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These are presented in speculative production order. Timeline evidence is needed to confirm or disprove this.

Version 1
Spinning antenna, separate face parts, separate breastpart, separate plastic yellow hands, round red feet, hinged key, box version No 1 (the most expensive and complicated to make with spinning antenna, separate face parts and separate hands, hinged key and separately moving red shoes, also the box art seems to be more early)

Version 2
Antenna, printed face (with tab in mouth, looks liKe a tongue), tin arms/hands, red round feet, rigid key (?), box version No 1 (as version 1, but simplified arms)

Version 3
Red pip/knob on head, separate face parts, separate breast part, separate plastic yellow hands, round red feet, hinged key, box version No 2 (?) (same as 1 but the spinning antenna mechanism was replaced by a red knob)
followed by

Version 4
Red pip/knob on head, printed face and breastpart, tin arms/hands, round red feet, rigid key, box version No 2 (?) (same as 3 but separate hands are simplified to one tin part, also face and breastpart is now printed on the robot.

There are good quality reproductions available. To identify an original look for the following:

SPACE MAN printed on the back not ATOMIC ROBOT or SPACE ROBOT
A fixed key, not a separate one.
SY logo on the side of the body
Full red eye dots, not semicircles.

MECHANICAL WALKING SPARKING ROBOT - TOMIYAMA - JAPANTin and plastic wind up stepover robot. Spark panel in the chest. Very similar to the Mechanical Walking Space Man. Tomy.

Image courtesy of Smith House Auctions
MECHANIZED ROBOT, EARLY BLACK VERSION - NOMURA - JAPANTin battery op Robby. Circa 1956. Advances with walking motion as the dome lights, pistons move up and down and antenna turn. This is the early version with pin style pulls on the battery box doors. TN

Image Smith House Auctions
MEGO MAN - SY/YONEYA FOR MEGO - JAPANLithographed tin wind up robot. This unusual robot is a copy of the Ideal Mr Machine. Advances with wheels turning as his arms and legs move and bell rings.

Red and silver face versions shown.

Circa 1956.

MESSAGE ROBOT - TOYBOX - JAPANHeight: 5.5" (to top of robot's head) 7" (to top of sign) Manufacturer is Toybox, Japan. Decals on both sides of the head say: Message Robokun-1. Actions: Robot walks sideways while waving sign back and forth and opening and closing its mouth. Embossed on the bottom of the left foot: TOYBOX MADE IN JAPAN PAT. P. Wind up plastic robot - Sweeping Robot style.
MIGHTY 8 ROBOT aka KALEIDOSCOPE ROBOT - MASUDAYA - JAPANBlack tin battery opeated robot. Advances with walking motion and moving arms as the color wheel in his chest turns. kaleidoscope. MT

The robot is rare but the display is not rocket-science. There is a mask with cut out slots, large and smaller "Sparks". Behind that there is a wheel of translucent plastic with coloured "Sparks" and darkened sections. This wheel has the same pattern as the mask. the wheel turnS 'round with a light behind it: Sometimes the wheel is in phase with the mask then you have bright, single colours. Some times it is out of phase and you have some spluttering of various colours.

The Mighty Robot appears in the 1963-1964 Masudaya catalog.

Masudaya were clearly influenced by the Horikawa style of robot. This design may reflect the interests of the factory commissioned to make the robot.
MIGHTY ACTION ROBOT - ILLCO - HONG KONGBlue plastic battery op robot. Shooting guns, smoke. Galaxy style. This is a Hong Kong issue of the Junior toys Dynamic Fighter. Illco made two of these versions. The first had plastic eyes and was a close a copy of the Dynamic Fighter with clear plastic guns. Later versions show the effect of cost cutting with paper decals for eyes and a generally inferior finish.
The robot on the left has plastic eyes and a tin chest. The robot on the right has paper decals for eyes and a paper decal chest. Hong Kong
MIGHTY ROBOT - Yoshiya 1965 - JAPANTin and plastic battery op. First catalog sighting 1965. Advances with mystery action as the lights inside his head spin and gears on both sides of his head turn. He also emits a clicking noise. KO skirt. This robot only appears with the plastic arms.

