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WALKING ROBOT - MAKER?A variation of the TPS Walking Robot with decal decorations and a colourful box. Korea? Stepover, wind up, silver chrome. Sep 07, 2017
TV ROBOT - MAKER? - KOREABlue plastic robot with red legs and yellow arms. TV screen in the chest. Decal panels on either side of the chest. Battery operated action. Maker? Name? Details? Box?Sep 07, 2017
ROBOT - MAKER? - KOREAPastel blue, pink and white plastic robot with a pilot sitting in the chest. Red light panels on either side of the body. Battery operated action. Maker? Name? Details? Box?Sep 07, 2017
COSMONAUT - VR? - USSRWindup astronaut with a clear dome. Pot-bellied pin walker astronaut with a red woollen space suit. 1960s. Came in a plain brown box with a VR logo. Jun 23, 2017
SUPER ROBOT - HIRO - JAPANTin and plastic wind up astronaut. Spark window in chest. Stepover feet. Japanese box. Silver body, red head, black limbs. body, red head. Tin chest panel. Box?
Jun 23, 2017
NATIONAL BOY WALKING SPACEMAN - MAKER? - JAPANSmall plastic windup stepover spaceman. Grey plastic. N on the chest. Offered as a premium. Jun 23, 2017
63 ROBOT - JUNGAN CO - KOREAGrey plastic wind up robot with space scene decal in the chest. Feb 23, 2017
SPACE PATROL MAN - NOMURA - JAPANRed lithographed tinplate astronaut. The astronaut has a rounded, inflated style body with a small head. S marked on the chest. This is a reworking of the Nomura Tetsujin T26 molds. Battery operated remote control. The box art depicts a much leaner astronaut.

Image Mark Bergin
Feb 18, 2017
MECHANICAL WALKING SILVER ROBOT - ESTRELA - BRAZILMechanical Walking Silver Robot, chrome plastic wind up robot. Stepover legs. Spark window in chest. This is a copy of the Aoki original. Box? Jul 03, 2016
ROBOT - MAKER? - ARGENTINAA small lithographed tinplate animal-like robot with large plastic feet. Wind up hopping action. Marked Industria Argentina.

A copy of the Yone Jumping Robot, but with its own Juguete Mecanico (mechanical toy) box and with no antenna.
Jul 03, 2016
JUMPING ROBOT - YONE - JAPANA small lithographed tinplate animal-like robot with large plastic feet and a small white antenna. Wind up hopping action. Sold in trade boxes of six.

Silver and red variations. Two litho variations of the red version shown.
Jul 03, 2016
Робин ROBIN ROBOT - MAKER? - USSRPink plastic robot radio. Blocky static design with red plastic eyes. Tuning and volume dials in the chest and lower body. Date? RussiaJun 08, 2016
STAR COMMAND RADIOS - CAPRICE - USAThe 1979 range of Star Command radios:

Sing Along with Microphone:

AM Radios with lights:
Dark Invader
Star Explorer Space Ship
I-M-1 Starroid Robot
I-R-1-2 Ms Starroid Robot
Robark the Space Dog

AM Radio night light:
Star Explorer II
Jun 07, 2016
KIKO ROBOT PANTALLA ESPACIAL (TV SCREEN ROBOT) - CLIM - SPAINBlue plastic battery operated robot with a round head and red face screen. White arms. TV screen in the chest shows a space scene. Battery operated bump and go pedestal robot based on the Yonezawa Laughing Robot design. 20cm Box marked Barval.Jun 05, 2016
CLIMBER ROBOT - ILCB - ITALYA small plastic robot with Art Deco styling, rectangular body, cylindrical head, thin arms and legs. The robot is designed to climb by gently pulling on the string. With arms and legs extended, he's 5.5" long. Produced in various colors: silver and metallic green. The string has a disc at the top and a hoop at the bottom. 1960s. climbing May 28, 2016
ATOM MAN PENCIL SHARPENER - MAPLE - HONG KONGSmall block shaped plastic robot with a pyramidal hat. A wheel on the chest turns the head. Pencil sharpener in the base. See also the Robot X-2000. Bagged with header card. Various colors. Marked H350 Date? May 26, 2016
ROBOT X-2000 PENCIL SHATPENERS - MAKER - HONG KONG?Small plastic block shaped robots with antennas. There is a wheel on the chest that turns the head. Pencil sharpener in the base. probably Hong Kong. Sold in trade boxes with bright robot graphics.May 26, 2016
SOCK A ROBOT - MULTIPLE TOYMAKERS - USAA throwing game consisting of five robots on a plastic stand. These robots are the same as the Egbert the Exploding (Fall Apart) Robot. The missiles are sponge balls. Window boxed. 1960sMay 21, 2016
WIND UP SPACE ROBOT (BLUE) - MAKER? - HONG KONGBlue plastic wind up stepover robot. Red arms. feet and ears. Yellow plastic chest details. This robot has a distinct Shogun or Japanese vappearance.

