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MERCURY EXPLORER, VERSION 2 - ANANIADES - GREECERed tin and plastic battery op hovercraft style vehicle. Tin top, plastic base. Blue plastic collar (some versions have orange) and blue fins. Mystery color dome and large antenna. Based on the earlier TPS version, with the same box art, but different litho detailing and a different antenna. Produced in 1970 in Greece by a company named Ananiadis (after the owner). See also the Z-206 version which uses the same box art. The box shows "Space Ship" wording at the front but the Greek version of the actual toy has no wording.

METEOR SPACE CAR - NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue tin battery operated space futuristic car with pilot head behind windscreen. Marked 7 METEOR.

On sale in November 1958.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
MF054 SPACE TANK - MAKER? - CHINAA small lithographed tinplate space tank. Blue with yellow and orange details. Small turret with a relatively lareg circular metal antenna. Friction action with rotating antenna. 10cm 4"
MIGHTY EXPLORER SPACE TANK - YONEZAWA - JAPANThis is a most unusual space vehicle. Light blue lithographed tin. The tank has a small forward dome containing the head of an astronaut pilot. Behind is a large ten cylinder visible plastic engine with a clear plastic cover.
17cm long. A large metal antenna is positioned on one side.

Battery operated bump and go action. The tank has wheels but has simulated tracks. Flashing lights and moving cylinders.

Marked N-58 at the front. N58 The tank was sold separately and also sold as part of the large boxed Aurora Expedition set.
MISSILE CARRIER T-12 - DAIYA - JAPANTin battery op tracked vehicle with two missiles. Missiles elevate and lights flash in the nose cones. 1965. forward and reverse gears, flashing missile heads and tinplate steep-climb caterpillar tracks. 26cm
MISSILE CARRYING TRAILER - CRAGSTAN - JAPANMetallic blue pained tin friction truck with missile launcher.
Large rotating plastic antenna (as truck is pushed along. Crank action launching ramp. Shoots a red and white plastic rocket marked X-6-0. Maker?

MISSILE LAUNCHER TRUCK - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery op 1958 Chevy truck cab with a launcher back. Truck advances with bump and go action as the light flashes and launcher moves up and down. Rocket pictured is not correct. Box? Name?

Image courtesy Smith House Toys
MISSILE SAVINGS BANK - MAKER? - JAPANTin savings bank with Moon and rocket on a rocket base litho stand. Rocket shoots coins into Moon. 681 No obvious makers logo on toy or box. c 1958-1962
MISSILE TANK - LINEMAR - JAPANThis is a fairly simple offering from Linemar, but it has a unique look that makes it a popular acquisition. The missile tank has a blue friction base with a pyramid like turret in the middle. A white three-finned missile is attached to a red gantry on the top of this turret. The rocket has distinctive pink celluloid fins. Sitting at the back, right under the rocket's engine, is an odd blue tinplate robot driver with no arms and just an electronic circuit for a face.

The number 2 is marked on the rocket and the on the octagonal turret.

Regrettably the function is basic: a friction tank with an elevating missile. The missile attaches to launch ramp with a pin, but the rocket is static.

The box carries the serial number J-2647
MITI-27 PIONEER SPACE JEEP - SSS - JAPANTin friction jeep with canopy and trailer. Trailer has a scoop mechanism. Same pressing as the Jupiter Space Jeep. Robot logo on the side.
MOBILE MISSILE SET - MARX - CANADAA military set but of interest because of the tin and plastic rocket launcher truck. Marx Ontario
MOBILE SATELLITE TRACKING STATION, CAPE CANAVERAL - YONEZAWA - JAPANSilver and blue lithographed tinplate bus. The Tracking Station truck has a large TV screen set into one side which displays moving scenes of rockets launching. A very large antenna slowly rotates. Forward and backward movement controlled by switches set in the back of the truck. Marked Cape Canaveral, Guided Missile Center C-750. Cragstan logo on the box. 9.5"
MOBILE SCIENCE STATION - BANDAI FOR SEARS - JAPANA large blue painted pressed steel toy. This is a complex arrangement of track driven platform with a track driven trailer. The scale of the toy is designed to create the impression of a massive rig.

The front component has a metal bridge with a tall plastic column behind. The trailer carries a helicopter. Battery operated forward and reverse movement.

