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CLICKA BUBBLE SHOOTER - Ranger Steel Products Corp - USAPlastic 7-1/2" plastic gun.
Versions: yellow body with red barrel and blue trigger
blue body with red barrel and yellow trigger. Comes with bottle of bubble liquid; blows bubbles when the trigger is pulled. Mfg. by Ranger Steel Products Corp. , N.Y.

The body of the gun has essentially the same mold as used for the Cosmic Ray Gun.
CLICKER JET GUN SET - REL MF CMPANY - USASmall grey plastic space gun "Clicker Jet Gun". Mounted on card with goggles and whistle.

The 5-1/2" plastic clicker gun has rings on the rear of the barrel and has a distinctly angled handle. It was sold in a set with goggles and in a larger set with goggles and whistle.

Colors: grey and yellow

Made by Rel Manufacturing Corporation of NJ.

CLICKER SPACE GUN - UNIDENTIFIEDA hard plastic space gun with telescopic sight. An intricate molding with a truncated pyramid shaped body with a short barrel. Available in a range of colors, oftem marbled plastic. Simple clicker action. 5" 12cm Details?
COLT PARACHUTISTE - MAKER? - FRANCEGold colored diecast pistol. Cap firing action. Futuristic lines and a distinctive angled sight on the top. It has similar styling to L'ATOMIC INTERPLANETAIRE and to the Stevens range of diecast space guns.

France 1950s. No maker's name on the box.
COMET ПОЛЁT FLIGHT SPACE GUN - VEB - EAST GERMANYPlastic spring driven space gun, Planet Gun variant shoots spinners. This is another appearance the ubiquitous spinner gun. See the Dan Dare Planet Gun. Produced in Annaberg-Buchholz in Saxony, East Germany. A very plain box with Russian Cyrillic script. Produced 1973-1975. Black body, yellow muzzle. Probably in other colors. The box name is ПОЛЁT or "FLIGHT".

Based on the Park Plastics design.
COMET GUN - DAH YANG DY - TAIWANLarge green plastic space pistol with yellow muzzle and red antenna. Shoots darts and fires caps. Cap firing. DY in a crown logo. Sold in bag with header card. Also in blue plastic.

See also the Comet-7 version of this gun.
COMET MACHINE GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANLarge tin lithographed pace machine gun. The gun has a clear plastic top containing a set of the colored plastic gears found in their robot range. Wood effect stock with spaceman's head. Clear green plastic barrel with a yellow tip. Friction noise, spark and turning visible gear action. 18.5" First sighted in the 1965 Yoshiya catalog, item #2032

Still listed in the 1973 catalog.

COMET-7 GUN - DAH YANG DY - TAIWANThis appears to be identical to the Comet version of the gun. Large blue plastic space pistol with yellow muzzle and red antenna. Shoots darts and fires caps. Cap firing. DY in a crown logo. Sold in bag with header card

The artwork is essentially the same as the Apollo-X gun with simply a change of gun.
CONDOR GUN - MASUDAYA - JAPANA tin and plastic friction space gun, machine pistol style. 15" long. Described as a 10-shooter. So far known only from the picture in the 1963 Masudaya catalog. Details? Box?
CONDOR SPACE GUN - MAKER? - GREECEBased on the Daiya Mars Gun pressing and so called among collectors because of the image of a large bird on the sides. Silver lithographed tin friction space gun with three conical structures at the base of the barrel. Rocket litho on the forward sight and a spaceman on the handle. There is a telescopic sight on this version with litho patterning. Three oval spark windows on each side.. Friction noise and spark action. Box? Maker? Greek 9" 23cm
CONDOR SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA small nickel plated tin cap firing space gun. There is a small blue painted plate near the firing mechanism. A condor design and the wording CONDOR are embossed the body. 4ins 10cm 1950s Early Japan. Plated metal
COSMIC COP - WICKE - WEST GERMANYA large purple plastic space water pistol. The unusual design has a large water reservoir at the back of the gun with a slender barrel tipped with four fins. In addition this version has a detachable, long thin plastic sight at the front of the barrel. The gun also has a dart shooting action. 12 in, 31 cm. Made in Germany under license from Lone Star.

