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SUPERMAN SPACE SATELLITE GUN - PARK PLASTICS FOR KELLOGS - USASmall red plastic space gun with telescopic sight, shoots spinners. The spinners are wound on the gun and the trigger releases them. Mail away premium in 1958.

SUPERMAN WATER GUN - FOR IPR - HONG KONGAngular black plastic water pistol. Superman decals. Blister carded. Made for the Italian market. 1970s. Italy
SUPERSONIC DEFENDER GUN - AIDS INC - USAThis is a variation of Aids Incs Outer Space Air Ray Gun. A silver plastic air blaster space gun. This is basically the Air-Firing Hip Gun with an extended barrel. Marked Supersonic on the top rear fin. Also advertised as the AIR-FIRING SHOULDER GUN.

The gun has three distinct sections and was sold in three combinations: the Atomic Hand Gun, Scorpion Hip Gun and Supersonic defender gun.

This is one of the second generation of such guns and is a reworking of the design first used by Budson in the 1940s.

On sale in October 1957. Picture? Box? Packaging?
SUPERSONIC SPACE SHOOTER - MAKER? - AUSTRALIAPlastic battery powered flashlight with click action. Contains color changing filters. Based on the English Pifco Zetaray/ Raydionic mold. Red metallic plastic with the words "Supersonic Space Shooter" molded on the sides. The lens cover is larger than the Zetaray but not as substantial as the Raydionic version. Color variations.

Maker? Box?
TAKARA SPACE GUN - TAKARA - JAPANClear blue plastic space water gun. Bulbous design, particularly the bottom of the grip. Rear fins. 12cm Marked TAKARA. Box? Date?
TARGET DART GUN - THOMAS TOY - USA Small pistol style space dart gun in metallic plastic colors. Telescopic sight at rear. Sold on a non-space card with target.4-1/4" plastic gun. Came in red, blue, silver
Probably other colors Mfg. by Thomas Toy- Newark, NJ 1960s Date?
TETSUJIN T28 DOUBLE BARREL AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANSuperhero blue tin lithographed space machine gun. Cylindrical magazine. Copious litho detailing. 8" 20cm Double barrelled gun: two green and red clear plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark. The gun depicted on the box bears no relation to the actual toy. Same pressing as the Cragstan Double Barrel Automatic Rapid Action Pistol.
TETSUJIN T28 DOUBLE BARREL SPACE MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANJapanese superhero black tin lithographed double-barrel space machine gun. Rotating cylindrical tin magazine effect. Two clear red and green plastic barrels. Friction noise and spark action. The box is entirely in Japanese and designed for the home market. The name would be character specific. TN.

There are several character versions of this gun.

Box? Packaging?
TETSUWAN ATOM MIGHTY GUN - TAKARA - JAPANAn silver plastic space gun with the handle, support and sights all set at a sharp angle. Shoots bothspinners and darts. Card targets of Tetsuwan Atom characters included. 12" 30cm Superhero.

Image courtesy Smith House.
THE ATOM SPLITTER REPEATING CAP PISTOL - KELO - ENGLANDPlastic cap firing space gun with a metal cap chamber. Classic deco styling makes it look like something from a much earlier era. A variation of the Hubley Disintegrator Gun by the English Ke-Lo Company. Kelo or Ke-Lo is the manufacturer Keith Lowe of Dudley, England. The company was purchased by Wells-Brimtoy, a prolific English toy manufacturer. Though the box says "Atom Splitter" the gun has "Atom Smasher" molded on the side.
THE ATOMIC RAY GUN - AIRFIX - ENGLANDAn angular white plastic battery operated flashlight gun. Pistol-like design with a large red lens cover. There is a small rear sight. Better image? Date? c1950s.

