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3-HULL SPACESHIP - POPLAR PLAYTHINGS - WALESA small three-hulled spaceship. Hard plastic. Silver with bronze engine and bronze with silver engine. Used on Polplar's space sets.

This is a copy of the Gilmark Supersonic Jetmobile. The silver and bronze semi-transparent plastic is characteristic of the English Poplar version. Included in a several carded sets of spacemen and spaceships.
4 SPACE SHIPS THE SPACE FLEET OF THE FUTURE - PYRO - USALarge boxed set of four Pyro spaceships, all in grey plastic. The ships are held in a vacu-formed red plastic tray molded for the wheel base of each ship.

X-100 Space Scout
X-200 Space Ranger
X-300 Space Cruiser
X-400 Space Explorer

The set was on sale in November 1957
A-WING FRICTION VERSION - MARX - W GERMANYSilver grey hard plasticA-Wing spaceship with friction drive. Smaller than the original US version and with distinctive window cut-outs.

A German Marx variation. Date?
A-WING SPACESHIP #4 - MARX - USAHard plastic delta wing spaceship. 5" 12.5cm Marked with Marx logo and the number 4 on the base. Sold loose.
AEROCAR - PLAS-TEX - USARed plastic space car. Low, rounded design with tailfin and tailplane. Plastic windscreen and clear plastic headlights. Push along. 7.5" 19cm.

On sale December 1947: San Bernadino County Sun
ALCA 234 - ALCA CAPEL - SPAINA copy of the Tudor Rose Space Flyer. Superficially similar to the Pyro X-100 but there are significant differences. The spaceship has a distinctive long sharp tail fin, though the length of this does appear to vary.

The factory had difficulty ensuring that the wheels would stay in place, so most examples have had the wheel supports manually welded to ensure a tight fit.

Usually silver, though bronze examples are know.

Made by Alca Capel of Barcelona. 1950s
Apollo 3 Space Base - Airgam, SpainAPOLO III BASE ESPACIAL

ATOMIC DEFENSE SET - ARCHER - USAA set consisting of one Archer Defense Truck and three of the interchangeable weapons that can be mounted on the rear of the truck. This set has the searchlight, the radar tracker and the rocket tracker.

On sale in December 1953
ATOMIC MOON ROCKET - GILMARK - USAA hard plastic spaceship. This spaceship has a particularly long top dorsal fin. Small side wings. Two rows of windows. A three tube engine is mounted on the back. Marked ATOMIC MOON ROCKET on the top. Plastic wheels.
ATOMIC SPACE SHIP - MAKER? - AUSTRALIALarge, detailed hard plastic spaceship. Marked Atomic Space Ship on the sides. Based on the Tudor Rose original, possibly from original moulds or imported. This version has no maker's mark, but was located in Australia.

Green, blue
AUTO CARRIER WITH 4 CARS - ARCHER - USAA set containing plastic push along car transporter with four plastic autos. Blue cab and red trailer. A blue plastic ramp is included.
AUTO ESPACIAL GERATOMIC - MIRIM - ARGENTINASilver hard plastic space car with gold painted details, a copy of the Pyro Pyrotomic Energiser. GERATOMIC molded into the sides.

Sold in a box. Date?

One of two Argentinian Pyro copy space cars
AUTO ESPACIAL SUPER BOMBEIRO - MIRIM - ARGENTINASilver hard plastic space car with gold painted details, a copy of the Pyro Fire Control Vehicle. Sold in a box. Date?

One of two Argentinian Pyro copy space cars
CAPE CANAVERAL PLAYSET - MARX - USASpace playset based on a tin lithographed building with fencing. Plastic four-stage rocket, "bomarc" missile and launcher, scientists gantry and launch pad.

On sale in late 1959.

SERIES 1000, #4256
CAPE KENNEDY SPACE PLAYSET - REMCO - 1965Rocket launch scenario. "Working Gantry And Elevator, Missile Loading Crane, Rocket Launch Pad Really Fires." Also includes, miniature helicopters on landing pads and small trucks. Window box.
Captain Video Lido Boxed Space ShipsFour boxed releases of the Captain Video spaceships. These are simple plastic ships with two hols for the addition of a range of accessories: antennas, guns, sails etc. They can be linked together. They are available in a wide range of colors. Innumerable combinations of color and accessorries are possible.