This is essentially the same molding as the Hong Kong Space Hero 500-X Laser Gun.
COSMIC JET GUN - WE-KO PRODUCTS - USAA small plastic water pistol 5". A rear fin and rings around the end of the short barrel. Rocket molded into the handle. Color Variations: red w/ yellow muzzle, green w/yellow muzzle. Sold in trade boxes.

Featured in a 1953 trade ad in Toys and Novelties magazine.
COSMIC JET PISTOL - LONE STAR - ENGLANDA large white plastic space water pistol. The unusual design has a large water reservoir at the back of the gun with a slender barrel tipped with four fins. Paper decal detailing. 12 in, 31 cm

This is essentially the same molding as the Hong Kong Space Hero 500-X Laser Gun.
COSMIC PISTOL No K-4 Biotsiot GreeceRed plastic water pistol with blue nozzle.
COSMIC RAY - STEVENS - USASilver painted diecast space gun. The gun has a combination of battery operated flashlight and a cap firing action. The gun has red capped windows on either side that light up when the trigger is pulled. Batteries fit into the rear of the gun, accounting for the gun's 11" length. It has the distinctive forward sweeping front sight of the Neutron Blaster and has a jet plane molded in the handle.

The gun was not released by the company before its closure, but a tiny number of examples were manufactured for evaluation.
COSMIC RAY GUN - ALPS - JAPANBlack tin space gun with a horse printed on the handle. Friction action with spark. There is also a distinctive cylindrical siren mounted underneath the muzzle: it sounds when the trigger is pulled. Another example of a gun trying to suit all occasions: police, cowboy and, thanks to the name, space.

Police western crossover. early
COSMIC RAY GUN - BELL TOY - ENGLANDA version of the American Electro Ray Gun. The mold has been altered to remove the Electro wording from the side and the gun generally lacks the fine detailing of the original. Red plastic with a yellow trigger. Saturn image on the handle. Battery powered siren and flashlight action. The box is also a copy of the Econ Products original.

5.5 ins.
COSMIC RAY GUN - DAIYA - JAPANSilver grey tin lithographed space gun. Pistol shape. Battery operated "with noise and miracle flash". Transparent plastic barrel tip has a rotating coloured light effect. Angular cutout with red inserts in one side. Batteries fit into the handle.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
COSMIC RAY GUN - DAIYA - JAPANMetallic blue plastic space gun with tin panel on the side. The panel reads "COSMIC RAY GUN". The barrel tip is clear plastic with a ligh. Battery operated noise and flashing light action. 10.5"

Featured in the 1967 Daiya catalog.
COSMIC RAY GUN - RANGER STEEL PRODUCTS - USAMulticolored pressed steel space gun with transparent orange plastic barrel, the base of which is visible through a slot in the side of the gun. Marked "Cosmic Ray Gun" Small yellow site. Friction sparking action. 8 1/2 ins. The partially recessed nature of the barrel is reminiscent of some of the early Japan space guns.

The gun is featured in the Monygomery Ward catalog for 1952.
COSMIC RAY GUN NO 249 - RANGER STEEL CORPORATION - USAA red hard plastic raygun. The gun has a futuristic design with a rounded body divided into a number of segments ending with a clear orange cylinder from which a short barrel emerges. Sight on top. Eccentrically shaped handle. 7.5" 19cm long. Pulling the trigger produces sparks via an internal flint. Red and blue versions.

This is the same mold as used for the Clicka Bubble Shooter.

Made by the Ranger Steel Products Corporation. Widely advertised in late 1953.
COSMIC RAYS GUN - SHUDO - JAPANRelatively small lithographed tin space rifle, more the size of a space gun. Spark window in center. Friction noise and spark action. 20cm.

