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COMPUTER ROBOT - BANDAI - JAPANPlastic transparent battery op robot. 24cm FT#31 Robot moves with swinging arms and flashing light in the domed head. The movement is controled by inserting one of three supplied cams into the dome; these enable the robot to move in a programmed pattern. The distinctive dome shape was probably influenced by the robot from Lost in Space.

Japanese and English box versions. No 4473 See-thru
DAN DAR SCULPTORCRAFT SET - SEAMER PRODUCTS - ENGLANDBoxed moulding set comprising four rubber moulds: Dan Dare, Digby, Treen and Mekon. Also provided is a pack of plaster of Paris, paints and a brush. Made by Seamer Products of Hull.

Announced in the Eagle in January 1957. More molds were added to the range including Dan Dare and Digby Toby Jugs.
DAN DARE 3-D PAINTING PLAQUES - CASCELLOID - ENGLANDEmbossed pictures of Dan Dare scenes plus a set of paints. July 1955

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DAN DARE AQUA-JET GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLANDEnglish copy of the Futuristic Products Co Strato Gun. Made by Lone Star, DCMT. This is a chrome silver plastic water pistol space gun with sight. Dan Dare Aqua Jet molded into the handle.

Lone Star created their own molds based on the Futuristic Products Strato Gun. The three round details on the gun are their own contribution. Featured in trade catalogs for 1954. Introduced in the Eagle 6:27 in July 1955.

Described as a Water Jet Repeater. Also available in other colors: purple
DAN DARE ATOMIC JET GUN - DCMT - ENGLANDThere are two versions of this space water gun, both sharing the same box.

First Version (top)
Red diecast metal space water gun. The gun is a re-packaged ATOMIC JET GUN by DCMT which in turn is a reworking of the original Hiller design. The simple addition of a Dan Dare decal to the top is the only change. Dan Dare was depicted using this version of the gun in the Eagle Comic.

Second Version (bottom)
This is a substantial redesign using hard plastic components. Large DAN DARE wording printed on the top. There is a black rubber plug at the back of the reservoir.
The Atomic Jet wording is still present on the sides of the gun. The barrel position has been moved lower and is now part of the trigger. The gun's trigger has been redesigned: it is now yellow plastic and has an additional rod to improve the robustness of the action.

The gun was first announced in the Eagle comic in August 1952. DCMT also traded as Crescent Toys.
DAN DARE BAGATELLE - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA large wooden bagatelle game with a Dan Dare space themed playing surface. Marbles were included. 1950s

Two versions are known:

Top: Dan Dare in RAF uniform stands alongside a rocket ready for launch. Shown with box. An inexpensive bagatelle introduced in Eagle 6:30 July 1955.

Bottom: the De-Luxe bagatelle, 24". A rocket base is depicted with the Anastasia rocket flying overhead. Comes with six steel balls. Introduced in Eagle 6:42 in October 1955. Box?
DAN DARE BIG GAME HUNT ON VENUS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA large boxed shooting game consisting five thick cardboard cut-outs of space-like creatures, that are held in position by a series of small wooden blocks and, through use of elastic bands, they can be knocked down when fired at using the enclosed elastic-band firing space gun.

One of the larger (20" by 10.5") of the three Dan Dare shooting games. Glevum Games aka Char Valley
DAN DARE BRACES (SUSPENDERS) - ENGLANDA pair of braces with Dan Dare graphics printed on the fabric. Supplied in a slip case with bright space graphics.
DAN DARE CODE WRITER AND FOUNTAIN PEN - MAKER? - ENGLANDFountain pen with ability to write in invisible ink or normal ink. Identified in a 1955 Dyson & Horsfall catalog. Picture?
DAN DARE COSMIC RAY GUN - PALITOY - ENGLANDRed plastic space gun with flashlight operation. The gun has a large chrome plastic lens housing at the fron and a long telescopic sight. Three color filters can be adjusted to alter the beam. Battery operated. A secret compartment is located in the handle. There is also a yellow version. The box insert draws attention to a number of rather fanciful features. This gun has been widely copied in a variety of guises.

