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LA LUNE EXPLORATEUR - HONG KONGFrench market box variation of the plastic battery op version of the original SH astronaut. Cheap and flimsy construction. Hong Kong
LAMBDA-III - CH CHAU HARE - TAIWANPlastic battery operated robot. Moves with natural walking action, arms and legs move. Helmet lights up showing astronaut at cockpit controls who slowly bounces up and down. Moving arms and a clicking noise. Photo window box. 24cm

Various color combinations are shown: blue/red, yellow/red and orange/yellow.

Lambda III is an exact copy of the SH Lambda-II.
LAMBDA-III ROTATING SEARCH-LIGHT AND RADAR - HORIKAWA - JAPANBlue plastic battery operated robot with red and white accents. There is an elaborately lithographed panel in the front. A clear dome contains a spinning searchlight with red and green lights. On the top is a rotating chrome plastic dish antenna, the same as used on the Razer Spaceman.

Walking action with a space noise and flashing lights. Described as a new item in the 1985 Horikawa catalog.

Lambda 3
LAMBDA-X SUPER MACHINE - HORIKAWA - JAPANThis is a squat, boxy plastic battery operated robot. White fronted body with a blue back, yellow arms, red legs. The robot has chrome eyes and ears. Decal decorations have been used on the chest doors and on the waist.

Lambda style with the chunky wedge shaped feet. Advances, doors open to reveal a seated astronaut firing a battery of guns. The astronaut is the one introduced in the earlier Lambda II version of the robot.

Believed to be later than the other Lambdas. There is a bar code on the box and ST code, Bar code T4977590 19862 1 (49 is Japan, 77590 is the maker Horikawa or Marumiya, 19862 is the item code - the maker can freely decide the item code)

Anyway I don’t see bar codes on the other horikawa boxes, Masudaiya maria doll date 1985 on the box has a bar code too

This is possibly the last of the robots made by Horikawa.
LAUGHING ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANName on box: Laughing Robot
Name on toy: none
Nickname: light blue color variation
Manufacturer: Yonezawa, Japan
Importer: Height: 9.5"
Catalog/Box number: "Item No.36021" printed on box
Patent number: "Pat.P USA 78-927562 UK 78-31065" printed on box
Timeline date: C1984
Power source: 2 "C" cell batteries
Actions: When switch at rear is turned on, robot moves in bump-and-go (mystery action) fashion. When button on head is depressed, robot will either laugh or make siren sounds. If the head button is depressed while it is moving, the robot stops and "talks". It then continues to bump-and-go.
Additional info: Embossed on the base of the robot is the Yonezawa logo and "MADE IN JAPAN". Also comes in a black color variation and a chrome color variation. Both of these perform in exactly the same way as this light blue color variation. There is a blue chrome color variation whose name on its Japanese language box translates into New Patrol Robot. Instead of laughing, it speaks in Japanese.

Misc. Comments: Japanese box version with chrome robot also shown.

A black version appeared in the Alps catalog for 1984.
LENSMAN ROBOT SOLL - TOMY - JAPANSmall plastic robot. Mushroom shaped head. Tomy blister card. 1980s. Soll Galactic Patrol.
LIGHTNING BOLT ROBOT - MAKER? - MACAUThe name is a temporary one for an unidentified robot. Name?

Metallic purple plastic battery operated robot. Four red plastic pistons in the chest. Walking action with moving lighted pistons. The distinguishing feature of this robot is the Bride of Frankenstein style representation of a lightning bolt jumping between the two head insulator shaped antennas. This is a variation of the Hong Kong Space Commander Robot. Box?
LIGHTNING ROBOT AS-502 - MAKER? - TAIWANPlastic battery operated robot. Square body with colored plastic dome. Pilot sits in a chest cockpit. Availablle in black, grey/silver, white/goldish metalic. The pilot is the same as that used in the Horikawa Lambda robots. Track decals on the sides. The feet shuffle and arms move Lambda style. Its operator, the tri-color lense, and the dome all flash, while the dome spins.
LITTLE ROBOT - OCEANSmall plastic friction robots. Spin then move off in straight line. Blister packed. Several versions. Carded
LOGO ROBOT - RE-EL 45 - ITALYSilver plastic battery operated remote control pedestal robot. Colorful space graphic decal on the chest. Moves, flashing lights and talking function. This is a variation of the more common Robot Charly. Dated to later than 1983.

RE-EL is an Italian company, though it sold most of its robots in France.
LOOKY ROBOT - LINCOLN INTERNATIONAL - HONG KONGSee through take apart robot. Clear plastic wind up robot with visible gears in the chest and in the dome shaped head. Fixed legs, moving arms. 19cm Several color versions are known. Transparent. Also known as Crystal Robot.

This is a copy of the Yonezawa Planet Robot, though the plastic is of a cheaper quality.