Image courtesy
THE MYSTERIANS GUN - YONEZAWA - JAPANBulbous brightly lithographed blue tin space gun with clear plastic barrel. The gun has a distinctive dome shape with a night star sky scene. The barrel has an orange plastic component that moves when the trigger is pulled. Friction noise and spark. The gun is a spin off of The Mysterians sci-fi film of 1957. 8 inches long. The box has a large picture of a yellow helmeted Mysterian.
THREE-SHOT ROCKET GUN WITH TARGET - SUPERIOR - USAPlastic rocket jet shaped space gun. Shoots three rubber tipped darts simultaneously. The gun requires partial assembly. Sold originally in a set comprising a metal target with a stand plus the gun. 7.5 ins, red plastic. Two versions of the target: Space Target and Super Target are known. First sighted in a Strutco catalog for 1952. Superior is the trading name of T Cohn, the TC logo on the toy. See the later Marx Triple Jet Dart Gun version. A much copied space gun.
THUNDER GUN "SMOKEY JOE" - NEWELL - USAA large conventional single shot airfire rifle with 2-in-1 action. 25" The gun has a pump action and shoots ping pong balls. Comes with "muzzle compensator" that fits on front end of the gun. Walnut finished plastic and aluminum. The box depicts a spaceman and spacewoman.

An advert for the gun appears in a newspaper ad in November 1950.
THUNDERBIRD 2 GUN - MAKER? - JAPANA plastic gun in the shape of Thunderbird 2 with an attached handle. 7" long. Shoots small BB pellets. Blister packed on card. Sekiden Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson.
THUNDERBIRD 3 SPACE GUN - MAKER? - JAPANRed plastic water pistol in the shape of Thunderbird 3. Yellow plastic tail fins. Molded white panels in the handles. Maker? Packaging?
THUNDERBIRD CAP FIRING PISTOL - JR 21 - ROSENTHALBlue plastic space gun with cap firing action. Using the same pressing as the water pistol. Manufactured in Hong Kong for JR Rosenthal. Bagged with header card. Gerry Anderson. An authorised product. Header card features Scott. Also issued in green plastic.
THUNDERBIRD WATER PISTOL - JR 21 - ROSENTHALRed plastic water pistol space gun with a nominal 100 shots. The gun has a distinctive nozzle that can be aimed independently. A much used design manufactured in Hong Kong for JR Rosenthal. Bagged with header card. Gerry Anderson. An authorised product. Header card features Jonh. Only seen in red.
THUNDERBIRDS GIANT HEAVY MACHINE GUN - MATSUSHIRO - JAPANA large (24") plastic battery operated heavy machine gun. The gun is mounted on a tripod. Camouflage colors. The military machine gun has been destributed in the Thunderbirds line with elaborate TB graphics on all sides of the window box. Battery operated noise, flashing barrel and moving plastic ammo belt. No 1300-M
No 01000 01050
THUNDERBIRDS JET LAUNCHER SPACE GUN -MATSUSHIRO - JAPANA version of the Lost in Space Roto-Jet Gun. This is large silver plastic modular space gun. 17" long. Shoots spinners. Though very similar to the Mattel original there are significant differences: a glossy silver finish, a much longer telescopic sight, a spark panel in place of the paper decal, a larger trigger guard etc. This has been released for the Japanese market in a 25"x14" box with Thunderbids graphics and four card targets depicting four TB vehicles. No 01000-01100