MIGHTY ROBOT aka ATHLETE ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin and plastic wind up. Circa 1965. Advances with walking motion as he flexes his arms. The nickname 'Athlete Robot' is used to distinguish it from other Mighty Robots and its a very apt choice considering its action. This is one of the larger wind up robots, with a big, strong motor to drive it. Its principal feature is the movement of the arms: they rise and flex in a typical bodybuilder manner. Other robot have arms which lie at right angles to the body (Yonezawa Space Explorer, Alps TV Spaceman) but none have this articulated forearm.

The substantial tin body has considerable litho dial detailing. There is a very large grey plastic head with clear red plastic eyes, nose and mouth.

The box art is a plain picture of the toy on an equally plain two-tone background. There is a rarer box variation. (Image?)

There are two distinct versions of the Mighty Robot. One has a key on the side and the other has a key on the back. The reason for the change of the wind up motor is not known.

This robot appeared in the Yonezawa catalog for 1967.
MIGHTY ROBOT CARRYING APOLLO - YONE - JAPANA variation of the basic Yone Jumping Rocket wind up. The small lithographed tin and plastic hopping robot creature is pulling along a vinyl rocket with paper decals.

Th box has a"carring" typo.
MIGHTY ROBOT WITH SPARKING - DAITO - JAPANThis bronze lithographed tin robot has the appearance of flattened cyclinder. The litho has rivet detailing with white and pink lines. Wind up with spark action. The robot body, head and legs are all part of one structure: two halves are crimped together. There is a little red plastic spark window in the chest. The long red plastic arms. A fixed plastic key is attached to the side. In action the robot rolls forward while the chest sparks. 5" 13cm Date?

Some sources connect Daito with Yoneya.
MIKE ROBOT - TOMY - JAPANPlastic battery op pedestal robot. Circa 1965. Advances with ticking sound. Speak into the remote microphone and your voice is transmitted through his chest. Mouth moves and eyes and head light. Japanese box version.

Note: The plastic wire can react chemically with the plastic body, leaving "burn" marks. It should be stored so that the wire does not make contact with the robot.

MILD ROBOT - JAPANBot style plastic battery op robot with bump and go action. Shakes head and hands. Flashing lights in eyes and chest. One of the Mild Robot range. Bow tie. - Bandai Popy?.
MINI ROBO TANK - NOMURA - JAPANSmall tin and plastic wind up robot tank hybrid. Bump and go action. Blue tin body with red plastic head. Two red plastic lighted guns in the chest. Loose yellow plastic arms attach to levers. Simulated litho tracks. Battery operated bump and go action with noise and flashing lights. The hands and levers move.

Mini Robo Tank appears in the Nomura catalog for 1971. On sale in NOVEMBER 1970.
MINI ROBOTSmall wind up stepover plastic robot. Chrome green with simulated paper decal TV screen.
MINI ROBOT - AHI? - HONG KONGThe Mini Robot is a unique design with a comic appearance. This 6.5" (15cm) plastic battery operated robot has a cylindrical silver body with red legs and feet, and chrome silver arms. The head is an unusual green plastic sphere with a glitter effect. Inside the dome are eyes set on a stalk. There's a simple geometric decal in the chest. No maker's mark on the box. Part No T52

Walking action with flashing light in the head and a clicking noise.

A clue to the maker may lie in the fact that the paper decal on the chest is the same one as used on the AHI Space: 1999 Walking Spacemen. (inset)
MINI ROBOT - MAXELL - JAPANA tiny wind up stepover robot made for Maxell. It is a silver blue little bug shape with long rotating arms.
MINI ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANBlue plastic battery op robot. Preesing a button on the head starts it moving with space sound. Two box versions shown.
MINI ROBOT / CLOCKWORK MINIATURE ROBOT - JAPANThis little 3" (7cm) plastic wind up robot seems to have been produced in great quantities. The tiny wind up robot has a single piece head and body with little arms attached. Black stepover feet. Several color variations. TP 293. The Clockwork Miniature Robot version appears to have added painted details.

