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ATOM GUN 73 - SY/YONEYA - JAPAN SY Logo. A relatively small (13") tinplate friction space gun, highly lithographed. Number 73 on the stock. Lever cocking attachment. Spark window set into the top of the barrel. The box has particularly attractive space scene illustrations. SY Logo. Box?

The toy appears in a 1964 Japanese exporter's catalog. It is shown with a front grip that did not feature on the actual gun.

This is the same pressing as the SY Space Machine Gun
ATOM JUNIOR - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAPlastic space gun with probable water squirt action. This is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun. Marked Atom Junior on the sides but with no maker's mark. Known colors: green 5" (13cm) Box? Packaging?

The gun is described as the Atomic Junior gun in the Perth Sunday Times dated 16 August 1953.
ATOM MACHINE GUN - YONEZAWA - JAPANA large metallic blue lithographed tin space machine gun. A rather serious looking gun with perforated double barrels and a wood effect stock. ATOM wording and an eagle on the stock. The box art has a lively space scene of Space Patrol astronauts. Friction action with noise and spark. This is essentially the same as the Yonezawa Super Machine Gun.

ATOM RAY GUN - HILLER - USAMetal water pistol raygun. Consists of a water reservoir cylinder perched on the sliding plunger and trigger. A metal screw cap allows access to fill the cylinder. The original trigger is metal. Plain silver finish. USA 1948 Hiller began life as a manufacturer of model racing car components and their expertise is evident highly effective and well-engineered raygun. Also produced in a red version. The gun appears in an advertisement in 1946.

This iconic design appears in a range of variations around the world.
ATOM RAY GUN - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAPlastic water pistol space gun. Plastic body with a metal reservoir cover, trigger and barrel. A copy of the Hiller Atom Ray Gun made in burgundy plastic or Bakelite. An Australian newspaper advert in the Sydney Sunday Herald 27/11/49 date this plastic version to 1949. It has a distinctive curved trigger.

It was replaced by a metal version in 1950. The manufacturer of this gun has not yet been identified. Box unknown. (In this picture the metal end cap is from the USA version. The Australian version may differ.) Box?
ATOM-BUSTER - WEBB ELECTRIC CO - USATubby green plastic space gun with plunger at rear that creates a blast of air. Mfr: Webb Electronic Company - USA Size: 10 inches "Mystery Gun. Invisible Blast"

Year: 1950's A patent for this Vortex Gun was filed in 1957 and issued in 1959. Patent no. 2879759

Material: Plastic

Function: Air Gun

Color Variations: Green, Yellow, Red. The box for all three is identical save for a printed indication of the color on the lid. The gun comes with a paper target comprising a picture of an atomic mushroom cloud. The target can be perched loosely and will react to the blast of air.

air blaster
ATOM-MATIC WATER ROCKET GUN - PLAYCRAFT CO - USAAn early and simplistic design of space gun from the 1940s. The skeletal gun has a metal reservoir handle, blue plastic barrel, brass trigger. Squirts water. The toy measures approx. 7" The handle, barrel and tip are cast aluminum. The barrel is inside a thin plastic covering, the rings are plastic and the plunger is brass.

On sale in October 1946 (Dothan Eagle December 11, 1946)
A press cutting in 1956 attributed this gun to Henry Hilinski and Steven F Woods of Detroit. The gun, apparently, did not sell well. aluminium

A patent for the gun was granted in August 1946, inventor Edgar Crumb.

ATOMATIC JUNIOR SPACE GUN - H.R. PRODUCTION - ENGLANDSmall 4" clear red plastic angular space water gun complete with attached water tank and brass tip. The gun has no stopper and is operated by filling the separate tank. Picture?

The tank has a metal clip on back to attach to belt. This is based on the of Knickerbocker MidJet Ammo-Tank or Space Jet Gun. Marked Atomatic on the side, rocket logo molded into the side. Box? Packaging? HR Production. This is a copy of the Knickerbocker MidJet Ammo Tank released in 1954.
ATOMATIC SENIOR RAY GUN - H.R. PRODUCTION - ENGLANDA transparent red plastic bulbous space gun water pistol. A classic shape with a sweeping top fin that ends with and upward curl. Marked ATOMATIC on the large rear fin. Brass nozzle. Box? Called "Senior" because there is a smaller, simpler gun by the company also called Atomatic. Also produced in yellow, blue and clear green.

This gun features in the Spellbound magazine for 1965. Box? Packaging?

