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33 REPEATER Z-Z RAY VARIATION SPACE GUN - WYANDOTTE - USARecent research has established that there are two versions of the Wyandotte Space Gun. This "litho tip" version is a later gun and has been dated to 1941 in an A&P Food Store advertisement. The gun was sold in the original 33 Repeater box.

This is a red painted pressed steel pop gun with rings pressed into the body. Flared muzzle with a large lithographed front sight and a small rear telescopic sight. 7" 17cm

Pop gun action Produced by All-Metal Products (1941, Wyandotte, Michigan, USA).

!XAX! ROBOT - MAKER? - CHINAA barrel shaped, squat black plastic robot with short gold legs. Gold plastic arms. The robot has a clear domed head with XAX wording inside and a plastic antenna on top. Paper decal decorations. Battery operated walking action with moving arms. Colored lights in the dome. Rotating antenna. The robot emits smoke. (See also the Walk-A-Tron robot and the Toshiba PS-9B)
'TOMIC ROCKET - WOODETTE - USAWhite and red wind up plastic and metal 15 inch rocket with cap in the nose cone. The four rear fins are bare metal. Rolls along and sparks appear in a red plastic window at the back. A cap can be placed inside and will detonate when the rocket hits an obstacle.

Woodette Division of Print-O-Matic Co. Inc, of Chicago, Illinois. Atomic Rocket

First sighted in the Gray Hardware catalog for 1950.
007 LINTERNA ESPACIAL RAYGUN - ROKY - ARGENTINAHard plastic battery operated fashlight raygun. Rear fin. Detachable nose lens assembly. This gun ues the same molds and box art as the Pifco Zetaray gun. See in red and green version.

These guns are very poor quality with an irregular finish and badly fitting components.

008 LASER ROBOT - DAIYA - JAPANRed lithographed tinplate friction robot. Inertia crank action. The robot has a boxy design. The head has a slightly angled face with a red plastic dome on the top. The winder on the back is turned to generate the walking action. Loose grey plastic arms. The robot has a masked or Racoon or face; a prototype is known without this mask. First seen in the 1968 Lewis Galoob Toy Catalog.

The first box has a picture of the robot destroying a city: a feature that harks back to the early robots. The later box is a plainer window box. The earliest version currently dates back to the Daiya catalog for 1967, though the face of the robot has a unique design: a target-like set of circles between the eyes.
1.9.3 ROBOT - MAKER? - JAPANA white plastic barrel-shaped robot with blue plastic feet. Battery operated. The robot has a boy-like face and carries a walkie talkie. Red heart logo on chest. Japanese market box. 193 Maker?
2-XL ROBOT - MEGO - USAPlastic battery op electronic robot game. Designed as an educational toy, hence "To Excel". Talking. Static games toy robot comes with a series of audio tapes.

Originally marketed in the 1980s by the Mego Toy Corporation. Later upgraded and re-introduced by Tiger Electronics in the 1990s. United States
20000 LIEUES SOUS LES MERS - MAKER? - FRANCEThis Disney inspired 20000 Leagues Under the Sea is significant for the inclusion of the small style Co-Ma spacemen with helmets. The undersea world is seen as a parallel with space. 1950s
3 COLOR SPACE RAY GUN - IDEAL - USAPlastic raygun. Nine inches long. The space gun has a very distinctive huge flared front end with lens assembly and three blue plastic prongs at the rear. Battery powered flashlight with three color lens operated by a lever on the lens housing. Comes with display box, instructions/morse code key, bulb and bulb holder inside.

The gun is featured in an Ideal Catalog for 1952.

Colors are combinations of red, blue and black.

