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TREMENDOUS MIKE, ORANGE VERSION - AOSHIN - JAPANTin wind up. Advances with sparking chest panel and turning antenna. Produced in silver and orange. Dish antenna and red spark window. This is a skirted tin windup robot with spark screen. Produced in silver and orange. This orange version has a relatively large swivelling head with a blue face plate. The body has red arms and a red plate at the top of the chest

The robot makes abrupt turns, the result of a pin descending from the base. This is the Turn-O-Go mechanism, an interesting variation on the way robots change direction. The body pressing is the one used for the Chime Trooper. It's likely that the spark window was the original purpose for the cut-out in the body. This has been adapted as a sound box for the Chime Trooper.

The box is the same for both versions and depicts the silver version of the robot.

Reproductions of both colors have been made.
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