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ROCKET MARS XY - NOMURA - JAPANCragstan logo. Early tin friction rocket. See also the XY Moon Mars and Moon Express versions. (This may be the same rocket as the Moon Mars - the right hand side)
ROCKET METEOR - MARUSAN - JAPANThis space toy is certainly a unique piece in many ways and may be the first battery operated rocket.

This is a silver and white patterned tin rocket with a blue nose and red trim. The litho incorporates lots of rivets. It has three red and silver fins that extend well beyond the exhaust. Along the sides are two rows of four red lights or portholes. There may be a light in the nose. At the back is a rod with a propeller at the end. The rocket can be attached to a string and will fly in circles while the lights flash. Date? 1950s styling. Marked SAN

The box art depicts a slightly different style and color of rocket.

This is the same pressing as used on the HIGH SPEED ROCKET THE MOON ZX-8 and UNIVERSAL ROCKET, THE MOON X-1
ROCKET MISSILE - MASUDAYA? - JAPANSomething of a mystery, this rocket has no obvious manufacturer's logo but it is very close in design to the Masudaya Sparkling Rocket V-1. This is a realistic looking light blue and white tin rocket with a V-2 style. USAF and a US Airforce star logo on the side. Interestingly the box has an error, with USAE wording. Three fins. 13" 33cm. Spark windows at the rear. Rubber nose tip. Friction action with noise and spark. 1950's.
ROCKET RACER - MAKER? - HONG KONGThis rather stubby plastic rocket appears to be based on the Masudaya Rocket Racer 3 version of the popular design. Yellow and red plastic with green side wings and a pilot head under a clear plastic canopy. Friction action with siren. 1960s.
ROCKET RACER 3 - MASUDAYA - JAPANA red and white lithograhed tin friction rocket. Litho details. This is a rathe stubby version of the rocket. Pilot head behind windscreen. Masudaya Rocket Racer design.
ROCKET RACER 7 - MASUDAYA - JAPANRed and yellow lithographed tin friction rocket racer with tin pilot head behind a blue tin windshield. Masudaya Rocket Racer design.
ROCKET RACER 8 - MASUDAYA - JAPANA large red and white lithographed tin friction space rocket, Rocket Racer style. Tin pilot head behind windscreen. Box? c1960s
Masudaya Rocket Racer design.
ROCKET RIDER - MAKER?Another version of the popular man-riding-a-rocket theme. A white and red plastic rocket with four wheels. A relatively large boy sits astride the rocket holding a steering wheel. "With Sound Signal Friction Drive". Maker?
ROCKET SHIP - MAKER?Futuristic silver lithographed tin push toy of a space rocket. This tear drop shaped rocket has four porthole windows on each side with litho detailing of two astronauts in each. Three rear fins. Hollow metal wheels. The front has a large litho window at the front with pilot and instrument panel being shown. The front is rounded with a Zeppelin like airship style. Date and maker unknown. Maker? Box?

Image courtesy Bergin Toys
ROCKET SHIP - WYANDOTTE - USAPressed steel rocket. USA Wyandotte "Rocket Racer" (no.319) produced by All Metal Products Company in 1935 and 1936 and sold for 10 cents. There is no evidence of a license affiliation like "Buck Rogers" and it more likely was not really intended to be a space toy but rather a land speed car. They would have been shipped bulk with 3 dozen to a carton. Some of the later models came with black rounded wheels on the front. Various color combinations exist
ROCKET SHIP X-4 "VENUS EXPRESS" - MASUDAYA - JAPANAn early Japanese tinplate friction rocket. A silver tinplate rocket with traditional slender lines, three red tail fins and five cut out portholes in each side. Wheeld. Most unusually for one of these early rockets there is a clear plastic nosecone.

This rocket appears in a Masudaya trade advertisement for 1953.
ROCKET SPACE SHIP - KOKYU - JAPANA small red and light blue tin cross between a spaceship and a flying saucer. Brightly lithographed with a blue tin base. Cockpit detailing with portholes on the side. The rocket is perched high on three wheels. There is a picture of a spaceman on the tail fin. Friction action. 4" 10cm

The design of this spaceship has more than a passing resemblance to the Gilmark hard plastic Flying Saucer.

