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RAY GUIDE SPACE SHIP X-2 - RAY-O-MATIC - HONG KONGA blue plastic Thunderbird 2 knock-off spaceship with a transparent green hatch on the top. The box depicts a traditional green Thunderbird 2 spaceship but the toy in the box is bright blue. Battery operated action with flashing lights in the rear engines. The toy can also be strated by shining a torch (provided) onto the light sensor in the nose. 25cm Possibly 1970s.

Gerry Anderson
REMOTE CONTROL MOON CARPlastic battery op space vehicle controlled by "magic wand". Rotating "magic eye" under a clear plastic dome.
RENDEZVOUS 7 8 - YANOMAN - JAPANComplex tin battery op two part articulated vehicle with docking action. Carries USAF rocket. The main body uses the pressing for the Yanoman S-17 Space Scout / Space Ship X-200. The front separates, lights up, the rocket lights up and raises. Bump and go actions.

The first sighting so far is in the Yanoman catalog for 1965.
REX MARS PLANET PATROL SPARKLING SPACE TANK - MARX - USA1950s large tinplate wind up tank. Driver emerges from inside. The pressing is a reworking of an earlier military toy (a series of "doughboy" tanks with a similar action) - shown below. The addition of a space litho makeover turns an old style toy into something more futuristic. USA X-1. Rex Mars is the in house (license free) space hero created by the Louis Marx company. Widely on sale in late 1953.
ROAD CONSTRUCTION ROLLER - DAIYA - JAPANTin battery op road roller with tin Robby driver. Forward and backward action with flashing lights. Road roller in metallic green with a maroon Robby at the controls. Visible moving pistons. 25cm
ROBERT THE ROBOT AND HIS REMOTE CONTROL BULLDOZER (REMOTE CONTROL VERSION) - IDEAL - USABlue plastic remote control bulldozer with red plastic robot driver. Battery fits in robot to power light in head. Wire operated remote control as used in the Robert the Robot robot. Trigger controls direction and crank provides drive. Serial No 4064. Compare with the wind up version No 4063.

The w/u version featured in the Milway catalogue, Milwaukee in 1956.
Name on toy: Ideal Diesel Tractor
Manufacturer: Ideal Toy Corporation, U.S.A.
Dimensions: Length - 9.5", Width - 6.5", Height - 6.5"
Power source: Wind up motor/1 "AA" battery
Actions: Vehicle moves forward with a whistling sound, then backs up. Robert's hands sit atop the steering levers which move back and forth as the dozer changes direction, giving the impression that the robot is actually operating the controls. The robot's head lights up by means of a "AA" battery inside the driver's body. The shovel can either sit up off the ground, resting on the front lip of the bulldozer, or it can scrape along the ground to actually move objects.
Additional info.: *There is also a remote control/hand crank version. It uses the same remote controller and cable unit that Robert the Robot came with. Permanently attached, metal wind up key. Battery fits beneath hat.

This version featured in the Milway of Milwaukee Wholesale Catalog in 1956.
ROBOT BOAT RB-300 - Maker? - JAPANPlastic robot in boat. static - water pistol?
ROBOT BOAT - SPEED BOAT NO 7 - MARUSAN - JAPANTin friction speedboat with robot driver. Crank action inertia engine. Silver block head robot driver with no antenna. Called Robot Boat on the box, but Speed Boat on the toy. Two fins at the rear. Variations exist. See also the ET CO version.

On sale November 1959
ROBOT BOAT, SPEED BOAT NO 7, AND R7 VARIATION - ET CO - JAPANFriction crank action tin boat with robot. Version exists without the robot. See also the Atomic Boat X-90. Silver blockhead robot driver with no antenna.
ROBOT BULLDOZER "ROBBY" - MARUSAN - JAPANA lithographed yellow tin bulldozer with a black robot holding a flag in his hand. ROBBY is marked on the engine cover and DIESEL on the sides.

Friction powered, the robot raises and lowers the flag in hand when pushed. 7" 17cm

Newspaper ads date this to August 1958.

