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FRIENDSHIP ROCKET #7 - MASUDAYA - JAPANThis is a slight variation of the blue version of the Atom Rocket 7 with a name change and a new box art. One of Masudaya's tin battery operated space ships with a non-fall action. An astronaut pilot sits inside a cockpit with a clear plastic cover. Rear tail fin and two red conical engines on the side. A metal rocker in the base detects edges and alters the direction of the rocket. On the side is an unusual indication of speed: 17,600 MPH.

The box carries Mego Corp wording.

Distinctive Features:
Light blue and dark blue with red detailing.
Large rotating plastic antenna.
Marked Friendship Rocket = 7
Triangular tailfin.
This version Has a single teardrop shaped red light on each side.
Spaceship design on tailfin.
G-MAN PURSUIT ROCKET SHIP - AUTOMATIC TOY CO - USASimple orange tin friction space vehicle with blue and yellow detailing. Pull back and release. Two wheels, the tail trails on the ground. "To Wind Draw Backwards". USA Tear shape. Automatic Toy Co. of Staten Island, New York. Also sold with "Transcontinental Rocket Ship No 1" and "Oceanic Rocket" litho variations. Probably sold loose as a bin toy.
GE-283 SPACE SHIP - TECHNOFIX - W GERMANYRed, white and blue lithographed tin friction space rocket. Litho window detailing. Jet plane swallow shape with swept back wings.Marked GE-268 Friction action with spark. Based on the Automatic Toy Co original. Technofix is the trading name of Gebrüder Einfalt. GE 283. West Germany. Black rubber wheels. 25cm long.

Two box versions shown.

This version has a mechanism in the top that allows the flint to be replaced.

Released in 1956: Technofix archive.
GIMINI-1 SPACE ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANThe misprint has made its way onto this interesting rocket and box. It should, of course, be Gemini. Unusually this rocket has a realistic shape: a long tube with five red tailfins and a litho nose cone with a Gemini capsule litho. There's a large rubber plug at the end for safety. A rectangular red plastic window has been added to the rocket to show off the spark action. Blue and white rings of color with red detailing. 33cm.

Gimini US Airforce Rocket - a wheeled tin friction drive with sparking action and siren.

HIGH SPEED ROCKET THE MOON ZX-8 - MARUSAN - JAPANThis is an early, iconic space rocket with classic lines. A red and white lithographed tin rocket with silver abd blue trim. Three red tail fins that extend well behind the exhaust. Porthole detailing. Marked THE MOON ZX-8 in a blue strip running the length of the rocket. Collectors often refer to this as the "High Speed Rocket".

The rocket has an unusual propulsion method: there is a string with a hook in the end. The rocket can be suspended and pulled down to allow it to climb back up.

The box art shows the colorful rocket with the wording Rocket Go Into Space. SAN

This is the same pressing as the Marusan UNIVERSAL ROCKET, THE MOON X-1 and ROCKET METEOR.


Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
INTERPLANET CRUISER X-300 SPACE CRUISER - ALPS - JAPANTin friction rocket based on Pyro plastic original. There is another version of this spaceship with slightly different litho.
INTERPLANETARY ROCKET - YONEZAWA - JAPANAn elaborately lithographed tinplate and plastic battery operated rocket. The silver rocket has a small red nose cone and a large yellow plastic rocket motor assembly at the rear that rotates. The rocket has a bump and go action the stops. The rocket rises up and the nose assembly opens to reveal the Apollo capsule. This was an effective attempt to reflect in toy form some of the complexity of the Apollo moon landing program.
INTERPLANETARY SPACE ROCKET TP-299 - TOMY -JAPANA large plastic space rocket. White body, blue nose assembly, red lower fins. Battery operated. The rocket moves on small wheels. Flashing engine light and noise. Decal Ranger marking. The nose assembly ejects and a parachute is deployed.