THUNDERBIRDS MACHINE GUN - MATSUSHIRO - JAPANA large (25") black plastic machine gun. This military design has a simple hand pulled loading mechanism, pressing the trigger produces rapid fire. The gun has a paper Thunderbirds decal on the stock. The gun has been reissued for the Thunderbirds market in a 25"x7" window box with TB graphics on all sides. No 0650-0720 gerry Anderson
THUNDERBIRDS MACHINE GUN - MATSUSHIRO TOYS - JAPANA black plastic friction machine gun. 16" long. Spark action with noise. The standard military machine gun rifle has been packaged in an 18"x 7" box with Thunderbirds graphics. Gerry Anderson. No 0400-0440
THUNDERBIRDS POP GUN SET - MATSUSHIRO - JAPANA boxed set comprising a plastic and tin pop gun rifle and card targets. The 19" rifle is embossed PONY RYDER and has a telescopic sight. The four card targets depict Thunderbirds vehicles and Zero-X. A small box containing corks is included. The rifle has been packaged in a 21"x10" window box with elaborate Thunderbirds graphics on all sides. Gerry Anderson No 0380-0420
THUNDERBIRDS RIFLE - MATSUSHIRO TOY - JAPANA black plastic cap firing Winchester rifle. 26" long. The standard Texas Eagle Model 94 rifle has been adapted for use in the Thunderbird range by the addition of a paper decal on the stock and an elaborately designed window box. No 0400-0440 Gerry Anderson.
THUNDERBIRDS ROCKET FIRING SPACE GUN - LONE STAR - ENGLANDRed plastic dart firing space gun based on the Aqua Jet which in turn is based on the Futuristic Strato Jet Gun: notice the three round details on the gun from Lone Star's mold. An authorised Gerry Anderson Thunderbird product sold on a backing card with two darts.
THUNDERBIRDS SKY LAUNCHER GUN - MATSUSHIRO - JAPANA silver plastic space gun with large telescopic sight, 10" long. Shoots spinners. This Thunderbirds packaging of the toy consists of a 21"x10" window box, gun, four spinners and four card targets depicting TB vehicles and characters. There are elaborate graphics on all sides. No 0600-0660 Gerry Anderson
THUNDERBIRDS SPACE GUN - TOMY - JAPANA stock space gun released in a Thunderbirds themed window box. This is a variation of the Siren Stan raygun design. Blue and white plastic flashlight raygun with siren. There is a red light at the top front of the gun and a cord attached to the handle. 7.5" 19cm One of several packaging variations of the Tomy siren gun. Date?
THUNDERBIRDS ZERO-X SPACE GUN - MATSUSHIRO - JAPANBlack plastic space gun with a red barrel. The rounded bodied space gun has a slender clear red barrel with a solid plastic end. Detachable large silver telescopic sight. It also has a characteristic small white plastic antenna. Friction action with noise and spark.

This is based on the much copied Takatoku pistol design.
TIGER SAUCER GUN - ENMBAN - JAPANA small yellow plastic space water pistol in the shape of a flying saucer. An attached handle has a blue plastic insert with molded graphic of a tentacled alien. ENMBAN, presumably the maker, is molded into the top. Sold in boxes of three. Japan 1960s.
TIGER T-73 SPACE MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANLarge red lithographed tin machine gun with space scenes on the box. Japan 1960s 17.5 ins. Friction action with sparks and firing noise. Tiger wording on the gold stock. Box? Date?
TIGER W. MISSILE SPACE GUN - JAPAN?Grey plastic space water gun with an unusual design consisting of a series of three pear shaped bulbous moldings. Rocket design molded into the handle. Maker? Date? Possibly Japanese. Box?
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET ATOMIC PISTOL FLASHLITE - MARX - USABlue plastic flashlight space gun with sight.

The handle is marked Space Cadet.

This is a hard plastic classic shape battery operated space gun. The cylindrical body has an angled stock. Rings surround the barrel and the back of the gun. A short cone shaped telescopic sight is mounted on top. There is a clear plastic lens housing at the front. Available in a range of colors: gold, silver, red, blue. 8" 20cm long. Comes with a small packet of red and green lens filters to alter the color of the beam. The gun also makes a click noise. Tom Corbett. This gun clearly did have batteries included, and they're customised. flashlight

A patent for the design was filed in 1952 and issued in 1953. Pat no. 169440. On sale in the Christmas 1952 Montgomery Ward catalog.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET CLICKER RAY GUN - MAKER?Silver plastic space gun. This is a variation of the Palmer Space Ray Gun Clicker Pistol. It is appreciably larger - 6" (see comparison shot). It has been suggested that this is an Australian gun. There may be a connection to Palmer Plastics, the designer of the smaller version.

"Tom Corbett" is molded on one side and "Space Patrol" on the other. Simple click action. 1950s Box? Packaging?
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET OFFICIAL SPACE PISTOL - MARX - USABrightly lithographed tin retro style clicker space gun. 9.5"" The gun has a picture of Tom Corbett on the handle and Space Cadet is printed on the barrel. Copyright Rockhill Productions. Based on the original 1935 Flash Gordon Radio Repeater Click Pistol pressin by Marx. 1952, though proof of the date is elusive.
TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET RIFLE - MARX - USALarge (24 inch) plastic space gun rifle with futuristic design . Silver and gold versions. Friction noise action. The panels above the trigger move to simulate firing.

