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UNIVERSE EXPLORATION CAR, EXPLORER SPACE TANK - LINEMAR - JAPANRemote control tin battery op Space Tank with steering action. Three astronauts, one driving, two with lighted guns. Single searchlight. "Guns revolve and fire, headlight flashes. Vehicle steers right or left." Marked SPACE TANK EXPLORER on the toy.

This was released in 1958. It appears in the Sears Chritmas Book for that year described as Armored Car, and in 1959 as Futuristic Armored Car. The remote control carries the Linemar logo but we do not yet have the maker's name. The art work gives the tank the X-5 wording but this is not present on the toy. It also features a large dinosaur, a stegosaurus. In fact, the artwork bears only a passing resemblance to the actual toy.

Compare with the AHI Space Explorer Tank, a one astronaut version, and Space Tank, the two pilot version.
UNIVERSE EXPLORER SPACE TANK ME-057 - KANG YUAN TOY - CHINABlue lithographed tin battery operated space tank with milky white plastic dome. Rocket litho details on the sides. Color dome light effect. Bump and go action with flashing lights. ME057 Chinese

UNIVERSE RECONNAISSANCE BOAT ME769 - MAKER? - CHINATin and plastic battery operated space vehicle. Brightly lithographed tin upper, white plastic base with small wings. Lighted red plastic engine at the rear. The spaceship has a complex rotating antenna with a built in light. Pilot under central clear plastic dome. Chinese Boat is the translation of ship, as in space ship. Battery operated bump and go action with noise and flashing lights. ME-769
UNIVERSE SPACE JEEP - MAKER? - JAPANBlue tin friction space jeep with canopy. Flying saucer litho (which links it to the Space Jeep) Japan?
UNIVERSE STUNT CAR - CHINATin and plastic battery op space ship with wings. Pilot under canopy. Based on Gerry Anderson's Supercar design. Cams give eight movement patterns. Two distinct box versions shown, and there are slight differences in the vehicle design.
URAUTO - FLIN, INTERKOSMO - HUNGARYTin battery operated vehicle similar in style to the Holdauto. The flat car shaped vehicle has a rear tail fin and a clear plastic canopy containing a pilot. A white dome is mounted in the middle. Pilot under a clear doma at the front. Battery operated bump and go action with rotating antenna and colored lights in the dome. 32cm The Urauto has only been seen in shades of red.

A much copied space toy. There is a great diversity of packaging.
USSF SPACE JEEP - MAKER? - JAPANBlue tin friction jeep with canopy. USSF lettering. Details? Box? Maker? Possibly Masudaya.
UTOPISCHE FAHRZEUG OMEGA, UTOPIAN SPACE CAR - VEB, WEIMAR - EAST GERMANYUtopian space car, by VEB (K) Metallspielwaren, of Weimar, East Germany. Light brown plastic tracked vehicle with a domed canopy at the front containing a pilot. Rotating yellow plastic antenna at the back. Two plastic exhaust-like pipes rise vertically from the back. Battery operated. Date? DDR GDR Several color variations: tan, grey, light blue. Box variations shown.
UZAY TANKI UZ TANK 707 - NE-KUR - TURKEYThe UZ is short for Uzay or "Space". Blue tin hovercraft style battery op vehicle with turret. Bump and go action. Red plastic exhaust pipes. The body is the same as used on the Flash Space Patrol Z-206 though the propeller has been replaced by a red light.

There is another Turkish variation of the 707 with a propeller. The same box seems to have been used for both versions.

Turkish. Date?
UZAY TANKI SPACE TANK UZ 707 NE-KUR - TURKEYBlue tin hovercraft style battery op vehicle with turret. Red plastic windows in the turret. Bump and go action. Rear fins. The design is the same as used on the Flash Space Patrol Z-206 including the plastic propeller on the turret. There is at least one other Turkish variation of this pressing with a red light on the turret instead of a rotor. Turkish. Date?
V-17 SPACE TANK - N IN CIRCLE, NIPPON KOGEI - JAPANSmall tin friction space tank with lithoed tin dome showing picture of pilot. Large metal dish antenna. 10cm. Two antenna types are known , one with a cut out shape, the other with a solid black background.