The rocket is the same design as the one in the Sears Turnpike Line Rocket Base gantry.
INTERPLANETARY SPACECRAFT ATOM ROCKET-15 - YONEZAWA - JAPANThis is a 32cm white and grey plastic battery operated rocket. It is relatively stubby rocket. The nose has a clear plastic window with a vinyl astronaut inside. The tail is a large red plastic affair, not as good as the one depicted on the box art, but it does have a very impressive lighted engine effect. A pair of red plastic fins run alongside the engine. A large double silver plastic antenna rotates on the top. Bump and go action, flashing engine, rotating antenna and engine noise. The instruction sheet is in Japanese. Date?
JATO JET ROCKET P-200 - METALMA - BRAZILBrazil has created many space toys and this is an interesting version of the standard tin friction rocket. Jato is the Portugese for Jet. This is a blue and red wheeled rocket with three fins. P-200 serial on the tailfin. There is litho detailing of a cockpit with astronauts. Friction action with noise and spark. Metalma (Matarazzo) 20 cm MM
JET LANZA DISOS - PLASTIMARX - MEXICOA large plastic rocket with a fluted tail and small side wings. A plastic spinner fits on top. Friction action sends the spinner flying. Item #1772. A Mexican version of the Marx Solar Rocket.
JET OTO - NE KUR - TURKEYA quite distinct approach to the subject from the Turkish company Ne Kur. This is a jet plane style tin friction spaceship. The rocket has long engines on very short wings. At the front is a clear plastic canopy with pilot's head. NK 880. Different racing numbers are printed on the nose. Friction action with noise and spark.Turkey
JET ROCKET V-7 - K LOGO - JAPANA large (47cm) lithographed tin friction space rocket. Red, white and blue litho with Jet Rocket V-7 wording on the sides. Very similar to the Space Fighter (1954). The version shown here is lacking horizontal rear tail fins. Box?

JUMPING ROCKET RS 45 - SY/YONEYA - JAPANTin wind up. 15cm. Rocket with robot driver hops around as the robot's arms swing. SY logo. Later adapted for the Space Rocket version. R.S. 45 wording on the robot body. loose hanging flat tin arms. Lithographed star scene on nose of rocket. RS-45 Marked SY. 15cm long

The toy appears in a 1964 Japanese exporter's catalog.
JUNOR JET 27 - YONEZAWA - JAPANRace car style tin friction rocket. Red, white and yellow litho. Yellow tin fin with 27 printed on it. Junor Jet (sic) with a shooting star printed on the side. Four wheels. Pilot under canopy. The rear engine moves in and out. Japan 1950s. Date? The name Junor is a typo for Junior.

See also the Space Rocket Car 75 version of this toy.
JUPITER ROCKET - YOSHI - JAPANYoshi's approach to rocket design is quite different from the other manufacturers. This is a green and red jet-like tin friction rocket with two small wings at the rear and two very small tiny stabilizing fins at the front. There is a single tailfin. The friction mechanism is attached below the rear, with no attempt to hide it. Marked JUPITER with a USAF star. Y in Diamond. Box? Date?
JUPITER ROCKET D-119 - HWN - WEST GERMANYA blue, red and yellow lithographed tin friction rocket with circular spark window openings at rear. Bright spray-like color effect. The tailfins extend well beyond the rear. There are spark holes covered in red plastic at the back. Two halves of the pressing are crimped together. Made by Heinrich Wimmer Nuemberg W Germany. There is also a version with UK an USA flags on the nose. 1950s. Wheeled friction action with spark.

This appears to be the same pressing as the Belloni Italian Meteor Bell-310 rocket.
JUPITER ROCKET JP7A - MASUYA - JAPANWGrey, blue and red plane style in friction rocket with yellow detailing This cockpit with litho pilot. Three fins. In the nose is a striker pin which, on impact, releases an arm that enables the rocket to stand up. Marked Jupiter Rocket JP7a. JP 7A version of the Masuya Jupiter-Nike tin friction rocket with standing action. The box art depicts a slightly different version SP-207,
JUPITER ROCKET M5 - MASUYA - JAPANLithographed tin litho M 5 version of the Masuya tin friction rocket with standing action and noise. 11 ins. White with red and yellow detailing. Litho cockpit (unlike the clear plastic canopy of the Lyra copy). Marked Jupiter United States Army. M 5 on the red and yellow tin fins. Masuya Fine Toys The first sighting to date is in a Walgreen Agency Christmas catalog for 1959. Masuya Jupiter-Nike
KOSMOS SPACE ROCKET - MS BRANDENBURG - EAST GERMANYA stubby lithographed tinplate rocket. Silver with four red rocket motors and a large window in one side in which an astronaut can be seen. Marked KOSMOS. A triangular hook device and a cylindrical base are also included.

