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UNIVERSAL SPARKING RAY GUN - METTOY? - ENGLANDA simple tin lithographed wind up space machine gun. Bright early style graphics. Perforated black barrel. The top of the gun depicts WWI soldiers shooting at tanks with the gun.

Wind up action with noise and spark. 1950s. Possibly Wells or Mettoy.

This is based on the early Japanese Universal Gun, but it appears to have been simplified. Marked Made in Gt Britain.
UNIVERSE GUN - NAKAYAMA - JAPANRed lithographed tin friction space gun with clear green plastic barrel. Saturn and "Universe Gun" printed on the side. Noise and spark friction action. Date? 22cm

N inside an oval.

URANIA SPACE WATER PISTOL - MAKER? - ITALY?A bulbous clear yellow plastic space water pistol with rotating plastic aliens inside. This is a version of the Astronaut Rocket Ray Gun gun produced by Ideal toy company, J.G. Schrödel of Nuremberg. This is smaller than the German design. 15cm It has URANIA molded on the rear fin. Possibly Italian. Box?

URANUS III - MAKER? - PORTUGALSmall plastic space gun, angular handle. Paper decal decoration. Shoots darts. Blister carded. Available in a range of colors. Date?
UZAY TABANCASI - NE-KUR - TURKEYBlue bulbous tin lithographed space gun with a short clear red plastic barrel. The wording NE-KUR is printed on the sides. Friction noise and spark action.
V SPACE GUN - SPAINA classic shape black plastic space gun with a small rear fin. V and a red decal on the side. Rear filler cap. Water pistol. Maker? Box?
V THE RESISTANCE M-16 MACHINE GUN - ARCO - FRANCELarge metallic blue plastic machine gun. Skeletal stock. Telescopic sight. Silencer attached. Based on the 1984 TV series. Rapid fire action with sound. Card mounted.

VENUS NO 231 SPACE WATER GUN - MAKS - HONG KONGMetallic plastic space water gun. Blue and red versions only. Futuristic styling with rings molded into the barrel and geometric shapes in the body. Bagged with header card. Date? mak's
VETRO SPRIZ SPACE GUN - ARISTON - ITALYNot a functioning space gun but a container for some sort of liquid. Silver grey soft plastic space gun. This gun has a very distinctive handle design consisting of curved ribs. Red plastic tip.
VIDEO SPACE FLASH RAY BUZZER GUN - MAKER? - USAIt is possible that this gun was never released, but it appears in the 1952 Blackwell-Wielandy catalog. The bronze colored plastic battery operated space flashlight gun has several unusual features: a wheel-like structure at the back, a series of coils or springs around the barrel, a a telescopic sight in the shape of a jet rocket mounted on top and a sliding device in the lens housing. 9"

Box? Photo?
VOYAGEUR INTERPLANETAIRE - GPM (G. PASCAL MOSSE) - FRANCEClassic shaped diecast metal space gun with a long, thin telescopic sight, fins on the barrel and a glass lens at the tip. Battery operated flashlight action. The gun has been seen in green, gold, blue, yellow and red versions. 7.5"

The basic version of the gun has just two wires that connect directly to a battery. Pressing the trigger operates the flashlight. The white button at the side switches the light on permanently.

The more complex version has four wires. A battery held in a leather pouch powers the control box. The gun attaches by wire to the control box. The box has a gold dial with the wording ATOMIC LILLIPUT. There are seven electrical connection points. Two marked RECEPTION go to the battery, three marked PISTOLET go to the gun, and two marked EMISSION go to the helmet.

There are at least four sets:
1 Gun, battery holder and Morse card.
2 The above plus a leather holster, belt and wooden target.
3 As 2 with additional metal control box and a white leather harness to allow it to attach to the chest.
4 The largest set includes a lighted helmet and white gloves. leather vest, wrist and ankle cuffs and a space map. This set would include all the items shown in the box artwork. The helmet was probably packed separately.

The set is made of white leather with contrasting trim. Red, blue and green are known with matching helmets. There may be yellow and gold examples.

The box artwork shows a gun which is unlike the one currently known. It may suggest an earlier unknown version. Only diecast guns have been located so far. The gun and spacesuit feature on the cover of a 1954 French toy trade magazine.
Stubby red, blue and white lithographed tin raygun. Double barrelled, both barrels are clear red plastic with red inserts. Unusually the barrels are mounted one above the other instead of the usual side by side configuration. This is the same pressing as the RAY-W-GUN by Marubishi.