There are two versions of this bulldozer both having the same box.
1 Yellow with a black robot. 2 Blue with a red robot
ROBOT BULLDOZER "US BUILDERS" - MARUSAN - JAPANA lithographed blue tin bulldozer with a red robot holding a flag in his hand. US BUILDERS is marked on the engine cover. Friction powered, the robot raises and lowers the flag in hand when pushed. 7" 17cm

Newspaper ads date the yellow version to August 1958.

There are two versions of this bulldozer both having the same box.
1 Yellow with a black robot. 2 Blue with a red robot
ROBOT BULLDOZER - YOSHIYA - JAPANTin battery operated remote control bulldozer with robot driver. Rubber tracks. "Six actions" Forward, reverse; green and red lights. The bulldozer has four distinctive lighted coloured panels on the hood, two green and two red. Box marked KO on end panels.
ROBOT BULLDOZER WITH BLINKING LIGHT - FLARE - JAPANTin battery op bulldozer tractor with robot. Blinking lights. When you push the lever on the right forward, the tractor moves forward, the pistons move up and down and the light on top of the robots head flashes on and off. Pushing the lever backwards reverses the action. The pistons have a distinctive design: they are tin rockers that emerge from the side of the lithographed engine. The robot has a rounded shape

Marked "United Pioneer Company No 115" on the back and "United" on the front.

ROBOT CAR WITH FIRING GUN & NOISE - SPACE PATROL R-3 - HOKU - ATC - JAPANWith Firing Gun and Noise. Tin friction Mercedes style car with red robot driver and large gun. Mercedes style car with red tin robot driver advances with ticking sound as rocket moves in and out of the hood mounted gun. Cragstan logo on some box version. The box carries a HOKU manufacturers logo. The car was advertised in September 1958.

Also shown is the ATC Asahi box version.
ROBOT CAR WITH TUMBLING ROBOT AND SIREN - ASAHI - JAPANRed tin friction Space Patrol Mercedes car with silver tin robot driver. Tumbling action. ATC Cragstan logo

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
ROBOT SPACE PATROL CAR X-5 - ATC - JAPANBlue tin friction space car with gold robot driver. Mercedes style car with robot driver advances with siren as the fan blade in the hood opening turns. 21cm
ROBOT TORPEDO - MARUSAN - JAPANA red silver lithographed tinplate torpedo with a red robot driver. Friction inertia crank action. 29cm Circa 1950's. Crank operated torpedo with turning prop. Rubber nose. There should be a clear plastic canopy covering the robot. Marked 60 on the nose and Robot Torpedo on the sides. A black rubber plug forms a safety tip.

There is a version called Jet Torpedo with a human driver; it has the same box art depicting a robot pilot but the wording is different

Image Smith House Auctions
ROBOT WAR BOAT R-7 - ASC - JAPAN"With shooting missile gun". Tin friction boat on wheels. Missile shooting and siren. Crank action. Aoshin. The nissiles are wooden with rubber tips.
ROBOTANK-Z - VERSION B - Nomura - JAPANTin battery operated robot tank vehicle. Advances with mystery action as the arms move, lights flash and guns make a firing sound. TN The robot carries the Robotank Z wording. Green plastic eyes, talks. Featured in the 1969 Nomura catalog and on sale in late 1969.

There are at least three versions, all of which appear in the Robotank Z box:

VERSION A: ROBOTANK Z : Tin eyes, affixed guns, red semi-spherical dome under the square transparent one, triangular tin litho part over the eyes. Non talking.

VERSION B: ROBOTANK Z : green transparent eyes, affixed guns, orange/pink plastic "crown", spring wire eyebrows. Talking

Phrases: "Robotank z to Mars control: enemy flying sauce-rs sighted in area B. They are preparing to attack you. "
"Mars control to Robotank z: we located the enemy intercept at once. Roger I am attacking with atomic rays 1 and 2."

VERSION C: R-1 : red/orange transparent eyes, moving guns, orange/pink plastic "crown", spring wire eyebrows. Non talking.