Atomic / Atomatic

HR Production
ATOMATIC SPACE RIFLE - HR PRODUCTION - ENGLANDThis is a large (17" 43cm) hard dense plastic space water gun. The space gun has a white plastic core with of a two handled design. Around it is a red cover that forms a kind of streamlined rocket body that holds the gun, almost like a pair of folded wings. A rocket-shaped red rifle stock is also attached to the white core.

Three examples of the gun are known: white body with red surround, white with pink surround and black body with red surround. The gun has a Registered Design No 872586 DSN which tentatively suggests a date Nov 1953-Jan 1954. Little is known about the manufacturer: HR Production produced two other Atomatic space water guns.
ATOMEE WATER GUN - PARK PLASTICS - USASmall 5 inch angular hard black plastic water space gun marked ATOMEE. 1961 catalog. Various colors. Bulk display box.
ATOMI SADEPISTOOLI SPACE GUN - DEBOREX - FINLANDA variation of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol from the Finnish company Deborex. Dark red or mulberry colored plastic space gun with sight. Red dials. Shoots rubber tipped darts. DEBOREX is molded in one side and ATOMI SADEPISTOOLI in the other. There may also be a black version, but colors are hard to establish from photos.

1950s Box?

ATOMIC 5 PISTOL - NEWELL - USARed plastic space gun. This odd shaped gun is big at the back, reducing in diameter towards the front of the stubby barrel. This shape allows the pre-loading of a number of balls. There are small sights on top. The gun shoots table tennis balls, red ones are provided: the plunger at the rear is pulled back to cock the gun.

The first sighting is in the Gray Hardware and Miles Kimball catalogs for 1950.
ATOMIC BALL GUN - M&L - USAPlastic revolver. 9" A horse is molded into the grip, a detail that indicates its conversion from a cowboy themed original. Fires hard plastic balls when the gun is cocked with the lever on the underside of the barrel. Blue box with space graphics.
Known colors: red, yellow

Western, cowboy crossover.

Also sold as the Space Rocket Gun, a grey gun with space graphics that fires rockets.
Mfg. by M&L Toy Co., NJ - 1951 (Morris & Louis) On sale December 1952.

ATOMIC DART GUN SET - FOR DELTA IMPORT - HONG KONG?A black plastic Luger shaped space gun. Shoots rubber tipped darts. Sold bagged with header card and a backing card with a bullseye target. The gun has non-spacey look but this is offset by the molding of a slender Robby style robot in the handle.
ATOMIC DISINTEGRATOR GUN - ENGLANDEnglish version of the Hubley Atomic Disintegrator Space Gun. Metallic gold painted die cast metal. Retro deco styling. Cap firing action. The catch by the trigger guard allows the cap chamber to emerge from the gun. Maker? Box?
ATOMIC DISINTEGRATOR GUN - HUBLEY - USAClassic art deco shape space gun. Die-cast metal with a profusion of dials, gauges and fins. Red plastic panels on a stylish molded handle. Cap firing action. Made in the 1950s, this was Hubley's only space gun.

The gun appears in a Western Auto catalog for 1953,
ATOMIC FLASH GUN - CHEIN - USALithographed tinplate blue and yellow space gun with simple telescopic sight and low profile rear fin.. Red spark window at the front of the barrel. Friction action with sound and spark. Replaceable flint. This gun appears to have started life as a Mar_x prototype but at some stage it was adopted by Chein and released with slight modifications. 7 1/2" 18cm

The gun has the same shape as the Sparkling Six Shooter.

Listed in a Chein catalog as item No 96.

A patent was published in 1953. Pat No. 169039. Inventor Samuel Hoffman.
ATOMIC GUN - BANDAI - JAPANLithographed green tinplate space gun with red detailing. Early bulbous styling. Rocket litho detail and a spaceman on the handle. Saturn on the tailfin. Water pistol. Box?
ATOMIC GUN - ICHIMURA? - JAPANSmall gold lithographed tinplate space gun with red and blue detailing. Very small spark windows at the tip of the barrel. Crimped construction. Marked Atomic Gun. Friction spark and noise action. Maker? Possible trade box sales.