On sale in Late 1953.
DAN DARE DRAUGHTS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA boxed game of draughts (checkers/dames). The chequered board folds in half. The game comes with red embossed Dan Dare and yellow Mekon wooden pieces. The box lid shows the RAF version of Dan Dare in front of a green planet with blue background.
DAN DARE FILED GLASSES - MAKER? - ENGLANDA pair of black plastic toy binoculars of modest quality. Plastic strap. The box depicts an RAF Dan Dare using the binoculars. The box carries no maker's name. Box 15cmx12cm
DAN DARE FILM STIPS - FOWDEN - ENGLANDPlastic hand held viewer for viewing the roll of Dan Dare Film Stip (and a wide range of other subjects) reels. The boxed set comprises a mottled plastic viewer and a film strip. Two box versions are known: a yellow space themed one, and a plainer RAF based image.
DAN DARE FIRMTREAD SHOES - CHICLE LTD _ ENGLANDBrown leather shoes with Dan dare graphic on the uppers. August 1952.

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DAN DARE FLYING DISCS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA shove halfpenny game played on a board with Dan Dare space graphics. The object is to knock the discs into one of the The halfpennies are metal discs. The board comes in a very plain brown box. The object is to push the discs into one of the six scoring rows without the disc touching the lines.

DAN DARE GYRO JEEP - JOHILLCO - ENGLANDMetal gyroscope with a metal cut-out of Dan Dare. Known from this announcement in the Eagle in April 1952.

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DAN DARE HOLSTER - DALTON MANUFACTURING - ENGLANDLeather holster with Dan Dare graphic and badge. Eagle Vol 3:34 November 1952

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DAN DARE INTERPLANETARY DOMINOES - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA boxed set of 28 card dominoes, two sheets of 14. Instead of numbers the pieces have Dan Dare graphics printed on them. The box pictures the RAF version of Dan Dare in a control room. Announced in September 1955.
DAN DARE INTERPLANETARY STAMPS - HORLICKS - ENGLANDSo-called Cinderella (unofficial) stamps depicting Dan Dare related scenes. In March 1953 Lifebuoy Soap ran an advert in the Eagle offering the first of a series of Dan Dare stamps. Each month they issued another set, four in total, and the offer ended in about July. An "Interplanetary Stamp Folder" album was provided to hold the collection.

Leonard True designed the stamps and the album.Shown are two of the four packets. They were color coded and packed in colored envelopes to distinguish the four sets.
DAN DARE JET FLEET - BELL TOY - ENGLANDKnown from this announcement in a March 1952 issue of Eagle comic. A set of five plastic jet planes on a header card. Picture?

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DAN DARE JETEX SPACE SHIP KIT - WYLMOT MANSOUR, JETEX - ENGLANDA balsa wood construction kit to buid a generic space rocket powered by the solid pellet powered Jetex engine. A contemporary review states: "The spaceship, design influenced by Dan Dare the Hulton Press ace space rider—is only part of the kit A launching ramp, complete with a formidable battery of coil springs and triggers, is the other essential half. It has a rotating base, range of inclination and four very necessary "feet" to take the launch reaction. In fact, first operation of the mechanism strikes one rather forcibly as the recoil is akin to a powerful air rifle.
"Ingenious Jetex unit mounting on a slider arranges to lock the parachute hatch while thrust is "on". This is locked too, when loaded on the ramp and ready for firing. When thrust dies "off", the hatch is free to open and a rubber band flings open the nose for a 'chute in bright red nylon to let Dan Dare down with a modicum of safety."

The box graphics are brightly colored with an RAF uniformed Dan Dare watching the rocket. The rocket itself owes little to the Dan Dare comic strips. Dated to 1955.
DAN DARE JIGSAWS - MAKER? - ENGLANDA set of four 200 piece jigsaws. No maker's name is printed on the boxes but these are sometimes referred to as the Woolworths series because they were sold in their stores in the 1950s.

The titles are:
The Anastasia Approaches a Space Station
Dan and Sondar Capture a Space Ship
Interplanetary Space Fleet Headquarters
Dan Dare and his Friends on Mercury
DAN DARE JIGSAWS - WADDINGTONS - ENGLANDA set of four 200 piece jigsaws depicting Dan Dare in space. Each box measures

The four titles in the series are:
Design No 601 Space Repairs to the Anastasia
Design No 602 Call to Action
Design No 603 Dan Dare Defies Volta
Design No 604 Dan Dare and Tharl Fight It Out

These were announced in June 1955, Eagle 6:23 Price 1/9
DAN DARE JOLLIBOMS - MAKER? - ENGLANDMetal cannister in the shape of a rocket. Shoots six spacemen into the air. Picture? Announced December 1955.