Kokyu, K in a flower logo.
ROCKET SPACE SHIP 305 - AUTOMATIC TOY CO - USARed and white lithographed tin friction space rocket marked 305 on one wing, Rocket Space Ship on the other. Jet plane swallow shape with swept back wings. Friction action with spark. This rocket has window litho detailing. A much copied design. Similar to 306. First sighting: Toy Fair 1952-1953 Planet Toyfair catalog "Shoots Sparks as it Speeds Along"
ROCKET X-200 - MASUDAYA - JAPANThis is a rarely seen version of the wheeled tin friction rocket from Masudaya. A silver, red and yellow rocket with three porthole windows in each side. An astronaut can be seen in the first window and equipment in the other two.
Three long red fins with a distinctive notch in the tail fin. Box? Date? 1950s

Image: Smith House Auctions
ROCKET X-6 - MASUDAYA - JAPANEarly tin friction rocket. 9cm Litho details. The box carries elaborate patent details and a "Registration of Association". The same body is used for the Sparkling Rocket with the longer tail fins. The oval design on the side is a reference back to the wing panels of the old rocket design.

The Registration of Association No 350 may have been an early attempt to protect the design. The box has a formidable number of patents, possibly fictitious.

First sighted in an August 1952 Masudaya Trade ad, and in a 1953 ad.
ROCKET XB-115 - HORIKAWA - JAPANTin and plastic friction rocket. Friction action with spark. Two similar rockets were produced by Horikawa, Japan in the 1960s. While the body design is similar, detailing is different and one was battery while the other was friction. This is the friction version 11.5" tall tin litho/hard plastic. Toy is marked "XB-115" with space insignia whereas the battery version is marked "Apollo-1000" with US flag. The body has a crimped construction making repair difficult.
ROCKET XL9 SPACESHIP - JR 21 - HONG KONGWhite plastic friction rocket with siren. A copy of the Project Sword Space Probe No 3. Also released as the NASA Probe Force No 3. A virtually identical toy was released by Hover/Hoover, only the box logo differs.
ROUND RACE NO-1 JET ROCKET - ASAHITOY KDP - JAPANThis is an early lithographed tin rocket toy. The small (6" 15cm) yellow and orange tin battery operated rocket has a pilot under a plastic cockpit canopy. The small wheels are set very close together. Marked No-1 JET on the sides.

The rocket runs along rubber tubing which is laid on the ground. The front wheels have metal guides which fit over the tubing. Takes single C cell battery.
Lacks battery op switch of Winner 23. Wind up. Marked Asahitoy and KDP.

Early brown card box with paper label.
S S SPACE ROCKET FRICTION VERSION - YOSHIYA - JAPANDark blue lithographed friction tinplate space rocket with two large rocket engines with tailfins mounted on either side of a central fuselage. The litho shows copious star detailing. There is a large red plastic engine at the back of the body and smaller green plastic covers on the engines. A pilot head is mounted inside a central tin canopy with clear windscreen. Marked S-301 on the fins. Friction action with noise and spark. S S SPACE ROCKET SUPER SONIC SPACE ROCKET S301 See also the battery operated version of this rocket. Date?

Litho variations shown.
SATELLITE LAUNCHER ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANSilver and red lithographed tin friction rocket. Marked Satellite Launcher. Three red tailfins. Two wheels with a friction action that launches a spinner prop disk. Patent 60449. See Atomic Rocket. Long tailfins with notch.
SCOUTING ROCKET X-20 - MASUDAYA - JAPANThis is a most eccentric rocket. It resembles a plane that has lost its wings. Light blue, white and yellow lithographed tin friction rocket. The vehicle has a tail fin and a large yellow tailplane with the lettering X-20. Unusually a substantial red spark window is set into the fin. Two pilots sit in a forward tin cockpit with a clear plastic windscreen. USAF logo on the side. MT

Friction action with noise and sparks in the tail window. Box? Date?
SKY EXPRESS ROCKET - USAGIYA - JAPANThis is an elegant early space rocket that offers a realistic interpretation of mass space travel, a sort of space Boeing. The tin friction wheeled rocket with three fins resembles a jet plane. The red and blue litho has realitic window detailing. There are rectangular spark windows near the rear. Marked SKY EXPRESS. Box?