The spaceships are:
1 Pursuit Ship
2 Rocket Tank
3 Atomic Cannon
4 Troop Transport

CAPTAIN VIDEO ROCKET LAUNCHER PLAYSET - LIDO DUMONT - USACaptain Video set consisting of the plastic rocket launcher and missiles. The launcher is a simple see-saw affair that thows the missiles.

The earliest sighting is in the 1952 Blackwell Wielandy catalog.
CAPTAIN VIDEO SPACE SET - TECHNI-PLASTE - FRANCEAmn unusual carded set consisting of a Lido spaceship along with four hard plastic copies of Lido spacemen and aliens. The spaceship is the standard Captain Video Troop Transport with only one accessory. (There is only space for one accessory on the card.) It's marked Lido so it is a Lido repackaging. The figures are metallic hard plastic. It dates from the early 1950s.
CAPTAIN VIDEO SUPERSONIC SPACE SHIPS PLAYSET - LIDO DUMONT - USAA boxed set of four Lido spaceships and accessories. The set comprises:
Troop Transport, Pursuit Ship, Rocket Tank, and Atom Cannon. They can link together to form a train

The earliest sighting is in the 1952 Blackwell Wielandy catalog..
CARS OF THE FUTURE - MARX - USAThere are four futuristic space car styles. Each car is approximately 5 inches in length and made of hard plastic with one-piece plastic wheels and axels. Sold old as bin toys in the 1950s. Made in a wide range of colors.

CLAMSHELL SPACESHIP #3 - MARX - USAHard plastic spaceship. This ship has a quite unique design: the short wings run the length of the ship and are angled down. A complex fin runs along the top, giving the spaceship an odd, three-armed shape that has been likened to a clamshell. Marx logo and the number 3 molded into the underside. Sold loose.

5" 12.5cm
COSMIC SPACE SET - MAKER? - USAThese sets of dime store space toys turn up fairly regularly and yet the maker remains a mystery. The simple space toys are made of thin plastic, and have no moving parts. The feature that sets the apart is the imaginative design of the backing cards and the wonderful early space graphics on them. The spaceships and space cars are unique in design, but the spacemen are small, roughly modelled figures often based on Archer poses. The artwork may suggest a connection with Hale Nass of New York, circa 1953.

There are at least six sets, each with five units:

Cosmic Space Set: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small spaceships, space car, space cannon and spacemen.

Space Men: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small spacemen.

Space Cannon: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small plastic space weapons. These all have stands.

Rocket Space Cars: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small spaceships.

Space Ships: rocket shaped card with a selection of five small spaceships.

Space Train: backing card with a space city theme. The card holds a small five-piece plastic train set: two engines and three carriages.
DAD DARE HORLICKS ROCKET - ENGLANDA large red hard plastic rocket-shaped cup. Divides near the top. Available as a Horlicks mail away premium in the early 1950s. xadded
DEFENSE TRUCK WITH SOUND BEAM - ARCHER - USAHard plastic space vehicle with a cylindrical rotating grey plastic siren attachment at the back. Friction drive. Name? Box?

Was this item sold in a box? There are three boxed motorized trucks. There is no reference (yet) to a boxed version of this truck. The sound beam attachment was not included in any of the sets.

DESTINATION MOON SET - LIDO - USAA bagged set of space figures and spaceships. The set comprises four Lido spacemen, three spacecraft two large rocket launchers with rocket missiles and other equipment.

The set references the 1950 film Destination Moon, though there is no suggestion that this is authorised merchandise. Date?
A hard plastic spaceship. A copy of the Marx original. Details of the manufacturer and date remain vague.
DOUBLE GUN SPACESHIP #1 - MARX - USAHard plastic spaceship consisting of a large wing with a fuselage attached to the leading edge. The spaceship has two large cannons positioned on the wings. A tailfin is attached to each of these guns. 4 1/2" 11cm.

Marked with Marx logo and the number 1 on the base. Sold loose.
DUPERITE AERO CAR - MOULDED PLASTICS - AUSTRALIAThis hard plastic space car has a low, rounded profile with a tailfin and tailplanes.

The space car is a copy of the American Plas-Tex Aero Car. This is a modified design to give the car a friction drive. The quality of the molding gives less detail than the original with a less glossy finish.

