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CADET SPACE GUN - TSL - ENGLAND?Metallic silver green painted metal space gun. Simple pistol shape with partial rings pressed into the back. CADET and TSL embossed on the handle. Clicker action. Maker? Date? Early 1950s, possibly England.

This gun's design is a copy of the Pyro Space Control gun. It is a blue diecast metal cap firing gun and measures 6 ¾” long (17cm). It was most likely made in 1953 either for the Australian version of the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Radio show or for the comic as some form of premium. It has a self feeding mechanism to feed the caps through each time the trigger is pulled. The only identifying mark on it is the brand name – Brentoy – which is written on the rings of Saturn underneath the word Cadet. Box? Packaging?
SPACE CONTROL GUN - PYRO - USAHard plastic clicker gun with distinctive futuristic styling. Available in a range of colors. The wording SPACE CONTROL is molded into the side along with stars and Saturn. The handle has a backward sweep, there is plenty of rib detailing and there is a tiny fin above the trigger: these give the gun a distinctive look. This is the original of a space gun that has been widely copied. The advert dates the toy to October 1952. Packaging? Probably sold as a bin toy.

This gun was included in the Yankiboy Tom Corbett Space Cadet Play Clothes set.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE - MARX - USABlue plastic flashlight space gun with sight.

The handle is marked Space Cadet.

This is a hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun. The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Available in a range of colors: gold, silver, red, blue. 8" 20cm long. Comes with a small packet of red and green lens filters to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. Tom Corbett. This gun clearly did have batteries included, and they're customised. flashlight

A patent for the design was filed in 1952 and issued in 1953. Pat no. 169440. On sale in the Christmas 1952 Montgomery Ward catalog.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET CLICKER RAY GUN - MAKER?Silver plastic space gun. This is a variation of the Palmer Space Ray Gun Clicker Pistol. It is appreciably larger - 6" (see comparison shot). It has been suggested that this is an Australian gun. There may be a connection to Palmer Plastics, the designer of the smaller version.

"Tom Corbett" is molded on one side and "Space Patrol" on the other. Simple click action. 1950s Box? Packaging?
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET OFFICIAL SPACE PISTOL - MARX - USABrightly lithographed tin retro style clicker space gun. 9.5"" The gun has a picture of Tom Corbett on the handle and Space Cadet is printed on the barrel. Copyright Rockhill Productions. Based on the original 1935 Flash Gordon Radio Repeater Click Pistol pressin by Marx. 1952, though proof of the date is elusive.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET RIFLE - MARX - USALarge (24 inch) plastic space gun rifle with futuristic design . Silver and gold versions. Friction noise action. The panels above the trigger move to simulate firing.

A patent was published in 1952. Featured on a magazine cover dated 1953
Pat No. 169315.
Inventor Mahlon Hirsch
TOM CORBETT SPACE GUN - MARX - USALarge 20 inch lithographed tin and plastic space rifle with multiple actions. Sparking action. This multicolore rifle has a yellow plastic front end with a red plastic muzzle and a blue plastic stock. The body of the gun is brightly lithographed tin. A spring mechanism is mounted on top. The litho includes the name Tom Corbett Space Cadet and the serial number 1507-A.

This gun was recycled throughout the 1950's, it was used with slight litho changes for the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Gun, and the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Gun as well as an earlier G-Man type machine gun. Two box versions are known: the official Tom Corbett box and a G-Man box with a Tom Corbett stamp crudely added. Widely advertised in 1952. Gangster crossover.

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