There is also a version of this pressing called SPACESHIP.
SKYMASTER ROCKET - HEC? - INDIAA novelty rocket from India. Designed for the young child is this tin friction rocket. If you look hard enough you can see traces of its origin in the Yoshiya Commander Rocket. This is a very brightly decorated rocket with the cartoon lithography popular on many Indian toys. Cylindrical plastic nose. Spinning structure on top of body. Same body and litho as the ORIENTAL AIR ROCKET by HEC. Made by OMI Oriental Metal Industries, Delhi. Asia
Small Flying Boat MF813 - ChinaRed tin lithographed spaceship with pilot under tall plastic dome. Small wings on either side. Friction action with sound. MF 813. The design is a sort of parody of the Masudaya Rocket Racer.
SMALL MOONSHIP MF-883 - CHINAThis is a delightfully original space rocket from China. This red, white and green tin friction spaceship has curved wings encompassing an oval body. The wings sweep right back and are tipped with red plastic engines. It's a sort of curved delta wing style. A pilot sits under cockpit dome at the front. There are red plastic light domes on top of each wing. Marked MF 883 on the wings. This is also the factory serial number for the toy. Friction action with noise and spark.
SOLAR-X ROCKET 7 - NOMURA - JAPANSilver and red lithographed tin and plastic battery operated rocket with opening wings. The SPACE ROCKET SOLAR-X is battery powered and features lighted nosecone with stop and go lifting action and automatic retracting wings. Marked 7 on the base. 15" long.

Lights flash, circular movement, wings open then rocket rises to vertical position. TN Japan

This is a Gerry Anderson Thunderbird 1 knock-off.
See Wonder-L and Solar-X 8.
SONICON ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin battery op Circa 1961. Remote control rocket advances as antenna turns. Direction controlled by whistle. Complete with two boxed whistles and spare antenna. MT. Two litho versions of this rocket exist: blue/light blue version (top) and the blue/silver patterned version. (bottom)

The mechanism works as follows: an air chamber with an opening and a diaphram above the opening with a conductor across two contacts. When the whistle blows the air in the chamber resonates causing the diaphram to vibrate and open the connection between the contacts which switches a relay causing the wheel assembly to spin in circles until the whistle stops and the ship heads off in whatever new direction the wheels are heading.
SONICON WHISTLE AND ANTENNABoxed set of spares provided with Sonicon rockets.
Space Boat MF 895 - ChinaBlue lithographed tin and plastic friction rocket boat. Tin body with litho star detailing, red plastic wings with yellow mudgards. Black textured base with two drive wheels and a small nose wheel. Pilot under canopy. Boat is the translation of ship, as in space ship.

Two box versions shown.
SPACE BOAT No 3 - CHINAThe styling of this rare Space Boat is quite unique for a Chinese toy and is reminiscent of Japanese vehicles. This silver tinplate friction space ship with a red upper section. There's a rounded front with a clear plastic dome containing an astronaut pilot. There are two fins at the back. It is marked Space Boat with a No 3 at the back. Friction action with spark. MF?? Date?

SPACE BOAT ROCKET 3 ME-078 - CHINAA white lithographed tin battery operated space rocket with red, blue and gold trim. Bump and go action with flashing lights. Vinyl pilot head behind windscreen. A variation of the Masudaya Rocket 9 Space Boat. Unusually this rocket has a small pair of spoked wheels at the rear. Bump and go action with noise and flashing lights. ME 078 Size 13" 32cm Box?

Masudaya Rocket Racer design.
SPACE CADET- TOM CORBETT SPARKLING SPACE SHIP - MARX - USA1950s tin wind up rocket ship. Marked Polaris. First seen in the Sears Christmas Book for 1952. The ad wording reads:

Tom Corbett Space Ship. Authentic reproduction of "Polaris," rocket space ship of Tom Corbett, popular TV personality. Made of sturdy steel. All-over lithographed design shows Tom Corbett at the controls with other space cadets. Cadet insignias on rocket. Sparks shoot from tail exhaust when space ship scoots along floor. Long running keywind motor. Has front and rear side fins, rudder. Raised dummy observation domes. Two large side wheels, 1 small rear wheel.
49 N 5669 - 12 inches long. Shipping weight 1 pound................$1.69
SPACE CAPTAIN ROCKET - DAIYA - JAPANThe box art gives the impression that this is going to be a realistic NASA rocket but actual toy is not. The stubby silver cylindrical rocket has a clear red plasic nose and a yellow plastic rotating engine at the rear. In the middle of the rocket is a hole containing a vinyl astronaut head. Battery operated bump and go action with a lighted spinning tail and space noise. 27cm.
SPACE FIGHTER X-Y-105 - K LOGO? ALPS DISTRIBUTOR - JAPANThis is a very large (46cm) and impressive spaceship, a classic of the genre. Made by a little known company, possibly Okada or Kukyu, the brightly lithographed tin rocket is a combination of dark blue, light blue and red. There's extensive litho detailing of exhaust pipes and other space features. There's a relatively small cockpit on top with two pilot heads inside; this gives the impression of a big space rocket. Two engines run the length of the sides and there's a small rear fin with tailplanes at the top (missing in the lower example). Two small tin machine guns sit on the top front. Marked SPACEFIGHTER

Very similar in design to the Jet Fighter. Okada connection? X-Y-105 Label box.
SPACE FRONTIER ROCKET APOLLO 11- YOSHINO - JAPANAlso sold in a virtually identical box as SPACE ROCKET. This is one of the rockets with complex actions designed to reflect the NASA space program. A long silver tin and plastic battery operated rocket with a red plastic nosecone and a large yellow plastic engine at the rear.

Battery operated bump and go action. The rocket stops, the nose cone rotates, and finally an astronaut with camera emerges from the hinged panel on the top.

This toy has been dated to 1969 in a Lewis Galoob Toy Catalog.

SPACE JET FIGHTER X-1 - YONEZAWA - JAPANWhen designing this rocket Yonezwa decided to copy the Pyro hard plastic X-200 Space Ranger. This is a green-blue friction tin rocket jet with red and yellow detailing. It is a cross between a rocket and a plane. It has two short wings tipped with large engines, and the distinctive Pyro tailfin. The rocket sits on a box shaped friction drive mechanism. Uniquely a USAF star logo is cut into the sides to display the spark action. Box?

See also the Spark Rocket Fighter version of this rocket.
SPACE PATROL - ASC - JAPANAoshin decided to cash in on the Jerry Anderson Thunderbird popularity with this outrageous knock-off of the Thunderbird 2 rocket. This has, of course, made it a very sought after toy. Green tin battery operated spaceship. Mystery action, flashing lights and noise. battery operated mystery action with noise and flashing lights. 1967-8
SPACE PATROL CAR - MASUDAYA - JAPANTinplate battery operated rocket with bump and go action. Lithographed tin top, blue plastic base.The rocket has an oversized vinyl child astronaut head. The astronaut fires a red plastic gun with lights and sound.

See also the Snoopy knockoff version of this rocket.
SPACE PATROL FIRE BIRD 3 - MASUDAYA - JAPANMarked Fire Bird with the number 3. Metallic green with red detailing. Circa 1961. The box depicts this same color version. Mystery action. Red tinplate pilot. Circa 1955

This toy uses the pressing for the bulbous Sonicon rocket ship, but has a bump and go action instead of the sound mechanism. Flashing lights in the tail.

Tin battery op rocket. Advances with mystery action as the lights blink. Sonicon style. MT Firebird

Image Smith House Auctions
SPACE PATROL ROBOT ON ROCKET ( Z MAN) - OHTA - JAPANThere are a few space toys based on a robot riding a rocket and this is Ohta's version of the comic theme. It is a wonderfully executed toy. A red boxy robot with a yellow head encased in a square helmet (Why? He's a robot!) sits astride a tin rocket with a friction mechanism fixed below the back . He's holding on to handlebars and his legs are attached to the front wheel so that he looks as though he's pedalling. Marked Z Man, K in Circlel logo. The box has the delightful error "Robbot" (sic). Tin friction robot astride rocket.

SPACE PATROL ROCKET - SUZUKI - JAPANA little simple red, orange and blue lithographed tinplate rocket. Pilot litho. Marked Space Scout. Crimped construction, metal wheels, toothed front wheel. Friction action with noise.
Possibly sold in trade boxes. This is the same pressing as the XYZ and V-3 rocket.