The box was used for two distinct robot styles; these are pictured.
Apr 06, 2016
MINIROBOT - TOMY - JAPANThis is the original version of a much copied robot. The small wind up robot has a single piece head and body with little arms attached. Grey stepover feet. Several color variations. Mini Robot

See also the Geeta-Man, Rays Miniature Robot and Mighty Midget versions.

The yellow version is marked KENT and has a bigger box.
Apr 04, 2016
MIGHTY MIDGET ROBOT - TELSALDA/KENT - HONG KONGHong Kong releases of the original Tomy Minirobot design The small wind up robot has a single piece head and body with little arms attached. Black stepover feet. Several color variations. Box variations include the Geeta-Man and the Rays Miniature Robot. See also the Geeta-Man Miniature Robot.

The yellow version is marked KENT and has a bigger box.
Apr 04, 2016
ROBOT APOLO - SANZ - ARGENTINA Small plastic robot, 5" tall. Chrome purple body with an clear orange plastic dome. This unusual robot has a large spring attaching the legs to the body. The arms are long springs with plastic hands. Pressing the robot makes it bounce with shaking arms. Art 4273 ApolloMar 18, 2016
РОБОТ ROBOT - ZVEZDA - USSRA small lemon yellow wind up robot with stepover feet. 8cm Four distinctive circular dials in the chest. This is a Russian release of the TPS Mini Walking Robot. Dated 1985 on the box.

Often referred to as a pogot.

Zvezda, ЗВезд translates as "Stars".
Feb 22, 2016
MR AMAZE-A-MATIC - HASBRO - USAA most unusual plastic battery operated robot. The robot has a clear plastic cylindrical body with a large circular black head perched on a slender tapering neck. The body contains odd hoop shaped plastic rods in a variety of colors. Long plastic arms reach down to the ground. A set of tracks allow it to move. The movement is controlled by plastic punch cards. It is possible to program a sequence of manoeuvres including running an obstacle course and retrieving various plastic objects. Dated 1970 on the box.

The same control punch card mechanism was used on Hasbro's Amaze-A-Matic cars.
Feb 18, 2016
HOPPING ROSEY - MARX - JAPANLithographed tinplate wind up robot. Rosey is the mechanical maid in The Jetsons cartoon. Wind up hopping action. Dated 1963 on the back. Though this toy has the Marx logo it still has the earlier Linemar "Do you have all of them?" 4" 10cm.

Jan 09, 2016
MINI-ROBOT SET - GAKKEN - HONG KONGA set of two mini-robots. Each small plastic robot has a clear chest with a visible motor. A battery pack can be attached to power the robots. A variety of additional items allow customization of the robots: wheels, ramp, buggy etc. Lili Ledy of Mexico may also have made this set. Sold in a plain brown box.
Jan 04, 2016
ROTATING LUNAR SPACEMAN - FOR MEGO - HONG KONGBlack plastic battery operated robot with astronaut head. Cheaply constructed rotate-o-matic style with opening doors, flashing guns, rotating action and noise. 12" 24cm Dated 1970 on the box. Made in Hong Kong for Mego. Dec 26, 2015
ROBOT CLIM - CLIM - SPAINPlastic wind up stepover robot with large rotating antenna. Blue plastic body with black legs and yellow antenna. 14cm Radar Robot Style. Blister carded. Plastic misslies attach to the waist. Also seen with silver antenna.

