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SPACE BOAT - MAKER? - ENGLANDTwo tone white/silver hard plastic space boat with rocket motors. 17cm long by 9.5cm wide. 1950s Details? Packaging?May 19, 2017
SUPER JUGUETTES - PLOMBEL - ARGENTIMAEvidence from this 1957 advertisement of the existence of Plombel Argentinian copies of the Tudor Rose Space Rocket, Space Clipper and Space Patrol. Also shown are Plombel releases of the Plombelianos Tudor Rose hard plastic spacemen.

Bomb V-2 Alcancia Rocket Bank
Space Clipper
Patrulleros del Espacio (Space Patrol)

Molds for these piece were still in use by other Argentine companies well after the 1950s.

If you have any information, photos or actual examples please email
Jun 26, 2016
JET-O-CAR - THOMAS TOYS - USAHard plastic space car with a clear plastic dome at the front containing a pilot. A wire is inserted into the end of the car and this depresses a spring: when released the car shoots forward. Also produced by Poplar Playthings, their sister company in Wales. Various colors: maroon, blue. See also the PW Raketenauto version of this space car.Jun 25, 2016
SPACE CAR FUTURE COUPE - MARX - GERMANYRed hard plastic space car with friction drive. Believed to be a German version of the Marx space car.Jun 25, 2016
SPACE CAR SALOON - MARX - GERMANYSilver grey hard plastic space car with friction drive. Smaller than the US original. A German version of the Marx space car. Date?Jun 25, 2016
SPACE CAR COUPE - MARX - W GERMANYSilver grey hard plastic space car with friction drive. Smaller than the US original. A German version of the Marx space car. Date?Jun 25, 2016
A-WING FRICTION VERSION - MARX - W GERMANYSilver grey hard plasticA-Wing spaceship with friction drive. Smaller than the original US version and with distinctive window cut-outs.

A German Marx variation. Date?
Jun 25, 2016
MOBILE SATELLITE LAUNCHER - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDA rather basic red plastic truck with a satellite spinner launcher built into the back. Jun 25, 2016
SPACE VEHICLES - LMR - HONG KONGBlister carded set of five plastic space cars with clear plastic canopies. Various slight variations. Cars of the Future.

Also offered as party favors.
Jun 25, 2016
SPACE EXPLORATION - LP - HONG KONGBlister carded set of the space vehicles found in various LP boxed sets. Four vehicles and a selection of small plastic spacemen. Various combinations exist. Set No 204Jun 25, 2016
A metallic blue hard plastic spaceship with two fuselage cockpits set into the wing.. This is a copy of the Marx original.

Marked MIP N645. This was on sale with the Twin Gun Spaceship and was distributed by Pierwood.

Moldex bought Pierwood in July 1954.
Jun 25, 2016
SPACESHIP - MOLDEX - AUSTRALIAAn Australian copy of the Premier spaceship. Silver grey hard plastic. Marked Moldex number 1 in a circle. The mold also carries the serial I 333 - i.

Jun 25, 2016
SPACE ADVENTURE SET - PREMIER PLASTICS - USAKnown only from this advertisement in November 1952. A large, 46 piece space set from Premier. Consists of 16 spacemen and 30 space ships of various sizes. Photo? Confirmation? Jun 24, 2016
SPACE BRIGADE - MAKER? - HONG KONGCarded set of small soft plastic silver grey spacemen and various take-apart equipment. Giant style. Better picture?Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN 49 PIECE SET - MAKER - HONG KONGCarded set of 49 small silver grey plastic spacemen. Giant style. Jun 24, 2016
SPACEMEN 49 PIECE SET - MAKER - HONG KONGCarded set of 49 small silver grey plastic spacemen. Giant style. Jun 24, 2016
LUNAR EXPEDITION SET - AHI AZRAK HAMWAY - HONG KONGPlastic Apollo Eagle Command Vehicle and Moon Lander.