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai.
MOBILE SPACE TV UNIT WITH TRAILER, MULTI-LENS VERSION - NOMURA - JAPANAn impressive metallic blue lithographed space toy. The Mobile Space Unit consists of a large tracked vehicle with a TV camera mounted on top. The camera has three lenses on a rotating plate and a TV screen in mounted in the side. A silber tin astronaut with a distinctive cone on his head sits at the camera. The vehicle tows a trailer that holds the two D cell batteries that power the toy. A rotating plastic antenna is attached to the trailer.

Battery operated action: the vehicle advances with mystery action as the lenses on the TV camera rotate, the screens on each side illuminate with a revolving space scene and the antenna on the trailer spins. Rosko distributor. 26cm

This is the more common version of this space toy. The main differentiating features are:

There is a trailer. The driver is a silver astronaut with a cone on his head, the camera support is much thinner , the tracked base is shallow.

MOON BUS, PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21 - HONG KONGCentury 21 plastic battery operated lunar bus with mystery bump n go action. It has a blue domed cockpit and an Astrodome full of cool flashing lights. A rotating radar scanner completes the picture. The Century 21 Toys symbol ( 21 in the circles) appears on the base, along with Made in Hong Kong. Variations do exist in the base seal either screwed on or heat sealed. The box is the two part oblong with thick base and thin card cover. It's 'Star Features' are ' Battery Operated, Mystery Bump' n 'go action, variable lighting effects, blinking rear lights, rotating radar scanner.' Also stated is 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited'. The cover and side artwork portrays in paint the Bus rolling along the Moon's surface with the Earth clearly visible in the background. The Bus has a clear cockpit on the picture. The captain badge and Manual are shown as being inside. Again, the Astronaut is missed off the badge list. The operating instructions on the two long sides depict the location of the on- off switch and the battery hatch.
MOON CAR, MOON PATROL SPACE DIVISION NO. 3 - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery operated. Advances with mystery action as the inner celluloid dome with tin space ships and a planet spins while the illuminated satellite inside the dome circles in the opposite direction. TN sled chariot

Despite having a tin astronaut pilot, the artwork on the box still depicts the driverless Moon Car version of the toy. Circa 1958

MOON CAR, MOON SPACE SHIP - NOMURA - JAPANNamed Moon Car on the box, but Moon Space Ship on the toy. This is a reworking of the Robot Space Patrol chariot or sled. Tin battery operated with bump and go action. Robby has been replaced by a transparent plastic lighting dome inside which is a tin litho globe with space graphics. Note that this version does not have a driver.

Appears in the 1958 Sears catalog.
MOON CAR, MOON SPACE SHIP - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery operated space car chariot/sled. Advances with mystery bump and go action as the dome turns, the two yellow dishes rotate, light flashes and the engine pistons move. No driver included.

Name on toy: Moon Space Ship
Name on box: Moon Car
Globe type: clear dome with electronic equipment
Pilots: none

Appears in a newspaper ad in November 1958.
MOON EXPLORER - GAKKEN - JAPANA red and blue tin battery operated vehicle. Bump and go action. Bubble dome at front with pilot inside. Lithographed tin track panels on the sides. There is a fan-like structure on the top. See also the Moon Patrol radio controlled version that uses the same pressing.

On sale in December 1970.
MOON EXPLORER - TT - JAPANLater wedge shaped tin wind up space vehicle with three astronauts. Window box. TT. Vehicle is marked Space Explorer 11. Bump and go action. Takatoku
MOON EXPLORER M-27 - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin battery op vehicle - a tin can on its side - with four legs. Remote control. The remote is in the shape of a plastic rocket. One button makes the vehicle walk and antenna turn. The second button makes the door open and a plastic astronaut with camera emerges. Similar to Moon Detector - Mond Detektor .

Marked M-27. There is a variation with the Cragstan importer's logo on the side. Many boxes carry the Farylight importer's sticker.

Currently the first sighting of the Moon Explorer X-27 (Bean tin) is in Wards catalogue for 1963.
Image Smith House Auctions
MOON GRABBER - MARXPlastic battery op vehicle.
MOON MOBILE ROCKET LAUNCHER - BANDAI FOR SEARS - JAPANA large blue painted pressed steel battery operated rocket launch vehicle. The sled like vehicle has a raising orange gantry on the back that holds a silver rocket. The scale of the toy is designed to create the impression of a massive vehicle. The electric motor provides forward and backward movement, other functions are manual. 12" 30cm

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai.