A copy of the Robot King by Yone.
Sep 05, 2015
GEAR ROBOT, MOVING GEAR AND SPARKING RED W/U - HORIKAWA - JAPANRed plastic wind up robot. This robot has 4 gears in chest: usually 2 large yellow above 2 smaller yellow. Truncated pyramid head. Small fly eyes, with red pupils. This is reworking of the Gear/Engine Robot design but in a completely plastic shell. English and Japanese box versions. This toy was possibly made by Suzugen for Horikawa.
Aug 08, 2015
MISSILE ROBOT - MGH - KOREAThis is a Korean robot largely based on the Horikawa New Silver Astronaut. Gold plastic battery operated robot with, red hexagonal waist, and chrome silver arms. Three green plastic hinged chest guns. Rotates. The face has large red plastic panel. The feet have a pronounced wedge shape. Missile launching ears. Walks, body rotates, eyes flash. No #3458

Jul 28, 2015
ASTRONAUT - MGH - KOREAThis is a Korean robot largely based on the Horikawa New Silver Astronaut. Gold plastic battery operated robot with black legs, red hexagonal waist, and chrome silver arms. Three green plastic hinged chest guns. Rotates. The face has large red plastic panel. The feet have a pronounced wedge shape. Walks, body rotates, eyes flash. Date? The box depicts a chrome variation.
Jul 27, 2015
DER UNBEZWINGLICHE (INVINCIBLE) - AC - HONG KONGLater German-market copy of the Yonezawa Talking Robot. Blue plastic battery operated robot with buttons in the chest and four missiles in the head. Walks, lighted eyes and four button talking action. This robot has the circular hole in the mouth. 30cm
German talking.
Jul 26, 2015
STAR TRON - MAKER? - HONG KONGThis is a silver grey plastic battery operated robot. It has a skirted design but has feet molded into the base. Talks. This is a variation of the Cosmic Robot but it has a conventional head with missiles, rather than the dome head. Bump and go action with flashing eyes. The robot has a pair of red plastic fists which can be fired from the arms. 11" (29cm) China 1980s

Talking, Star Wars style box.
Jul 26, 2015
MR SIGNAL - TPS - JAPANThis is a bizarre box like robot on wheels. The head and neck consist of a traffic signal. The body has a clear plastic screen containing a number of visible rotating plastic gears. The arms are plastic road signs. The legs resemble those on the Ideal Mr Machine. Battery operated with moving arms and legs, spinning gears and flashing lights.

It is not clear if this strange robot ever went into production. It is pictured in a 1970 TPS Tokyo Playthings catalog.
Jul 09, 2015
YAKKITY YOB - ELDON - USAA light blue plastic robot with a comical human face. Described as the red-headed robot that can clap, pick up things, squeak and wink. The sound is a clacking noise. This is a manually operated robot. The chest has a molded bow tie with a sad or happy dial set in the middle. 13.5". Widely on sale in late 1961. A patent was filed in 1961 by Marvin Glass, the designer of several of these large popular robots.Jul 09, 2015
ROBERT ROBOT PUSH TOY - JOLIN COMPANY - 1944A brightly colored wooden robot push along toy. Red body, yellow arms and blue wheels. Decal on the chest. A cam in the wheels moves the robot's head up and down as it is pushed along. 13.5" tall. First seen advertised in November 1944, making it the first true American robot toy.Jun 26, 2015
DALEK - HERTS PLASTIC MOULDERS - ENGLANDA simple soft plastic blow-moulded Dalek. Small wheels, push-along action. Moveable arms and eye stalk. Grey and black versions produced. Bagged with header card. Sold exclusively through Woolworths. 1965May 27, 2015
DALEK CONSTRUCTION KIT - MARX - GT BRITAINA silver plastic Dalek construction kit. Components comprise casing halves, arm block, sucker cup, plus base, head, eye, gun and sucker, three metal axles, three plastic wheels and an instruction leaflet. Also includes the drive mechanism from the standard Marx friction Dalek.
This is basically a dismantled Marx friction Dalek that the company has sold as a model. Date 1965

