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ASTRONAUT PILOT WINGS - 20TH CENTURY VARIETIES - USACarded wing shaped metal pin with built in compass. Marked Space Pilot.
MARTIAN TRIPLE SHOT SKY-GUN LAUNCHER - MERCURY PLASTICS - USAPlastic satellite-shooting gun. The material is a dense polythene. There is a large plastic winder at the rear. The wording "SKY GUN" is molded on the top fin. This is wound and when the trigger is pulled a spinner is fired. The long nose allows the firing of all the missiles at once.

This is one of two versions of the gun, the difference being the size of the top and side fins. Several colors are known. Sold bagged with headed card. The version on the left has the word Martian in the title; the version on the right is called just Sky-Gun-Launcher. It was advertised in newspapers from October 1950 onwards

The gun was patented in 1951. Pat No. 164398 Inventor Joseph B Barricks.

The original Sky-Gun (without the hump) was produced by Propello Toys of Des Moines, Iowa in 1950.

MECHANICAL ROBOT (WIND UP EASEL BACK ROBOT) - YONEZAWA - JAPANTinplate lithographed wind up easel back . Advances with stepping motion. Rectangular chest design with red circle containing two lightning flashes. Yonezawa link. Coiled spring antenna on the head. On sale November 1956.

This is virtually identical to the Linemar version except that the robot has a Yonezawa logo on the back and comes in a two-part box also with a Yonezawa logo.

OUTER SPACE RANGER BADGE - ML TOY - USAMarshall style five pointed star badge with rocket logo in the center. marked Outer Space Ranger. Carded.
PISTOL WITH WINGS ME 760 - CHINAAn 8" (20cm) plastic battery operated space gun. Small motor in the barrel, the shaft extends out with a box-shaped plastic tip, this piece fits into the square holes in the propellers. Shoots satellite spinners. The batteries fit in the handle. Light blue, red and black versions known. ME760
PUK 02 BIONICO - PUKY - ARGENTINAPlastic battery op remote control four gear robot. Based on the SH plastic gear robot. Blue body, white arms and legs. Visible gears behind a clear plastic bevelled chest plate. Light in the chest. Distinctive cylindrical red plastic remote battery holder. Argentina. Two variations shown, one with a silver antenna and yellow plastic ears (as shown on the box), the other with a red plastic antenna and unusual split red ears. PUKO2
RADAR ROBOT - KY YOKOTA - JAPANSmall 3 1/4 inch Japanese wind-up metal and plastic robot with rotating radar with Japanese box. Turning arm alters direction.
RAY GUN - TOMMY TOYS - USAPlain aluminum space gun with simple though futuristic lines. Embossed Tommy Toys on the handle. 6 ins. Clicker action. Box? The gun was on sale in early 1946 when a newspaper article about its success was published.

Also produced as the Night Raider in red and black aluminum, a flashlight version with cowboy graphics on the handle.
ROBOT GIROPLAST - ARGENTINASmall silver celluloid and tin wind up robot with painted details.. "Giroplast" shaking motion moves him forward. Date? Also in white.

A second version is shown which has conventional feet and a pin walking action.
ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER WINGS - SPACE RANGER ENT - USACarded metal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. Space Ranger is molded into the wings of the badge.

The badge has the same design as a generic Japanese badge of the time.
SPACE NAVIGATOR PIN - JAPANCarded metal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. SPACE stamped on each wing.
SPACE NAVIGATOR PIN AND COMPASS - JAPANMetal badge with winged Saturn and rocket design. Separate plain compass. fob chain included. SPACE stamped on each wing.
SPACE PILOT COMPASS PIN - CLEINMAN - USACarded wing shaped metal pin with built in compass. Marked Space Pilot 1952
SPACE ROBOT CAR, GOLD ROBBY- YONEZAWA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin space car. This large space car has a gold tin lithographed Robby robot driver sitting at the wheel. Behind him is a cylindrical turret covered with a clear green plastic dome. The gun turret pans from side to side as the gun tips move in and out as a firing sound is emitted with flashing lights. Battery operated with a stop and go action. 9.5" 25cm

This space car uses the same pressing as the Space Car with the red Robby driver. The box carries a FLARE importer's logo.

Date? c1955

TETSUJIN T-28 NO. 3 - Nomura - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate walking Tetsujin robot. The rocket backpack is made of clear red plastic. Wind up action. Walks with sparks in the rocket backpack. 24cm 1964
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET INSIGNIA KIT - ROCKHILL RADIO - USASpace pin, metal ring and wristwatch compass. Carded. Spaceman's head and angled rockets design.
TREMENDOUS MIKE, ORANGE VERSION - AOSHIN - JAPANTin wind up. Advances with sparking chest panel and turning antenna. Produced in silver and orange. Dish antenna and red spark window. This is a skirted tin windup robot with spark screen. Produced in silver and orange. This orange version has a relatively large swivelling head with a blue face plate. The body has red arms and a red plate at the top of the chest

The robot makes abrupt turns, the result of a pin descending from the base. This is the Turn-O-Go mechanism, an interesting variation on the way robots change direction. The body pressing is the one used for the Chime Trooper. It's likely that the spark window was the original purpose for the cut-out in the body. This has been adapted as a sound box for the Chime Trooper.

The box is the same for both versions and depicts the silver version of the robot.

Reproductions of both colors have been made.
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