Image Smith House Auctions
SPACE PATROL ROUND ROCKET - ASAHITOY ATC - JAPANThis is an early lithographed tin rocket toy. The small (6" 15cm) green tin battery operated rocket has a pilot head behind a tin windshield. The small wheels are set very close together. Marked SPACE PATROL on the sides.

The rocket runs along rubber tubing which is laid on the ground. The front wheels have metal guides which fit over the tubing. Takes single C cell battery.

Early brown card box with paper label.

See also:
Winner 23 Rocket
Round Race No-1 Jet
SPACE RAIDER X-21 - ALPS - JAPANA brightly lithographed tinplate spaceship. The red, blue and yellow litho has design has a large amount of space detailing: a cockpit with astronauts, portholes, guns, rocket engines and lightning flashes. Space Raider is printed on the sides. The spaceship is unusual in that it has two horizontal rear fins but no upright fin, giving the ship a flat apperance. There are two red spark windows set into the back edge. Friction action with noise and spark. 9" (22cm)

See the similar pressing, the Atomic Racer 7 by Alps. Box? 1950s
SPACE ROCKET - TOYMASTER - JAPANThis is an unusual and rare rocket fron a little known company. It is a long wheeled rocket with two giant whisker-like antennas attached to the front, reminiscent of the Space Whale. The white and red lithographed rocket has a long clear plastic canopy near the front with no less than three astronauts inside. There's a spark window behind the three rear fins. It's marked Space Rocket. The maker is Toymaster
SPACE ROCKET - HOLDREKATA - HUNGARYVariation of Maursan (Cupid logo) friction tin space rocket. Hits object then raises up. Hungary
SPACE ROCKET 9 - MASUDAYA - JAPANLithographed tin friction space rocket racer style. One box version has the error"with Detnation" (sic) clicking noise. Vinyl pilot head behind windscreen. The older green version has a tin astronaut head.

Two box variations are shown, along with three litho variations of the rocket: light blue, darker blue and a green version.

Masudaya Rocket Racer design.
SPACE ROCKET 9 VARIATIONS - MASUDAYA - JAPANTin friction space rocket racer style. Vinyl pilot head behind windscreen. Used as the basis for a series of Japanese Superhero rockets.

Masudaya Rocket Racer design.
SPACE ROCKET FRIEND SHIP 7 - YONEZAWA - JAPANSilver lithographed tinplate friction rocket with a distinctive red and white checker pattern around the body. The rocket has a plane style raised canopy with pilot detailing. Three red fins and a spark window on the top. Rubber nose tip. Friction action with noise and spark. Marked Friend Ship 7. Friendship 7 was the Mercury spacecraft that first orbited the Earth in 1962. Date? 12" 30cm.
SPACE ROCKET MF 108 - MAKER? - CHINAJet plane style tin lithographed rocket ship. The silver friction rocket has rear wings and smaller wings at the front. A pilot sits under a canopy that springs open when the rocket hits an obstacle. Marked Satellite MF-108, and the number 1070 is printed on the tail fin. Friction sparking action. The box carries a Foreign logo which suggests it is an earlier production.

SPACE ROCKET RANGER-7 - YONEZAWA - JAPANA variation of the Fire Rocket X-0077, a cross between a space rocket and jet plane. Two pilots under a clear plastic canopy.
A blue and red lithographed tin friction rocket. 38cm long. The large fins resemble wings. Marked R-7. Spark windows surround the rear exhaust. Circa 1960. Advances with siren and spark.
SPACE ROCKET SHIP 306 - AUTOMATIC TOY CO - USARed and yellow lithographed tin friction space rocket. Jet plane swallow shape with swept back wings. Friction action with spark. Litho variations exist. A much copied design. Similar to 305. Date?
SPACE ROCKET SOLAR-X 8 - NOMURA - JAPANMetallic blue lithographed tin and plastic battery operated rocket with opening wings. The SPACE ROCKET SOLAR-X is battery powered and features lighted nosecone with stop and go lifting action and automatic retracting wings. 15" long. Marked 8 at the base. Also shown is the Japanese language box.

