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MARTIAN TRIPLE SHOT SKY-GUN LAUNCHER - MERCURY PLASTICS - USAPlastic satellite-shooting gun. The material is a dense polythene. There is a large plastic winder at the rear. The wording "SKY GUN" is molded on the top fin. This is wound and when the trigger is pulled a spinner is fired. The long nose allows the firing of all the missiles at once.

This is one of two versions of the gun, the difference being the size of the top and side fins. Several colors are known. Sold bagged with headed card. The version on the left has the word Martian in the title; the version on the right is called just Sky-Gun-Launcher. It was advertised in newspapers from October 1950 onwards

The gun was patented in 1951. Pat No. 164398 Inventor Joseph B Barricks.

The original Sky-Gun (without the hump) was produced by Propello Toys of Des Moines, Iowa in 1950.

PISTOL WITH WINGS ME 760 - CHINAAn 8" (20cm) plastic battery operated space gun. Small motor in the barrel, the shaft extends out with a box-shaped plastic tip, this piece fits into the square holes in the propellers. Shoots satellite spinners. The batteries fit in the handle. Light blue, red and black versions known. ME760
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