VERSION D: R-1 : red/orange transparent eyes, moving guns, orange/pink plastic "crown", spring wire eyebrows. Talking.

Image Smith House Auctions
ROBOTFELDERÍTŐ , ROBOT EXPLORER - LEMEZARUGYAR - HUNGARYRed and yellow lithographed tinplate space vehicle. Dome at front with pilot inside, and an empty dome at the back. In the middle is a transparent plastic cover containing a spinner. When the vehicle hits an object the cover opens and releases the spinner. Friction action. . Comes in a generic plain box. Date?
ROCKET GAME TRUCKTin litho'd game on plastic friction truck
ROCKET JEEP - MASUDAYA - JAPANRed tin friction jeep with space litho, superhero on hood. Blue red and pink lithography. Yellow wheels. Tin canopy. Similar to jeeps with SZK logo. There is also an earlier yellow wheel version.

On sale in February 1955.

Image Smith House Auctions
ROCKET LAUNCHER TRUCK - S&E - JAPANTin friction truck with rocket on elevating trailer gantry. A lithographed tin operator sits at a control panel on the trailer. Detachable rocket has a separate friction mechanism. Suzuki and Edwards Japan Super N-62 N 62
ROCKET LAUNCHING TRUCK - IDEAL - USAAtomic Mobile Unit decal on plastic friction truck with cannon. Launches the short red shells held on top.

Widely on sale in 1956.
ROCKET RACER RRX - MASUDAYA - JAPANAn early lithographed tinplate space car with a tin pilot's head behind a plastic windshield. The pilot sits in an unusual open raised cockpit with litho of a steering wheel. Rear fin. White body with orange, red and blue details. Friction action: non-fall, the third wheel alters the direction when the car reaches the edge. The underside has two wheels with a third wheel at right angles towards the center. One wheel has a rubber tire, the other does not. Marked Rocket Racer RRX. The pressing is the same as the Space Rocket Car X.

Date? 1950s Box? R.R.X.
ROCKET RANGER - MARUSAN - JAPAN"With Siren and Gun Rerort" (sic). Old style tin friction car with driver and rear gunner on double barelled gun. A tin plane F-22 orbits the car on a wire. A compass is mounted in the car. Car carries 245872 number. SAN logo on gunner's seat.

There are two litho versions of this space car: one with a predominantly silver body and one with a green body. The green version has a red wheel attached to the crank. Both versions came in the same box.
ROCKET SHOOTING CAR X-40 - LINEMAR - JAPANBlue litho tin friction space car. The car has a very boxy angular design. A turret is mounted on top with a two barrel gun. Shoots wooden missiles. X-40 on rear.

Image courtesy Smith House Toys.
S-15 SPACE TANK PROTOTYPE - YANOMAN - JAPANThis is a copper prototype lithographed friction spaceship with astronaut and spinning / rotating ball cockpit. The metallic blue tank with silver and red detailing has the familiar rounded lilo shape with two fins at the back. At the front is a unique tin sphere which spins around to reveal a cockpit with tin astronaut driver. A ribbed plastic spark window is set into the top rear, along with a wire antenna. Friction action with spinning ball cockpit and sparks. Marked S-15 on the sides. 6.5"

See the production version, the CRAGSTAN SPACE TANK, MARS PATROL NO 17.
S-17 SPACE SCOUT VARIATION - SY/YANOMAN - JAPANJapanese character version of the S-17 Space Scout spaceship. Tin battery op bump and go with large shooting gun and vinyl pilot.

The Japanese character is Yuusei Shounen Papii.
S2-700 AIR CAR - OK TOYS (SAITO GANGU) - JAPANLithographed tin friction car with spinning disk. The silver and red car has a low profile, Two fans are set into the front and rear, each containing a spiral lithographed spinning disk. Marked S2-700 on one side and AIR CAR on the other. Carries an S2 in a diamond logo.

The toy was sold in a plastic bag with a header card.

