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ANTI DALEK NEUTRON DISINTEGRATOR - LINCOLN INTERNATIONAL (LONDON) LTD - ENGLANDA large plastic bazooka. Metallic blue plastic with silver painted cardboard tubes. Large circular sight on the top. Spring action, shoots plastic missiles. Card mounted. No maker's ID on the card but advertisements establish that this was made by the London branch of Lincoln International. 89cm. Featured in TV 21 Comic 1965.

The design is a variation of an earlier Remco bazooka.

Dr Doctor Who,

DREAM JET MARS X-300 - MARUSAN - JAPANA yellow lithographed tin friction rocket plane. It is a cross between a rocket and a jet plane with rocket motors mounted on the wing tips. Dream is printed on one wing, and Jet on the other. Mars is printed on the sides. The cockpit is contains a molded red plastic spark cover. Friction action with noise and spark. 18cm Partial box shown. Box? Confirmed in yellow; the light green version may be a lighting effect.

This is a copy of the Pyro X-100 Space Scout though it carries a X-300 serial.

This is a litho variation of the Alps Space Scout X110.
FLYING SAUCER AEROPLANE NR 132 - MAKER? - WEST GERMANYTin friction plane with spinner. Forward motion launches the disks. Box art of plane with flying saucers. W. Germany. DPs Maker?
HK-555 PLANE - HUKI - WEST GERMANYTin friction(?) rocket plane. The wings are articulated, allowing a variety of shapes. Huki - West Germany, 50s. Another version exisiting with different litho and colors
METEOR HWN-XC7 - HWN - WEST GERMANYBordeline space plane. Drive? W Germany
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