There is also a Korean version of this gun which is identical except for the letter "A" on the stock. It is believed that there must be a link between Shudo and some Korean factory bexcause there are a lot of Shudo space guns produced in Korea with no differences except the logo
COSMIC SPACE GUN - YAMAKI - JAPANClear plastic space gun. Angular body with a rocket shaped muzzle. Paper decal decorations on the side. Friction action with spark. Metal trigger. Red and blue versions known. 8" 12cm Yamaki has a question mark in a circle of dots logo. 1970s.

宇宙 スペースガン
COSMIC SPACE SET - US PLASTIC CO - USASet comprises two of the familiar spinner-shooting rayguns and a pair of microphones. This guns in this boxed set have a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger. Based on the Parks original design.

The walkie talkies are string type with a retractable antenna feature. Mouthpiece for siren noise.
COSMIC WATER GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGA large 17" plastic water pistol. Has space graphics molded into the sides along with the COSMIC WATER GUN wording. Came in various colors including clear plastic.

Function-Unique water gun with two triggers. The one at the front is a water pistol, the one at the back is a clicker.

Mfg. in Hong Kong in the 1970s. No maker's name on the packaging. Bag with header card.
COSMIC-RAY MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPAN16" blue tin lithographed space machine gun. Battery operated with noise and rotating flashing light in the clear plastic panel near the muzzle. The gun has a distinctive sculptural figure printed on the stock.

The box artwork is of interest: the enemy are depicted as flying aliens with capes. The gun's title also begins with an enigmatic XXX.

Mfg. by TN trademark-Japan 1960s

COSMICLOUDER SMOKE GUN - JVZ FOR QUISP - USAA 7” long soft red plastic cereal premium space gun with movable cone nozzle. Talcum powder blowing action. The gun has a very angular design with a distinctive cone shaped muzzle. Stars on grips. Quisp molded on the barrel The funnel-shaped muzzle is removable so gun can be refilled with talc.

Posted in a mail away box. 1965
COSMISK STRALE MARS PISTOL - BAMBOLA - SWEDENGold plastic raygun with flashlite action.

The handle has a star in a circle.

This is a hard plastic classic shape space gun. The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Seen in gold. A star is molded into the handle. The gun comes with an alternative lens cover.

Battery operated. Comes in a box with a pair of space goggles. Sweden. Based on the design for the Tom Corbett Atomic Pistol and the Space Patrol Atomic Flashlite Pistol both by Marx. "Cosmic Ray Mars Gun" Swedish flashlight 8" 20cm
COWBOY ON HORSE SPACE GUN - JAPANEarly small blue and yellow lithographed tin space gun. This angular gun has two wavy lines cut into the sides of the gun with red plastic liners. Friction noise and spark.There is a picture of a mounted cowboy on the handle.
Name? Box?
Western crossover
COWBOY SPACE GUN - ASAHI? - JAPANThe shape is clearly a space gun, but the litho is serving the western market. A typical crossover item in the same range as the Space Navigator Gun, therefore probably made by Asahi.

Small early blue, red and yellow tin lithographed space gun. Angular pistol shape with a picture of a cowboy on the handle, COW BOY wording. Friction noise and spark. 3.5" 9cm Box?
CRACKER JET SPACE GUN - METTOY - ENGLANDAn English version of the Renwal INTERPLANETARY PLANET JET CLICKER WATER GUN. Unlike the American version this is made of metallic green plastic with yellow sight, trigger and nozzle. The toy was sold on a small backing card similar to Renwal's. Pressing the trigger pushes on an internal bladder and squirts water with a click sound. Marked Mettoy Made in England on the round boss above the trigger and Crackerjet on the handle.