BBC Dr Who, England.
May 27, 2015
TALKING DALEK - PALITOY - ENGLANDA plastic Dalek with a talking mechanism. The toy has a friction drive and a battery operated talking mechanism. Pressing the button on the head selects one of a series of recordings on a plastic record. Phrases includde "WHAT ARE YOUR ORDERS?", "EXTERMINATE", "ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK!" and "YOU WILL OBEY". Introduced in 1973. This is a mechanical mechanism with record, diaphragm and stylus.

The Dalek came in three colour combinations, silver with blue spots, red with black spots and silver with black spots. 7" Includes a small plastic voice protector disc.

BBC Dr Who.
May 27, 2015
FRICTION DALEK (SMALL) - MARX - GREAT BRITAINA 4.5" plastic friction Dalek. Black and silver versions. Simple friction action. Dated 1965.

Made in Swansea, Wales.

BBC, England

May 27, 2015
FRICTION DALEK (LARGE) - MARX - GREAT BRITAINA 6" plastic friction Dalek. Black and silver versions. With friction spark and noise "siren and flashing light". Dated 1965. Note the so-called "portal" box.

Made in Swansea, Wales.

BBC, England

May 27, 2015
DR WHO AND THE DALEKS - MARX - GREAT BRITAINPlastic battery operated Dalek, with "amazing robot action!" - bump and go. Two versions: silver with a blue base and black with a black base. Both have gold trim. Both came with separate eye, gun and sucker. 6.5". The box carries a 1964 copyright date.

At some stage Marx altered the design of the eye stalk. Early versions have a big red eyeball, later versions have a smaller, more realistic eye.

The silver version appeared in 1964 and a black version followed in 1965. Made in Swansea, Wales

Two box versions exist, one predominantly blue and one red. Both have the same hand-drawn artwork.

BBC, Dr Who, England
May 27, 2015
WALK-A-TRON ROBOT - MAKER? - CHINAA barrel shaped, squat blue plastic robot with short yellow legs. Yellow plastic arms. The robot has a clear domed head with red plastic headphones and a red cylindrical structure inside. Plastic antenna on top. Paper Walk-A-Tron decal on the chest. Battery operated walking action with moving arms. Rotating psychedelic antenna. See also the !XAX! robot and the Toshiba PS-9B)

Sold also as the 6787 Preschool Robot by Lillian Vernon.

May 19, 2015
PS-B9 ROBOT - TOSHIBA - JAPAN A squat, rounded robot in cream and grey plastic. This was an entry by Toshiba into Tomy's home robot market. He functions as an electronic robot pencil sharpener and desk cleaner. Similar to Enpitsu Kaziri / SO-G but of better build quality. He comes with his detachable face plate and a rechargable battery pack. The same shape was used for !XAX! and the Walk-A-Tron robot. 1980s. Box?
May 19, 2015
!XAX! ROBOT - MAKER? - CHINAA barrel shaped, squat black plastic robot with short gold legs. Gold plastic arms. The robot has a clear domed head with XAX wording inside and a plastic antenna on top. Paper decal decorations. Battery operated walking action with moving arms. Colored lights in the dome. Rotating antenna. The robot emits smoke. (See also the Walk-A-Tron robot and the Toshiba PS-9B)May 19, 2015
MANITIDE NERA, ROBOT SERIE DRAGON - GC GIO CO - HONG KONG A plastic battery operated Japanese character robot. Based on an Attacking Martian design with opening doors and shooting guns. The robot has a yellow body, black arms and legs and a distinctive Shogun style head. Made in Hong Kong for the Italian market. Dated 1980May 16, 2015
ACTION TV ROBOT - MAKER?Plastic battery operated robot with TV screen in head. This is another release of the Horikawa Lambda-I robot, very similar to the Super TV Robot.

