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REX MARS ARRESTING RAY SPACE PISTOL - MARX - ENGLANDLithographed 10 inch tin space clicker gun. Retro styling with simple click action. This gun has the same lithography as the 1952 Marx Flash Gordon pressing, but the name has been changed to the Marx in-house superhero "Rex Mars". Marked Arresting Ray Great Britain on the barrel. 1950s Box?
REX MARS PLANET PATROL ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE - MARX - USAThis is a hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun.
The handle is marked Planet Patrol.

The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Red and green lens filters are also included to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. Available in a range of colors. This is a mold used for a range of space guns. 8" 20cm

A patent for the design was filed in 1952 and issued in 1953. Pat no. 169440
REX MARS PLANET PATROL RIFLE X-92 - MARX - USAAt 20 inches long the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Gun is a fair size as rifles/machine guns go. The piece consists of a sheet of brightly lithographed tin, rolled into a semi-tube shape, and attached to a plastic butt and barrel assembly. This gun has been recycled excessively throughout the 1950's, it was used with slight litho changes for the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Gun, and the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Gun as well as an earlier G-Man type machine gun. Versions exist with various combinations of red, blue and yellow plastic components.

The plastic is held in place with a fragile set of pins that extend through the tin and are melted into rivets, these are almost always broken off. The barrel is a clockwork sparkler housed in a plastic casing, the key is frequently missing, while the cheap plastic, is temperature sensitive and the end of the barrel is most often badly warped into a sad droopy affair. The generating coils on top of the gun, a futuristic touch, rust easily and will crush into the gun if dropped. X-92.
REX MARS PLANET PATROL SPARKLING PISTOL - MARX - USAA hard transparent plastic space gun. The gun has a classic shape with with rings on the barrel, fins on the muzzle and lines on the body. A small telescopic sight is mounted at the back. The gun has a wind up key fitted to the side. Wind up friction spark and noise action. Colors: blue, green and red.

On sale December 1953.
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