Featured in the Mettoy catalog for 1954.
CRAGSTAN DOUBLE BARREL AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANRed tin lithographed space machine gun. 8" 20cm Cylindrical magazine. Copious litho detailing. Double-barrelled gun: two clear green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. Condor logo and elaborate heraldic styled detailing. Same pressing as the Super Jetter Space Gun and the non-Cragstan Atomic Gun. Plain white box with a picture of the gun.
CRAGSTAN SPACE JET GUN - YOSHIYA? - JAPAN A version of the Yoshiya KO Space Super Jet Gun. Bulbous shaped white and red tin space gun with a smooth clear green plastic barrel containing a moving core. Marked Space Jet. Red lightning flash and Saturn on side. Friction action with spark. 9.5" 24cm

The same pressing as the SUPER TRIPLE-O-GUN by TY. Marked Cragstan on one side.

Box? Packaging?
CROWN SPACE GUN - CROWN - JAPANAn early black painted metal water pistol. Shaped like a rocket. A rear plunger is pulled to fill the gun. A crown symbol is embossed on the handle 6" 15cm 1950. Probably sold in trade packs of a dozen. Box? Plated metal. Packaging?
DAISY TWO GUN ACTION SHOOTING GALLERY - DAISY MFG - USAA target shooting game comprising two Daisy space guns, the Daisy Rocket Dart Pistol and the Daisy Zooka Pop Pistol. The target consists of two rows of plastic crows, a common feature of target games of the 1950s. The guns are based on the pre-war XZ-31 Buck Rogers guns.

On sale in December 1953.
DALEK ROCKET GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLANDRed plastic space gun with a distinctive silver barrel with side fins and barbs. The gun is stamped with Dalek Rocket Gun wording. Shoots yellow darts at a target that forms the backing card on which it was sold. BBC Authorised Doctor Who product.

The gun is based on the earlier Lone Star Rocket Firing Gun, though DALEK has been molded into the sides.

Featured as a new item #1183 in the 1966 Lone Star catalogue.
DAN DARE AQUA-JET GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLANDEnglish copy of the Futuristic Products Co Strato Gun. Made by Lone Star, DCMT. This is a chrome silver plastic water pistol space gun with sight. Dan Dare Aqua Jet molded into the handle.

Lone Star created their own molds based on the Futuristic Products Strato Gun. The three round details on the gun are their own contribution. Featured in trade catalogs for 1954. Introduced in the Eagle 6:27 in July 1955.

Described as a Water Jet Repeater. Also available in other colors: purple
DAN DARE ATOMIC JET GUN - DCMT - ENGLANDThere are two versions of this space water gun, both sharing the same box.

First Version (top)
Red diecast metal space water gun. The gun is a re-packaged ATOMIC JET GUN by DCMT which in turn is a reworking of the original Hiller design. The simple addition of a Dan Dare decal to the top is the only change. Dan Dare was depicted using this version of the gun in the Eagle Comic.

Second Version (bottom)
This is a substantial redesign using hard plastic components. Large DAN DARE wording printed on the top. There is a black rubber plug at the back of the reservoir.
The Atomic Jet wording is still present on the sides of the gun. The barrel position has been moved lower and is now part of the trigger. The gun's trigger has been redesigned: it is now yellow plastic and has an additional rod to improve the robustness of the action.

The gun was first announced in the Eagle comic in August 1952. DCMT also traded as Crescent Toys.
DAN DARE COSMIC RAY GUN - PALITOY - ENGLANDRed plastic space gun with flashlight operation. The gun has a large chrome plastic lens housing at the fron and a long telescopic sight. Three color filters can be adjusted to alter the beam. Battery operated. A secret compartment is located in the handle. There is also a yellow version. The box insert draws attention to a number of rather fanciful features. This gun has been widely copied in a variety of guises.

On sale in Late 1953.
DAN DARE PLANET GUN - MERIT - ENGLANDThe original Dan Dare 1950s (and well into the 60s) issue of the small plastic space gun with three spinners. Green and red versions with black plastic spring assemblies. The guns carry the Planet Gun wording and the Dan Dare name and logo ( a circle with a vertical oval inside). The guns have distinctive side bumps suggesting fins. This version has a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger. Based on the Park Plastics design.

Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
DAN DARE RAY GUN - METTOY - ENGLAND 1951Large red and yellow tinplate space rifle with Dan Dare in RAF uniform an the Eagle logo on the stock. Spark windows in the barrel tip. Marked "Dan Dare Ray Gun" Friction action with spark: turning the handle produces machine gun noise.

There are two known boxes. The more common box is predominantly red/yellow. The second is box is predominantly blue. It depicts Dan Dare in RAF uniform on one side and in a spacesuit on the other. It is possible that this is the box for the Australian release.

This is the first the Dan Dare space guns. It was announced in the 1st August 1951 issue of "The Eagle". Available exclusively from Marks and Spencer. The gun rapidly sold out. Also featured in the 1953 Mettoy catalog (bottom)
DAN DARE ROCKET GUN - MERIT - ENGLANDBlack plastic raygun embossed with Dan Dare wording. Rounded design with oval side moldings. Flared barrel tip. Shoots darts. Produced in black silver and gold - red has also been seen.

Based on the US Plastic Space Patrol Rocket Dart Gun. Introduced in the Eagle 3:35 in December 1952, available exclusively from Marks & Spencer.

Merit was the trading name of J & L Randall.
DAN DARE SPACE GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLANDMetal diecast gun, spray pain finish. Cap firing action. The mold was used by Lone Star for a wide range of TV based space guns. The red version is associated with the 1950s box and has Dan Dare molded into the gun. Featured in trade catalogs for 1954 eg "Playthings and Hobbies 1954-55". Introduced in the Eagle 6:27 in July 1955. This is the first appearance of this much copied diecast gun.

The metallic blue version has a Dan Dare decal. I'm not sure of the box for the blue version.
DARLING ROCKET GUN - SA - HONG KONGWhite plastic angular space gun with telescopic sight. The gun is marked "Darling Du-Shooter 786" on the side and "Vicky" on the handle. Pop gun action, shoots small plastic missiles. The box art has a strange cowboy and indian fight scene.

Western crossover.
DELUXE SUPER LIGHTAN SPACE RAY GUN - SANYO RAITO - JAPANA large bulky chrome silver plastic raygun with a white lens cap. Battery operated flashlight combined with a dart shooting action. This is the more imposing version of the Super Lightan gun, with the silver finish and the larger box. Japanese market.

Based on the Ohio Art Astroray Flashlight Target Gun.
DETECTIVE SPACE GUN - BEBUS - ARGENTINAClear hard lastic space gun with a distinctive pointed or triangular nose and round pattern on the side.Marked Bebus. Friction noise. Red and yellow versions shown. Bagged with header card. Also sold as the INVADER GUN
DETONADOR AIRE COMPRIMIDO, SUPERMAN GUN - GEYPER - SPAINPlastic space gun with a distinctive curved handle. Superman images emboseed in white plastic panels on the grips. Pop gun action with pull plunger. The name translates as Compressed Air Detonator.6" 15cm Blue and red colors known. 1950s.

Cowboy/western theme on the back of the box. Crossover.
DIA SPACE DOUBLE BARREL GUN - DIAMOND - JAPANAn early small blue, red and yellow brightly lithographed space cap firing gun. The two small barrels hinge to allow access to the cap holding compartment. The gun has elaborate litho detailing of an astronaut, rocket, stars and Saturn. Litho bullet holding revolver chamber.

1950s. Probably sold in trade boxes. Dia is an abbreviation of the maker Diamond.
DIA SPACE GUN - JAPANBlack tin cap firing gun. This DIA version has a rounded body and is notable for the extent of the space details embossed in the body. The white knob releases the cap chamber. Function - swivel chamber for cap roll-trigger to fire caps. Probably sold in trade boxes. Dia is an abbreviation of the maker Diamond.
DICK TRACY SILENT RAY GUN - MAKER? - USAA large angular black plastic raygun. Marked American Silent Ray. This is a battery operated flashlight gun that accompanied a rotating electric target. Photoelectric cells in the target could register hits from the gun. Though this is a Dick Tracy detective toy it is evidently one of the earliest electronic space guns. Date?
DIE CAST LEAD ROCKET SQUIRT GUN - JOHILLCO? - ENGLANDA small lead space squirt gun with a distinctive rocket shape. 3" 7cm Rubber bulb. Metal. Johillco made similar lead squirt guns and this is possibly the maker.