Bump and go action with sounds and pictures on the TV screen. Maker? Window box.
May 05, 2015
MAN ON MOON - COSMO - HONG KONGA large white plastic Apollo spaceman carrying a suitcase and a metal detector type "magnetic suction blinker". The astronaut has a substantial blue backpack. Yellow remote control. Battery operated walking action with turning head and blinking light in the detector. The Apollo theme suggests a date around 1969-70. May 02, 2015
TALKING ROBOT - MAKER? - KOREAA silver plastic battery operated robot. The styling is similar to the later Horikawa robots but this has a distinctive slotted chest design, large blue eyes and a red nose/mouth assembly. Saturn design stencilled on the chest. The batteries are housed in the back of the legs. Box? Maker? Name?

See also the TV Robot which shares many design features.
May 02, 2015
ROBOTAN ON TRICYCLE - GLICO - JAPANA small comical plastic robot on a pink tricycle. As the blue wind up robot pedals a bird shakes an a wire and a bell rings. Robotan was a 1966 anime character and this was a free gift from the sponsors, Glico candy. Propeller on the robot's head.Apr 27, 2015
SPACE RAY GUN - NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate space gun. Distinctive silver flared barrel muzzle with red spark insert. Lightning bolt design, astronaut printed on the handle. Marked SPACE RAY GUN. Friction action with spark. Apr 11, 2015
TV SCREEN SPACE ROBOT - MAKER? - KOREAThis is thee companion piece to the Space Robot Super Machine. This Lambda based robot has the TV screen with space scene fitted into the head. In addition it has a rotating chrome antenna and twin pairs of shooting missiles set on either side of the head.

Plastic battery operated robot with TV screen in the head. Blue body, yellow arms, black legs. An instrument panel decal is set in the chest. Walking action, moving arms and space scene on the screen.

Dec 18, 2014
SPACE ROBOT SUPER MACHINE - MAKER? - KOREAThis is essentially a Horikawa Lambda-II robot with the addition of a rotating chrome plastic antenna and two pairs of shooting missiles, one on each side of the head.

Plastic battery operated robot. Red body, yellow arms, black legs. Moves with natural walking action, arms and legs move. The head of the robot has a clear plastic window. This compartment lights up showing moving pistons and an astronaut sitting at cockpit controls. The astronaut slowly bounces up and down. The robot's chest has an instrument panel decal. 24cm
Dec 18, 2014
ROTOR ROBOT - MORTOYS - HONG KONGPlastic battery operated robot, multicolored plastic. "The Walking Giant". 14 inches tall. Hypnotic spiral eyes and spinning barber pole legs make this a distinctive robot. Semicircular discs in the feet give this robot a waddling action. Window box.

This is the Hong Kong version of the original Cragstan version. The Cragstan version has a stylised C logo molded into the chest while the Mortoys version has a paper decal in the chest. There are three color versions of this robot: blue, orange and brown.

Appears in a newspaper ad dated 1970 and the box has a 1970 date.
Nov 09, 2014
ROBOT CHARLY, BLACK VERSION - RE-EL 45 - ITALYBlack and red plastic battery operated remote control pedestal robot. The top half of the head is clear plastic, the bottom half is red plastic, as are the arms. Paper decal with the wording CHARLY on the chest. Moves, flashing lights and talking function. Dated to later than 1983.

See also the Logo Robot version. RE-EL is an Italian company, though it sold most of its robots in France.
Oct 03, 2014
LOGO ROBOT - RE-EL 45 - ITALYSilver plastic battery operated remote control pedestal robot. Colorful space graphic decal on the chest. Moves, flashing lights and talking function. This is a variation of the more common Robot Charly. Dated to later than 1983.

RE-EL is an Italian company, though it sold most of its robots in France.
Oct 03, 2014
MR ROBOT, RED VERSION - YONEZAWA/NGS - JAPANRed painted tin battery operated skirted robot.Clear plastic domed head containing springs and a rotating light. Chest panel with Mr Robot wording. Advances with mystery bump and go action as the head lights and interior spins. "Revolving Color Dome Lights". Some versions have a fixed (always on) light in the dome and some flash on and off. The white version has been dated to November 1961.