307 GUN - MW - HONG KONGHard plastic water pistol space gun with a handle shaped like the number 7. The barrel is very sleek with fins and rings. Two tone plastic, orange-white and red-white versions known. Marked 307. The maker's logo MW is molded in the side with the serial No 311.
888 CAP PISTOL RAY GUN - DIA - JAPANSmall blue and red tinplate space gun. The gun has a raised green revolver chamber molding on each side and has molded and lithographed detailing of a rocket on a background of stars and Saturn. Marked 888 on the sides. 3ins 7.5cm

This is probably by the DIA or Diamond company of Japan 1950s. It is the same pressing as the DIA plain cap gun. 3" embossed cap pistol. Cap firing action. Early Japan 1950s
Box? Packaging?
A'S DO ESPACO (ACE OF SPACE) - ESTRELA - BRAZILBrazilian version of the Double Barrel Mars Gun. Large blue lithographed tin space gun. Two transparent blue plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action. Marked "A'S DO ESPACO". There is a great deal of space theme litho all over the gun.

See the Jato Espaco version.
A-OK ASTRONAUT TO THE MOON - A-0K - USACopies of the Ajax spacemen. Grey plastic with clear plastic helmet. hard plastic, but not the brittle type. Individually packaged in bags with header cards. MPC has been suggested as the manufacturer.
ACE HART SPACE SQUADRON SONIC BEAM GUN - LONE STAR TOYS DCMT - ENGLANDSpace Squadron Sonic Beam Gun. Black plastic raygun with red lens and green or red telescopic sight. Two sets of jagged fins are molded into the barrel. Battery operated flashlight action. Based on the Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun. Two sets of fins on the barrel. One example has an additional circular insert in the handle. It hasn't been positively identified.

On sale in December 1952 and featured in trade catalogs for 1952. English. A clip hole is molded into the handle.

English space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray.
ACROBAT ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANPlastic battery operated robot with tumbling action. Lighted eyes. Bump and go. The earliest sighting to date is in the "Japan 1981" catalog where it is called the Acrobatic Robot.

There are two Acrobat robots: yellow and chrome. Yellow is described as new in the 1980 Horikawa catalog and chrome is new in the 1981 catalog.
ACROBOT - TOMY - JAPANVery small plastic windup robots. The long arms produce a tumbling action. Made by Tomy for Parker.
ACROBOT - TOMY - JAPANRepackaging of a range of small wind up plastic stepover tumbling robots by Tomy. Chrome silver. Blister carded. see Pocketbot
ACROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANPlastic battery op tumbling robot. Advances with walking motion and moving arms as the light in his head blinks. Adjustable arms and legs-put him in the position you want. Acrobat 29cm

There are two color variations: a darker blue version with blue feet and a lighter blue with yellow feet or red feet. Pictured are a dark blue version in a Japanese box and lighter blue in an English box.

An interesting note: the yellow feet are much larger than the red feet, presumably to improve stability. The yellow version also has a slightly different internal structure and looks as though it is a later reworking of the design.

This robot is described as a new item in the Yonezawa 1968 catalog.
ACTION ROBOT - SOMA - HONG KONGIt's the huge ears missiles that give this robot its distinctive look. White plastic battery operated pedestal robot (no feet, just wheels). Shoots missiles from those head mounted launchers. There's a large stippled chest plate that has a colored light effect. Rotates. Bump and go.

Based on the Yonezawa Space Explorer design. See also the Warrior designs.
ACTION ROBOT INVADER - HONG KONGPlastic battery op robot with rotating action, opening doors in chest and shooting guns. Black plastic with yellow hands, feet and chest detailing. This reworking of the Kamco Cosmos Robot has had a pair of missile firing ears added - the same design as seen on the SH Missile Robot. 1980s
ACTION SPACE SHIP SX-802 - WOOLBRO - HONG KONGWhite and blue plastic battery operated flying saucer. Bump and go action, flashing lights, space sound. Orange plastic windows surround cetral peak with an orange light at the top. Silver chrome door opens and plastic disks shoot from it. 22cm 1980s
ACTION TV ROBOT - MAKER?Plastic battery operated robot with TV screen in head. This is another release of the Horikawa Lambda-I robot, very similar to the Super TV Robot.

