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DIE CAST LEAD SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER? - USAA small lead space squirt gun with a distinctive hoops around the barrel. 5" 12cm Rubber bulb. Trigger guard. Metal. Maker? Date?
DIE CAST SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA small die cast lead? space squirt gun with a colorful yellow rubber bulb. The bulb has a fish (ray?) logo. The actual gun barrel is very thin. Metal. Maker? Date?
DOUBLE BARREL AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANThe non-Cragstan version of the tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. This is a red gun with the word ATOMIC in large lettering on the side. 8" 20cm Copious litho detailing. Double-barrelled gun: two clear green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. Condor logo and elaborate heraldic styled detailing. Same pressing as the Cragstan version and the Jetter Space Gun. Green box with a picture of the gun in a white oval.

Also shown is the cowboy version of this gun. The bizarre combination of cowboy graphics and a space machine gun is characteristic of the guns produced during this crossover period. Manufacturers were keen to serve these two interests. Western crossover.
DOUBLE BARREL BATMAN PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANBatman superhero blue tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. 8" 20cm Copious litho detailing with Batman wording on the sides and Batman graphics on the handle. Double barreled gun: two transparent green clear plastic barrels with red "lipstic" inserts. Friction noise and spark. Same pressing as the Cragstan Double Barrel Automatic Rapid Action Pistol. 1960s

DOUBLE BARREL MACHINE GUN ME-716 - MAKER? - CHINALarge blue lithographed tinplate space amchine gun. On the top is a white plastic mystery dome with a colored light effect. Battery operated action with noise, reciprocating barrels and lighs. The box is rather drab with no suggestion of a space theme, but the toy is very clearly a space gun. ME716
DOUBLE BARREL MARS GUN - HORIKAWA - JAPANBrightly lithographed blue tin space machine gun. 9.5" The litho effect is of a night sky with Saturn and stars. Double barrel: in this instance the barrels are short tin ones. Friction noise and moving barrels action. The serial number H-2569 is printed on the side.

This is the same pressing as the Horikawa Double Barrel Space Gun.

DOUBLE BARREL MONSTER RIFLE - HORIKAWA? - JAPANBattery operated tin lithographed space machine gun with noise and monster viewing screen. Double barrel. Similar to the New Space Rifle.
DOUBLE BARREL SPACE GUN - HORIKAWA - JAPANBrightly lithographed silver tin space machine gun. The litho effect is of a night sky with sater. Double barrel: in this instance the barrels are short tin ones. Friction noise and moving barrels pom pom action. Two litho variations shown.

This is the same pressing as the Horikawa Double Barrel Mars Gun.
DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN - CHINALarge red lithographed tin space gun. Two transparent green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action. Marked "RIFLE" on one side and "MARS" on the other. There is a spaceman's head on the stock. This is a variation of the Yoshiya original. The writing on the box looks Chinese.
DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANThe original version of this much copied gun. Tin lithographed double barreled space gun. Two clear plastic barrels with red plastic inserts that move when the trigger is pulled. Friction noise and spark action. Eagle logo on the angled wood effect stock. See also the Mars Gun and the Rayo Spacial. KO Japan

DR WHO ANTI-DALEK JET IMMOBILISER - LINCOLN INTERNATIONAL (LONDON) LTD - ENGLANDLarge clear blue plastic space machine gun. The gun has a conventional shape with little obvious space detailing. Single shot or repeating water pistol. Blister packed on a large header card depicting Daleks. BBC. 1965
DR WHO'S ANTI-DALEK FLUID NEUTRALISER GUNSIlver hard plastic space gun. Plastic copy of the Space Outlaw gun but with the telescopic sight removed. Unusual trigger design. Carded water pistol. 1965 BBC
DREAM GUN - DREAM - JAPANBlue plastic disk-shooting space gun. Stubby design with a detachable cylindrical magazine that holds plastic disks. The magazine slots into a hole on the side. Made by a company called Dream. 15cm Date?
DUAL X-201 MYSTERY DART GUN - ARLISS - USAA pair of X-100 Arliss space guns in a set complete with a card target. Stubby rounded plastic space gun with distinctive bulges at the front. Shoots darts. The main selling feature was the fact that the guns have darts that can be filled with talk powder. The dart suckers have perforations: when they strike a target the chalk marks the surface. Available in a range of colors.
ПОЛЁT FLIGHT SPACE GUN - VEB - EAST GERMANYPlastic spring driven space gun, shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. Based on the US Plastic spinner design.