1961 Sears Christmas Catalog
MOON MOBILE SCOUT WAGON EXPLORER - BANDAI FOR SEARS - JAPANLarge blue painted pressed steel space vehicle. This moving platform has a large yellow crane structure at the back and lifts a silver Explorer airplane. Small figures stand behind railings. The scale of the toy is designed to create the impression of a massive vehicle. 12" 30cm

Battery operated forward and backward motion.

One of a range of Sears exclusive toys produced by Bandai. 1961 Sears Christmas Catalog
MOON PATROL VEHICLE X-5 - SANKEI/YONEZAWA - JAPANThis is a blue and red lithographed tin battery operated space tank with real rubber tracks. On top of the chassis is a platform containing a huge lighted camera ray gun controlled by a tin astronaut. The gun has a light on top and a little wire antenna. There are side fins on the platform and two odd springs sticking out from the turret, each with a black ball at the end. Finally this toy has the best antenna of them all: it's a huge metal dish structure that spins around. 9" 23cm

Battery operated mystery action. The turret turns and the red panel in the gun lights to reveal a lightning-like effect. The antenna spins and lights flash. A Yonezawa maker's mark can be found on some examples.

Two color variations are known: metallic blue/red and an off-white/red.

K logo. Cragstan logo on some boxes. Other boxes (the one pictured here) carry the Okuma Seisakusho logo. On sale in November 1961.
MOON PATROL XT-978 - TPS - JAPANToplay. Blue lithographed tin battery operated space hovercraft style vehicle with dome with gun and antenna. Bump and go action. See Luna Hovercraft. Reputedly there are two versions: one with gun (shown), one without. 20cm 1970

Featured in the 1970 Tokyo Playthings Catalog.
MOON PROSPECTOR, PROJECT SWORD - CENTURY 21 - HONG KONGCentury 21 – large battery operated plastic toy vehicle with flashing coloured lights and bump ’n’ go action. Big, blue and round, it came boxed with the Sword manual and the Sword badge. A stunner! The century 21 symbol of the 21 inside the concentric circles appears on the base of the vehicle.
The first box(top left) is a rectangular two parter with the familiar thinner lid and the sturdy base. The lid's artwork is shows a silver and yellow Prospector amid an alien landscape. The 'star features' are ' Battery operated, mystery bump'n'go action, rotating radar scanner, flashing lights and working searchlight, sound effects.' It states that it's 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited.' The Captain badge and the Manual are advertised on the cover as 'inside. The list of badges misses out the Astronaut for some reason, although the space is there for it. As on some of the other toys, operating instructions appear on the box - on the longer sides - showing the position of the two batteries and the on- off switch on the base of the craft.

The second box (top right) is the later photo version. Also shown (bottom row) is the non-Sword version with the T in a circle logo.
MOON RANGER - CENTURY 21 TOYS - HONG KONGCentury 21 plastic battery operated space bulldozer. It has forward and reverse action on caterpillar tracks. There is a large clear dome cockpit with driver, a rotating radar and a front- shovel. 'Made in Hong Kong' appears on the plastic base. The box is the oblong two parter - thin top and harder inner. The artwork depicts a painted Moon Ranger - blue and yellow - charging over a rocky landscape with a shovel- full of lunar rocks. The 'Star features' are ' Battery operated, forward and reverse control, powerful climbing action, operating shovel, flashing rear light, two headlights, rotating radar scanner'. It also states that it is 'Made in Hong Kong for Century 21 Toys Limited'. The Captain badge and Manual are shown on the front as being inside. The 'Operating Instructions' on one of the long sides shows the battery positioning and the forward- reverse switch at the base of the vehicle. 1967
MOON ROVER WITH SPACE EXPLORER LAB - LENINGRAD METAL FACTORY - USSRBlue plastic tracked space vehicle. Angular design with a row of windows down the side, behind them are scientists at work. Details? Name? Battery operated remote control. Box? Action? 1970
MOON SCOUT - SELINAKATOS - ALPHA - GREECEGreek version of the Nomura multi-legged plastic battery op space vehicle.
MOON SCOUT M.S.8 - NOMURA - JAPANPlastic battery operated eight legged vehicle. White and red plastic with orange windscreen. Alternate stepping action. Decal details. Art box (earlier) and picture box versions shown.
MOON TRAVELLER - KOKYU - JAPANAn unusual space toy rocket launch pad. A lithographed tinplate rocket is mounted on a flat metal base. A plastic spinner can be attached to the top and a lever at he side is thrown to release the spinner. The rocket has USAF markings. Friction lever action.