This robot was also produced in Hong Kong.
Mini Walking Robot - TPS - JAPANSmall silver chrome wind up robot with stepover feet. Several box versions. Sold in trade boxes.
MINI-MATE PETE THE SPACEMAN - BANDAI - JAPANSmall red and white plastic battery operated spaceman. Comical or cartoon styling. White helmet with visor. Gun in hand. Uses two AA batteries that are clamped exposed on the back to resemble oxygen cylinders. Sold in a window box and in a blister card version.
MINIATURE SPACE BOY - HONG KONGSmall comical white plastic wind up stepover astronaut robot.Waddling action. Pete style. Marked "British Colony of Hong Kong" 1960s
MINIATURE VENUS STYLE ROBOTS - GROUP 2- HONG KONGStatic miniature plastic robots based on the Venus Robot design. Several color versions.
Miss Melody - Hong KongPlastic battery sonic remote control op. The Musical Girl Robot. Pedestal base. White plastic with pink arms and girlie decal details. Hong Kong 1978?
MISSILE ROBOT - ALPS - JAPANTin and plastic battery op. Circa 1965. Advances with walking motion and moving arms as his chest and head lights flash. He stops, the chest door opens and the hidden missiles move out with a firing sound.

Image courtesy Smith House Auctions
MISSILE ROBOT - FIRST VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPANBlack tin and plastic battery operated robot. Rotates. The major innovation here is the addition of the two sets of missiles on either side of the head, replacing the ears. New in 1979 SH catalog art 5044

Japanese box version also shown. Distinctive chrome toecaps on the feet.

A later version of this robot was produced with a red plastic visor face.
MISSILE ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANA prototype robot from the Metal House archive. The body is from a Dino Robot and the head is the Attacking Martian fly eye.
MISSILE ROBOT - JAPANSmall static plastic silver chrome robots with missiles in chest. Blister carded. Released on a trade backing card. Japan Date? Translation? Three minor variations shown.
MISSILE ROBOT, LATER VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPANBlack plastic battery operated robot with a red and yellow tinplate chest panel. Walks with sound, stops and then rotates with gun firing and flashing lighted eyes. The head has a large red lighted plastic visor. Missiles on either side of the head, replacing the ears. This robot is featured as a new item, No 5063, in the 1981 Horikawa catalog. There is a Japanese version of the box.

MISTER BRAIN - REMCO - USAPlastic battery op robot. "The Tru-Smoke robot with a memory". Programmed with one of the disks inserted into the back to control movement. Blows smoke from head. 1969
United States

Instruction Sheet:
MISTER ROBOT - NGS/CRAGSTAN - JAPANMulticolored plastic battery op robot. Red body, blue legs and head, yellow concertina arms, "Trik" "square/turn walking action, flashing lights and free swinging arms. The robot has a clear rectangular panel in the chest.

The action is started by lifting the chrome silver plastic dish antenna. The robot is over 11 inches tall. The box carries the NGS logo, a company that seems to have subcontracted toy production.

This robot is the forerunner of similar Cragstan robots produced in HK: the Ranger Robot and Magnor Robot. It is, however, significantly different in detail.
MISTER SCREWBALL JR - FRANKONIA - HONG KONGThis is a novel multicolored wind up plastic robot. It is a play on the expression "Screwball", literally a yellow ball shaped robot into which bolts can be screwed. The mechanism and function is also the same, you turn the screw on top of the big bolt and Mr. Screwball starts to wobble forward, more a short shaking action than walking.

The quality of this toy is a bit worse than the Nuts N Bolts Robots version, which is far better designed and produced. The bolts do not really fit well in the holes and are easiliy destroyed if you do not act with care. This might be a reason why so few of this toy have survived.

1967 is written in Roman numerals on the box. , so this toy is actually the predecessor/forerunner of the Nuts N Bolts Robots, which was made in 1969.

mr screw ball junior
MO BOT - BANDAI - JAPANPlastic battery op robot. One of the Love Bo Gi Bot series.
MODERN ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin battery operated skirted robot with bump and go action. Basically identical to the sliver Cragstan Robot complete with the lightning bolt on the chest plate. The only difference is the name. The box art is also identical except for the name and removal of the Cragstan logo. A Modern Robot was advertised the Indiana Gazette in December 1964.