Produced in Annaberg-Buchholz in Saxony, East Germany. A very plain box with Russian Cyrillic script. Produced 1973-1975. Black body, yellow muzzle. Probably in other colors. The box name is ПОЛЁT or "FLIGHT".

Based on the US Plastic spinner design.
ПОЛЁT, FLIGHT SPACE GUN - MOSCOW - USSRPlastic spring driven space gun, shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun based on the US Plastic design.

Produced in Moscow. A very plain box with Russian Cyrillic script. Dated 1975. Black body, red muzzle. Probably in other colors. The box name is ПОЛЁT or "FLIGHT".

EAGLE MACHINE GUN - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge 24 inch machine space gun, blue litho. Battery operated. Barrel lights and clip moves as gun makes a firing noise. Red plastic end piece. Eagle written on the sides and an eagle logo on the wood effects stock. Space graphics on the box. There is a silver version of this gun: the Silver Eagle Machine Gun.

ELECTRIC SPACE GUN - TOMY? - JAPANThis is a variation of the Tomy Siren raygun design. Red and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren. Mrked Electric Space Gun. 7.5" 19cm Date?
ELECTRIC WAVE GUN - TADA - JAPANA lithographed tinplate space rifle. The rifle has a red stock, red barrel brightly lithographed body with a space scene depicting a rocket flying over a landscape. Litho of an astronaut in a circle. There is a long clear green plastic window ralong the top of the gun. Battery operated noise and flashing lights. 21" 54cm

Two versions of the gun are known. One has older style, more realistic graphics and marked New Style Gun on the stock, the other has more cartoon-like graphics. This pressing was used for the Big-X machine gun.

ELECTRO RAY GUN - ECON PRODUCTS - USAHard plastic space gun with a small forward pointing top fin. Red plastic with yellow trigger and blue nozzle. It also comes in a yellow version and blue version, both with a red trigger. ELECTRO molded into the side in a futuristic font. Saturn image on the handle. 5.5" Battery powered noise and flashlight action. The gun was certainly available in 1956. See also the version with a built-in compass.

This same design was used for the English Bell Toy Cosmic Ray Gun.
ELECTRO RAY-GUN - YONEZAWA - JAPANAngular light and dark blue lithographed tinplate space gun with a red tin sight and a red plastic nozzle. Battery operated buzzer noise and light. The batteries load on top, under the scope.

Clearly a copy of the Remco Jupiter ray gun though considered a much finer piece in most respects. It is also considerably rarer. The "atom chamber" on the left side is missing though its position is marked by a circular lithographic detail.

The box art depicts a young smiling boy astronaut firing his gun in the sky, another detail taken from the Remco version.

ELECTRO SIGNAL GUN - ECON PRODUCTS - USAThis is a variation of the Electro space gun with a compass built into one side. Red hard plastic space gun with a small forward pointing top fin. Red plastic with yellow trigger and blue nozzle. ELECTRO molded into the side in a futuristic font. Saturn image on the handle. 5 1/2 ins. The gun was certainly available in 1956. This version is attached to a backing card marked Electra Flash Light Signal Gun. Click action with battery powered flashlight. (no mention of a siren). It has Morse code printed in the corner, with an instruction to cut it out, a fact that might account for its scarcity. (Some consider the name to be Electra)
No 142

This same design was used for the English Bell Toy Cosmic Ray Gun.
ELECTRONIC SHOOTING RANGE - ANDY GARD TOYS, GENERAL MOLDS - USAA lithographed tinplate and cardboard battery operated shooting range with a plastic space gun. It is an "electronic" toy which works by shooting a beam of light at the rotating targets. The toy makes a buzzing sound when target is hit. The targets consist of a lion, elephant, tiger and rhinoceros. 22"

Red and yellow space gun versions. Box? On sale in 1956.
ELECTRONIC SPACE GUN - REMCO - USAPlastic battery op raygun with light and buzzer sound. USA. This is a bulky angular gun with a big trigger guard and two part working telescopic sight. The barrel tip is a distinctive rocket-like finned structure. Red and blue versions shown. 1953.

The earliest version of the gun had a compass in a circular cutout on the side: later versions of this so-called "atom chamber" on the left side have a spiral decal detail.
ESPACIAL ANO 2000 - TEYCA - MEXICOClear red plastic space gun, rounded shape with a distinctive ringed chrome nozzle with a circular sight. Friction action with spark. Teyca decal on the side. Lanza chispas. Blister carded. 7" 17cm

ESPACIAL SPACE GUN - SIERRA - SPAINA later (1980s) plastic dart firing space gun based on the Aqua Jet which in turn is based on the Futuristic Products Co Strato Gun: notice the three round details on the gun from Lone Star's mold. Sold on a backing card with two darts. Marked ESPACIAL on the handle.