Also shown is the Clifford version of the Apollo 11 set.
Jun 24, 2016
TWO SPEED OUTER SPACE ROCKET - PETER PAN - ENGLANDA red soft plastic rocket with a yellow satellite on the tip. The top is a push fit and gradually works loose until the satellite shoots loose. Carded. 1950s. Jun 23, 2016
SPACE SCOUT - MAKER? - MEXICOHard plastic copies of the Pyro X-100 Space Scout. Date and maker remain vague.Jun 23, 2016
A hard plastic spaceship. A copy of the Marx original. Details of the manufacturer and date remain vague.
Jun 23, 2016
SERIE APOLO EXCAVADOR LUNAR - LEDY - MEXICOA plastic space set comprising a battery operated lunar vehicle, missiles and an odd stucture. The interesting feature of this set is the addition of a set of MPC plastic Fireball XL5 figures. Date?Jun 23, 2016
RAKETENAUTO ROCKET CAR - PW - W GERMANYSilver grey plastic space car with a clear plastic dome at the front containing a pilot. A wire is inserted into the end of the car and this depresses a spring: when released the car shoots forward.

This is the same pressing as the Jet-O-Car, an space car piece made by Thomas Toys in the US and by Poplar (their sister company) in Wales.

6 inches by 3 inches
Jun 23, 2016
MARS CAR - MAKER? - W GERMANYA range of four plastic space vehicles. All have colored plastic canopies and either one or two tail fins. Details? Jun 23, 2016
FUTURISTIC CAR - MAKER? - W GERMANYHard plastic space car with a clear plastic dome containing two occupants. Blue and red versions known. Details?Jun 23, 2016
SPACE CLIPPER - PIK-A-TOY? - CANADA? Hard plastic spaceship. Long rocket engines run along each side of the central body. This is identical to the Tudor Rose version. The example shown was sold in canada a bag with header card. It has no maker's mark. It is unclear whether this is a Canadian release or a re-bagged import.

Jun 23, 2016
SPACE SHIP - AUBURN ARCOR - CANADARed and silver plastic? space ship, jet plane styling. Wings marked X?-577. Details? Jun 23, 2016
FLYING SAUCER BANK - TGP - NORWAYA large blue and white plastic flying saucer money bank. Made in Bergen, Norway. Date? Probably recent. 17cm Details?

Image courtesy Projectswordtoys
Jun 23, 2016
SPACE EXPLORER SET - FETHALITE? _ AUSTRALIACurrently identified only from this Australian newspaper ad from November 1953. The carded set comprises a Pyro Space Control stle clicker gun, two Tudor Rose style spacemen and a Fethalite(?) spaceship in the style of a Gilmore Fireball jetmobile. Still speculative. Photo? Details?Jun 23, 2016
FIREBALL ROCKET - FETHALITE - USTRALIAGreen hard plastic spaceship. Push along. This example lacks its dorsal fin and rear engine.