Two slight variations shown. There is a third version.
DIE CAST LEAD SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER?A small die cast lead space squirt gun with a distinctive arched fin on the top. Rubber bulb. Metal. Maker? Date? 9cm
DIE CAST LEAD SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER? - USAA small lead space squirt gun with a distinctive hoops around the barrel. 5" 12cm Rubber bulb. Trigger guard. Metal. Maker? Date?
DIE CAST SPACE SQUIRT GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA small die cast lead? space squirt gun with a colorful yellow rubber bulb. The bulb has a fish (ray?) logo. The actual gun barrel is very thin. Metal. Maker? Date?
DOUBLE BARREL AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANThe non-Cragstan version of the tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. This is a red gun with the word ATOMIC in large lettering on the side. 8" 20cm Copious litho detailing. Double-barrelled gun: two clear green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. Condor logo and elaborate heraldic styled detailing. Same pressing as the Cragstan version and the Jetter Space Gun. Green box with a picture of the gun in a white oval.

Also shown is the cowboy version of this gun. The bizarre combination of cowboy graphics and a space machine gun is characteristic of the guns produced during this crossover period. Manufacturers were keen to serve these two interests. Western crossover.
DOUBLE BARREL BATMAN PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANBatman superhero blue tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. 8" 20cm Copious litho detailing with Batman wording on the sides and Batman graphics on the handle. Double barreled gun: two transparent green clear plastic barrels with red "lipstic" inserts. Friction noise and spark. Same pressing as the Cragstan Double Barrel Automatic Rapid Action Pistol. 1960s

DOUBLE BARREL MACHINE GUN ME-716 - MAKER? - CHINALarge blue lithographed tinplate space amchine gun. On the top is a white plastic mystery dome with a colored light effect. Battery operated action with noise, reciprocating barrels and lighs. The box is rather drab with no suggestion of a space theme, but the toy is very clearly a space gun. ME716
DOUBLE BARREL MARS GUN - HORIKAWA - JAPANBrightly lithographed blue tin space machine gun. 9.5" The litho effect is of a night sky with Saturn and stars. Double barrel: in this instance the barrels are short tin ones. Friction noise and moving barrels action. The serial number H-2569 is printed on the side.

This is the same pressing as the Horikawa Double Barrel Space Gun.

DOUBLE BARREL MONSTER RIFLE - HORIKAWA? - JAPANBattery operated tin lithographed space machine gun with noise and monster viewing screen. Double barrel. Similar to the New Space Rifle.
DOUBLE BARREL SPACE GUN - HORIKAWA - JAPANBrightly lithographed silver tin space machine gun. The litho effect is of a night sky with sater. Double barrel: in this instance the barrels are short tin ones. Friction noise and moving barrels pom pom action. Two litho variations shown.

This is the same pressing as the Horikawa Double Barrel Mars Gun.
DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN - CHINALarge red lithographed tin space gun. Two transparent green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action. Marked "RIFLE" on one side and "MARS" on the other. There is a spaceman's head on the stock. This is a variation of the Yoshiya original. The writing on the box looks Chinese.
DOUBLE BARREL SPACE RAY GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANThe original version of this much copied gun. Tin lithographed double barreled space gun. Two clear plastic barrels with red plastic inserts that move when the trigger is pulled. Friction noise and spark action. Eagle logo on the angled wood effect stock. See also the Mars Gun and the Rayo Spacial. KO Japan

DR WHO ANTI-DALEK JET IMMOBILISER - LINCOLN INTERNATIONAL (LONDON) LTD - ENGLANDLarge clear blue plastic space machine gun. The gun has a conventional shape with little obvious space detailing. Single shot or repeating water pistol. Blister packed on a large header card depicting Daleks. BBC. 1965
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