There is a boxed version with an N in a circle logo (Nippon Kogei). The tank was also sold in a plastic bag with a header card marked Texas Toys 39c. Header card marked "Crow Wholesale Distributing Company, Kilgore"
V-3 ROBOT TANK - YOSHIYA - JAPANTin friction tank with tin Robby driver. Mystery action. Crank powered. Two litho versions of the tin friction tank are known: the basic shape remains the same but there are major differences between the litho decoration of the chassis and the face plate of Robby. V 3

On sale in December 1958.
VEHICULE SPATIALE RAUMFAHRZEUG - REEL - ITALYTin battery operated tracked vehicle with orange plastic gizmo under a clear plastic dome. Silver with lithographed panels depicting astronauts at front. Marked 5 BASE ANTI UFO 5. The box is designed for German and Italian (or Romanian?) markets.

Dated to 1979.
WEATHER FORECASTER CAR - MAKER? - JAPANBorderline space, but only because of the name. In every other respect it's a classic.
WIND UP SPACE TANK - TT - JAPANA small tin wind up space tank. The turning of the key alters its direction. Marked T.T. on base. Takutoku
WIND UP SPACE VEHICLE - MAKER?Early tin space shaped vehicle with rear tail fin. Wind up.
X NO 2 CAR - ISHIZUKA? - JAPANA small blue lithographed tinplate space car with a driver's head behind an open windscreen. Marked X Car X.2

Wind up non fall action provided by a third wheel at right angles to the driving wheels. Box? Date?
X-17 SPACE TANK - MIHASHI? - JAPANThe X-17 is a small (11cm) light grey lithographed tin friction tank with track detailing. It has small rounded turret with printed window details, and there's a large spark window at the back covered with red plastic. Eagle/condor logo at the front. Wire antenna at the side. Box? This tanks is similar to the Space Export, but has a simpler design.

M in triangle.
X-2 SPACE TANK - LINEMAR - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tinplate space tank. Turret marked X-2. 500317 A plastic spinner attaches to an lug extending from the turret; forward motion allows it to fly off. Friction action with flying spinner. Box? Date?

See the similar X-8 Space Tank
X-3 ATOM CAR - SK SHINTO? - JAPANThis is an early Japanese three wheeled rocket space car. Red, green and yellow lithographed tin friction car with a tin pilot head behind a windshield. The car has a large rear tail fin marked Atom and two smaller fins alongside. Marked X-3. Maker? Box? 1950s. SK in a diamond logo.

This is the same pressing as the Mitsuhashi X-8 Atomic car. See also the MT Space Patrol Car.

M in triangle logo. 13cm
X-7 SPACE TANK - MAKER? - JAPANSmall (4.5 inch) blue lithographed tin space tank. The tanks has a relatively long black tin gun. Marked X-7 on the turret and "Space Tank" on the top rear. Star design on turret. Friction action; the barrel retracts into the turret. Maker?

Possibly sold as a bin toy. Sold as part of the Satellite Vehicles set by Royal, a group of space toys in October 1959.
X-7 SPACE YANK - YOSHIYA - JAPANBlue lithographed tin friction space tank. The tank has a clear plastic dome at the front containing a red tin astronuat pilot with a yellow head. There is a distinctive raised square lithographed engine cover at the back. Litho tracks and exhaust detail 15cm KO. Bump N' Go Space X-7 Tank. Friction crank bump and go action.
X-9 SPACE ROBOT CAR - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin battery operated vehicle with a large robot diver. 19cm Advances with mystery action as robot driver steers as the lighted popcorn popper tosses around the multicolor balls. Appears in the 1963 Masudaya catalog.

Image Smith House Auctions
Z-MAN THE BRAIN - JAY ZIMMERMAN - USABlack plastic battery operated vehicle with oversize red robot driver with a white helmet. Shoots missiles. Comes with four cardboard targets. Four variations are shown including the 1957 Holiday Distributing Co. version which showing a differently styled toy called "Z-Brain rocket Launcher". This is was one of the earliest programmable robots, with switches in its head that can be set manually to determine what course the Z-man will take. 14" long.

First seen in the Sears Christmas Book for 1956.
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