This gun appears in the 1973 Ichimura catalog. Item #8088
ATOMIC GUN - OR - JAPANBulbous red and silver lithographed tin space gun with Atomic Gun wording. There is a rear top fin that arcs backward. Clear red plastic barrel. Friction sparking action. The box has a logo consisting of two fish forming a circle, with the letters RO? inside. Also released as the RYMDPISTOL Gun by Haji. Crimped construction.
ATOMIC GUN - SHUDO? - JAPANA metallic blue lithographed tinplate angular space gun. Marked ATOMIC GUN with an atomic symbol on the stock. The gun has a single raised rectangular red corrugated plastic spark window on each side. Friction action with spark. Maker? This has the same shape as Shudo guns.

There is also a silver version with red detailing. Box?
ATOMIC JET GUN - DCMT CRESCENT TOYS - ENGLANDRed aluminium version of the Hiller Ray Gun. DCMT have reworked the Hiller. The most obvious difference is the much longer cylinder reservoir that gave many more shots for a fill of water. The gun has been provided with a separate barrel nozzle: it extends directly from the water reservoir. The trigger is now a separate and much shorter structure. The reasons for the change are unclear but it is characteristic of English toy companies that they reworked space guns, they did not just reuse molds.

Two box versions, one with DCMT label, the other with a Crescent Toys lable. Date: mentioned in 1949 Lincolnshire Echo 22/9/1949 P4

ATOMIC JET GUN - J & E STEVENS - USAThe full title of this gun is Atomic Jet New Space Police Fully Automatic Repeater Cap Gun

Silver die-cast metal cap firing gun. Marked SPACE POLICE on one side, ATOMIC JET on the other. A letter S is marked on the handle. There is a small telescopic sight mounted on the top.

The barrel has distinctive rings around the barrel and vertical moldings on the body that continue this ringed effect. There is a front sight that curves backward. Despite its space design Stevens still felt safer emphasizing the fact that this is a police gun. It is also claimed that the gun produces smoke rings.

The patent for this gun was published in 1953, Pat No. 170023. The inventor was F. J. Maywald.


ATOMIC JET WATER GUN - FETHALITE - AUSTRALIAPlastic space water gun with classic bulbous styling. Large rear fin and a small front fin. The plastic nozzle is recessed inside the barrel opening. Filler cap on the top. Atomic Jet is molded into one side of the large rear fin, and Fethalite 67 (catalog number) into the other side. Red, black, green and probably other colors.

This gun's design is from the Rocket Jet gun made by the US Plastic Co. It was available as a premium for those who raised 30 shillings for the ULVA charity in South Australia (see page 120 in the Blast off book for an example of the flyer). This charity drive was called “The Rocky Starr Christmas Cheer club” and was associated with the radio show “The Adventures of Rocky Starr”. The name of the show may also be the reason this gun was chosen as a premium as a version of it was produced in the U.S. for the “Captain Starr of Space” radio program and in both shows the main character was Rocky Starr even though the storylines are different. The newspaper article is from August 1953. Box? Packaging?

ATOMIC MACHINE GUN - IDEAL - USALarge plastic space machine gun. A substantial space rifle made of the swirly plastic so color variations are the order of the day. It has a long thin barrel with rings that gives it added style. There's a substantial sight attached to the top though it's rather obstructed. Crank action cap firing mechanism.

The gun was widely advertised in November 1953.
ATOMIC MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge tinplate machine gun with magazine. No space graphics and a serious look to this gun. Detachable clear plastic drum magazine rotates and lights with firing noise. The space connection is established by the name and space scene on the box.
ATOMIC ORBETOR-X - GHERZI - ITALYHard plastic space gun shoots plastic darts by gas propellant. CO2 cannister inserts into underside of the gun. The gun is based on the Cosmic Ray Gun by Palitoy with considerable and imaginative changes.

Red and black versions. The silver chrome version was used in the two gun set.
ATOMIC ORBETOR-X TWO GUN SET - GHERZI - ITALYA pair of chrome silver space guns shooting plastic darts by means of gas propulsion from the cannisters. Based on the Cosmic Ray Gun by Palitoy.
ATOMIC OUTER SPACE AIR RAY GUN - AIDS INC - USAA metallic gold plastic variation of the Budson original air blaster gun design. You cock the gun by raising and lowering the fin on top, this draws back a metal disk in the center of the rubber. When you pull the trigger, the disk releases and the volume of air in the chamber is compressed through the narrow barrel delivering a formidable invisible blast. Box?

Aids Inc produced several variations of this design. See the Supersonic Defender Gun and Scorpion Hip Gun. On sale in October 1957. The gun appears in the Miles Kimball catalog for 1958.