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DAN DARE LANDING MAT GAME - CHILDS & SMITH - ENGLANDAn add-on for the Dan Dare helicopter game. The circular mats have Dan dare graphics and are used for accurate landing of the helicopter. Also included are Red Cross supplies, air mail bags and an injured person in a stretcher.
DAN DARE MAGNETIC DARTS - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDSteel target with Dan Dare graphics. Magnetic darts.
August 1955

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DAN DARE MARTIAN PATROL LAUNCH - MERTON TOY (CUMBRIAN MOULDINGS) - ENGLANDA plastic 9" long hard plastic boat. Key wound action. The boat has futuristic styling with a red plastic antenna at the bow, a small plastic dome in the middle with an antenna, and a Lido Captain Video plastic spaceship at the stern. Colour combinations are known: red/white and blue/white. Introduced in the Eagle 6:22 in June 1955. Boat

There are two versions (apart from colour variations). The earlier, more expensive model had chrome silver components on the deck. In Summer 1957 the model was made less expensive by replacing the chrome silver with coloured plastic. The example shown here is the later, cheaper model.
DAN DARE MILBRO ROLLER SKATES - MILLARD BROTHERS - SCOTLANDMetal roller skates with red upper. Dan Dare graphic. July 1955

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DAN DARE MINIS MINIATURE PRINTS - PAYNES - ENGLANDColour pictures of Dan Dare on silk panels. Part of a range of Eagle characters. October 1952

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DAN DARE MOUNTAINS OF MARS EXPEDITION - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA boxed board game. The box has excellent Dan Dare graphics showing Dan and Digby beginning their climb. The unusual feature of the game is the "mountain" playing surface: three cards interlock to form a pyramid and small pegs mark the progress of players.
DAN DARE OIL PAINTING BY NUMBERS SET - METTOY - ENGLANDDan Dare lends his RAF image to this rather exploitative marketing. Boxed set of pre-drawn, numbered canvases with oil paints. Scenes from the Eagle comic.

Advertised in the Meccano Magazine November 1954.
DAN DARE OUTFIT - MAKER? - ENGLANDDan Dare playsuit. Silver grey fabric with blue collar, cuffs, belt and anklets. Dan Dare themed fabric badge on chest. A felt hemet was avaiable at extra cost. Made by "a famous manufacturer" but not identified.

Announced in July 1952 Eagle 3:16.

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DAN DARE PERISCOPE - HORLICKS - ENGLANDA premium obtainable from the makers of Horlicks, a malted drink. The printed card can be assembled into a working periscope with mirrors ready attached at correct positions. This was available to members of the Horlicks Spaceman's Club.
DAN DARE PICTURE CARD ALBUM - CALVERT - ENGLANDThe album for the 25 card set given away in Calvert's Dan Dare tooth powder. The tooth powder box contained a voucher for purchasing the album. Paper.
DAN DARE PILOT OF THE FUTURE JIGSAWS - PETER PAN - ENGLANDA set of stiff boxed 150 piece jigsaws with Dan Dare themed scenes. The 150 large-piece jigsaws come ready assembled in the boxes. The box covers are economically designed with a main graphic of Dan Dare and friends watching a large TV monitor while the particular jigsaw is displayed on the monitor. On sale in November 1952

Dan Dare Approaches Venus
Dan Dare Repels the Venusians
DAN DARE PLANET GUN - MERIT - ENGLANDThe original Dan Dare 1950s (and well into the 60s) issue of the small plastic space gun with three spinners. Green and red versions with black plastic spring assemblies. The guns carry the Planet Gun wording and the Dan Dare name and logo ( a circle with a vertical oval inside). The guns have distinctive side bumps suggesting fins. This version has a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger. Based on the US Plastic design.

Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
DAN DARE PLYWOOD JIGSAW PUZZLES - VALENTINE - ENGLANDA series of large plywood jigsaw puzzles featuring Dan Dare graphics.

Better picture? More in the series?

In the series are: (not the correct names)
A Fleet of Rocketships Towing a Space Vehicle
Dan Dare Rescuing a Man on a Rope

Incomplete entry.
DAN DARE RACE IN SPACE GAME - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDSpace themed Dan Dare board game. Box lid depicts a spaceman Dan Dare on a blue background. Simple plastic spaceship counters, dice and shaker. On sale in 1953.
DAN DARE RADIO STATION - MERIT - ENGLANDBased on the Remco Radio Station. This is a large plastic battery-operated radio station with large towers on either side. A working searchlight sits between them. In the center is a meter with moving needle and on either side are dials. Morse buzzer at the bottom right, and notepad on the left.

The set came with two electrically operated walkie talky handsets, Black and red versions of the handsets are known. Remco QX-2 design with three additional decorative buttons.

The use of brighter colors make it look more toy-like than the Remco original.