There are two versions shown, one with Cragstan on the chest plate and one without. The Cragstan version comes in a box that carries the Cragstan importer logo and also has an NGS manufacturer's logo.
Sep 07, 2014
SPACE ROBOT TROOPER, RED VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPANA rare color variation of the Electric Power Remote Control Space Robot Trooper. Red painted tin battery operated remote control Robby. The battery remote is a small light C-cell two-button version: red and white versions are known. 6.5" 16cm

Travels forward as the dome lights and the antenna inside the dome spins. TN Date?
Sep 02, 2014
BATTERY OPERATED HIGH-WHEEL ROBOT - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue tin battery operated remote control robot series 5023. 10" 25cm Walks with lighted chest and head. Six visible turning plastic gears. Plastic hands. A wire antenna with a loop slides through the backpack.

The legs and hands are the same as used on the Planet Robot. KO logo and Made in Japan on backpack, the same as the black versions High-wheel Robot.

The remote control battery holder is a rather flimsy blue plastic which often loses the small molded catches that keep it closed.

This 6 gear, battery operated remote control, blue color variation of this robot was produced by Yoshiya and released in 1965 (it features in a 1965 Yoshiya Catalog). The same gear configuration was used for one of the wind up versions.

Aug 27, 2014
COSMIC ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANSo far only an entry in the 1979 Horikawa catalog, this probably was not produced. This unusual light blue plastic battery operated robot has Sharpshooter style feet with an orange domed squat body. Panel with three windows in the chest. 8.5"Aug 25, 2014
SUPER ASTRONAUT - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery operated rotate-o-matic robot with rotating action, opening doors and shooting guns. A later style robot with hollow arms and a silver chrome plastic face plate with large eyes. 12"

Black and red versions. Slight litho panel variations. Also released by SJM of Taiwan. The red version is new in the 1977 SH catalog art 5031. There is as yet no info for the two brown versions.
Aug 07, 2014
STAR STRIDER - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery operated Attacking Martiaan style robot. This is probably the last Horikawa-Marumiya robot. The box has a SH Logo and says "Tin Toy ProjectPproduct of Horikawa Planning by Task Force". Under it iss written "Directed by K . Yamazaki , designed by Cheech Asami."

Possibly a 1986 robot though it is not in the SH catalog before 1989 when Marumiya changed its name to Metal House.

This can be considered the first robot designed for collectors. It was very expensive and found in gift tores. The robot was then produced by Metal House until the end of 90’s in a limited edition box.
Aug 07, 2014
SUPER ASTRONAUT, RED FLY EYE - HORIKAWA - JAPANIn fact a robot. Brown tin battery operated Rotate-O-Matic, guns in chest. Japanese box.

This robot has a large plastic head with the distinctive metal red fly eye visor fixed by 2 screws. Round tin ears, tin arms thick hand, tin feet, plastic battery box, gun panel is the same one used on the Super Astronaut

It seems that there may have been four versions.

1st The all tin with classic tin head and flat battery cover

2nd Possibly the all tin version with split head and stamping on battery door (it seem that these two elements are connected)

3rd A tin version with plastic head and tin visor aka big head, there is stamping on battery door

4th Plastic head, feet, arms and flat battery door

So many head versions look strange and it's not clear how the big head fits in the time of production, but it’s not far from the split head.

The big red fly eye is more often found on the small AM than on the Super Astronaut, perhaps just using up components.
Aug 03, 2014
SUPER ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin battery operated Attacking Martian. Opening chest doors and shooting guns. Astronaut face behind clear visor, despite the wording on the box.

Plastic head with astronaut metal visor fixed by 2 screws, round tin ears, tin arms, tin feet, plastic battery box,

Front panel with brown door as on the brown Super Astronaut,

Front panel with red doors as on Apollo or Super Robot

The back and side on the 2 versions is the same brown, The gun panel is the one used on later 1977 robots with simpler litho. There is no logo on the box.

The brown version is mainly seen in England, and the red one in Japan ("Wonderland of Toys 1983), warning for 3 years old children appear around 1977.

The fly eye head is the smae as the one seen on the big head Attacking Martian.
Aug 02, 2014
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