This is a copy of The Fireball Jetmobile by Gilmark. This example has no maker's name, appeared in Austalia and is confirmed by the July 1953 advertisement. Foreign toys were obliged to show country of origin in Australia. Packaging>
Jun 23, 2016
THUNDERBOLT - FETHALITE - AUSTRALIALight blue and yellow hard plastic spaceship. 7.5" A futuristic vehicle with small side wings and a large dorsal fin. A gun is mounted on the top, though the example shown has a shorter gun than on the original design. Push along. This is a copy of the California Moulders original. Name? Packaging?Jun 23, 2016
SPACE FLYER - MAKER? - AUSTRALIABlue, slightly transparent hard plastic space ship. A copy of the Tudor Rose original. No maker's mark. Australian manufacture. Possibly Moldex/Pierwood. Known colours: blue, red, silver/grey and green. Jun 23, 2016
ESTACO ESPACIAL, SPACE STATION - RAJA - PORTUGALA large clear plastic space station with an orange or blue colored base. Classic torus donut design. Offered as a mail away to store 30 Raja space figures. The spacemen were available with Raja ice cream, but the space station was only available by trading in a full set of the figures. Allegedly the returned figures were resold in the ice cream. Jun 23, 2016
SPACE CAR UNIDENTIFIEDYellow plastic space ship with large clear plastic dome. Two drivers. Details?Jun 22, 2016
SPACESHIPS - GREYSHAW - USADime store packages of Greysaw spaceships. Windsor & Toy Sop.Jun 22, 2016
FUTURAMIC MODEL CAR - US PLASTICS - USAA 1950s copy of the Thunderbolt "Rocket Car of the Future". Hard plastic spaceship. 7.5" A futuristic vehicle with small side wings and a large dorsal fin. A gun is mounted on the front. Produced in combinations of red, blue and yellow components. Push along. Bagged with header card.
Jun 22, 2016
FUTURISTIC CAR - PLASTIX - USAPlastic space car, black top, yellow base. 8" long Details? Date?Jun 22, 2016
FUTURISTIC CAR - GOODEE - USADiecast space car made by Goodee Products of New Brunswick. Available in a variety of colors. Goodee specialised in assorted boxes of cheap cars. 7" 1953Jun 22, 2016
SPACE CAR UNIDENTIFIEDRed hard plastic space ship 5 ins long. Details?Jun 22, 2016
RADAR TRUCK - PYRO - USALight blue hard plastic truck with a large yellow radar dish at the rear. An operator sits in a chair behind the dish. This is a variation of the Pyro military radar truck.Jun 22, 2016
SPACE SPEED BOAT - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDA rocket propelled hard plastic futuristic speed boat. Approx 6" long. One of the six space items added to the Pyro range by Tudor Rose in the early 1950s. Various colors. Jun 22, 2016
TURBO MIC - MIC - FRANCEFuturistic plastic concept car. White with black trim. Dated to 1954. Friction action. The registration plate reads 1954 MIC

Jun 22, 2016
SPACE CAR - LESIEUR? - FRANCEA light green hard plastic space car. A copy of the Marx original. Offered as a premium with Lesieur cooking oil.Jun 22, 2016
REX MARS PLANET PATROL PLAYSET - MARX - USAFollowing on from the success of the Tom Corbett playset in 1952, Marx released a playset for their own space hero creation, Rex Mars. The set consists of 110 pieces and is based on a lithographed tinplate control center with surrounding tin walls.

The set first appeared in October 1953.
Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW PLAYSET - ARCHER - USAPlayset comprising a cardboard space station with rocket, spacemen and space cars.

The building is made of thick card stock with 3 main sections and the red and planet inserts. Additionally, there is a support unit that goes inside the building that supports the roof top so you can put the rocket on top of it. Otherwise, the weight would make the roof sink.

On sale in late 1952.
Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW GAS TRUCK, SMALL - ARCHER - USASmall version of the Archer hard plastic gas truck. 4" various colors. Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW SEDAN, SMALL - ARCHER - USASmall version of the Archer hard plastic sedan car. 4"Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW SEDAN, LARGE - ARCHER - USALarge hard plastic version of the Archer sedan. 10" Various colors.Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW PICKUP TRUCK, SMALL - ARCHER - USAA smaller version of the hard plastic Archer pickup. 4" Various colors.Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW COUPE, SMALL - ARCHER - USAA smaller version of the Archer hard plastic coupe. note the absence of side struts on the windshield. Various colors.Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW CONVERTIBLE, SMALL - ARCHER - USAA smaller version of the Archer convertible. 4"Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW, LARGE CONVERTIBLE - ARCHER - USAHard plastic coupe with windshield. 10"Jun 22, 2016
WORLD OF TOMORROW, LARGE GAS TRUCK - ARCHER - USALarge hard plastic space tanker. Various colors. 10" 1952Jun 22, 2016
INTERPLANETARY MYSTERY SPACESHIP - CONCORDIA - USASoft plastic jet plane style spaceship with very long swept-back wings. Each wing has an "obsevation platform" at the tip. Supplied with a plastic stand. Bagged with header card. Date? Jun 22, 2016
ROCKET CAR - PYRO - USASmall hard plastic space ship. Open cockpit with driver. Several colors: blue. red, grey, gold Sold loose as a Woolworth's bin toy.