Made by Aids Incorporated, out of El Segundo, California

A patent was granted in 1949 Pat No. 154516 Inventor Thomas M Shelton
ATOMIC PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANTin lithographed space gun, 8 ins, with a small yellow rear fin, and a cylindrical clear blue plastic nozzle extension with red end cap. The cylinder rotates when the trigger is pulled. There is a long spark window grille on the sides as well as the word ATOMIC. Friction noise and spark action.

Two color versions are known: blue and silver. The litho detailing on each is the same. TN udd

Appears in the Nomura Catalog 1961.
ATOMIC POW'R POP GUN - GLENN - AUSTRALIAHard plastic space pop gun with barrel rings and futuristic lines. Telescopic sight. Finns on the barrel tip. A brass tipped rod is pulled back to cock the mechanism. Supplied with four corks. A whistle is built into the handle. 8" long. An ad in "The Retailer" dates the gun to May, 1951.

Color Variations: Red w/Blue Grip & Yellow Muzzle, Red w/Yellow Grip & Green Muzzle, Yellow w/Red Grip & Blue Muzzle, Black w/ Light Blue Grip & Muzzle. , Gold w?Black Grip & Blue Muzzle

ATOMIC RAY GUN - ICHIMURA - JAPANA small tin space gun with yellow lining. The distinctive feature is the short flared barrel decorated with red rectangles: the barrel contains a single spark window in each side. Marked Atomic Ray Gun. Litho detailing includes an atomic symbol. Friction action with spark.

In the top example the gun is blister packed on a card marked FRICTION TOY with a small tin Patrol Disk flying saucer. Friction action with noise and spark. Indian Head logo company.

Produced in blue and silver versions.
ATOMIC RAY GUN - ICHIMURA? - JAPANSmall silver and blue lithographed tin friction space gun with distinctive ribbed single spark window. Six diagonal litho windows and the distinctive line decoration ending in two circles - just at the top of the handle.
ATOMIC RAY GUN - ICHIMURA? - JAPANSmall black and silver lithographed tin friction space gun with distinctive ribbed single spark window. Six diagonal litho windows and the distinctive line decoration ending in two circles - just at the top of the handle.
ATOMIC RAY GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge silver tin lithographed battery op space machine gun. Large blue lighted muzzle. Cylindrical rotating structure with lights on the top. Battery operated flashing colored lights and sound. TN
ATOMIC RAY PISTOL - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDPlastic space gun in bronze or silver-blue and green versions. Shoots a distinctive dart with a forked tail. An elastic band runs top to bottom inside the barrel, just behind the rings - the band actually sticks out of the gun and attaches to small pegs. The dart has that "claw" bit in the rear because it wraps around the rubber band, drawing it back, and then the dart clicks into place. When the trigger is pulled, the dart launches out of the gun. The whole dart actually slides into the barrel -- nothing sticking out, unlike most guns, which leave the front suction cup exposed. English

The gun is decorated with red plastic dials that turn, and other non-working levers. Sold on a brightly decorated backing card, in a bag with an additional header card. The graphics are intentionally similar to Dan.Dare.

A version of the gun in silver with blue control knobs is known. It does not have the Tudor Rose maker's mark. It may be an Australian release. See also the French Le Pistolet Atomic version.
ATOMIC RAY PISTOL, COSMONAUT'S SET - TN - HONG KONGAn unlicensed copy of the Tudor Rose Atomic Ray Pistol. The blister carded plastic space gun shoots darts. The gun has a plastic molding instead of the red control knobs of the original. In addition the telescopic sight has been reversed. The backing card includes artwork taken from the box of the Lone Star Space Ranger gun; the gun depicted bears no resemblance to the toy in the packaging. (The card has been altered to read 6)

The same backing card has been used for a number of space gun/figure combinations. The artwork on the card is very similar to that on the Policia Planetario card.

ATOMIC RIFLE - HORIKAWA - JAPANA large silver tinplate machine gun with double barrel. The barrels move in and out alternately. There is an unusual feature on the gun: four interlocking colored gears sit in a clear plastic assembly on the top. Friction action with noise and spark. Japanese and English box versions. Date?
ATOMIC ROCKET GUN - KGK? - JAPANClear plastic space water pistol. Bulbous retro rocket shape with large rear fin. 14cm Distinctive white ring at the back which is used to fill the gun. Available in several colors. Bagged with header card. Maker? Date? Box? Packaging?