The barrels are the same components used on the Marubishi Astro Mobil.

Friction action with sparking and noise. Japan.
WANI BRAND PISTOL - WANI - JAPANA small, early tinplate nickel plated space gun. Spaceship design with a rocket molded into the stock. Cap firing action. Sold in trade boxes of one dozen. 1950s
WASSERSPRITZPISTOLE SPACE WATER PISTOL - GEOBRA - W GERMANYA transparent plastic space water pistol. This gun is based on the Rex Mars Planet Patrol by Marx. It also has features seen on the Mars water gun by Mak's, H.K. The gun has a classic shape with with rings on the barrel, fins on the muzzle and lines on the body. A streamlined telescopic sight is mounted at the back. The gun has a small working compass on one side of the handle and is marked Geobra on the other side. Sold carded (picture, anyone).

Note the square trigger guard, the larger sight and the compass, all of which distinguish it from the earlier Marx version which has a rounded trigger guard, smaller sight and no compass.

This gun features in the Geobra 1957 catalog. It was also on sale as late as 1963-4 in the Hullinghorts Spielzeug catalog.
WATER GUN TWO RING VERSION - PALMER PLASTICS - USAGrey plastic water pistol space gun with telescopic sight. Stars and Saturn molded in the sides. Bagged with header card. Various colors. Similar to the Palmer Planeteer Gun but with just two rings at the base of the barrel. Various colors.
2 Ring
WATER PISTOL - MAKER - JAPANAn early Japanese lithographed tinplate water pistol. The little blue space gun has an angular pistol shape with a trigger guard and a large yellow star on the handle. On the sides are a lightning bolt, a spaceman floating in space, Saturn and the wording "WATER PISTOL". Box? Date? Details?
WHAM-O INVISIBLE AIR BLASTER - WHAM-O - USAThis distinctively shaped plastic air blaster first appeared in 1965. This is the second generation of such guns and is a reworking of the design first used by Budson in the 1940s.

A pump lever is used to pull back the diaphragm. When the trigger is pulled the gun discharges a powerful jet of air. Despite the lack of space themes on the gun or on the packaging the toy is sought by space gun collectors.

The gun remained in production for many years and several cosmetic changes were made to the gun and the packaging.

Black (top left and bottom right): 1963 - came with a gorilla target printed on the box and separate alien card targets.

Blue/white: 1968

Black with red muzzle: 1978
WORLD SPACE MACHINE GUN - NOMURA / KDP - JAPANEarly Japanese brightly lithographed tin space machine gun. The Universal Gun variant has ribbed center section with a cylindrical magazine attached to the bottom. It has a short black metal barrel tip. Two sights on the top. Wind up sound and spark action.
X 15 ASTRONAUTS SATELLITE PISTOL - MAKER? - HONG KONGA light blue plastic satellite/spinner launching pistol space gun with red trim. A child is molded into the handle. Date?

The instructions are entertaining: "You must weigh heavily on the detonator ( Trigger ) and the satellites will fly and turn on the ceiling of your living room!"

X-1 FLASHY-RAY MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge metallic blue lithographed tin battery operated space machine gun. This is a realistic looking machine gun which has no distinctive space character other than the name and box artwork. Wood effect stock. Flashing lights and sound. S_No 611

Appears in the Nomura Catalog 1961.
X-100 MYSTERY SPACE DART GUN - ARLISS - USAStubby rounded plastic space gun with dome bulges at the front. Shoots darts. The main selling feature was the fact that the darts have darts that can be filled with talk powder. The dart suckers have perforations: when they strike a target the talk stains the surface. Available in a range of colors: Burgundy and silver shown. 1950s. See also the X-200 set.
X-2 AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA black or dark blue lithographed tinplate machine gun. The battery operated gun has a detachable cylindrical clear plastic magazine on top which light up when in action. The stock has the wording Automatic Ray Gun. Noise and flashing lights. A rather serious gun with little space detail, though the box has a dramatic space combat scene. 22" Similar in design to the Flashy Ray Gun.