Lights flash, circular movement, wings open then rocket rises to vertical position. TN Japan

This is a Gerry Anderson Thunderbird 1 knock-off. See Wonder-L, Solar-X 7.
SPACE ROCKET SP-207 - MASUYA - JAPAN"Space Rocket with Revolving Capsule". Jupiter style tin friction rocket with capsule nose. Black grey and red color scheme. Standing action. The wording EXPEDITIONARY CAPSULE appears around the nose cone. The box is a variation of the Jupiter Rocket artwork, adapted to mention the revolving nose. Masuya Jupiter-Nike
SPACE ROCKET-SATURN X5 - ALPS - JAPANTin and plastic battery op rocket. Red plastic nose, yellow plastic tail. Mystery action, stop go, cargo door opens to reveal inner lab. Japan 1970s. Item no 5758
SPACE SCOUT X110 - ALPS - JAPANAlps have produced a copy of the Pyro hard plastic X-100 Space Scout. It is a remarkably exact tinplate rendering of the original toy.

A light green/blue lithographed tin friction rocket plane. This is a cross between a rocket and a jet plane. The winged space plane has rocket motors mounted on the wing tips. X100 is printed on the wings and on the sides of the spaceship, as well as the wording Space Scout. The cockpit contains a molded red plastic cover. Friction action with noise and spark.

This is a litho variation of the Dream Jet Mars. This spaceship has also been seen with a different unidentified manufacturer's logo on the tail. (inset) Alps may have been the import agent. Box?

SPACE SHIP No 194 - METTOY - ENGLANDEngland did not produce many rockets. This is one of the first and it is certainly different from most. The gold and red lithographed tin rocket has plenty of porthole detailing along the sides. There are trinagular spark windws at the back. The unique feature of this rocket is the set of three transparent red plastic fins at the back. The box claims it has a gyro action, but this is simply a friction motor. The rocket has a crimped construction so it's just about impossible to dismantle
The first sighting is currently an Advertiser newspaper dated 15th May 1954. It's possible that this rocket drew it's inspiration from a drawing in the British Spaceman magazine. spaceship
SPACE SHIP NO. X-5 - MASUDAYA - JAPANThe Space Ship No. X-5 of the largest space rockets made by Masudaya in the 1950s. The blue, red and yellow lithographed tin rocket measures 30cm (12 inches) It has three wheels. Three long tail fins extend well behind the rear of the body and enable the rocket to stand elegantly in an upright position. There is simplified litho detailing of windows and a canopy. At the rear are two cellophane spark windows. Friction action with spark and noise.

First sighted in an August 1952 Masudaya Trade ad, and in a 1953 ad.

MT X5, X 5
SPACE SHIP X-2 SPARKLING FRICTION ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANAn early lithographed tin rocket. There are two versions of this wheeled rocket, one with a greeny-blue color and one in light brown. body variations. The rocket has three portholes on each side and X-2 on the tail fins. Lithp cockpit detailing. Spark windows at the rear. Friction action with noise and spark.

The rocket has long tailfins that extend beyond the exhaust, allowing the rocket to stand upright. 19cm

This toy is featured in a 1953 Masudaya advertisement.

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions.
SPACE SHIP X-3 SPARKLING FRICTION ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANThis is a classic early tin friction rocket from Masudaya. The green-blue spaceship has a long body with three notched tailfins that extend well beyond the rear of the body, allowing the rocket to stand upright. There is litho detailing of a cocpit on top and a row of five rounded square windows in each side. Each side has a triangular spark window covered in red plastic. Wheeled friction action with spark.

The rocket was sold in its own box and in trade boxes of several units.

First sighted in an August 1952 Masudaya Trade ad, and in a 1953 ad.
SPACE SHIP X-7 - MASUDAYA - JAPANA very large (23" 60cm) early lithographed tin friction rockets with, uniquely, wings. The rockets have slender shapes with litho detailing of square windows and a cockpit. The long fins extend well behind the rear exhaust allowing the rocket to stand upright. Red spark windows at the rear. Marked Space Ship X-7 on each side and on the right wing. Wheels. Friction action with noise and spark.

There are two color versions: silver with red trim and green with red trim. Box?

This rocket is featured in a 1953 Masudaya advertisement.
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