See the earlier Rocket Jet version which was made by KGK Kanto Gosei Kogyo.
ATOMIC SPACE GUN - ICHIMURA - JAPANA small lithographed tin space gun. Black with white and yellow detailing. Marked ATOMIC SPACE GUN. Three spark windows at the front. Friction action with spark. 5" 12cm. Sold in trade boxes. Indian Head Logo. The gun is featured in an Ichimura page from an Exporters Guide dated 1964.
ATOMIC SPACE GUN - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDSmall red plastic space gun with red tip. Shoots spinners. A reissue of the US Space Gun with 3 Flying Disks or spinners. Display box. Based on the US Plastic Co spinner design.

Image courtesy Vectis Auctions
ATOMIC SPACE GUN - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDA plastic space gun from Tudor Rose. Gold bronze plastic body with clear red domed front. Friction action with spark. Atomic wording on fin. Has dial decoration on the side. Box?
ATOMIC SPACE RIFLE - TUDOR ROSE - ENGLANDLarge futuristic hard plastic space rifle with telescopic sight. The design is based on the Tom Corbett Atomic Rifle though there are clear differences. Water pistol action. Two versions are shown which differ in color, molding details (eg the trigger area) in dial detailing. c1953 Box? Packaging?

On sale in Australia in October 1953.

A patent for the US version was published in 1952.
Pat No. 169315.
Inventor Mahlon Hirsch
ATOMIC SPARKING GUN - ARROW T/ELVIN - JAPANSmall silver tin lithographed space gun with two oval spark windows by the muzzle. Same pressing as the Space Universe Gun. Marked Atomic Gun and sold in a bag with a header card marked Atomic Sparking Gun (the same card used for other guns). Friction noise and spark.
ATOMIC WATER GUN (BICYCLE WATER PISTOL) - RELIABLE PLASTICS CO - CANADAA hard plastic brass tipped space water gun, a cross between a pistol and a more classic shape with rings on the muzzle and ribs on the side. 8" 16cm . This gun has a small enclosed trigger. The gun has a ball lever extending down in front of the trigger. This would fit into a clamp and allow the gun to be fixed to a bicycle's handlebars. There is an R in a circle molded into the side. There are several color versions.

First sighting is currently in the 1954 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. The gun is an adaptation of the Atomic Water Pistol that came out the year before. Sold in a polythene bag with a header card.
ATOMIC WATER PISTOL - CRESCENT? - ENGLANDSmall plastic space squirt gun with rubber bulb, water pistol. A retro shape with rings at the back, a slender barrel and rings around the nozzle. Available in several colors including swirl color plastic. Card mounted. "Guaranteed to Atomise All Space Invaders". Reputedly English, possibly Crescent, but unconfirmed. The alien on the card resembles a Treen.
ATOMIC WATER PISTOL - RELIABLE - CANADAA hard plastic space water gun, a cross between a pistol and a more classic shape with rings on the muzzle and ribs on the side. 8" 16cm . This gun has a small enclosed trigger. There is an R in a circle molded into the side and black detailing of parts. There are several color versions. Box? Packaging?

First sighting is currently in the 1953 Reliable Plastic Toy catalog. Sold in trade boxes.

ATOMIC WATER PISTOL, LARGE TRIGGER VERSION - RELIABLE - CANADARed plastic space gun water pistol with yellow pistol. "R" in a circle branded on the sides. Made by Reliable of Ontario, Canada. This gun has a distinctive broad trigger which extends to the bottom of the handle. The gun is based on the earlier Atomic Water Pistol design

The box shown refers to a new whistle feature. There is an version without the whistle. The gun appears in an advert in the Winnipeg Tribune in March 1949.
ATOMIC-RAY-GUN - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge metallic blue tin lithographed space machine gun with a wood effect stock. Rings on the barrel with an inset red plastic window. Small flared muzzle. Battery operated. Space graphics on the brown stock. Flashing light and sound action. Notice the hyphens in the title which appear on the box. The box and the stock have naive but entertaining space scenes. Modern Toys.

ATOMICO SPACE GUN - SPAINPlastic space gun with simple clicker action. This is based on the Pyro Space Control Gun though the muzzle is much larger than the Pyro. Marked ATOMICO on one side but with no maker's mark. Available in a wide range of colors, some with hand painted detailing. Maker? Box? The same gun was also produced in Argentina. 5" (13cm)
AUDIO SIGNAL RAY RIFLE - ARLISS - USAPlastic space rifle with a distinctive rocket in the place of the sight. Battery powered flashlight action. Marked with a star in a circle with wings logo on the stock. Two fastening points for a carrying strap. 17" Seen in yellow and blue versions. The rifle emits an "audio signal" shoots a beam of light. Targets are printed on the reverse of the box. Date?