Oddly, the gun appears in the 1956 Yonezawa (yes) catalog. It also features in the Nomura Catalog for 1964.
X-5 HEAVY MACHINE GUN - TADA - JAPANLarge black tin lithographed space machine gun marked X-5MG on the side. Comes with metal tripod. The perforated barrel is lined and tipped with red plastic. Friction noise and spark action.
X-ATOMIC MACHINE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA fairly conventional dark grey lithographed tinplate machine gun with wood effect stock. Short barrel. Rings. The box depicts a clear plastic lighted drum magazine on the top, though this is not evident on the pictured example. Marked Atomic Ray Gun on the stock. S- N0612. Battery operated action with noise and flashing lights.
X-RAY GUN - DAIYA - JAPANClear red hard plastic space gun with hump at the back and a small T-shaped sight. Friction noise and spark. Also in blue.

This was also released by Daiya as the Astro Ray Gun (with a minor modification to the sight).

First sighting is currently the 1967 Daiya catalog. Item #463

X-RAY GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA substantial blue tin lithographed space machine gun fitted with a tripod. More military than space. Battery operated flashing light and space noise. The gun has twin handles with firing button and has a clear red circular housing that resembles a magazine drum.
XZ-33 SUEDE HOLSTER (FOR BUCK ROGERS XZ-31 SPACE GUN) - DAISY - USAThe suede holster was sold separately. Came with a belt.
XZ-36 LEATHER HOLSTER (FOR BUCK ROGERS XZ-35 SPACE GUN) - DAISY - USAA leather holster with a futuristic styling. Circular hole. Designed to hold the smaller 1934 Wilma Deering ZX-35 space gun. Sold loose, no box. Sold with a belt.
XZ-39 LEATHER HOLSTER (FOR BUCK ROGERS XZ-38 SPACE GUN) - DAISY - USALeather holster with a diamond shaped hole. Marked Buck Rogers 25th Cent. Soldd with 30-inch plain belt with plain buckle for the XZ-38 Disintegrator Pistol. Unboxed.

Also sold in a box with the XZ-38 gun as item XZ-40
YU DO DAN - MAKER? - JAPANAn early Japanese black tinplate space gun. The poor photo hides much of the detail of this cap firing gun. It does have a trigger guard. The box has the picture of a Thunderbird 1 style rocket flying over the ocean in a Midway style battle with an aircraft carrier. Maker? better photo? Plated metal.

ZAP GUN - MEGO - HONG KONGClear plastic gun with red plastic barrel. Visible motor. Friction sparking action. A Mego release of the KO Yoshiya Junior Jet Ray Gun. Three gear version.
ZETARAY SPACE GUN - PIFCO - ENGLANDPlastic battery operated fashlight space gun. Rounded shape with rear fins and a knurled molding at the back. Seen in metallic gold and metallic blue. Some examples reveal "ghost" traces of the Raydionic Resonator Beam Space Gun wording indicating that it is an adaptation of the Raydionic mold. Date c1969

Offered as a mail away with Kellog's Sugar Smacks in 1969.

ZIP ZIP SPACE GUN - MAKER? - USAA die cast metal space gun dating from the early 1950s. The slender grey metal gun has cooling fin details on the body and a swept back front sight, also with fins.

This is probably an unfinished prototype. There is no firing mechanism.
ZIRO-ZIP SPACE GUN - TOMY - JAPANThis is a variation of the Tomy Siren raygun design. Red and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren - the box shows a blue and white version. The Tomy trademark is molded into the side of the gun. There is a red light at the top front of the gun. 7.5" 19cm Tomy also released the Ultra Space Gun version of this gun.
ZOOKA POP PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis brightly colored red, yellow and blue 7" litho steel space gun is based on the pre-war XZ-35 "Wilma" Buck Rogers design. Daisy no longer held rights to the Buck Rogers name and significantly this gun makes no claim to being a space gun.

Pop gun action shoots corks. The gun is loaded by cocking the hinged handle. Box?

Zoomeray Pistol - Tigrett - USAA packaging variation of the gun by Tigrett Enterprises in the 1950's. Made of fairly durable plastic. It makes use of a catapult system to propel the paper tube from the barrel. Sold in a bag with a header card.

Advertised as the "new atomic pistol" from May 1951.
ZOOMERMATIC - TIGRETT - USAA variation of the Zoomeray gun with a more substantial plastic body with elaborate plastic scroll work on the top. The gun has the same skeletal handle. The gun now has a working trigger which propels a coiled paper streamer attached to a plastic rod. Sold on a header card.

On sale December 1953

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