Colors: red, white, lime green, pink.
EXPLORER SPACE GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGClear red plastic space water gun. Angular pistol shape with a distinctive long ribbed telescopic sight. Explorer molded in the sides. 6" Box/packaging? Date?
EXPLORER SPACE GUN - MOLGORA - ITALYThis is an angular pistol-like space gun made of metal and tin. The barrel is tipped with two nozzle and a distinctive trigger guard bar connects the stock to the muzzle. The muzzle has a small red sight at the tip. The 23 cm long gun has a silver bare metal finish with red panels. The action is primitive but ingenious: pulling the trigger (a lever along the handle) turns a plastic gear whose teeth snap a thin plate of plywood making a “pop” noise. Explorer Pistola Spaziale. Believed to date from the 1950s. Came in a plain card box stamped EXPLORER.

F105 Shape Gun - Chien Hsin - TaiwanA retro style plastic cap firing gun. This long space gun has few molded design elements with the exception of a roaring rocket on the grips, a ring of stars in front of the maker's name and a planet after it. Copper barrel tip.
FAT STAR BUBBLE GUN - KILGORE - USAAn unusually-shaped plastic bubble blowing space gun. The yellow plastic gun has a central reservoir with an elaborate nozzle and trigger guard. Pressing the trigger produces a stream of air. Sold on a backing card with a jar of soap solution. 20cm. 1980
FIREBALL XL5 ROCKET GUN - MERIT - ENGLANDBlack plastic raygun shoots darts. This is based on the Dan Dare Rocket Gun (which in turn is based on the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Gun) though the wording embossed on the gun is Fireball XL5. The handle retains its Dan Dare badge logo. Two red plastic message-carrying darts are included.

The gun is featured in the 1966 Austin Davis of Sheffield Christmas Gifts catalogue. Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
FIREBALL XL5 SPACE GUN - FAIRYLIGHTWhite plastic space water gun with a distinctive bulb shape at the tip of the barrel. "Steve Zodiac" wording on the handle. Fairylight commissioned toys from Hong Kong for sale in England. An authorised Gerry Anderson product. Sold in a plastic bag with a header card depicting Stev Zodiac. This mold still survives and modern versions can be found.
FLAME GUN AUTOMATIC NO 50 - ALFA - GREECEGold plastic variation of the Space Pilot Jet Ray Gun. B
The larger brown plastic barrel is the main difference. ALFA AUTOMATIC wording on the side. Friction noise and spark. Greece. There are several packaging variations: plain box, graphic box and backing card. This is the same pressing as the SPACE PILOT JUNIOR JET RAY GUN by TAIYO.
FLASH GORDON 500 SHOT WATER GUN - ESQUIRE NOVELTY CO - USAA retro styled plastic space gun with telescopic sight. A ridge runs along the underside of the rocket shape body to the unusual shaped trigger. 6" 15cm. Water pistol with brass nozzle. 1950s.

The gun was released as part of the Flash Gordon outfit in 1952.It was carded with a holster and compass. Available in a range of colors: grey, clear red, clear blue etc

It was also available separately as the "Space Ranger Water Gun" in a Popsicle mail-away in Canada in 1953. See also the Super Jet Water Pistol advertised in The Capital Times, 17 Dec 1952.

A slight variation is known with no lower fin and a with a different plug arrangement at the back (bottom).

FLASH GORDON AIR RAY GUN - BUDSON CO - USAA large and very distinctive red painted metal air blaster space gun. Flash Gordon decal above nozzle tip at front. There is a wide silver metal band around the nozzle. The top lever is cocked and a blast of air fired from inside. Made by Budson Company in 1948 and widely advertised from September of that year.

Some versions have Flash Gordon molded into the sides, others have unmarked sides but have a circular Flash Gordon decal on the muzzle.

It is possible that there is a slightly earlier (1947) version of this gun that does not have the Flash Gordon association.

This is the first generation of air blaster guns. The patent was filed in 1946.