The grey version below is made of soft plastic
Jun 22, 2016
PUSH-AND-GO SPACE CAR - LINEMAR - JAPANLight blue soft plastic futuristic space car. Friction drive. Boxed. A Japanese release of one of the Marx space car range. Also in yellow.Jun 22, 2016
FUTURISTIC CAR - MARX - USAA sleek blue plastic futuristic space car. Driver under a clear plastic canopy. Friction action with spark. Date?Jun 22, 2016
FUTURAMIC CAR - IDEAL - USARed futuristic plastic car with grey trim. Red clear plastic engine at the rear. Friction action with spark. In addition the car has a cap firing action operated by a remote wire. Date?Jun 22, 2016
MOON ROCKET SHIP - EMPRESS - USAAn unusual futuristic grey plastic space ship with a distinctive circular section topped with a clear plastic dome. An astronaut stands inside the dome. Yellow tail assembly and a green plastic base. Sold for the pre-school market. Bagged with header card. Jun 22, 2016
FLYING SPACE EXPLORER - ELMAR - USAHard plastic spaceship. Silver grey top, red base. The spaceship glides along a string. When the nose is depressed the trap door opens and drops a spaceman from the interior of the rocket. Sold in a boxed set with accessories. Box?

Elmar Products Company NY No. 4970 Patent no. 2594527
Jun 22, 2016
ROBOT-JET RACER - MAC HAY COMPANY - USAPlastic space car. Unusual wind up mechanism has the key at the front. Automatic steering: the vehicle follows a plastic cord placed on the floor. On sale December 1949. Mac Hay, Elgin, Illinois. Jun 22, 2016
CAPTAIN VIDEO SUPERSONIC SPACE SHIPS PLAYSET - LIDO DUMONT - USAA boxed set of four Lido spaceships and accessories. The set comprises:
Troop Transport, Pursuit Ship, Rocket Tank, and Atom Cannon. They can link together to form a train

The earliest sighting is in the 1952 Blackwell Wielandy catalog..
Jun 28, 2015
SPACE LAUNCH - GIANT PLASTICS CORP - HONG KONGA soft plastic (polyethylene) space rocket with loading ramp and a selection of small plastic spacemen Blister carded. Made in Hong Kong for Giant Plastics. One of a series of Take-Apart Scale Size Miniatures. 1960s.

Apr 27, 2015
DESTINATION MOON SET - LIDO - USAA bagged set of space figures and spaceships. The set comprises four Lido spacemen, three spacecraft two large rocket launchers with rocket missiles and other equipment.

The set references the 1950 film Destination Moon, though there is no suggestion that this is authorised merchandise. Date?
Aug 18, 2014
ROCKET SHIP KIT - ARCHER - USAA winged V-2 style plastic rocket ship kit comprising nine pieces. The box back includes a cut-out of a launching platform. Window box 7"x15". The cut-out accounts for the destruction of many of the boxes. The similarity of the rocket to the one in the 1950 film Destination Moon is perhaps no coincidence. The ROCKET SHIP AND SPACE MEN SET is featured in the Blackwell Wielandy catalog for 1952.

The rocket was offered in other elusive combinations with Archer figures.
SPACE MEN AND ROCKET SHIP KIT - the seven original Archer figures plus rocket in a window box.
ROCKET SHIP AND SPACE MEN - five figures and rocket in a window box.
Aug 18, 2014
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