A patent was published in 1952. Featured on a magazine cover dated 1953
Pat No. 169315.
Inventor Mahlon Hirsch
TOM CORBETT SPACE GUN - MARX - USALarge 20 inch lithographed tin and plastic space rifle with multiple actions. Sparking action. This multicolore rifle has a yellow plastic front end with a red plastic muzzle and a blue plastic stock. The body of the gun is brightly lithographed tin. A spring mechanism is mounted on top. The litho includes the name Tom Corbett Space Cadet and the serial number 1507-A.

This gun was recycled throughout the 1950's, it was used with slight litho changes for the Tom Corbett Space Cadet Gun, and the Rex Mars Planet Patrol Space Gun as well as an earlier G-Man type machine gun. Two box versions are known: the official Tom Corbett box and a G-Man box with a Tom Corbett stamp crudely added. Widely advertised in 1952. Gangster crossover.

TOM GUN - MELDON BROS - USABlack painted steel space gun. The gun has a conventional (non-space) pistol shape. Short perforated barrel with a flint adjustment screw at the end. Water slide decal decoration with Super Automatic Tom Gun wording. Pulling the trigger produces a lound noise and rubs a central rod against the flint, producing sparks. 8.5" 21cm. Meldon has repackaged an existing gun to target the growing space market and the box art confirms its space credentials with features such as the Uranium Chamber and Atom Blast Trigger. Meldon Bros, Cleveland Ohio.

Advertised in a 1947 Playthings publication.
TOMI GUN ELECTRO-KLIK - SHAWNEE MANUFACTURING CO - USAHard plastic space gun, battery powered flashlight action. The gus have a cylindrical structure at the back with lightning moldings on the side and TOMI molded in the handle. When the trigger is pressed the light flashes on and off rapidly, giving the suggestion of firing. Color versions: blue, green, yellow.

Both the water pistol and flashlight types share the same patent number for a flashlight gun patented in the early 30's, though not a Tomi gun.

Advertised in newspapers in May 1948. The gun appears in a Billboard Magazine ad from January 8, 1949

Still on sale in 1959.
TOMI WATER GUN - SHAWNEE Mfg - USAPlastic water gun with cylindrical structure at the back. Lightning bolt molded in the sides. Red filler cap and nozzles. When the trigger is pulled a it presses an arm upwards against a bellows and this sprays the water. It's not a pump mechanism as found on more common water pistols.

The cap on the back of the gun is removable to load water. On the battery operates version, this cap is glued into place.

Marked TOMI on the handle. Available in a wide range of colors. See also the Electro-Klik flashlight version of this space gun. Box?

On sale in August 1947.
TOMIK 6 SHOOTER SPACE GUN - THOMAS TOYS - USASmall (4") rocket-shaped plastic space gun. Shoots six rubber bands. Metallic blue, silver and grey versions were produced. Red and yellow versions have also been identified: these may have been produced by the Thomas Toy sister company, Poplar Playthings, in Wales.

The bands are all loaded. Pulling the trigger raises a ratchet up out of the large tail fin. After the first band goes, each successive trigger pull, lifts the remaining bands up one notch, until all have fired. Sold on a target card with rubber bands.

The gun appears as Item No 291 in the Thomas Toys catalog for 1956.
TOMMY GUN WATER RIFLE, BARBARELLA - MAKS - HONG KONGA plastic machine pistol. Water pistol action. 24cm Sold in a bag with header card and called "Tommy Gun". Despite the military connection the gun has space lines, particularly the ring sections on the top. This is a copy of an earlier German design. Mak's

The main space connection is the fact that the gun, probably the German version, was used in the movie "Barbarella".
TOMMY JUNIOR GUN - MAKER? - JAPANBlue plastic space gun. Angular skeletal design with a red telescopic sight screwed onto the top. The gun has a clear green plastic cover with visible motor gears inside. Friction action with noise. 11" 28cm Bagged with header card.