'Duperite' is a variety of plastic compound that is resistant to water but not so good at withstanding heat, so many examples are warped.

The Australian version (bottom) is marked Duperite and has an exposed metal engine housing plate. The version at the top is probably a Hong Kong copy of the Australian friction version.


Various colors.

This is a much modified design to give the car a friction drive. 'Duperite' is a variety of plastic compound that is resistant to water but not so good at withstanding heat, so many examples are warped.
ESTACO ESPACIAL, SPACE STATION - RAJA - PORTUGALA large clear plastic space station with an orange or blue colored base. Classic torus donut design. Offered as a mail away to store 30 Raja space figures. The spacemen were available with Raja ice cream, but the space station was only available by trading in a full set of the figures. Allegedly the returned figures were resold in the ice cream.
FIREBALL JETMOBILE - GILMARK - USAHard plastic spaceship. Tailplanes with mudguards. Two rows of windows. Angular tailfin.

Called The Fireball in the Gilmark Jetmobile set.
FIREBALL ROCKET - FETHALITE - USTRALIAGreen hard plastic spaceship. Push along. This example lacks its dorsal fin and rear engine.

This is a copy of The Fireball Jetmobile by Gilmark. This example has no maker's name, appeared in Austalia and is confirmed by the July 1953 advertisement. Foreign toys were obliged to show country of origin in Australia. Packaging>
FLASH GORDON SOLAR COMMANDO SET - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USACarded set of one hard plastic Premier spaceship and three plastic Premier spacemen. various color combinations. Blister carded.
FLASH GORDON SPACE ROCKET SQUADRON - PREMIER PRODUCTS - USAA carded set of five Premier hard plastic spaceships.

Includes four assorted 5" long rockets and one 9" long rocket, assorted colors including metallics. Copyright 1952. On sale December 1952.
FLASH JETMOBILE - GILMARK - USAA hard plastic spaceship. Small side wings and rear tailplanes with mudguards. Single row of windows.

Called The Flash in the Gilmark Jetmobiles set.
FLYING SAUCER - GILMARK - USAA hard plastic flying saucer shaped spaceship. Separate top fins and rear engine. Prominent front canopy. Marked FLYING SAUCER on the top. Plastic wheels.
FLYING SAUCER BANK - TGP - NORWAYA large blue and white plastic flying saucer money bank. Made in Bergen, Norway. Date? Probably recent. 17cm Details?

Image courtesy Projectswordtoys
FLYING SPACE EXPLORER - ELMAR - USAHard plastic spaceship. Silver grey top, red base. The spaceship glides along a string. When the nose is depressed the trap door opens and drops a spaceman from the interior of the rocket. Sold in a boxed set with accessories. Box?

Elmar Products Company NY No. 4970 Patent no. 2594527
FUTURAMIC ATTACK TRANSPORT XP-19 - IDEAL - USAFuturistic spaceship transporter. The long plastic vehicle has a cockpit at the front and a large cargo bay behind. Two small guns are mounted on top. Marked SPACE FIGHTER TRANSPORT on the sides. Comes with three small simple plastic spaceships. Box? Item number 4866 in the Ideal catalog for 1954-5

The advert reads:
Futuristic space ship with ramp for three space vehicles
Simulated driver at controls
Space machine guns mounted to front and back of transport
Space cars fit into transport by means of grooved ramp which firmly holds cars in place. Transport 11 3/4" long. Cars 2 1/2" long.
Sturdy plastic construction
In assorted colors
FUTURAMIC CAR - IDEAL - USARed futuristic plastic car with grey trim. Red clear plastic engine at the rear. Friction action with spark. In addition the car has a cap firing action operated by a remote wire. Date?
FUTURAMIC MODEL CAR - US PLASTICS - USAA 1950s copy of the Thunderbolt "Rocket Car of the Future". Hard plastic spaceship. 7.5" A futuristic vehicle with small side wings and a large dorsal fin. A gun is mounted on the front. Produced in combinations of red, blue and yellow components. Push along. Bagged with header card.
FUTURE CAR - MOLDEX? - AUSTRALIAThis car is based on the Marx Future Car. There are some differences - the wheels are cast metal which had a thin layer of rubber to provide traction. The car has rubber. There is also a white cap placed at the top of the car, also the driver doesn't appear to be a "space" driver but rather a figure out of a racing car.