K in a flower logo.
MOON-DETECTOR - YONEZAWA - JAPANBlue lithographed tin battery operated moon exploration vehicle. Cylindrical body with tracks, resembling a tin can on its side. The front and back have clear plastic domes covering the ends. Inside the forward control area is a grey plastic astronaut driver. Forward and reverse movement with rotating plastic antenna and lighting feelers. The vehicle has two long arms or feelers at the front. They have lighted tips.

There is also a Mond Detektor German market version. This is a variation of the remote control Moon Explorer M-27 vehicle.

First sighting currently 1964.
MOONMOBILE - TRIANG - ENGLANDOdd battery operated plastic vehicle with helicopter style body, opening clear plastic visor with pilot and controls, red plastic wheels, swivelling rocket launcher to top of cockpit, with spare rockets in the cab. Triang UK
MORMAC PLANETEER - MORMAC - USAPlastic battery op remote control car. Red plastic car with clear plastic dome. Decal pilot detail. Date?
MS 882 TANK, GUN SWIVELS WITH SIREN - MAKER? - CHINATin and plastic tank with a distinctive triple barrelled clear plastic gun and yellow plastic turret. Wind up action with spark and noise. 13cm The tank has three wheels, the front one set at an angle.
MS-882 MS882
MYSTERY SPACE EXPLORER TANK - AHI - JAPANThis is a rare and impressive space tank from Asahi. The rather flat blue lithographed tank has elaborate track detailing on the sides. On top of the body are a number of interesting features: there's a tin astronaut head behind a tin windshield with plastic glazing. A central lithographed panel has instruments printed on it and there's a large rectangular metal antenna set in the middle. A fuel tank at he back and a rotating lighted gun at the top complete the toy. 20cm. The battery operated space tank moves forward, the astronaut's head turns, the antenna spins and the gun starts firing.
"With moving lighted space gun, Moving figure, Revolving radar" The box art is, by the way, beautiful. Asahi Toy Company. Date?

See the Linemar three pilot Explorer Space Tank version of this toy.
NASA SPACE JEEP - ICHIMURA - JAPANSilver lithographed tin friction space jeep with canopy. 4" 10cm. NASA wording and logos. Indian head logo.

Featured in the 1967 Ichimura catalog. Item #20359

Box? Name?
NEW ROCKET RACER - MARX - USA"The Car of the Future". A lithographed tinplate racing car in the shape of a rocket. Bright red with blue, yellow and green details. A driver sits in an open cockpit behind a yellow metal windscreen. (There are red windscreen versions). Tail fins and the wording ROCKET RACER emphasise the space theme. 16" long. Wind up motor. On sale in Woolworths in 1935 at 25c. A popular, long-lived item.

NORTH POLAR SPACE EXPLORER - MAKER? - USSR?TRACTOR A large blue tin and plastic tracked vehicle. At the front is a cab with several seats inside. The back comprises a box shaped cover with abstract patterning and a polar bear image. Rotating red plastic antenna on the top. Remote control battery operated. Marked сеBеп or "North"and "Тягач" Tractor Maker?
OMEGA 2 SPACE VEHICLE, CATERPILLAR (RAUPE) - MS WEIMAR - EAST GERMANYPlastic tracked vehicle. Rounded lines with a plastic domed cockpit on top. Plastic windshield with pilot inside. Two chrome silver rocket motors on stalks at the rear. Large rectangular rotating plastic antenna. Battery operated remote control. 25cm. Several color combinations. Mondfahrt. DDR
ORBIT EXPLORER WITH AIRBORN SATELLITE - YOSHIYA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin wind up vehicle with "Rotating TV Tower. Foating Ball Action".

