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33 REPEATER Z-Z RAY VARIATION SPACE GUN - WYANDOTTE - USARecent research has established that there are two versions of the Wyandotte Space Gun. This "litho tip" version is a later gun and has been dated to 1941 in an A&P Food Store advertisement. The gun was sold in the original 33 Repeater box.

This is a red painted pressed steel pop gun with rings pressed into the body. Flared muzzle with a large lithographed front sight and a small rear telescopic sight. 7" 17cm

Pop gun action Produced by All-Metal Products (1941, Wyandotte, Michigan, USA).

'AURORA' EXPEDITION CAR - YONEZAWA - JAPANA most unusual combination of two linked space exploration tanks. The boxed set comprises two light blue lithographed tin battery operated tanks. The lead tank has a small forward clear plastic dome with driver and has working tracks to provide movement. The second tank is similar in style but has tin litho tracks rather than working ones. It, too, has a small dome with pilot.

The name and box art suggest Arctic exploration but this is regarded as being a space toy. The box has botha a Yonezawa and a KDP logo.

See also the Mighty Explorer version of the vehicle.
007 LINTERNA ESPACIAL RAYGUN - ROKY - ARGENTINAHard plastic battery operated fashlight raygun. Rear fin. Detachable nose lens assembly. This gun ues the same molds and box art as the Pifco Zetaray gun. See in red and green version.

These guns are very poor quality with an irregular finish and badly fitting components.

2 WAY ELECTRONIC MAGNET POWERED WALKIE TALKIES - REMCO - USASilver plastic electronic walkie talkie set. Handset with separate mothpiece and earpiece. Small antenna. Magnet powered.

The current earliest sighting is 1953.
3 COLOR SPACE RAY GUN - IDEAL - USAPlastic raygun. Nine inches long. The space gun has a very distinctive huge flared front end with lens assembly and three blue plastic prongs at the rear. Battery powered flashlight with three color lens operated by a lever on the lens housing. Comes with display box, instructions/morse code key, bulb and bulb holder inside.

The gun is featured in an Ideal Catalog for 1952.

Colors are combinations of red, blue and black.

3-HULL SPACESHIP - POPLAR PLAYTHINGS - WALESA small three-hulled spaceship. Hard plastic. Silver with bronze engine and bronze with silver engine. Used on Polplar's space sets.

This is a copy of the Gilmark Supersonic Jetmobile. The silver and bronze semi-transparent plastic is characteristic of the English Poplar version. Included in a several carded sets of spacemen and spaceships.
307 GUN - MW - HONG KONGHard plastic water pistol space gun with a handle shaped like the number 7. The barrel is very sleek with fins and rings. Two tone plastic, orange-white and red-white versions known. Marked 307. The maker's logo MW is molded in the side with the serial No 311.
4 SPACE SHIPS THE SPACE FLEET OF THE FUTURE - PYRO - USALarge boxed set of four Pyro spaceships, all in grey plastic. The ships are held in a vacu-formed red plastic tray molded for the wheel base of each ship.

X-100 Space Scout
X-200 Space Ranger
X-300 Space Cruiser
X-400 Space Explorer

The set was on sale in November 1957
888 CAP PISTOL RAY GUN - DIA - JAPANSmall blue and red tinplate space gun. The gun has a raised green revolver chamber molding on each side and has molded and lithographed detailing of a rocket on a background of stars and Saturn. Marked 888 on the sides. 3ins 7.5cm

This is probably by the DIA or Diamond company of Japan 1950s. It is the same pressing as the DIA plain cap gun. 3" embossed cap pistol. Cap firing action. Early Japan 1950s
Box? Packaging?
A TRIP TO MARS - MAKER? - ENGLANDAn early space board game. The Great New Airship Game. Circa 1900.
A TRIP TO THE MOON - MAKER? - GERMANYAn early space board game. Moon exploration theme. B Dice logo.
A'S DO ESPACO (ACE OF SPACE) - ESTRELA - BRAZILBrazilian version of the Double Barrel Mars Gun. Large blue lithographed tin space gun. Two transparent blue plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action. Marked "A'S DO ESPACO". There is a great deal of space theme litho all over the gun.