The car has an interesting friction mechanism: when you psch the car forward a small triangular cog rotates and flicks a little brass strip which acts as a drum stick against piece of cardboard?. At the same time a crudely cut tinplate cog rotates against a worm gear which turns a large horizontally mounted flywheel which has a rough underside. This strikes against a flint which sends sparks out the back of the car.
FUTURISTIC CAR - GOODEE - USADiecast space car made by Goodee Products of New Brunswick. Available in a variety of colors. Goodee specialised in assorted boxes of cheap cars. 7" 1953
FUTURISTIC CAR - MAKER? - W GERMANYHard plastic space car with a clear plastic dome containing two occupants. Blue and red versions known. Details?
FUTURISTIC CAR - MARX - USAA sleek blue plastic futuristic space car. Driver under a clear plastic canopy. Friction action with spark. Date?
FUTURISTIC CAR - PLASTIX - USAPlastic space car, black top, yellow base. 8" long Details? Date?
INTERPLANETARY MYSTERY SPACESHIP - CONCORDIA - USASoft plastic jet plane style spaceship with very long swept-back wings. Each wing has an "obsevation platform" at the tip. Supplied with a plastic stand. Bagged with header card. Date?
JET-O-CAR - THOMAS TOYS - USAHard plastic space car with a clear plastic dome at the front containing a pilot. A wire is inserted into the end of the car and this depresses a spring: when released the car shoots forward. Also produced by Poplar Playthings, their sister company in Wales. Various colors: maroon, blue. See also the PW Raketenauto version of this space car.
JETMOBILES SET - GILMARK - USASet of three hard plastic Gilmark spaceships. The ships are mounted on a backing card inside a flat box.

The three models are called:
The Flash
The Supersonic
The Fireball
LARGE SPACE CAR - RELIABLE - CANADAAt 6" this is large only in comparison with the smaller Reliable space cars. A hard plastic space car. Auto style with a central dorsal ridge and fins over the rear wheelguards. This version has struts at the corner of the windshield. Various colors. 6"

featured in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy Catalog.
LUNAR EXPEDITION SET - AHI AZRAK HAMWAY - HONG KONGPlastic Apollo Eagle Command Vehicle and Moon Lander.

Also shown is the Clifford version of the Apollo 11 set.
MARS ATOMIC SUPER ROCKET - GILMARK - USAA hard plastic spaceship. Long curved top fin, side wings. One row of windows and a prominent cockpit structure at the front. Marked MARS ATOMIC SUPER ROCKET on the top. Plastic wheels.
MARS CAR - MAKER? - W GERMANYA range of four plastic space vehicles. All have colored plastic canopies and either one or two tail fins. Details?
MARX-ATOMIC CAPE CANAVERAL MISSILE BASE SPACE PLAYSET - MARX - USASet #4528, 1959. Box is 27 x 15 x 5". Comes with tin litho building, space record, fencing, four-stage rocket, bomarc rocket, somarc missle and launcher, scientists gantry and launch pad, flying saucer, searchlight, radar antenna, space capsule, flying saucer and launcher, helicopter, fuel truck, missle trailer, dome, fuel tanks, scientists, NASA ticket, and two sets of missle men.
MOBILE SATELLITE LAUNCHER - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDA rather basic red plastic truck with a satellite spinner launcher built into the back.
MOON ROCKET SHIP - EMPRESS - USAAn unusual futuristic grey plastic space ship with a distinctive circular section topped with a clear plastic dome. An astronaut stands inside the dome. Yellow tail assembly and a green plastic base. Sold for the pre-school market. Bagged with header card.
MYSTERE 5 - PLASTIMAR - FRANCEA distinct variation of the Pyro X-400 Space Explorer. This hard plastic spaceship is very similar in design but has significant differences: the vertical rear fins have become side fins and a much longer ridge now runs along the top. This is a friction version with the mechanism fitted inside the ship. Box?
NAVIGAZIONE SPAZIALE SET - CO-MA - ITALYA bagged space set comprising a 7" plastic space rocket that snaps apart in the middle. It contains a small red plastic astronaut pilot. The ship is made from soft plastic to survive impact. It comes with a slingshot and an instruction sheet.
OUTER SPACE SETTin space port with plastic rockets and spacemen.
OUTER SPACE SET - ARCHER USAOn sale October 1952.
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