This intricate wind up toy has more actions than most. At the front is a clear plastic dome containing a tin astronaut pilot with a TV camera. The astronaut rotates under the dome. In the middle is a red plastic chimney which directs a jet of air to support a styrofoam ball. There is a metal antenna with a plastic propeller on top. At the back of the vehicle is a tin dome structure with litho cockpit and pilot detailing. Two large spiral springs jut out from the back; these springs fold up for storage in the box.

The vehicle moves, the front dome rotates, the antenna turns and the styrofoam ball rises up. KO
OUTER SPACE PATROL - MIHASHI - JAPANLight blue and red lithographed tinplate friction space vehicle. 8" 20cm. The boxy shaped vehicle has forward cabin with plastic windows and a rear cab mounted by a TV cameraman underneath a large plastic dome. There is a small wire antenna in one corner. Mihashi has the M in a triangle logo. The box carries the serial no M-1054. A cameraman-astronaut turns round as the vehicle moves. Date?

The company produced a battery operated Outer Space Patrol vehicle which shares the same lower body.
OUTER SPACE PATROL TANK - MIHASHI- JAPANThe circular symbol on the side of this vehicle reveals the motivation behind Mihasi's unusual space vehicle. This is a Gerry Anderson Captain Scarlet and the Mysteron knock-off with a Spectrum logo. It is possibly meant to resemble the SPV Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle. This is a very boxy silver lithographed tin friction vehicle with a long row of visible gears acting as pretend track wheels. 8" 20cm

OSP lettering. Plastic dish antenna on wire. M in Triangle logo. Date? Captain Scarlet first aired in 1967. M-1192

The company produced a friction Outer Space Patrol vehicle which shares the same lower body.
PADAR RADAR SCOUT PIONEER - MASUDAYA? - JAPANSpelling error. White, read and blue tin battery operated vehicle, bump and go with a blue and red light lights on either side. Oblong body with a single rear fin and a relatively large clear plastic dome at the front containing a head and shoulders tin astronaut. NASA logo on the fin. The same pressing as the Masudaya vehicles. Box?

Probably by Masudaya considering its similarity to others.
PARADISE CAR - SANYO - JAPANSimple red lithographed tin friction space car. 5" Red with Paradise wording at front. The unique fature of this vehicle is the set of lithographed wings on the back. Japanese see also the Explorer version of this car. A Cragstan logo is printed on the base of some examples.
PATROL COMMANDER - HORIKAWA - JAPANPATROL PD -107. Tin battery op vehicle with police driver. Bump and go action. Double barrel guns. Bulldozer like shovel at front. "Double Barrel Lited Sounding Shoot Shoot"

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions.
PETIT CAR SPATIAL - MONT BLANC JOUETS - FRANCEA lithographed tin wind up space tank with orange pilot under clear dome. Metallic blue with a red spark window at front. The design is simple and the dome is positioned at the back rather than the front. Three levers, right top side, the center top, and on the bottom control the direction. French. 1960s.
PIONEER SPACE CAR - ATC - JAPANTin friction flying Jeep. Two pilots behind a windscreen. Blue with lithographed details. Yellow plastic propeller - unsure if original. Asahi. Box?
PIONEER SPACE TANK - MAKER? - USSRBlue lithographed tinplate tank with a green plastic dome. Rocket graphics on the sides. Battery operated bump and go action with flashing light. This is a Russian variation of the Masudaya Planet Tank. Marked пцонер which translates as Pioneer. Box?
PLANET EXPLORER X-1 SPACE TANK - ALPS - JAPANLight blue lithographed tin battery operated space tank. This is a substantial boxy shaped tank with a small turret capped with a shallow clear plastic dome. There are two black guns emerging from the turret, tipped with red metal. Large rotating plastic mesh antenna. Bump and go action with lighting turret and firing pom pom double barrel guns. Date?
PLANET TANK - MASUDAYA - JAPANJudging by the number that have survived this was a popular space toy. It is a dark blue lithographed tin battery operated non fall tank with green dome and large rotating plastic antenna. Also produced with a blue dome. The tank is most impressive when switched on: bump and go non-fall action with a rotating antenna and a light show inside the dome.