See the Jato Espaco version.
A-WING SPACESHIP #4 - MARX - USAHard plastic delta wing spaceship. 5" 12.5cm Marked with Marx logo and the number 4 on the base. Sold loose.
ACE HART SPACE SQUADRON SONIC BEAM GUN - LONE STAR TOYS DCMT - ENGLANDSpace Squadron Sonic Beam Gun. Black plastic raygun with red lens and green or red telescopic sight. Two sets of jagged fins are molded into the barrel. Battery operated flashlight action. Based on the Buck Rogers Sonic Ray Gun. Two sets of fins on the barrel. One example has an additional circular insert in the handle. It hasn't been positively identified.

On sale in December 1952 and featured in trade catalogs for 1952. English. A clip hole is molded into the handle.

English space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray.
ACTION SPACE SHIP SX-802 - WOOLBRO - HONG KONGWhite and blue plastic battery operated flying saucer. Bump and go action, flashing lights, space sound. Orange plastic windows surround cetral peak with an orange light at the top. Silver chrome door opens and plastic disks shoot from it. 22cm 1980s
AEROCAR - PLAS-TEX - USARed plastic space car. Low, rounded design with tailfin and tailplane. Plastic windscreen and clear plastic headlights. Push along. 7.5" 19cm.

On sale December 1947: San Bernadino County Sun
AGENT ZERO-M SONIC BLASTER - MATTEL - USAA very large black plastic bazooka. This was perhaps inspired by the success of the Wham-O air blaster. The bazooka-like air gun is hand-pumped until full, placed on the shoulder, and then fired. It release a concentrated burst of air toward spring-loaded targets accompanied by a booming sound. The gun was considered capable of producing high decibel levels and is now considered dangerous. 1964.
AGENTE ESPACIAL - BW PLASTICOS - ARGENTINAPlastic space gun with sight. Shoots darts. Carded. Maker BW

The basic shape is that of the Lone Star range of diecast space cap guns. The sight has been altered and deep lines engraved in the body forming a grid pattern. Seen in light green. See also the POLICIA PLANETARIO PISTOLA ESPACIAL

AIR GUN - KANG YUAN - CHINABrightly lithographed tinplate space gun. Blue, red and yellow angular pistol style. Integrated sight. This is a pop gun that shoots plastic bullets. Six light plastic missiles are included. Earth and capsule graphics on the handle. Kang Yuan, Shanghai. 8" 20cm
AIRPORT SAUCER - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin battery operated flying saucer with litho depicting world tourist attractions. Airport scene with plastic airplane under clear plastic dome. Borderline space. Modern Toys.
ALCA 234 - ALCA CAPEL - SPAINA copy of the Tudor Rose Space Flyer. Superficially similar to the Pyro X-100 but there are significant differences. The spaceship has a distinctive long sharp tail fin, though the length of this does appear to vary.

The factory had difficulty ensuring that the wheels would stay in place, so most examples have had the wheel supports manually welded to ensure a tight fit.

Usually silver, though bronze examples are know.

Made by Alca Capel of Barcelona. 1950s
ALEN 55 SPACE WATER PISTOL - LILPA - ITALYA hard plastic space water squirt gun. Transparent plastic with a ball shaped muzzle. A plastic spaceman or alien is visible inside at the back of the barrel, similar to the German Ideal design. Made by Lilpa of Milan. Name? Date? Box? Packaging?
ALFA ZETA GUN - CO-MA - ITALYPlastic space water pistol. A long, slender gun with a telescopic sight. A spinning plastic wheel is set into the side. 47cm. Date? Box?
ALIEN SPACE GUN - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAA bulbous clear plastic space water pistol with rotating plastic aliens inside. This is an Australian version of the J.G. Schrödel design, sometimes called the Astronaut Rocket Ray Gun. This is a 6.5" 16cm version with one flat plastic alien inside. Name? Date?
ALIENS/ALIEN LIQUIDATOR GUN - PARK PLASTICS - TAIWANPlastic water pistol. 7 1/2" 19cm Candy colored plastic gun based on the Space Outlaw design with a much shortened barrel. The dome on the side where the spark window was on the original has a stepped effect like the Moondodger gun. Park's, Made in Taiwan and Singapore

Item No 139 in the 1979 Park Plastics catalog.
ALPS SPACE GUN - ALPS - JAPANA miniature (3 ins) tin space gun. Classic shape with a rear fin. Light green with three red dots on the side. The handle has a pressing similar to the Alps logo. "ALPS" is pressed into the fin, though the S can be hard to see. When the trigger is pressed, resistance is felt, and a small jet of air exits the barrel. It may be a smoke/powder gun, as the air isn't strong enough to push out anything so dense as a cork. Box?