The base is probably heavily weighted. It has a self-winding spring and a reel inside; when let go the rocket climbs to the top of the line.

KOZMICKE VOZIDLO - OMNIA - CZECHOSLOVAKIAA lithographed tin friction wheeled rocket. Crimped construction. The design is very simplistic: lines and circles hinting at window detail. There are several litho variations. The box art is even more basic with a simple silhouette of the rocket. Cosmic Rocket. Friction action with noise and spark. Czechoslovakia. CSSR c1970
LEVER ACTION ATOMIC ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANA blue, red and black lithographed tin friction. Saturn and stars litho on the large distinctive side panels. Circa 1950's. Push down lever action. Marked Atomic Rocket. The top fin acts as the lever. MT Plain box with paper label.

An early example of the Masudaya Rocket Racer design. The same pressing as the X-3 rocket.

On sale at Macy's December 1953.
LSX-SSC ROCKET - YONEZAWA - JAPANLithographed tinplate rocket. Black and yellow color scheme with red detailing. The rocket has very long fins extending over half the length of the rocket. Rubber nose tip. Marked LSX-XCC. Mach 4.77 printed on the tail. Friction action. 11" 28cm Date? Box?
LUKY- ZX-7 ROCKET - MAKER? - JAPANA cute little lithographed tin friction rocket with cockpit detailing. Red and white with a line of white stars on a blue band. The name is a misspelling of Lucky, a detail that adds to the charm. Marked The Moon on reverse side. Friction action with spark. Box? 1950s.
LUNAR 7 ROCKET - NOMURA? - JAPANNomura produced a series of Thunderbird 1 knockoffs, and this is one with a difference: the Lunar 7. The maker hasn't been confirmed yet but the design is very similar to the Wonder-L, Solar-X 7 and Solar-X 8.

It's a friction white tin rocket with blue and red trim. There's a small red plastic nose with a hefty safety button on the tip. The rocket has folding grey plastic wings. Marked Lunar-7

Tin friction rocket with folding wings. There is a blue button on the rocket that allows the wings to extend.
LUNAR PROBE No 1 - LUCKY TOYS - HONG KONGThis is a rocket with clean lines and box artwork that is of good quality. A white plastic friction rocket with a clear red plastic nosecone and a red plastic engine with black cone at the rear. Three chrome plastic engines on fins and matching silver trim. Friction action with spark. Based on the JR 21 rocket design. Hong Kong 1960s.
M3A LITTLE ATLAS ROCKET - MASUYA - JAPANNike style tin friction rocket. White and silver plane style in friction rocket with red detailing This cockpit with litho pilot. Three fins. In the nose is a striker pin which, on impact, releases an arm that enables the rocket to stand up. Marked ATLAS US Air Force M3A. Masuya Jupiter-Nike
MAI 9 ROCKET - MAKER? - ROMANIAA green tin lithographed rocket with red and black detailing. Litho cockpit. Marked 'MAI' 9 in a circle on the top. There is a serial number on the side which indicates a possible date of 1979. Friction action: two drive wheels and a small plastic tail wheel. Sometimes referred to as Strato Plane. Box?
MARS 3 SPACE ROCKET - NOMURA - JAPANPlastic battery operated rocket with sound and flashing lights. Rocket moves forward with flashing lights. A lever lifts the rocket into a vertical position. German box version shown on the left.
MARS RATTAN AIR X-300 SPACESHIP - MAKER? - INDIAThis is a yellow and red lithographed space rocket, a cross between a spaceship and a jet plane. This version has a lithographed pilot in cockpit detailing rather than the open cockpit of other versions. A simple hollow pressing with a friction mechanism positioned under the front end.

