively crude construction with wooden sticks tipped with plastic pieces.
EQUIPO PLANETARIO - JEFE - SPAINSilver vinyl playsuit with yellow plastic belt. Comes with a white plastic dart firing space rifle, space pistol in holster and a knife in a sheath.
FEMME DES GALAXIES - MASPORO - FRANCESilver plastic and fabric space dress. Details? Date?
FLASH GORDON SPACE OUTFIT - ESQUIRE NOVELTY CO - USABlue fabric and plastic space suit. Comprises vest with celluloid shoulder extensions, belt, leg pieces and arm pieces. On sale 1951.
MARS MAN SPACE OUTFIT - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAPartial suit shown: comprises red vinyl helmet with ear pieces, white vinyl vest and gauntlets. The helmet was on sale in 1953 and the full outfit in 19534

Appears in a 1952 newspaper article.
MARTIAN SPACE OUTFIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDPicture of the box? Please email
MIKE MERCURY SUPERCAR PILOT SUIT - DEKKER - ENGLANDComprises yellow jacket, brown trousers and tan cap with metal badge. D Dekker Ltd 1961.
SPACE COMMANDER OUTFIT - MAKER? -ENGLANDBlue fabric and vinyl space suit comprises jacket, trousers and space helmet. Marked Space Commander on the chest plate and with spaceman graphics on the jacket. The helmet has a clear plastic visor.

More details? Please email
SPACE OUTFIT - MAKER? - FRANCESilver vinyl space suit with silver helmet and space pistol. The paper slip is marked GORDON.

More details? Please email
SPACE PATROL PLAY SUIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDFabric play suit with a red and white panel in the chest. Screen printed space graphics. Includes a fabric helmet with a vinyl visor. The helmet is large extending cape-like over the shoulders.

Available in yellow and black versions. 1950s outfit.

SPACE RANGER OUTFIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDPartial suit comprises blue fabric jacket with a yellow chest panel. Space graphics. Comes with a blue space cap.

Picture of the suit? Please email
SPACE SUIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDSilver nylon playsuit comprising jacket/breastplate with luminous detailing, helmet and leggings. Believed to be mainly a mail away offer widely advertised through newspapers, comics etc.

Picture of the suit? Please email
SPACE SUIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDFabric playsuit comprising jacket and trousers with red breastplate, holster, studs and helmet. Believed to be mainly a mail away offer widely advertised through newspapers, comics etc. Advert dated October 1955. A Delux Captain's Suit was also offered.

Picture of the suits? Please email
SPACE SUIT - MERIT - ENGLANDFabric playsuit comprises a silver grey jacket with a red chest panel with Space Pilot graphic. Trousers. Red mitts. Fabric helmet with red trim and a vinyl visor. Generic box for a range of outfits. 1950s

Picture of the suit? Please email
SUPER SPACE SUIT - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAIdentified in a newspaper advertisement. Blue cotton space outfit with rocket graphics on the chest and legs. Comes with a helmet with a spaceship on the top. The helmet was available in straw and felt. Details? Picture? If you can help please contact
VOYAGEUR INTERPLANETAIRE - GPM (G. PASCAL MOSSE) - FRANCEClassic shaped diecast metal space gun with a long, thin telescopic sight, fins on the barrel and a glass lens at the tip. Battery operated flashlight action. The gun has been seen in green, gold, blue, yellow and red versions. 7.5"

The basic version of the gun has just two wires that connect directly to a battery. Pressing the trigger operates the flashlight. The white button at the side switches the light on permanently.

The more complex version has four wires. A battery held in a leather pouch powers the control box. The gun attaches by wire to the control box. The box has a gold dial with the wording ATOMIC LILLIPUT. There are seven electrical connection points. Two marked RECEPTION go to the battery, three marked PISTOLET go to the gun, and two marked EMISSION go to the helmet.

There are at least four sets:
1 Gun, battery holder and Morse card.
2 The above plus a leather holster, belt and wooden target.
3 As 2 with additional metal control box and a white leather harness to allow it to attach to the chest.
4 The largest set includes a lighted helmet and white gloves. leather vest, wrist and ankle cuffs and a space map. This set would include all the items shown in the box artwork. The helmet was probably packed separately.

The set is made of white leather with contrasting trim. Red, blue and green are known with matching helmets. There may be yellow and gold examples.

The box artwork shows a gun which is unlike the one currently known. It may suggest an earlier unknown version. Only diecast guns have been located so far. The gun and spacesuit feature on the cover of a 1954 French toy trade magazine.
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