See also the KGK space guns.
AMETRALLADORA DE COMBAT, TIGER MACHINE GUN - DELL TOYS - ARGENTINABlack and grey tinplate space machine gun with red and yellow details. Cylindrical red plastic drum on the top. Short red barrel. Tiger wording on the side and a tiger head graphic on the stock. Friction action with noise.

A second litho variation is shown below.

See also the Halcon version. There is a strong resemblance to the Sankei Tracer Machine Gun.
AMETRALLADORA MARCIANA - MAKER? - ARGENTINAMartian Machine Gun. The Argentine version of the Pyrotomic Disintegrator Rifle. Gold plastic with a red plastic barrel and other detailing. Maker? The gun has four vents in the side, as does the original.
AMETRALLADORA TIGER MACHINE GUN - HALCON - ARGENTINAGrey green tinplate space machine gun with a wood effect stock. Cylindrical red plastic drum on the top. Short red barrel. Tiger wording on the side and a tiger head graphic on the stock. Friction action with noise.

There is a strong resemblance to the Sankei Tracer Machine Gun.
AN 2000 - MAKER? - FRANCE A French reworking of IM JAHRE 2000.
ANTI DALEK NEUTRON DISINTEGRATOR - LINCOLN INTERNATIONAL (LONDON) LTD - ENGLANDA large plastic bazooka. Metallic blue plastic with silver painted cardboard tubes. Large circular sight on the top. Spring action, shoots plastic missiles. Card mounted. No maker's ID on the card but advertisements establish that this was made by the London branch of Lincoln International. 89cm. Featured in TV 21 Comic 1965.

The design is a variation of an earlier Remco bazooka.

Dr Doctor Who,

APHELION OR THE RACE TO THE SUN - F H AYRES - ENGLANDEarly space board game. Fantasy Zodiac theme. c1900
APOLLO - MULDER - W GERMANYSpace board game. Four large plastic rockets for counters. Dice.
APOLLO 11 EAGLE LUNAR MODULE - DSK - JAPANOne of two landers produced by DSK in the wake of the 1969 moon landing. This, the larger, is also more detailed. Tin and plastic battery op Apollo lander. Bump and go action. The toy then stops and a door opens to reveal a silver astronaut. Also shown is the version with black metal legs.
APOLLO 12 SPACE CAPSULE - TT - JAPANSimple light blue lithographed tin friction space capsule. Some elaborate window detail printed on the capsule. Marked United States Apollo. Three wheels. Friction action with noise.

Sold in trade boxes of 12. T.T. Co TAKATOKU Apollo. The trade box depicts a moon lander.
APOLLO LUNAR MODULE - DSK - JAPANTin and plastic battery operated Circa 1969. Advances with mystery action and flashing lights as the antenna spins. Stops and a door opens revealing an astronaut. A smaller and simpler version of the earlier DSK Apollo 11 Eagle Lunar Module. The astronaut is a flat representation.

There are two box version. Daishin.
APOLLO RAY GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPANTin litho raygun with transparent red plastic barrel. A tin color spiral wheel is visible through a cutout in each side. Distinctive fan shape of three spark windows. Friction noise and spark action. Japan 1960s. There is an additional Y in a circle logo on the box, identified as Sanko. Same pressing as the Space Ray Gun. TT logo T.T. Features in a 1960s Takatoku catalog.

See also the Space Ray Gun version of this gun.
APOLLO SPACE PATROL - TPS - JAPAN"With satellite ship". Plastic battery operated saucer. Bump and go action with a ring of square orange and green flashing "neon" lights. The satellite ship is the separate winged structure on top of the structure. Marked X-7 on decals either side of the dome.

Featured in the 1970 Tokyo Playthings Catalog.
APOLLO SPACECRAFT - MASUDAYA - JAPANWhite lithographed tin battery operated Apollo capsule. The large capsule has a plastic window with a vinyl head astronaut inside. There is a litho astronaut looking out of a side window. There is a green light inside. The front of the capsule has a red plastic nose. A number of colored lights surround the noise. United States Apollo wording, and a US flag. Modern Toys.