Note that the robot has same yellow battery box with red and white batteries drawing as the Directional Robot.
MONSTER ROBOT - 369 ANTENNA VERSION - MIKE TOY - TAIWANBlack plastic battery op robot 80s. 319 on chest. Stop and Go with opening top to reveal animal (tiger?) head. Available in other colors and head shapes. Based on a SH design. Similar to Empire Robot Monster
MONSTER ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANPlastic battery operated robot made in the 1980s. Stop and Go with opening top to reveal a lighted dinosaur head very similar to the head of Dino Robot. 9" 23cm. Available in a green and blue body versions with yellow arms and grey legs. Decal with "123" on the chest. This is the original version of this very successful robot design, much copied by other manufacturers.

The blue version has the logo SH on the box. Some green versions have SH on a side panel, though others have an Alps logo. The green version is described as new in the 1985 SH catalog. All SH robots are stamped "Japan" on the battery door.
MONSTER ROBOT, GREEN VERSION - MAKER? - TAIWANGreen plastic battery op robot 80s Taiwan 5080 Stop and Go with opening top to reveal dinosaur. 9 Inch GE 1298A is covered with a 5080 sticker. Available in other colors and head shapes. Based on a SH design.
MONSTER ROBOT- BLUE VERSION - TAIWANBlue plastic battery op change monster robot. Maker? 123 on the chest. This is a SH design though it is often manufactured in Hong Kong and more recently in Taiwan. The green version has been dated to 1984. Other colour versions exist along with box variations and changes of the chest digits eg 369.
MOOD LAMP LIGHTING ROBOT FX-850 - MAKER? - JAPANThis is a blue plastic lamp based on the body molds from the Yonezawa piston/missle robots
MOON ASTRONAUT - DAIYA - JAPANTin windup astronaut. Advances with walking motion as he raises and lowers his space gun. Gun makes a firing sound. 22cm No date yet.
MOON CREATURES - MARXTin friction alien creatures, insect or bug like. Antennas. The one on the left has litho resembling Hap Hazard.
MOON DOCTOR, DOCTOR MOON - DAIYA - JAPANA comical lithographed tinplate wind up robot doctor character with exaggerated red glasses. Paddle foot. Metallic blue with a round head and red paddle feet.

Two versions exist: one has a lithographed panel depicting complex machinery on the front and is marked X-25 on the back. It comes in a portrait format box showing Dr Moon on a spaceship.

The other version has a plainer, deeper blue chest panel depicting a safe door with the wording Doctor Moon. The box for this version has a landscape format and shows Dr Moon as a crazy surgeon at an operating table.

A newspaper advertisement dates this to October 1964.
MOON EXPLORER - ALPS BANDAI - JAPANTin plastic battery op robot. Advances with walking motion, moving arms and flashing head lights as his chest clock turns, color wheels spin and pistons move.

It is one of a group of Alps robots based on the same molds: Rocket Man (1963) Moon Explorer (1966) and Missile Robot (?). It bears a strong resemblance to the Alps Television Spaceman but the scale of the components is appreciably larger. The metal antenna, however, is the same. This robot has only been confirmed with the metal antenna - just like the box illustration.

The first sighting of the Moon Explorer is in Alden's Catalog for 1966.

Unlike its TV Spaceman cousin, there do not appear to be any significant variations of this robot, suggesting that it had a relatively short production run.

The Bandai reference is taken from the box: it appears that this robot was made by Bandai for Alps, but this connection hasn't been fully researched.
MOON EXPLORER - AMICO? - HONG KONGPlastic battery operated version of the original SH astronaut. Cheap and flimsy construction. Rotates. Hong Kong. White and black plastic versions;, the picture box shows a black version. Also released in a French language box as La Lune Explorateur.
MOON EXPLORER - CRAGSTAN / SALCO - HONG KONGMulticolored plastic battery operated robot. Walks, swinging arms, flashing lights.

The Moon Explorer has the distinctive large silver chest emblem with the red circle in the centre - unlike the "wings and doors" of the Mr Astronaut and Zero of Space.

There are two versions of the robot:
Left: Stylized C logo on the helmet and below the chest plate. This is a Cragstan logo and probably marks the earlier verion

Middle and right: HK logo on the helmet and below the chest plate. Newspaper adverisement dates this to November 1969.

Salco Cragstan group
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