Bump and go action with sounds and pictures on the TV screen. Maker? Window box.
AGENT ZERO-M SONIC BLASTER - MATTEL - USAA very large black plastic bazooka. This was perhaps inspired by the success of the Wham-O air blaster. The bazooka-like air gun is hand-pumped until full, placed on the shoulder, and then fired. It release a concentrated burst of air toward spring-loaded targets accompanied by a booming sound. The gun was considered capable of producing high decibel levels and is now considered dangerous. 1964.
AGENTE ESPACIAL - BW PLASTICOS - ARGENTINAPlastic space gun with sight. Shoots darts. Carded. Maker BW

The basic shape is that of the Lone Star range of diecast space cap guns. The sight has been altered and deep lines engraved in the body forming a grid pattern. Seen in light green. See also the POLICIA PLANETARIO PISTOLA ESPACIAL

AIR DEFENSE CENTER - CRAGSTAN (MAKER?) - JAPANA tall red lithographed tinplate battery operated console with radar screen and flashing lights.

The 1962 Sears catalog advertises this toy: "Radar scans sky.. warning lights blink.. missles fire! Air Defense Center is busy with action.. has rotating antenna and radar scope; winking lights; moving air speed register and altimeter. 3 rubber-tipped darts. Steel, 12 in. long."

Large oval rotating antenna. The box art depicts a military scene but the actual toy resembles the Masudaya range of similar control centres.
AIR GUN - KANG YUAN - CHINABrightly lithographed tinplate space gun. Blue, red and yellow angular pistol style. Integrated sight. This is a pop gun that shoots plastic bullets. Six light plastic missiles are included. Earth and capsule graphics on the handle. Kang Yuan, Shanghai. 8" 20cm
AIRPORT SAUCER - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin battery operated flying saucer with litho depicting world tourist attractions. Airport scene with plastic airplane under clear plastic dome. Borderline space. Modern Toys.
ALADINO - NACIONAL DE JUGUETES - MEXICOPlastic robot with long arms. Blow molded plastic. Comes in a red window box. Pull-along toy, the large red plastic wheels at the feet makes the antenna turn and the eyes move in an hypnotizing wavy motion. Decal detail on chest and wheels. 9"

The robot has the same basic body as Percival and Ar-Tur. xadded
ALEN 55 SPACE WATER PISTOL - LILPA - ITALYA hard plastic space water squirt gun. Transparent plastic with a ball shaped muzzle. A plastic spaceman or alien is visible inside at the back of the barrel, similar to the German Ideal design. Made by Lilpa of Milan. Name? Date? Box? Packaging?
ALFA ZETA GUN - CO-MA - ITALYPlastic space water pistol. A long, slender gun with a telescopic sight. A spinning plastic wheel is set into the side. 47cm. Date? Box?
ALIEN SPACE GUN - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAA bulbous clear plastic space water pistol with rotating plastic aliens inside. This is an Australian version of the J.G. Schrödel design, sometimes called the Astronaut Rocket Ray Gun. This is a 6.5" 16cm version with one flat plastic alien inside. Name? Date?
ALIENI SPAZIALE- CHROMOPLASTO - ITALYA set of seven plastic spacemen. These brightly painted figures all have full face helmets or gas masks giving them an alien appearance. Painted in a combination of blue, red and yellow. Most figures carry futuristic space weapons.

The figures were sold in a cylindrical clear plastic display case. A larger hooded central figure was also included.
ALIENS - ALPIA - ITALYAlpia produced four alien figures. They have round bases and each base is inscribed with a large A and the inscription “Alpia, Made in Italy.” Each alien has a different antenna on his head, and carries a different weapon. All have large protruding eyes, and chunky bodies. The unique feature of these figures is the large propeller that is either located on their backs or as part of their weapon. The propellers actually rotate.
ALIENS - NOVELTY HEADQUARTERS - USAA set of six small comical plastic alien figures. Bagged in the USA but the origin is still unclear. Some of the designs have Hong Kong connections. These have been described as Giant figures.
ALIENS/ALIEN LIQUIDATOR GUN - PARK PLASTICS - TAIWANPlastic water pistol. 7 1/2" 19cm Candy colored plastic gun based on the Space Outlaw design with a much shortened barrel. The dome on the side where the spark window was on the original has a stepped effect like the Moondodger gun. Park's, Made in Taiwan and Singapore