Bump and go mystery action with flashing lights and rotating astronaut cadet on wire. The Apollo Spacecraft #3784 is described as new in the 1970 Masudaya catalog.
APOLLO-X GUN F-905 - DAH YANG DY - TAIWANA pale blue cap firing gun that can also shoot darts (though non are present in the bag) Paper decals. This is basically the same design as the Italian Atomic Orbetor-X gun, which in turn is based on the Palitoy Cosmic Ray Gun. The cylinder under the barrel indicates that the gas canister for the Orbetor was left attached when the mold for this gun was prepared. Date? F905

The card artwork is the same as on the Comet-7 space gun, with the gun adjusted to suit the package contents.
APOLO WATER GUN - MS - JAPANClear plastic space water pistol. The gun's body has a distinctive conical shape. Apollo misspelling. Blue and yellow versions. Sold in trade boxes.
AQUARIUS WATER PISTOL - PALMER - HONG KONGClear orange plastic space water pistol. The gun has an arched top and bottom, giving it a distinctive bowed shape. Marked Aquarius. 6.5" 17cm. Made in Hong Kong for Palmer, USA.
ARMA DE LOS ESPACIOS, ROCKET DART GUN - NEMROD - SPAINA red plastic classic rounded space gun. Shoots darts. This is a Spanish version of the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Gun. The gun is structurally identical to the original but carries Spanish wording and an archer logo. 1950s. Box?
ARROW LAUNCHER SPACE GUN - MATSUSHIRO - JAPANSilver plastic raygun. Shoots darts and spinners. 10" plastic gun with white metallic finish that was inspired by the 1960s Japanese Captain Ultra show. It's also somewhat similar to the French Le Pistolet de l'Annee. it has an internal slanted hole with a spring for the dart. You have to depress the trigger to raise the saucer rod to wind the saucer, then push the saucer down to catch, then push the dart all the way inside the gun. You depress the trigger once to launch the saucer, then again to release the dart.

The gun is made by the same manufacturer as the Jet Laucher Lost In Space knock-off gun.

The logo is a T inside an M - MATSUSHIRO. There is a link to T.T. Takatoku TT
ASTRA SHOOTER - A IN DIAMOND - JAPANA small (3") clear plastic space gun. Angular design. Shoots small candy balls. Date?
ASTRALE SPACE WATER PISTOL - COMA - ITALYPlastic space gun water pistol with impressive retro style detailing including a protractor elevation dial and a deco sunrise design on the handle. A whitle is built into the design. Comes with a cardboard holster. Available in several colors: silver, red. The Astrale is featured in the 1964 Co-Ma catalog as Art 197. 16.5cm

Also produced in transparent colors.

The gun is very similar to the Coma Marziana gun, but the detailing is quite different.

Co.Ma Pistola Spaziale Coma Co-Ma The gun was sold with a cardboard holster decorated with a spaceman and the wording ASTRALE.

ASTRO 8 FLYING SAUCER - HAJI / MARUBISHI - JAPANRed tin friction flying saucer. Astronaut under a shallow clear plastic dome. Single rear fin. A spinning disk produces sparks in a series of windows around the edge. The saucer and box have been seen with Haji and Marubishi logos. The concensus is that Haji were the manufacturers and Marubishi were the importer/distributor. 7.5" 19cm diameter. See also the Flying 8 Saucer.

Two versions of the saucer are known: one has a blue vinyl pilot head on tin body and shoulders; the other has a red tin pilot head. A close look at the tin head indicates that there are slight color/litho variations to be found.
ASTRO BOY CINE COLT - SOSEISHA - JAPAN Blue plastic pistol with flashlight action. Battery powered, projects pictures from a filmstrip. Atom Boy Cine-Colt, Soseisha, Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY GUN - MAKER? - JAPANConventional light blue tin revolver with wood effect handle. Pop gun, shoots corks. Astro Boy graphic on the handle. Maker? Box?
ASTRO BOY MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANMetallic silver tinplate machine gun with wood effect stock. Atom Boy graphics on the stock. Action? Tada. Japan. Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO BOY MACHINE GUN MG5 - TADA - JAPANLarge tin lithographed space machine gun in blue, red and yellow. Small pistol grip at the rear. The gun is fitted with a two legged stand. Astroboy image on the side. Friction noise and spark.
ASTRO BOY SPACE GUN - TADA - JAPANAngular tin lithographed double barrelled space pistol style gun with Astroboy on the side. Spring loaded, shoots darts. 8 inches long. 1960s Box?
ASTRO BOY SPACE MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANLarge 18 inch tinplate lithographed space machine gun. Wood effect stock, ribbed red plastic spark window at the base of a smooth plastic barrel with red tip. Astro Boy / Mighty Atom litho on the stock and the body. Friction action with noise and spark. Box? Date?