The original spaceship that it is based on is the hard plastic Pyro Space Scout X-100. Marusan copied it in tin as the Mars Dream Jet, and finally it has been manufactured in India as the Mars X-300, Rattan Air. The X-300 serial proves it is a copy of the Marusan, not of the Pyro.

xplastic asia mddd (ub)
Image Smith House Auctions
MARS ROCKET 3122 - MASUDAYA - JAPANA large red and white tin lithographed battery operated rocket. 14 ins long. Jet plane style with tin astronaut under a clear dome canopy. Bump and go action. Flashing lights in the wings, spacenoise. The yellow lithographed astronaut slowly lifts his arm up and down. 3122 Mars printed on wings. MT It may be that 3122 is the Masudaya catalog number for this toy in which case this would be from the early 1960s.
MARTE SPACE ROCKET - DENIA - SPAINA large painted wood rocket with side wings, a forward gun turret and rear antenna. The central well contains three large hard rubber spacemen with helmets.

The Marte Space Ship was made in Spain in the 50's. The mostly wood toy measures approx. 22. The mechanisms work as follows: when the front wheels turn the gun swivels and the rear wheels turn the antenna.

Featured in "Plastic Toy Figures Made in Spain" by Juan Hermida. The caption reads "Friction space ship in wood, equipped with cannon and rotating radar, made by the craftsmen of Denia, Valencia, Juan Forner Font, late 1950s."
MAYA/KT ROCKET - MAKER? - INDIAFrom India comes this eccentric pair of lithographed tin space rockets. Horizontal friction tin rocket with a clear red plastic nose cone, one tipped with blue paint. The rockets are copiously illustrated with comic animals: Donald Duck, chipmunks etc. There are two drive wheels at the front and two small tail wheels at the back. Friction action with noise and sparks in the nose. Asia

Two versions shown:
Top: Maya Rocket. Marked "Wellcome (sic) you to the capital." at the back.

Bottom: Marked K.T. Rocket.
ME-56 MERCURY ROCKET - DAIYA - JAPANThis is a classic early wheeled rocket from Daiya, and it's their only example of this 1950s design. The lithographed tinplate rocket is brightly decorated in red, yellow and blue with lines of stars and a USAF logo. The three yellow fins have, uniquely, a distinct curve and are marked Mercury. Star shaped holes are cut into the body. 25cm

Plain card box with paper label. Date?
MECHANICAL KIDDY ROCKET - YONE/YONEYA - JAPANAnother reworking of the popular SY/Yoneya Jumping Rocket design. This is a lithographed tin friction rocket with a vinyl child's head. Unusually, there is a small tin propeller on the front. Red and yellow with PLAYLAND wording on the front and the serial R.26 on the tail fin. The box depicts 72 on the rocket. 15cm long

This rocket also formed part of the Super Rocket Ride.
MECHANICAL ROCKET U-2 - PRIFTIS - GREECEMetallic blue and red lithographed friction powered tinplate Space Rocket. The rocket has a red plastic canopy with pilot inside. At the back is a cylindrical yellow plastic structure with three fins. Runs on wide plastic wheels. Friction action with noise and spark. Pi Logo. There are several litho versions of this rocket including the lower one with the elaborate exhaust litho. The maker Ananiades has also been suggested.

MECHANICAL SPACE CRAFT - DAIYA - JAPANThis is a very basic tin and plastic wind up rocket from Daiya. The cylindrical silver rocket has a transparent red plastic nose and a red plastic rotating tail. Markes SPACECRAFT. Window box. 17cm 1970s
METEOR BELL-310 ROCKET - BELLONI - ITALYTin friction rocket. Meteor wording on nose. Bell-310 on tailfin. Believed to be by Belloni, an Italian company. Box? 1950s

This appears to be the same pressing as the German HWN Jupiter D-119

Also shown is an incomplete example (no tail fin) of the Bell 314 rocket.
MOBIL JET - MARUBISHI? TY? - JAPANAn red and white lithographed tin friction space vehicle. The vehicle has an unusual tear drop shape with a yellow tin pilot under a clear dome and two long clear green plastic engine tubes at the back. (Note: this version has the tin bodied astronaut rather than the vinyl head of other versions).