This was one of the most successful and well-packed toys of the 1950s and survives in large numbers.
DAN DARE RAY GUN - METTOY - ENGLAND 1951Large red and yellow tinplate space rifle with Dan Dare in RAF uniform an the Eagle logo on the stock. Spark windows in the barrel tip. Marked "Dan Dare Ray Gun" Friction action with spark: turning the handle produces machine gun noise.

There are two known boxes. The more common box is predominantly red/yellow. The second is box is predominantly blue. It depicts Dan Dare in RAF uniform on one side and in a spacesuit on the other. It is possible that this is the box for the Australian release.

This is the first the Dan Dare space guns. It was announced in the 1st August 1951 issue of "The Eagle". Available exclusively from Marks and Spencer. The gun rapidly sold out. Also featured in the 1953 Mettoy catalog (bottom)
DAN DARE REMOTE CONTROL HELICOPTER - CHILD & SMITH - ENGLANDAn attempt to cash in on the popularity Dan Dare with re-box of an existing remote control helicopter. The battery driven helicopter is attached to a counterweighted arm and can be made to rotate around a central column. The only change is the use of an RAF related Dan Dare label designed by Leonard True. Leonard was responsible for the design of artwork for several other Dan Dare items. Introduced in the Eagle 6:21 in May 1955. Trading name Nulli Secundus.
DAN DARE ROCKET BALL - GLEVUM GAMES - ENGLANDThe Rocket Ball game consists of a box base subdivided into a grid of four by four cells, each wih a Dan Dare graphic and a score value. A small tube is used to launch balls at the box and the player scores the value of the cell that the ball lands in. Dan Dare in RAF uniform against a space background. 1950s. Glevum Games was taken over by Chad Valley in 1954 and closed in 1956.
DAN DARE ROCKET GUN - MERIT - ENGLANDBlack plastic raygun embossed with Dan Dare wording. Rounded design with oval side moldings. Flared barrel tip. Shoots darts. Produced in black silver and gold - red has also been seen.

Based on the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Dart Gun. Introduced in the Eagle 3:35 in December 1952, available exclusively from Marks & Spencer.

Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
DAN DARE ROCKET TARGET - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA boxed target game consisting of a circular card target with Dan Dare graphics and a simple wooden canon that shoots rubber tipped darts. Shooting game. Date?
DAN DARE ROTO - METTOY - ENGLANDPlastic spinner launching toy. Pulling a string attached to the hand set launched the large plastic spinner. Item No 8125 in the 1955 Mettoy catalogue. Sold on a header card. Photo?
DAN DARE SCRAPS - MAMELOCK PRESS - ENGLANDA beautifully printed and cut-out set of scraps depicting scenes from the Eagle comic. Prominent are Dan Dare related graphics. Details? The delicate set carries repeated MP initials and the No 1227. The scraps were available for 6d a sheet and a scrapbook for 2/6. Introduced in the Eagle 5:3 in January 1954.
DAN DARE SECRET INK - WYVERN - ENGLANDA small metal tin of secret Ink for the Wyvern fountain pen. Yellow with a white rocket graphic.
DAN DARE SET - PLAYLAND PRODUCTS - ENGLANDDan Dare plastic figure set circa 1954. Produced by the English company, M. G. Southall Ltd. treading as Playland Products.

The larger than usual set of hand-painted figures comprises:
Dan Dare yellow spacesuit
Digby (the fat guy) in red spacesuit
Sir Hubert Guest in green spacesuit
Sondar ( a Treen-like alien) in gold suit with red shoulders
A Treen with white shoulders
DAN DARE SHOOTING GAME - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDA large boxed shooting game consisting five thick cardboard cut-outs of Dan Dare's enemies that are held in position by a series of small wooden blocks and, through use of elastic bands, they can be knocked down when fired at using the enclosed elastic-band firing space gun. Made by Glevum Games aka Chad Valley.

One of the larger (20" by 10.5") of the three Dan Dare shooting games.
DAN DARE SLEEPING SUIT WITH BANK OF UNITED PLANETS MONEY - MILLER - ENGLANDSpace suit styled pyjamas with three Dan Dare banknotes, Issued by the Bank of United Planets in values of 200, 500 and 1000 Novas. Dated to November 1952 when the "Sleeping Suit" was introduced. The ad is from March 1953.

The notes have Leonard True's signature at the bottom. He was responsible for several Dan Dare items including the Interplanetary stamps and the Horlicks spaceship cutout.

