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XZ-36 LEATHER HOLSTER (FOR BUCK ROGERS XZ-35 SPACE GUN) - DAISY - USAA leather holster with a futuristic styling. Circular hole. Designed to hold the smaller 1934 Wilma Deering ZX-35 space gun. Sold loose, no box. Sold with a belt.
XZ-39 LEATHER HOLSTER (FOR BUCK ROGERS XZ-38 SPACE GUN) - DAISY - USALeather holster with a diamond shaped hole. Marked Buck Rogers 25th Cent. Soldd with 30-inch plain belt with plain buckle for the XZ-38 Disintegrator Pistol. Unboxed.

Also sold in a box with the XZ-38 gun as item XZ-40
YU DO DAN - MAKER? - JAPANAn early Japanese black tinplate space gun. The poor photo hides much of the detail of this cap firing gun. It does have a trigger guard. The box has the picture of a Thunderbird 1 style rocket flying over the ocean in a Midway style battle with an aircraft carrier. Maker? better photo? Plated metal.

ZAP GUN - MEGO - HONG KONGClear plastic gun with red plastic barrel. Visible motor. Friction sparking action. A Mego release of the KO Yoshiya Junior Jet Ray Gun. Three gear version.
ZETARAY SPACE GUN - PIFCO - ENGLANDPlastic battery operated fashlight space gun. Rounded shape with rear fins and a knurled molding at the back. Seen in metallic gold and metallic blue. Some examples reveal "ghost" traces of the Raydionic Resonator Beam Space Gun wording indicating that it is an adaptation of the Raydionic mold. Date c1969

Offered as a mail away with Kellog's Sugar Smacks in 1969.

ZIP ZIP SPACE GUN - MAKER? - USAA die cast metal space gun dating from the early 1950s. The slender grey metal gun has cooling fin details on the body and a swept back front sight, also with fins.

This is probably an unfinished prototype. There is no firing mechanism.
ZIRO-ZIP SPACE GUN - TOMY - JAPANThis is a variation of the Tomy Siren raygun design. Red and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren - the box shows a blue and white version. The Tomy trademark is molded into the side of the gun. There is a red light at the top front of the gun. 7.5" 19cm Tomy also released the Ultra Space Gun version of this gun.

ZOOKA POP PISTOL - DAISY MFG - USAThis brightly colored red, yellow and blue 7" litho steel space gun is based on the pre-war XZ-35 "Wilma" Buck Rogers design. Daisy no longer held rights to the Buck Rogers name and significantly this gun makes no claim to being a space gun.

Pop gun action shoots corks. The gun is loaded by cocking the hinged handle. Box?

Zoomeray Pistol - Tigrett - USAA packaging variation of the gun by Tigrett Enterprises in the 1950's. Made of fairly durable plastic. It makes use of a catapult system to propel the paper tube from the barrel. Sold in a bag with a header card.

Advertised as the "new atomic pistol" from May 1951.
ZOOMERMATIC - TIGRETT - USAA variation of the Zoomeray gun with a more substantial plastic body with elaborate plastic scroll work on the top. The gun has the same skeletal handle. The gun now has a working trigger which propels a coiled paper streamer attached to a plastic rod. Sold on a header card.

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