Low profile car.
SATELLITE INTERCEPTER - LINEMAR - JAPANThis is a two part tin battery operated toy. A lithographed tin fan produces a stream of air which holds a balloon in the air. The second component, a missile shooting unit with two rubber tipped darts can then be aimed at the balloon targets.

The toy features in the 1960 Simpsons-Sears catalog as the "Satellite Destroyer".

(Notice the typo - Intercepter for Interceptor)
SATELLITE JEEP - SZK - JAPANBlue tin friction space jeep with space litho. Cartoon dog on a Sputnik on the roof. Marked New Jeep on the back of the canopy. Suzuki?
SATELLITE LAUNCHER - NOMURA - JAPANMilitary green tin friction truck with spinner. Probellors launch from back of truck. Litho driver and crew details. USA 053270
SATELLITE LAUNCHING CAR A2 - LINEMAR - JAPANLithographed tin friction car. Silver boxy angular design with a square turret on top. Pushing along launches the propeller spinners. See also the Linemar X-2 version.
SATELLITE LAUNCHING TRUCK XS-126 - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin battery operated truck with tin astronaut driver under a clear plastic dome at the front. Screen at rear. Round radar dish. Shoots spinners from a central unit that can be directed. X5-126 on front turret. Spinners carried on a rear wire extension.
SATURN - ANKER - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle with a large clear plastic canopy with pilot inside. Battery operated remote control. Rotating plastic antenna and a small spring antenna. This is a rocketless version of the Piko Jupiter spacecraft. Date? Red and blue versions.
SAVING BANK WITH AUTO-SPIN ROULETTE aka ROBBY BANK - SANKEI - JAPANBlue and red lithographed tinplate savings bank. Hemispherical or half-Sputnik shaped static tin money bank. Two spring antennas with ball tips are fixed to the side. On top is a raised plastic dome containing a roulette wheel with ball. Inserting a coin activates the spinning action. The banks is called the "Robby Bank" because of the high quality lithographed images that include the Forbidden Planet robot. Sankei 12cm tin. Roulette wheel on top with point values and planet names.
SCOOTER ESPACIAL - EGE - SPAINTin and vinyl battery op space scooter with boy astronaut. Bump and go mystery action. Based on an original Masudaya Space Scooter design. This appears in the 1977 Ege catalog.

Inspiration for the design came from the Fireball XL5 Jetmobile.
SCRAMBLE BUG, PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21 - HONG KONGFuturistic battery op plastic lunar roving vehicle can climb over most things. It has six huge wheels and a central domed cockpit. Flashing lights add to the battery – op magic. On the base of the vehicle appears the manufacturers symbol of JR21 Toys (?)or Jack Rosenthal Toys Ltd - the symbol is a diamond with the initials J and R inside it. The initial M could also be said to be part of the jumble. Also next to this symbol is 'no.6'.
The box is a large rectangular two parter. The lid is thinner card with brilliant painted artwork of the Bug going over lunar terrain. The box has a sturdy card base. 'Star features' are ' battery operated, forward control, powerful climbing action, universal linking joints, flashing lights, official Sword decals'. Also stated is 'Made in Hong Kong for century 21 Toys Limited'. The smaller sides , amongst other text, carry the line 'Scramble bug , Command vehicle for the Project Sword Series'. The Commander badge is advertised as being inside, along with the Official Manual.
SKY PATROL - NOMURA - JAPANThis is a large tin battery operated space ship. The silver and blue vehicle has a boxy shape with a rounded nose. A Tin policeman with a machine gun sits in a forward cockpit. At the back are two fins with a long domed engine cover between them. The fins have lighted jet engines on top There is a long metal on-off switch.

The box art depicts a vehicle that is far more sophisticated than the actual toy. The box artist is clearly the same as the one employed on the sister piece, the Mars 107.

Appears in the Nomura Catalog 1961.
SKY ROCKET X7 - BANDAI - JAPANTin lithographed jet plane style rocket. Blue with red accents. Marked X-7 Sky Rocket. Borderline space.
SONAR SPACE PATROL - YONEZAWA - JAPANThis is a large tin battery operated space ship. The silver and blue rocket has a boxy shape with a rounded nose. A clear plastic dome at the front contains colored flashing lights. At the back are two fins with a long domed engine cover between them. There is a long metal on-off switch. The box art depicts a slightly different vehicle: a more slender shape with opening doors in the base.