Two wire antennas sweep backwards along the top. Marked Mobil Jet. 8" 20cm. This is a variation of the Marubishi Astro Mobil.

Friction action with noise and spark. The Mobil Jet has an unusual manufacturer's logo: it is marked "Look for good toy" in a circle with a hard to decipher TY (?) inside and Made in Japan.
MONDRAKETE MOON ROCKET - GUNTERMAN - WEST GERMANYMondrakete tin wind up space rocket. This red and silver tin rocket comes in two versions.

In one form (top) it has a long metal strip passing through the center. When wound the rocket travels along the metal strip and releases a passenger sitting in a parachute style metal canopy.

A second version (bottom) the rocket has a propeller at the front. When suspended from the ceiling the rocket rotates in the manner of a traditional airship or Zeppelin toy.

W Germany 1950s.
MOON EXPRESS MOON ROCKET XY - NOMURA - JAPANSilver lithographed tin friction space rocket with rear spark windows. Fins marked XY. Early 1950s. Plain box with paper label. The box depicts a sleeker rocket than the one inside. See also the Moon Mars and Rocket Mars variations of this toy.

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions.
MOON EXPRESS ROCKET - HAJI - JAPANFrom this small Japanese company comes a relatively early rocket with a unique character. This is a blue tin friction rocket with red and yellow trim and litho pilot detailing. 6.5" 16cm The rocket's body tapers more than most and has a rubber safety tip, There are three angular fins which extend slightly beyond the exhaust. The rear of the rocket has a series of spark holes with red inserts. The friction mechanism sits in full view below the tail. Box? Date?
MOON MARS XY ROCKET - NOMURA - JAPANAn early Nomura tin friction rocket with spark windows at the rear. This silver lithographed rocket has a red nose and is covered in boilerplate style rivets. There are shooting stars and planets along with the wording Moon Mars on the sides. Marked XY on the tail fins. Three fins. 11cm Spark windows at rear. Date? Box?

See the XY Moon Express and Rocket Mars versions of this rocket.
MOON RANGER SPACE CAR - KOTA - HONG KONGLarge blue plastic battery operated space rocket with plastic pilot under a clear plastic dome. Four holes in each side aft of the canopy. Red lights in the nose area. This is a Chinese variation of the sonicon style toy operated by a whistle. Marked Kota, Hong Kong

A 1968 Denver Post article says of this toy: "switched whistle that operates a sound-sensitve membrane in the .... The unit switches on power supplied by regular flashlight ..... ignores all sound but the whistle and shuts itself off automatically after 30 seconds. It is made by a Hong Kong .... company"
MOON ROCKET (SPARKLING ROCKET SHIP 3) - MASUDAYA - JAPANSmall lithographed tinplate friction rocket. Red, yellow and blue color scheme. Litho pilot detailing, but there is no windscreen on this model. Red cellophane spark window at rear. Circa 1950's. Friction noise with spark. Plain card box with a paper label. MT Rocket Racer style.

Versions exist with wording (green fin) and without wording (yellow fin). Rocket Ship 3

An early example of Masudaya Rocket Racer design. This toy is featured in a 1953 Masudaya advertisement. It was on sale in December 1952.
MOON ROCKET - MAKER? - JAPANEarly tin friction rocket. The odd fins are correct. This is a half-shell rocket. There is no manufacturer's mark on the toy. Box?

There are at least two versions: metallic green, and metallic silver blue.
MOON ROCKET - MASUDAYA - JAPANOne of Masudaya's tin battery operated space ships with a non-fall action. An astronaut pilot sits inside a cockpit with a clear plastic cover. Rear tail fin. A metal rocker in the base detects edges and alters the direction of the rocket. This toy has particularly long red conical engines that run the length of the ship.