AUSTIN MAGIC PISTOL - AUSTIN MAGIC PISTOL CO - USARegarded as a space gun because of the distinctive retro style fins on the barrel. This space gun has a unique action: It originally fired a unique pink-white ping pong ball up to 70 feet or more utilizing a gas created in the firing chamber and ignited by a spark from a flint when the trigger was pulled. The gun uses calcium carbonate (carbide) crystals to generate acetylene gas. The gun was on sale in 1949. It was banned in a number of cities.
AUTO-MAGIC SPACE VIEWER GUN AND THEATRE - STEPHENS PRODUCTS - USAAn angular conventional shaped silver grey gun with a "Space Viewer" decal on the side. The gun is made of diecast metal. Battery powered flashlight, the gun projects picture reels onto a card theater. Seven reels supplied. 1946 Made by Stephens Products, Middletown CT. projection projector.

On sale in 1952.
AUTOMATIC 2000 - JOUETS PP - FRANCEA silver plastic space gun based on the Arrow Launcher Gun by Matsushiro. Darts and spinner shooting action. The gun has two barrels mounted one above the other. In addition a spinner launcher is mounted on top. The spinners are launched and become targets for the dart gun. 29cm. Jouets PP was a Monaco based company.
AUTOMATIC BUBBLE SHOOTING GUN - ARLISS - USALarge plastic bubble blowing space gun. This substantial rounded gun has a sight and three turning cosmetic dials. There is a substantial reservoir at the tip of the barrel that holds the soap solution. When the trigger is pulled a ring picks up the solution and a stream of air blows bubbles. Arliss Co Premier Plastics Division.

Two known color versions:red with yellow attachments and yellow with red attachments.

Currently the earliest sighting is in a Monroe wholesale catalog for 1954.

A patent for the design was filed in 1954 and issued in 1955. Pat no. 2700845
AUTOMATIC DART GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA large plastic multi-barrelled (four barrel) space gun. Blue handle, silver body holding a number of barrels. Dart firing action. Shoots rubber tipped darts. Blister carded. Manga graphics on the card. Date?

Variations of the gun have been made by Knickerbocker, Co-Ma, Picolo and Selcol
AUTOMATIC GUN - TADA - JAPANA 23" long tin litho space rifle made in Japan by Tada. 1950s. Metallic blue, battery operated. Perforated barrel with translucent red plastic backing light when fired and gun produces noise. "Automatic" name on sides, but no space graphics. The box, however, has a most impressive space battle scene. Inside the box is a paper label with a scene slightly different from the one on the box lid


AUTOMATIC GUN - YOSHIYA - JAPANA blue lithographed tinplate space machine gun with litho bullet detailing on the magazine. This gun has a distinctive circular structure in the center. Green and red clear plastic barrel. Spaceman logo on the stock. Friction action with noise and spark.

There are at least three versions of this design, Patrol Gun 45, Automatic Gun and Jet Special Gun all featured in the 1966 Yoshiya catalog. 21cm. Also sold as the Auto Colt
AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL, ATOMIC GUN - NOMURA - JAPANRed tin lithographed short machine gun. 8" 20cm Double barrel with two clear plastic barrels. Drum magazine. Friction noise, spark and bullet simulation lipstick effect.

Appears in the Nomura Catalog 1961.
AUTOMATIC SPACE GUN- ALFA - GREECEPistol style light green plastic space gun with long flared barrel. Red plastic spark window. Holes in the barrel. Friction noise and spark action. Boxed and carded versions shown. Date? This is the same molding as Space Jet Ray Gun, by KO Yoshiya Taiyo.
Automatic Sparking Space Pistol - Hong KongClear plastic pistol style space gun with visible gears. Friction action with spark. Red clear plastic nozzle. A copy of the Yoshiya (KO) Junior Jet Ray Gun.Bagged with header card. Transparent plastic. Three gear version.
AVARUUS PISTOLI - LASTVAL - FINLANDSmall red and blue plastic space gun, shoots green spinners. This version has a small rear fin, smooth handle and concave trigger. Based on the US Plastic design. The spinners have no outer ring. Finnish
Image: Finntoys
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