This toy employs a Sonicon-style whistle steering action, a copy of the Masudaya original.

Other space toys use this pressing:
Nomura Mars 107 Super Space Patrol
Nomura Sky Patrol
SONICON SPACE VEHICLE - MASUDAYA - JAPANLarge white metal vehicle with long metallic blue side panels and rear vertical fins topped with red plastic lighted motors. There is a central box structure holding the sound sensor mechanism. A tall clear plastic dome at the front houses two plastic pilots. A tall dish antenna rotates on top of the dome. Battery operated. A Sonicon whistle enables the direction of the vehicle to be altered. A -aper label at the front reads Sonicon Sonic Control. Japanese box.
SPACE 94 DRAXEL - ELLEGI - ITALY Brightly lithographed tinplate and plastic battery operated space tank-like vehicle. 29 cms. Tracked with a clear plastic dome containing a silver astronaut driver. Small gun at the front. A canopy is hinged at the back at the back with additional litho detailing of pilots. The canopy covers red lights and a chrome silver antenna. 94 MU.H wording. Date
SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSRPlastic space car with a metal base. Streamlined shape with side engines tipped with plastic covers. Two rear fins. Low slung plastic cockpit in the center. No pilot. Friction action. The styling is closer to Western space cars than most Russian cars. Also in green. Maker? Box? One version has МЭМЭИ or MEMEY stamped into the base. This is a Russian abbreviation of MZMZI.
SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSRWhite plastic futuristic car with red fins and a red plastic base. The sedan style cockpit lifts to reveal two astronaut pilots. A small screen is fitted inside the canopy. Two small plastic antennas on the hood. Battery operated (4.5v) bump and go action. The screen lights and the antennas spin. 9" 22cm. CCCP wording on the front. Box? Name?
SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSR?An orange plastic space car. Clear plastic dome at the front with a pilot head inside. Distinctive red light mounted behind the dome. Large rectangular blue plastic rotating antenna. Battery operated bump and go action with flashing light and rotating antenna. Box? Name? Colors?
SPACE CAR - NOMURA - JAPANTin friction space car with litho details.Windscreen. No driver. License plate No 220. Saturn on trunk lid. No wording. Length 5 in, width 2.5 in

SPACE CAR - USAGIYA LINEMAR - JAPANLithographed tin friction car with a robot head. The robot head resembles the Easelback with a coiled spring antenna. The body of the car is yellow with metallic blue litho tracks, tail fin and gun at the front. Usaigaya manufacturer, Linemar distributor. This is basically the same pressing as the robot version of the Linemar Space Patrol car but with the addition of the front gun. Box? Coiled spring antenna.
SPACE CAR 135700 - MAKER? - JAPANRed lithographed tinplate space car with pilot head behind an open windscreen. There is a rotating machine gun attached to the hood. Marked USA at the rear and NO135700 at the sides.
SPACE CAR SX-10 - MASUDAYA - JAPANBlue and red tin and plastic battery operated space car with non-fall and bump and go action. Vinyl head boy pilot behind an open curved windscreen containing a red light. There is a red plastic engine cover behind the pilot and the rear wings have working tail lights. Marked SX-10. Non fall action with flashing light. The pilot's head turns.
There are two color versions, light blue and a slightly darker blue.
Space Car with Astronaut - Hong KongPlastic astronaut sitting in a plastic chair with large wheels. Apollo wording on base. Battery op mystery action. Hong Kong.
SPACE CAR, RED ROBBY - YONEZAWA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin space car. This large space car has a red tin lithographed Robby robot driver sitting at the wheel. Behind him is a raised circular metal basket structure. The car has springs and small antennas fixed to the top edge, giving the impression of complex mechanism.Battery operated with a stop and go action. A jet of air supports a styrene ball. 9.5" 25cm

There are two versions of this space car:
Early version (top), with a darker blue body and a circular basket that does not have a paddle. Robby's head is fixed in place.