Item No 139 in the 1979 Park Plastics catalog.
ALPS SPACE GUN - ALPS - JAPANA miniature (3 ins) tin space gun. Classic shape with a rear fin. Light green with three red dots on the side. The handle has a pressing similar to the Alps logo. "ALPS" is pressed into the fin, though the S can be hard to see. When the trigger is pressed, resistance is felt, and a small jet of air exits the barrel. It may be a smoke/powder gun, as the air isn't strong enough to push out anything so dense as a cork. Box?

See also the KGK space guns.
AMETRALLADORA DE COMBAT, TIGER MACHINE GUN - DELL TOYS - ARGENTINABlack and grey tinplate space machine gun with red and yellow details. Cylindrical red plastic drum on the top. Short red barrel. Tiger wording on the side and a tiger head graphic on the stock. Friction action with noise.

A second litho variation is shown below.

See also the Halcon version. There is a strong resemblance to the Sankei Tracer Machine Gun.
AMETRALLADORA MARCIANA - MAKER? - ARGENTINAMartian Machine Gun. The Argentine version of the Pyrotomic Disintegrator Rifle. Gold plastic with a red plastic barrel and other detailing. Maker? The gun has four vents in the side, as does the original.
AMETRALLADORA TIGER MACHINE GUN - HALCON - ARGENTINAGrey green tinplate space machine gun with a wood effect stock. Cylindrical red plastic drum on the top. Short red barrel. Tiger wording on the side and a tiger head graphic on the stock. Friction action with noise.

There is a strong resemblance to the Sankei Tracer Machine Gun.
AMUSEMENT PARK ROCKET RIDE - YONE/YONEYA - JAPANSY/Yoneya's Jumping Rocket pressing has been used to create this rocket amusement ride. The lithographed tin wind up ride consists of a square tower with a beam fitted to the top. Two rockets with vinyl pilot heads rotate horizontally around the tower. The rockets are suspended using string. The box depicts a much more streamlined version than the actual toy. In the bottom right hand corner of the box is ENCOR ROMA which indicates that this was an Italian exclusive release.

See the Super Rocket Ride variation of this toy. 8" 21cm high. On sale in September 1966.
ANIMAL JET ROCKET - MARUBISHI - JAPANThis is a comical cartoon variation of the Marubishi Astro Mobil. A red and blue lithographed tin friction space vehicle with litho cartoon characters Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear. The vehicle has an unusual tear drop shape with vinyl monkey head under a clear dome and two long clear red plastic engine tubes at the back. Two wire antennas sweep backwards along the top. Marked Animal Jet.

Friction action with noise and spark. See the Mobil Jet version.
ANIMAL ROCKET - KTI - INDIASmall lithographed tin space rocket. Red plastic cockpit dome. Cartoon animal graphics, Mickey Mouse style. Rubber nose tip. Marked KTI on the tailfin. Friction with spark action. 9.5"
ANSWER GAME ROBOT - ICHIDA - JAPANA static lithographed tinplate robot. This large robot has a green body, yellow arms, gold head and a multicolored base. Battery operated with a flashing light on the top. The robot is a calculating machine, able to do basic addition and subtraction. Some box versions carry the Amico brand of the distribution company.

There are two distinct versions, one with three levers (left) and one with four (right). The box art only shows the three lever version and is probably the original artwork. It appears that the fourth lever, marked A, was added later to resolve problems with lock up of the complex mechanism. It acts as a reset lever.

First sighted on the cover of the Western Auto Christmas Catalog, 1966 - it's only a line drawing, but it's there.
ANSWERMAN DING-A-LING - TOPPER - HONG KONGRed plastic robot with green feet and blue arms. The robot has a clear plastic head containing three colored balls. Shoots a red spinner from its head. Pulling a lever on the side turns a roller on the chest that gives a yes or no answer.