Tetsuwan Atom aka Astroboy or Mighty Atom
ASTRO FLEET GUN - PARK PLASTICS CO - USAYellow plastic space gun with red muzzle and trigger. Distinctive lines run along the gun's body and the barrel has a more substantial muzzle piece.. Shoots spinners with small plastic domes, each containing an astronaut figure. It calls them "manned space craft".

This gun was later released as the Sky Lab, a more topical name.
ASTRO MACHINE GUN - KINGSWAY - HONG KONGPlastic space gun. Chrome attachments on both the back of the gun front of the barrel. 10" 25cm Made in a range of colors: red, blue, yellow. Friction action with noise and spark. Window box.

The plainer box version was made in Taiwan.

ASTRO RAY DALEK GUN - BELL TOY - ENGLANDA bulky red plastic space gun with white lens cap and tail fin. Battery operated flashlight space gun also shoots darts. The box art shows an impressive Doctor Who Dalek scene. 1960s

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
ASTRO RAY GUN - HONG KONGClear red hard plastic space gun with hump at the back. Friction noise and spark. This was originally released by Daiya as the Astro Ray Gun and the X-Ray Gun. Bagged with header card.
ASTRO RAY GUN - N LOGO - JAPANA brightly lithographed tin friction space gun in a mixture of blue, red, yellow and orange colors. Clear red plastic barrel with rings. The elaborate space litho includes Saturn, Earth, planets and stars. "ASTRO RAY GUN" printed on the top. Noise and spark friction action. 22cm

This is the same pressing as the Universe Gun. The identity of the N in a Circle logo has not yet been established. Date?
ASTRO RAY GUN - SHUDO - JAPANA metallic silver lithographed tinplate angular space gun. Marked ASTRO RAY GUN. The gun has a single rectangular red plastic spark window on each side. Friction action with spark.

Featured in the 1973 Ichimura catalog. Item #8111
ASTRO RAY MONSTER GUN SET - DAIYA? - JAPANA carded version of the red plastic Astro Ray friction space gun. The set comprises a gun, leather belt and holster and a space watch. The header card depicts Godzilla-style prehistoric monsters attacking a ship. No details of name or maker on the card. The holster has a tin crown badge attached which may suggest a link to the Crown company that made early space guns. Possibly by Daiya. Date?
ASTRO SQUIRTER - KILGORE - HONG KONGStocky transparent plastic space water pistol with telescopic sight. The barrel has rings and a distinctive cross pattern of fins around the muzzle. Bagged with header card. Similar in styling to the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Pistol. Made in Hong Kong for the US Kilgore company. Item 2012. Dated 1974.

This is the same design as the Mak's Mars No 288 Space Water Gun
ASTRO ZAPPER - KUSAN - USAA large 11-1/2" bazooka like plastic space gun. The gun is cocked and fires light plastic ball. Came with 3 plastic balls
Available in black and white versions. The earliest version is currently dated to 1974 and later releases date as late as 1980.

Some versions have Star Wars look-alike graphics.

ASTRO-PHASER ELECTRONIC SPACE GUN - MARX - USAMade by Louis Marx Co. The Astro-Phaser is a large, black box-shaped plastic battery operated space gun that produces three electronic sounds. Decal detailing Identical to the Sound O Power gun. 12 inches long.
ASTROBOY SPACE GUN - TADA - JAPANBrightly lithographed tin friction space gun with clear red plastic barrel. Astroboy Atom Boy graphics. Noise and spark friction action. 22cm

Same design as the Universe Gun by N but is later because the cylindrical pressing on the side no longer serves a purpose. (It was the revolver cylinder on the Universe Gun)
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