Still on sale in a Miles Kimball catalog for 1950.
FLASH GORDON CLICK RAY PISTOL (ARRESTING RAY) - MARX - USALithographed 9.5" inch tin space gun. Retro styling with simple click action. This a reissue of the earlier Marx Radio Repeater Gun clicker gun pressing with much more colorful graphics. Marked Flash Gordon Arresting Ray. 1952
FLASH GORDON RADIO REPEATER CLICK PISTOL - MARX - USALithographed tinplate clicker space gun. Retro deco styling. 9.5" litho tin-makes clicking sound. Mfg. by Louis Marx for King Features Syndicate. The box has a KFS 1935 copyright date. Widely on sale in 1935.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
FLASH GORDON ROCKET RANGE GUN - JAN-RU - HONG KONGLong blue rocket shaped plastic space gun. The back of the guns has fins at the top and bottom. Spring loaded dart shooting action with caps. Shoots white rocket shaped darts. Blister carded. 1981. This is basically the same toy as the Hong Kong Jet-Rocket Gun
FLASH GORDON SIGNAL PISTOL - MARX - USAAll steel- color decal- green with red trim-gray with red trim-makes whistling siren noise and sparks. Made in three colors: green, red, and greyish-purple.

Also made in a patriotic version not Flash Gordon-Air Raid decal-blue with red trim

A patent was granted in 1935. Pat No. 94312. Inventor Louis Marx. The gun was widely on sale in 1935.

FLASH GORDON SPACE GUNGrey plastic battery operated raygun with light and sound.
FLASH GORDON SPACE GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA large heavy diecast and plastic cap firing gun. White and red, with a plastic barrel tip. Angular telescopic sight. Flash Gordon logo on one side 9.5" 24cm Dated 1981.

FLASH GORDON SPACE GUN AND FIGURE SET - MAKER? - ARGENTINALight green plastic space gun. Sold on a header card with three remolds of US space figures. The gun is the Atomico clicker. This is a knock off Flash Gordon carded set. 5" Possibly made by Plastikon.

The clicker gun is a copy of the Pyro Space Control gun and the figures are copies of Premier originals.
FLASH GORDON SPACE SET - MAKER?A blister carded set of seemingly authorised if rather cheaply constructed Flash Goldon related merchandise including a white plastic space gun. This is another apperance of the Palitoy Cosmic Ray Gun. Bar coded. 1980s?
FLASH GORDON SPACE WATER PISTOL - NASTA INDUSTRIES - HONG KONGGold plastic space water gun. Angular design with a cylindrical barrel. Blister carded. 1975 Nasta Industries.

Also sold with vinyl holster.
FLASH GORDON STUN GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGLarge plastic space machine gun. Clear red barrel, black body and stock with yellow plastic panels. Boxy yellow telescopic sight. Battery operated action with sound and flashing light in the barrel. Marked TOMMY Z on the sides. 47cm 1979

No obvious maker's name on the box.
FLASH GORDON WATER PISTOL - MARX - USAA plastic space water pistol. Classic space styling with fins and rings on the barrel, dials and streamline shapes on the sides and a small sight on the top. The water pistol does not have Marx on the gun. Flash Gordon Water Pistol is molded on the grip. The box has Marx and King Features Syndicate wording. A patent for the gun was filed in 1952 and issued in 1953.

Pat no. 168909

Louis Marx and Company USA 1950s
Came in rellow, and red, and a red version with gold paint. 7-1/2" 13cm

5-1/2" hard plastic space water gun with telescopic sight. Brass nozzle. Colors include red and bronze.

Includes a red plastic compass on a wristband, and a silver cardboard holster all mounted on a backing card. The gun is designed to fit into two metal clips attached to the holster.

The earliest sighting is in the 1952 Blackwell Wielandy catalog.
FLASH RAY GUN - NOMURA SW - JAPANAngular silver lithographed tin space gun with rocket detailing on the sides and the number 8 on the handle. Marked Flash Ray Gun. Short ribbed clear red plastic barrel. Battery powered light and noise action., Batteries fit into the handle. The box carries two logos: the TN logo and as SW in a diamond.
FLASH X-1 SPACE GUN - SHUDO - JAPANSmall red tin lithographed space gun. 4 spark slot windows by the muzzle. Friction action with spark. Crimped construction. Marked Flash X-1 on the sides. Bagged with header card marked "Friction Toy".
FLASH-BUZZ SIGNAL LASER GUN - REMCO - USAPlastic battery op raygun with light and buzzer sound. USA. A later variation of Remco's space gun with a very large revolving lens front end turret. Blue plastic body with yellow lens hood. Battery powered light and sound. Based on the original Electronic Space Gun. The "atom chamber" on the left side has a decal detail with a pattern of three overlapping colored circles.
FLASH-LITE GUN - MAKER? - USAThis is a simple bare metal pistol shaped flashlight gun. 5.5" 14cm Battery operated flashlight action. in construction with a tubular fluted barrel with the same screw cap fittings on the light retainer at the front and battery compartment at the rear.