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DAN DARE SPACE BAGATELLE -METTOY - ENGLANDClear plastic bagatelle game with a Dan Dare themed background. This bagatelle does not have a plastic lid. Two struts screw into the back to provided an angled playing surface. Primitive ball firing mechanism. Comes with five colored balls. 31cm 12"
DAN DARE SPACE GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLANDMetal diecast gun, spray pain finish. Cap firing action. The mold was used by Lone Star for a wide range of TV based space guns. The red version is associated with the 1950s box and has Dan Dare molded into the gun. Featured in trade catalogs for 1954 eg "Playthings and Hobbies 1954-55". Introduced in the Eagle 6:27 in July 1955. This is the first appearance of this much copied diecast gun.

The metallic blue version has a Dan Dare decal. The date of the blue version, and the box it came in are not yet established.
DAN DARE SPACE MASK - MAKER?Details based on this October 1954 advert. Appears opaque but can be seen through by wearer.
Details? If you can help please email
DAN DARE SPACE PATROL PLANE - METTOY? - ENGLANDA brightly lithographed red tinplate airplane with detachable wing. Friction action with spark. Plastic propellor.

Though the plane does not have Dan Dare wording Space Patrol is printed on the wings. The litho in the cockpit depicts characters clearly intended to be Dan dare in RAF uniform. Box. Maker not established but likely to be Wells Brimtoy or possibly Mettoy. 35cm. Date?
DAN DARE SPACE SCOUT - WILLENCE TRADING - ENGLANDFibreglass spaceship pedal car on a metal frame. Announced in April 1959.

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DAN DARE SPACE SHIP BUILDER - A M BARTRAM - ENGLANDA Meccano style spaceship building set comprising rods, panels and pre-shaped rocket components. There are four sets: 0, 1, 2 and 3, each with an increasing number of parts. Boxed with striking space themed Dan Dare graphics. Advertised August 1955.
DAN DARE SPACE SHIP FLASHLIGHT - METTOY - ENGLANDPlastic flashlight measuring 4.25" x 1.25". The nose cone removes to allow the insertion of a U11 battery which is no longer made. Inside is a card with instructions and details of the "Dan Dare's Interplanetary Flash Code". Inside the nose cone is a plastic disc depicting Dan Dare and Digby. Sold in display boxes of six guns in red, silver and green. Featured in the 1954 Mettoy catalogue.

DAN DARE SPACE SHOOTING GAME - GLEVUM GAMES - ENGLANDA small boxed shooting game consisting of a card backing scene with three spaceship cut-out targets set in. A small, primitive wire frame gun is used to fire wooden bobbins at the targets. Introduced Eagle 6:41 October 1955.

This is the smallest of the three Dan Dare shooting games, Roberts Bros.

Glevum Games was taken over by Chad Valley in 1954 and closed in 1956.
DAN DARE SPACE VIEWER - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA simple plastic stereoscopic viewer with a set of 30 3-D cards. The strips are of Dan Dare and other characters from The Eagle comic. . Dan Dare wording is molded into the viewer. Sold in a display box. Date? The Lone Star space Viewer version dates to December 1953.

3D Three dimension.
DAN DARE SPACE-SHIP CONSTRUCTION GAME - CHAD VALLEY - ENGLANDThis game consist of two card spaceship models made up of a number of interlocking car pieces. Players throw dice and assemble the jigsaw-like spaceships. The box depicts an RAF version of Dan Dare examining rocket plans. Introduced in the Eagle 6:33 August 1955.
DAN DARE SPACESHIP CRACKERS - MEAD & FIELD - ENGLANDBoxed set of Christmas crackers. One dozen crackers containing a plastic spaceman, party hat and Star sparkler. The spacemen inside may be the "Cracker spacemen" but this hasn't been confirmed. Picture? On sale Christmas 1955

If you have information or a set or empty box please email
DAN DARE SPACESHIP FILM VIEWER - MERIT - ENGLANDA small grey plastic rocket shaped film viewer with a removable white transparent plastic nose cone. The rocket is marked Hermes III. Supplied with a Dan Dare themed film strip. 9cm 3.5" 1959
DAN DARE SPACETRACER COMPASS - CASCELLOID - ENGLANDSimple compass on a blue plastic wristband. Mounted on a backing card with Dan Dare graphics. Spaceman's head and vertical rockets design. Plain blue stap. Cascelloid.

The compass is the same as the Seabord Plastics version.

Earliest sighting is October 1954. Cascelloid later became Palitoy.
DAN DARE STAMP ALBUMS - /RICHARDS - ENGLANDConventional stamp albums. The Dan Dare interest is largely confined to the cover graphics.

Bottom: Richards of Worthing
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