One of the Topper Ding-A-Ling series that can be motorised with the addition of a battery operated backpack. Sold in boxed clear plastic packaging.
ANTI DALEK NEUTRON DISINTEGRATOR - LINCOLN INTERNATIONAL (LONDON) LTD - ENGLANDA large plastic bazooka. Metallic blue plastic with silver painted cardboard tubes. Large circular sight on the top. Spring action, shoots plastic missiles. Card mounted. No maker's ID on the card but advertisements establish that this was made by the London branch of Lincoln International. 89cm. Featured in TV 21 Comic 1965.

The design is a variation of an earlier Remco bazooka.

Dr Doctor Who,

APOLLO 11 MOON ROCKET - ATC - JAPANThis is a long blue and silver tin and plastic friction rocket. Three red plastic fins and a rotating red plastic nose section. Three wheels. Marked Apollo 11. Asahi Japan. Apollo 11 first landed men on the Moon. 1969-70
APOLLO 11 ROCKET - NOMURA - JAPANLater style white plastic battery operated rocket. Red plastic tail fins, a clear plastic engine and nose cone.

"Switch on and APOLLO-11 starts moving. It stops and elevates vertically. It comes down and moves forward. The actions repeat. Light blinks with constant rocket engine sound." Apollo-11 TN
APOLLO 2000 - HORIKAWA FOR DURHAM - JAPANBlue and red tin battery op Attacking Martian based on Rotate-O-Matic body. Silver fly eyes, guns behind doors in chest. The box does not carry the SH logo.

There are two versions of the Apollo 2000:
The first one was made for Tarheel Industries. It has all tin doors, a green switch and deep doors - ones with a pronounced ridge.

The second version was made for Durham Industries. It has a red switch, and litho metal doors on plastic.

As these robots have no SH logo they probably don’t appear in Horikawa catalogs.

Apollo 2000 has already been dated to 1969 in a Western Auto Christmas catalog. The Super Robot version with red eyes and more litho detailing on the doors has been sighted in 1972.

APOLLO 2000X WALKING ASTRONAUT - HIRO - JAPANTin and plastic wind up astronaut. Made for Mego. The legs are "solid" with a shuffling walk unlike the flat stepover style of the other Hiro robots. See Cap't Astro, which shares the same body, head, astronaut face and arms, though the spark panel has been replaced by a litho panel.
APOLLO RAY GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPANTin litho raygun with transparent red plastic barrel. A tin color spiral wheel is visible through a cutout in each side. Distinctive fan shape of three spark windows. Friction noise and spark action. Japan 1960s. There is an additional Y in a circle logo on the box, identified as Sanko. Same pressing as the Space Ray Gun. TT logo T.T. Features in a 1960s Takatoku catalog.

See also the Space Ray Gun version of this gun.
APOLLO ROCKET - OHTA - JAPANSilver lithographed tin friction powered Apollo rocket. The detailed rocket has three red tin fins and a long nose extension.

Friction action. When rocket hits an obstacle an arm is triggered making it stands up. A ramp descends revealing a litho spaceman. The box artwork is a particularly impressive depiction of the rocket in space.

K in circle Logo. Looks to be the same pressing as for the Masuya versions of this popular design. It is not clear which came first.
APOLLO SATURN 2 STAGE ROCKET - NOMURA - JAPANA large tin an plastic space rocket. red plastic nose and blue plastic tail. The top and bottom sections separate. Battery operated action (rear section) with movement, noise, flashing lights and spinning tail section. The subject suggests a late 1960s date. 55cm.
APOLLO SATURN ROCKET, PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21 - HONG KONGCentury 21 – tall plastic rocket in 3 stages. Plastic battery op rocket , this craft has flashing lights and a spring-loaded parachuting nose-cone. On its main body appear two transfers stating ' Apollo Saturn' .It looks like a big Cape- Kennedy- Set rocket. On the base is written ' A 21 Toy ' with the familiar tunnel-like circles, together with 'Century 21 Toys Ltd Made in Hong Kong'.
The box is a long narrow rectangular two parter. The lid is of thinner card with the base being much thicker. Two pieces of thick card inner- packaging hold the rocket in place at either end of the box. 'Star Features' are 'Ejectable space capsule with parachute, battery operated, hand steerable front wheel, three stage rocket, lights at rear, clips on fins.' It states that it's 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited'. On the two longest sides appears the words 'This super badge - Sword Commander - free inside, plus official manual, Project SWORD, collect the series for other great SWORD badges, Century 21 Limited'. The Commander badge is red.
APOLLO SPACE PATROL - TPS - JAPAN"With satellite ship". Plastic battery operated saucer. Bump and go action with a ring of square orange and green flashing "neon" lights. The satellite ship is the separate winged structure on top of the structure. Marked X-7 on decals either side of the dome.