TOMMY KICK SPACE RAY GUN RIFLE - TADA - JAPANLarge multicolored plastic rifle. Battery operated with noise and flashing light in the barrel.

This is the same design as the CAPITAN MARTE - CAPTAIN MARS GUN.

Featured in the 1970 Daishin catalog.

TOMMY THUNDER GUN - MIURA/TADA - JAPANBlue plastic Tommy gun style machine gun with drum magazine. Red barrel tip and a silver painted stock. 20.5" 52cm Marked Tommy Thunder. Paper bullet decals. Battery operated with sound and flashing light. The gun may lack space styling but the box and the inner packing are decorated with space themes. The gun carries a Miura and Tada manufacturer's mark.
TOMMY Z GUN - MAKER? - JAPANAnother release of the Tommy Z space gun. "Flashing Missile Real Scope" Large plastic space machine gun. Clear red barrel, silver body and stock with blue plastic panels. Boxy blue telescopic sight. Battery operated action with sound and flashing light in the barrel. Visible bullet in the side. 47cm The box does not have any space graphics.

TOMMY Z GUN - MIURA - JAPANLarge plastic space machine gun. Clear red barrel, silver body and stock with blue plastic panels. Boxy blue telescopic sight. Battery operated action with sound and flashing light in the barrel. Visible bullet in the side. The box is marked TOMMY Z though the gun has no marking. 47cm The box does not have any space graphics.

See the Flash Gordon Stun Gun version.
TOMMY-RAY SPACE GUN - B&W PLASTICS - USALarge plastic tommy gun with yellow details. The gun has an unusual organic shape with a traditional drum magazine in the middle. The top of the gun has a distinct hump which is pierced by a detachable plastic sight. 22' inches long. Made by B-W Molded Plastics Co. Includes matching plastic space helmet. USA. Red and blue versions.

Widely advertised from November 1953.
TRACER MACHINE GUN - SANKEI - JAPANA large (20 inch) blue tin lithographed space machine gun with a wood effect stock decorated with space scenes. Short barrel. The interesting feature of this space gun is that it accepts a detachable clip of ammo. Turning the crank moves the clip through the gun with noise and spark action. The box depicts a military scene but there's no denying the rocket on the stock. xadded
TRI AIR GAM SPACE GUN - AIRGAM - SPAINUnusual angular grey plastic space gun comprising several flat plastic pieces that form a triple dart shooting gun. Shoots three sucker tipped darts. Decal detailing. Lanza 3 Ventosas.
TRIPLE ACTION JET DART GUN - SUPERIOR - USAA later release of the Three Shot Rocket Gun wit more of an emphasis on jet planes rather than space. Silver grey plastic rocket jet shaped space gun. Shoots three rubber tipped darts simultaneously. Comes with a new target with jet planes. Superior is the trading name of T Cohn, the TC logo on the toy. This gun was also released with minor modifications and a new box as the Triple Jet Dart Gun by the UK Marx company based in Swansea. The reason why Marx is using a Superior mold is still unclear.
TRIPLE GUN H3 MACHINE GUN - HORIKAWA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin space rifle / machine gun. Drum magazine. Unusually the gun has three barrels. Friction action with rotating ammunition drum and moving barrels. The box has minimal space graphics of a rocket ready to launch. Eagle logo on the stock.

Also shown is a silver grey litho variation.
TWIN JET GUN - RANGER STEEL PRODUCTS - USAThis is a hard plastic space gun based on the Ranger Cosmic Ray Gun. There are two yellow fins on the top that lift to give access to the flints: hence the "twin jet" name. Yellow trigger. Clear red plastic barrel nozzle and a second spark window in the middle. The letter R is molded into the handle. Friction sparking action from two locations. Replaceable flints. Size: 10" 25cm

The elaborate spacey design is a complex mixture of components. Two color versions are known: red with yellow components and vice versa.

The gun appears as the Twin Ray Jet Gun in a Goodrich catalog for 1953.