Later version (bottom) which has a lighter blue body and has a long paddle structure inserted in the ball blowing structure. Robby's head moves.

The boxes for both versions are the same: they do not show the paddle addition. Boxes usually have the Yonezawa logo but some have an ACE logo.

This space car uses the same pressing as the Space Car with red Robby driver.

Date? c1955.
SPACE CONTROLLED TRACTOR - PMC - HONG KONGPlastic battery operated tractor bulldozer with articulated robot driver. The large yellow plastic dozer has a red blade and side panels. A large detachable plastic robot sits at the controls. The dozer has moving rubber tracks but the action is driven by a pair of wheels underneath. There is crane at the back. Bump and go action.
SPACE CRAFT 7 - KO? - JAPANA larger 9" long version of the ATC lithographed tinplate space helicopter design. Tin lithographed spaceship with spaceman under a plastic screen. Marked Spacecraft 7. Tin rotor spins. Friction action.
SPACE CRUISER - TRIANG MINIC - ENGLANDTin friction spaceship. Push and go action (ie friction) "with flying saucers". Releases plastic spinner on front. England
SPACE CYCLING - MAKER? - JAPANTin and plastic wind up tricycle with baby astronaut rider and space litho. Clear dome helmet. Bell.
SPACE EXPLORER - MAKER? - USSR?Red and white plastic tracked space vehicle. There is a large clear plastic dome in the center, this is hinged at the back and opens up. Working headlights at the front. Details? Name? Battery operated remote control. Box?
SPACE EXPLORER PLANET CRUISER UN 751 - S&E - JAPANLilac colored tinplate battery operated vehicle. The angular tank design has a central tin cockpit with a plastic windscreen. Behind is a red plastic engine dome. Two rear tailfins. Large rotating white plastic dish antenna. Takes three batteries. Bump and go action with flashing lights and smoke.

The vehicle is marked U.N. 751 Space Cruiser though the box is marked Space Explorer Space Ship and depicts a green version with significant differences from the production model.
SPACE EXPLORER S-61 - NOMURA - JAPANRed, white and blue lithographed tin friction train engine with rotating antenna. Train travels forward as antenna rotates and three jets move in and out. 13" 32cm

Some examples carry "Exclusive for Italy" labels.
SPACE EXPLORER SET - USAGIYA FOR LINEMAR - JAPANA boxed set of two Linemar space cars, the astronaut Space Explorer S-3 and the robot version also marked Space Explorer S-3.

Coiled spring antenna
SPACE EXPLORER TANK - TOMURO - JAPANI can find no other space toys by this mystery Japanese company, Tomuro. Their logo is TMR in a diamond. This space tank is, in just about every respect, a distinctive and impressive piece. The low profile silver and red tin tank has plenty of detail including imitation tracks. There's SP lettering on the sides and Space Explorer across the front. At the front is a ball shaped cockpit containing a yellow tin astronaut. The cockpit dome is designed to spin around the stationary astronaut, unlike the Yanoman design which spins everything, astronaut and all. Behind the cockpit is a tin box with a rotating dish antenna fitted in the center. Friction action with rotating cockpit and antenna.

The box art has an impressive if rather serious space scene.

Advertised in newspapers in August 1963.

SPACE EXPORT - MIHASHI? - JAPANA most unusual design space tank. Blue lithographed tin friction space tank "with moving engine". The conventional base with litho track details has an oval tin turret. This turret has two triangular windows at the front revealing pilot and cockpit details. At the back of the turret is a clear plastic window with engine detailing inside. On either side of the body are red plastic spark windows. There is a small metal antenna. Red tin oil tanks are also fitted on each side. Marked SPACE EXPORT. Friction action with moving engine and spark.

It is likely that the word Export is a mistranslation; perhaps Explorer was intended. The oval turret is similar to the Nomura M-101 design. Maker unconfirmed. Date?
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