Two box versions are shown. There's also a version with two astronauts in the cockpit.

Distinctive Features:
Multicolored litho, light blue, red, pink and yellow.
Astronaut with rotating blue plastic periscope.
Marked Moon Rocket
Curved yellow fin
Three colored lights in either side.
Date: Appeared in the 1963 Masudaya Catalog and Firestone 1963 Gift Catalog. Two box versions shown.
MOON ROCKET - MASUYA - JAPANWhite lithographed tin friction rocket wit red detailing. Three rear fins. A striker pin in the nose releases and arm that enables the rocket to stands up when it hits an object. A door opens and a gangplank descends, revealing a lithographed astronaut standing in the doorway. Marked Moon Rocket. There are at least four litho versions of the Masuya rocket and an Ohta version. MASUYA Cupid Logo.
MOON ROCKET MF-069 - MAKER? - CHINASilver lithographed tin rocket with blue and red trim. Two spark windows at the rear. Friction action with spark. Two rear fins (no upright tail fin) and two smaller forward fins. The rocket has a hinged tin canopy with a printed picture of a dog. The cockpit cover raises when the front nose spike hits an object. Inside the cockpit is a small plush dog. There is a clear connection with Laika, the Russian space dog. MF069 Also known in a red version.

MOON ROCKET XM-12 - YONEZAWA - JAPANVery large metallic blue tin battery operated rocket. 38cm. Two pilots under a clear plastic canopy. The rocket can be steered via the nose wheel. Hatches in the front and rear give access to replace the light bulbs, a possibly unique feature. Lighted spinning engine. The fins are detachable for storage.

"Action lighted spinning rocket engine & Radar lunar scope".

The design of the rocket is clearly inspired by the rocket Luna in the 1950 film "Destination Moon" though the name is a variation of the craft in "Rocket Ship X-M".

Dee also the similar X-12 version of the rocket.

Currently the first sighting is in the 1958 Sears Christmas catalog and in the Lazarus catalog for 1959 .
MOON SHIP SUPERSONIC - MASUDAYA - JAPANMarked Super Sonic on the sides and Moon Ship on the tail fin. A metallic blue body with a white canopy and red trim. Red tin pilot under a clear plastic canopy. The box depicts a grey, white and red version of the toy.

"Supersonic non stop action." Large tin battery op Sonicon style spaceship. Bump and go action. Currently the first sighting is in a FAO Schwarz Christmas 1961 Toys Catalog. This rocket does not have an antenna.

This toy uses the pressing for the bulbous Sonicon rocket ship, but has a non-stop action instead of the sound mechanism. Flashing lights in the tail.
MOON-RIDER SPACE SHIP - MARX - ENGLANDBlue and cream lithographed tinplate space rocket. Elaborate litho detailing of pilot and passengers. Marked 745. Yellow tail fin. Two pairs of small side fins at the front and the rear. Large fixed keywound motor. Two large rubber wheels and one small rear wheel. Wind up action with sparks. On/off switch to back. 12" 30cm UK Marx. Circa 1952

Very similar to the Tom Corbett tin wind up spaceship, which in turn is based on the 1934 Buck Rogers Rocket Ship. The original Marx rocketship has been pared down to its essentials here. The side wings have gone along with any astronaut poking out of the top. This changes the scale of the toy.

Box? Date? Moonrider spaceship
NASA SPACESHIP SPACE RANGER 1 - MASUDAYA - JAPANOne of Masudaya's tin battery operated space ships with a non-fall action. An astronaut pilot sits inside a cockpit with a clear plastic cover. Rear tail fin. A metal rocker in the base detects edges and alters the direction of the rocket. This toy has particularly long white conical engines that run the length of the ship.

Distinctive Features:
No astronaut.
Red plastic lights at the back.
White litho with blue trim and a blue cockpit cover.
Large rotating plastic antenna
Marked NASA United States
Curved white fin
Three colored lights in either side.
Picture box with Japanese wording, translates as SPACE RANGER 1
NAVE ESPACIAL NASA - MOLTO - SPAINA green plastic rocket with a clear red rotating nose cone. Based on the Yoshiya Commander Rocket design. Decal details include a cockpit with pilot. NASA wording on the sides. There is a small red light on the top. Friction action with noise and spark. Date?