TY HARDING AUTOMATIC RAPID ACTION PISTOL - NOMURA - JAPANTin lithographed space machine gun with clear green plastic double barrel. 8" 20cm Friction action. Portrait of Bronco Lane cowboy character on the handle and the letter B in a circle. A western cowboy-space crossover piece. Ty Harding Bronco Lane Gun. TN Same pressing as the Cragstan Double Barrel Automatic Rapid Action Pistol.
Western crossover. Box?
UFO 4 SPITFIRE GUN - MUPI - ITALYLight blue plastic space gun with an open plastic stock. Visible plastic gears. Small red telescopic sight. Perforated barrel. Paper decals. Friction action with noise and spark. 1970s.
ULTRA 09 ULTRAMAN SPACE GUN - TAKATOKU - JAPANSpeckled blue plastic space gun with a red barrel. The rounded bodied space gun has a slender clear red barrel with a solid plastic end. Detachable large telescopic sight. It also has a characteristic small white plastic antenna. Friction action with noise and spark. Supehero monster theme. Window box. TT T.T.
ULTRA 7 MAGIC FOAM RAYTHER SPACE GUN - JapanBlack plastic raygun with bubble blowing action from Magic Foam reservoir. Header card.
ULTRA DART GUN - TUDOR ROSE? - ENGLANDA black plastic space gun with red plastic barrel housing and muzzle tip. Shoots rubber tipped darts. The gun has a traditional revolver appearance but is transformed with a red ringed breech unit and a ribbed plastic barrel tip. Boxed with a bullseye target on the lid. See the Astronaut Screaming Missile Pistol version of this gun.
ULTRA SEVEN SPACE GUN - JAPANSleek blue plastic space gun with silver nozzle, extended fin-like structure at the back and clear red lighting section set into the barrel. Battery op light and noise. TDF-UG letters on handle
ULTRA-SONIC BEAM GUN - LONE STAR DCMT - ENGLANDSpace Squadron Sonic Beam gun. Black hard plastic battery operated flashlight space gun. The gun has a large red plastic lens housing that contains the color filters. Large red plastic rocket shaped sight. The barrel has distinctive barb like fins on the side. White knob for the buzzer action on the side. "Geiger Counter Indicator" dial set into the handle. 1950s

See also the Flower Logo Magic Gun version of this space gun. Picture?

Space gun based on the Norton-Honer Buck Rogers Sonic Ray. This is one of two versions of this gun produced by Lone Star.
ULTRAMAN GUN AND HOLSTER SET - MAKER? - JAPANBlue plastic spring loaded gun. Grey barrel tip. Shoots darts? Leathe Ultraman holster and belt. Anime superhero
ULTRAMAN SPACE GUN - SUPERSOL - ARGENTINAGrey plastic space rifle with angled stock and long telescopic sight. Ultraman wording and the character is molded into the handle. Action? Sold in bag with header card. Supersol has a seal logo. Date?
UNDERDOG SPACE GUN - MAKER? - HONG KONGThis is an economy release of the Palitoy Cosmic Ray Gun. A white plastic space gun with green trim. Telescopic sight. The spring loaded gun shoots darts tipped with little figures that have parachutes attached. Blister carded.
UNIVERSAL GUN - NOMURA / KDP - JAPANEarly Japanese brightly lithographed tin space machine gun. This innovatively designed gun has a ribbed center section with a cylindrical magazine attached to the bottom. It has a large and wide black tin barrel and a long slender sight is fixed along the top. Wind up sound and spark action. Card box with paper label.

The gun has a TN logo on the stock and the box carries a KDP inside a stylised S logo.
UNIVERSAL MACHINE GUN - NOMURA - JAPANA serious looking military-style lithographed tin space machine pistol. The silver grey gun has a brown stock and an extendible wire attachment at the back. Its most distinctive feature is a clip of tin simulated bullets that fit into an arc shaped magazine. There is little of space interest on the gun except for an atom pattern and the wording Universal Machine Gun. The rather plain box has slightly more of a space theme with an astronaut standing by a rocket launch pad. Date?
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