Featured in the 1970 Tokyo Playthings Catalog.
APOLLO SPACEMAN - MORTOYS - HONG KONGThis is one of the popular robots with transparent bodies revealing visible gear mechanisms. In this case it is a plastic battery operated astronaut with orange legs, white arms and a boy's face inside a white space helmet. Walking action with turning gears and flashing lights. There are several variations of this popular design.

The visible gears consist of one large ring gear with smaller gears inside. See thru. Walks, gears turn, the head lights. Made for Mego. Date?
APOLLO SPACEMAN VARIATIONS - MORTOYS, TAT, MEGO - HONG KONGThe range or Mortoy Robby style Apollo Space Man battery op plastic astronauts. Clear plastic with visible gears. Transparent.

There appear to be two basic styles, the difference being the pattern of fine lines emborred lines on the chest of one type, and the plain chest of the other pressing.

APOLLO XV ROCKET - LYRA - GREECEWhite plastic battery operated rocket. A reissue of the Nomura Apollo 11 Rocket. Switch on and the rocket starts moving. It stops and elevates vertically. It comes down and moves forward. The actions repeat. Light blinks with constant rocket engine sound.
APOLLO XV SPACE ROCKET - RAJA TOYS - INDIABased on the Horikawa XB-115 rocket. Tin and plastic friction wheeled rocket with a green spark window. Friction action with rotating nose cone and spark. 11.5" tall, tin litho/hard plastic. The rocket has a simpler litho design and a green nose tip. It is marked "Apollo XV". Box? The subject suggests a 1970s date.

APOLLO-X GUN F-905 - DAH YANG DY - TAIWANA pale blue cap firing gun that can also shoot darts (though non are present in the bag) Paper decals. This is basically the same design as the Italian Atomic Orbetor-X gun, which in turn is based on the Palitoy Cosmic Ray Gun. The cylinder under the barrel indicates that the gas canister for the Orbetor was left attached when the mold for this gun was prepared. Date? F905

The card artwork is the same as on the Comet-7 space gun, with the gun adjusted to suit the package contents.
APOLLO-X MOON CHALLENGER - NOMURA - JAPANA white plastic battery operated rocket with a detailed blue abd silver front end. The wheeled rocket has a rising action and opening nose. Blinking Light.

Rocket elevates the petals open and the command ship extends. It then retreats and the petals close. 16 ins Currently the first sighting is in a Marshall Field Christmas Catalog for 1970
APOLO WATER GUN - MS - JAPANClear plastic space water pistol. The gun's body has a distinctive conical shape. Apollo misspelling. Blue and yellow versions. Sold in trade boxes.
AQUARIUS WATER PISTOL - PALMER - HONG KONGClear orange plastic space water pistol. The gun has an arched top and bottom, giving it a distinctive bowed shape. Marked Aquarius. 6.5" 17cm. Made in Hong Kong for Palmer, USA.
AR-TUR - ESTRELA - BRAZILVery large 60cm gold plastic battery operated remote voiced controled robot.

Two versions of this huge cylindrical robot were produced: the first made a loud noise when switched on. The second version had a button on the head to turn off the sound. It's possible that the sound had proved to be too annoying. Takes four batteries.

This robot has the same body pressing as Percival O Genial Robot. It shares features with the Sparky-XZ robot.

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