NAVETA SPATIALA ROCKET - AGATEX - ROMANIAOrange and white tinplate wind up space rocket. Three tail fins and three corresponding fins towards the front of the rocket. A small plastic engine is positioned on the tail fin. Pushing the rocket forward winds the mechanism. The slider allows access to the compartment for replacement of the flint. Box?

Marked LEI 45 NI 34584-79. 79 is probably the year of manufacture.
This is a color variation of the COSMOS-189 ROCKET but there is no obvious logo. 29cm
NIGHT FIGHTER USAF - BANDAI - JAPABNSmall lithographed tinplate space plane. Green with yellow and red accents. Saturn logo at the front and a lithographed spaceman pilot. It is 4 inches long and 5 1/4 wingspan. Borderline space. Box? Date? 1950s
NIKE MISSILE WITH SPARK - DAIYA - JAPANA very long white tinplate and plastic missile. The SAM-A7 rocket comprises three sections that fit together. The tail section has a friction motor with spark windows near the tailfins, the central section has four fins, and the nose consists of a red plastic section with a white plastic tip. The three parts dismantle for storage in the box. Date?
NIKE SAM-A7 SPACE ROCKET - MASUYA - JAPANWhite plane style in friction rocket with red and yellow detailing This cockpit with litho pilot. Three fins. In the nose is a striker pin which, on impact, releases an arm that enables the rocket to stand up. Marked NIKE SAM-A7 US Army. Masuya Jupiter-Nike rocket.
NIKE SR-7 ROCKET - MASUYA - JAPANWhite and bue plane style in friction rocket with red and yellow detailing This cockpit with litho pilot. Three fins. In the nose is a striker pin which, on impact, releases an arm that enables the rocket to stand up. Marked Nike Space Rocket SR-7. Masuya Jupiter-Nike rocket.
NON STOP MOON EXPLORER - MASUDAYA - JAPANMarked Moon Explorer. A red and white battery operated rocket. Featured in the 1963 Masudaya catalog. Remote control rocket advances as antenna turns. Red tinplate pilot.

This toy uses the pressing for the bulbous Sonicon rocket ship, but has a non-stop action instead of the sound mechanism. Flashing lights in the tail.

NON STOP MOON EXPLORER X-5 - MASUDAYA - JAPANMarked X-5 Moon Explorer. Cream and silver grey battery operated rocket. The box depicts a red version and is identical to the box used for the red and white version of the toy. (unless there is a box mismatch here?) Non Stop bump and go action. Red tinplate pilot.

This toy uses the pressing for the bulbous Sonicon rocket ship, but has a non-stop action instead of the sound mechanism. Flashing lights in the tail.

On sale in December 1960.
OCEANIC ROCKET - AUTOMATIC TOY CO - USASimple blue and yellow lithographed tin friction space vehicle. Pull back and release. Two wheels, the tail trails on the ground. "To Wind Draw Backwards". USA Tear shape. Automatic Toy Co. of Staten Island, New York. Also sold with "G-Man Pursuit" and "Transcontinental Rocket" litho variations. Probably sold loose as a bin toy.
ORIENT COMMANDER ROCKET - OMI - INDIABrightly lithographed tin friction rocket. India. Date? Better picture anyone? Based on the Yoshiya Japanese Commander Rocket.
See also the Oriental Air Rocket. Asia
ORIENTAL AIR ROCKET - OMI/HEC - INDIATin friction rocket with bright childlike lithography. 27cm. Blue plastic nose cone. A variation of the Skymaster rocket. India. Copy of A novelty rocket from India. Designed for the young child is this tin friction rocket. Based on the Yoshiya Commander Rocket. Asia

Various litho variations exist.

OMI, the maker, is Oriental Metal Industries of Delhi. HEC is the importer.

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