There are two know versions:

1 Marked "Planet Tank" on the side (Top)
2 A less common one (Bottom) marked "Space Patrol".

Both appear to have been released in the same Planet Tank box. The domes can be blue or green.
PLANETOKHOD CCCP SPACE TANK - MAKER? - USSRAngular yellow plastic space tanks with a large red plastic dome and a large rotating plastic antenna. The space tank has a battery panel at the back with a large red Soviet star molded in the top, The letters CCCP are molded into the front. Battery operated bump and go action with flashing lights. Maker?
PLANETOKHOD ИKAР-7E, ICARUS-7E - MAKER? - USSRA tin and plastic space car, square with rounded corners. Clear plastic dome at the back with a pilot inside. In front of the pilot is a raised red structure with a clear plastic lighted gun, an illuminated panel is set in the top. The hood has a circular white plastic lighted disk. A small antenna pierces the dome. Battery operated bump and go with lights. Marked ИKAР-7E CCCP Several color versions: blue, green. The box carries a 1975 date.

This is a variation of the D-shaped PLANETOKHOD.
PLANETOKHOD SEARCH-1 - MAKER? - USSRD-Shaped plastic battery operated bump and go space vehicle. Green top, white base. Pilot under clear dome at rear. In front of the pilot is a clear plastic gun. Spring antenna. Maker? Date? Поиск-1

This is a variation of the PLANETOKHOD ИKAР-7E

Color versions include light blue/white, red/white
PLANETOKHOD SPACE CAR - MAKER? - USSR?Red plastic space car with a relatively large clear blue plastic cockpit containing two pilots, one behind the other. Totating yellow plastic dish antenna. The naive box artwork carries CCCP wording. Battery operated forward and backward motion.
PLANETOKHOD SPACE SHIP - MAKER? - USSR?Yellow plastic boat-shaped space ship. Clear canopy at the front with a pilot inside. Two large lighted rocket motors mounted at the back. Recessed headlights at the front. Battery operated. Name? Action? Box? Maker? Details?
POM POM TANK - ROSKO - JAPANThis is a large, noisy space toy. It perhaps lacks the refinement of many toys and the military side of the vehicle tends to dominate. It is a metallic blue tin battery operated four barrelled pom-pom anti-aircraft gun set on a remote controlled base. The guns have red tips and operate with a fierce movement, noise and light. There's a plastic dish antenna rotating on the top. A prominent feature of the toy is the large red remote control handset with space litho. It controls movement and the firing action.

There is also a version of this tank in military green. The toy appears in a Pathe Toy Fair film for 1964.
PRESS ACTION SPACE PATROL WITH MOVING PISTONS - MASUDAYA - JAPANLight blue lithographed tin friction rocket car with visible engine. Space graphic detailing. A pilot sits in a cockpit inside the red tailfin. Three pistons are visible under a clear plastic cover. Crimped construction.

Pressing the rear of the vehicle powers the motor.
PROP FLYING ROBOT CAR, ROBOT 3 - ATC - JAPANRed tin friction car with blue tin robot driver. 21 cm Robot 3 Circa 1955. Advances with siren as the prop spins. Mercedes. Box has LEDA wording. Asahi

R.K.T. SPACE CAR - NIKKO - JAPANA small 7" blue lithographed tinplate space car. Unusually, this is a three wheeled car. Star litho detailing. R.K.T. presumably a play on "rocket" is printed on the sides. Red plastic spark window at the back. Tin side fins with flame detailing. NK in circle logo: Nikko Japan. 1950s Box? RKT
RADAR TANK - MASUDAYA - JAPANThis is not the most impressive of Masudaya's space tanks. The base is the familiar metallic blue lithographed tin with track detailing. There's litho track and oxygen tank detailing. Apart from that there's not too much to inspire. There's a orange plastic lighted dome at the front and a large plastic dish antenna is mounted on top. The main appeal lies in the non-fall action which allows the tank to move precariously around a table top.

Battery operated non fall action with rotating antenna and flashing light. Date? nonfall
RADAR TRACTOR MYSTERY ACTION - ICHIKO - JAPANTin battery op tractor with robot driver. Lighted engine, revolving lighted dish antenna. Notice also the box variation with the misspelling "RADOR TRACTOR"

On sale in December 1960.
RADIO CONTROLLED MOON PATROL - GAKKEN - JAPANTin battery op radio controlled spaceship. Pilot under front dome. This vehicle uses the same pressing as the bump and go Moon Explorer.
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