On sale in October 1948. In the 1950 Miles Kimball catalog it is described as a ray gun emitting "Death rays to Buck Rogers fans", in the words of the advertisement. The gun can be traced back as early as 1936 when it was marketed as a piece of G-Man equipment. It was a mail away offer by Post Toasties.

FLASH-O-MATIC GUN - ROYAL PLASTICS - USAAngular hard plastic space flashlight. The makers claim that the gun makes a bang but apparently it doesn't. Small rocket like sight at the tip of barrel.

6.5" long with a yellow plastic hammer that moves. Available in a range of colors.

This gun shares the body of the Lido Telescope Super Site gun.

A Flash-O-Matic gun was sold as a remote handset for a Zenith TV set in 1955. it is not clear if this is the same gun.
FLASHERAY SIGNAL GUN - ARLISS - USAPlastic space gun with rounded lines. This is a flashlight gun with a compass in handle and an "audio" click feature The gun has a lanyard. 3.55" 10cm Carded. Came in blue, yellow and red versions.

Mfg. by Arliss Company Inc., NY Premier Plastic Division. 1950s
FLASHING ROCKET SHIP SPACE PISTOL - IRWIN - USAHard blue plastic rocket or bulbous shaped raygun with pilot. Open cockpit containing a red plastic pilot. There is a clear red plastic nose that lights up. Sold in a card display box. Flashight and click. Blue with red pilot and red with blue pilot versions.

On sale in February 1954.
FLASHY RAY GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge blue tinplate space rifle. This is a realistic looking machine gun with an intricate trigger area, pefroated barrel and large telescopic sight. Wood effect stock. There is little to suggest a space gun other than the name and the box art. Battery operated with sound and flashing light. TN

There is also a Moonlight version of this gun (below). It has a Moonlight Man image on the stock and a Daiya logo.

On sale in October 1957.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
FLULMINE LIGHTNING SPACE MACHINE GUN - LAC - ITALYThis is an Italian version of the Nomura Foxhole Tommygun. Fucile Mitragliatore

Large tin battery operated machine gun with space scenes on the box. Japan 1960s 17.5 ins. Barrel lights as gun makes a firing noise. Condor/Eagle logo on the side. The box art has excellent space graphics and depicts a red gun. The actual toy is metallic blue. Date? 1960s 19" 47cm

LAC is Leonida Alemanni Casalpusterlengo.
FLYING SAUCER GUN - ALPS - JAPANAn early red tin lithographed space gun. Shoots spinners. The nozzle is wound up and the spinners are attached. The trigger releases the spinners. The box art is notable for its simplicity. 1950s
FLYING SAUCER GUN - BULLMARK - JAPANA spinner shooting space gun with telescopic sight. This is a plastic space gun kit and comes with a spaceman figure that attaches to the spinners. 24cm x 16cm x 5cm Date?
FLYING SAUCER GUN - PW Progresswerk Nürnberg - WEST GERMANYYellow hard plastic raygun design, shoots spinners. Children and teddy bear box art. This all yellow version of the small plastic spring action space gun has the Parks Planet Patrol Saucer Gun design with ribbed handle, telescopic sight and large trigger.

FLYING SAUCER MACHINE TMG - TIGER CHEM - JAPANA black plastic machine pistol with a long stock and a lever action reload mechanism. This conventional and non-space like gun shoots small plastic discs. Two versions shown, one of which includes small plastic monsters as targets. The boxes have elaborate space graphics. 30cm
FLYING SAUCERS AND LAUNCHER GUN - PARKS PLASTICS CO - USASmall plastic spring action space gun with a ribbed handle, telescopic sight and large trigger, two color plastic. Shoots spinners with central covers. Produced in a range of colors.

The first firm sighting is in the 1957 Park's catalog.
FLYING STAR - KGK - JAPANA green plastic space gun. Launches spinners with small pictures of a spaceman's head in the center. The distinctive feature of this gun is its tubular shape with four fins at the back. The elaborate box art exaggerates the Flying Saucer design of the simple spinners. Kanto Gosei Kogyo.
FOXHOLE TOMMYGUN SPACE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge tin battery operated machine gun with space scenes on the box. Japan 1960s 17.5 ins. Barrel lights as gun makes a firing noise. Condor/Eagle logo on the side.

FRICTION AND SPARKING SPACE GUN - MASUDAYA? - JAPANLarge silver tin lithographed friction machine gun with distinctively bent stock. 2 Double barelled. Magazine. Space Gun wording on the wood effect stock. Noise and spark action. Japan 1960s. MT
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