See-thru. On sale in August 1971.
LOST IN SPACE - REMCO - USAThis is a very large (14" 35cm) plastic robot based on the 1966 TV series. The barrel body robot has an unusual domed head. The legs are joined together and fixed on a pedestal base. The arms are flexible plastic hoses with claw hands. A paper decal is attached to either side the base.

This is a battery operated robot. It can move forward and backward and a lever controls the direction. There is a flashing light in the chest. The concertina plastic arms have to be controlled manually.

It is a reasonably accurate copy of the YM3 robot that featured in the 1966 TV series. United States

This authorized robot was very successful and was produced for several years. The body, arms, legs and feet are separate components molded in red, black and blue. The number of possible permutations is theoretically high and it is impossible to verify factory authenticity. Date 1966.

The domes are prone to distortion and discoloration, a natural result of ageing. United States
LOST IN SPACE ROBOT, SECOND BOX VERSION - AHI - HONG KONGPlastic battery op YM3 1977 and sold at K-Mart stores. There were two different box versions, this is the second. This was the second toy robot ever made from the TV series. 10 inches tall. Azrak Hamway International. Stop and go action with flashing lighs.
LUNA LEN SPACE ROBOT - CENTURY 21 TOY / MEGO - HONG KONGPlastic battery op spaceman. Clear plastic with visible gears. A variation of the Mortoys Apollo Space Man. Transparent. Moving gears, swinging arms, illuminated face and adjustable visor. 22cm

LUNAR ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANAn unusual wind up robot. The Lunar Robot, bears a strong resemblance to the Thunder Robot in that, like its predecessor, it has the body and head combined. Brown and maroon plastic body with matching tinplate legs, red plastic arms, feet and ears. There is a tinplate panel in the chest with lithoed dials. The robot walks forward, sparks fly under the red plastic dome on top. Height 17cms.

There is an orange version with blue arms variation.

Also shown (bottom right) is a prototype remote control battery operated version with a red rounded plastic dome.
LUNAR SPACEMAN - WING FAT - HONG KONGPlastic battery operated robot. Made in Hong Kong for the Mego Corporation of New York. Walks, doors open and guns fire in Attacking Martian style. In addition the head under dome. Also known as Mond Roboter in Germany. Available in a range of colors: red, blue, grey, light green.

The Lunar Spaceman appears in the Mego catalog for 1969 and the German Mond Roboter is featured in a Brohm Spielwaren trade ad in the same year. The Mond Roboter may have been released only in grey or red. In UK the robot was sold by Salco.
M5 ROBOT РОБОТ - MAKER? - USSRPlastic pedestal robot with a vague resemblance to a Zeroid. Rectangular body, bullet-shaped head on top of an exaggerated neck, flexible black arms with odd shaped disk-like hands, small antenna. Battery operated remote control. Movement, with flashing lights.

Two versions shown:
Grey with a pink head. Marked M5 on the chest.
Green with green head and black circles on the chest

Details? Box? Russia
MACHINE GUN ROBOT - EVERITE - HONG KONG Plastic battery operated robot with spinner under a clear plastic dome. Stepover feet. Black plastic body, red arms and legs. Clear guns in the chest. Box art shows a white version; gold version also known. Stop go action, rotating internal radar, flashing lights and gun firing action. Decal decorations. The white version has gold flakes in the dome. machinegun
MACHINE ROBOT - AKA TURN SIGNAL ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANLarge brown tin battery operated robot with eight visible gears. Robot walks, arms swing, gears turn and direction indicator lights in the chest flash. The white head dome also lights. Shoulder antennas. Gear robot head. The nickname derives from the direction indicator lights set behind metal arrow pointers in the chest.

The first appearance is in the 1963-4 Schwarz Encyclopedia of Toys where it is described as a Frankonia Gear Robot. Certainly on sale in December 1963.

Some catalogs show a version with a bubble dome instead of the usual cone shape: no robot has been found with this detail. 29cm. A number of gear combination have been identified, three of which are pictured.

MACHINE ROBOT - HORIKAWA - JAPANPlastic wind up robot. Fly eyes. Five gears in chest. The broader body, the legs that don't taper at the top and the lack of a mouth point to a new style of Horikawa robot.
Height: 6.75"
Actions: Robot walks forward as gears in chest turn. Arms move up and down as a result of coming in contact with the rotating red plastic wind up key handle.
Additional info.: Embossed on the back of the robot's torso is the Horikawa logo (S.H in a diamond) with the words TRADE MARK on either side of it. Beneath it: MADE IN JAPAN

This robot is pictured in the Horikawa 1972 catalog as a NEW item. It is shown in black plastic however.

Also shown is the silver chrome version with red fly eyes with a Japanese market box. The robot appears to have at some stage been sold in a simple plastic bag with header card.
MACHINE ROBOT - NOGUCHI - JAPANTin and vinyl paddle foot robot. This robot has a simple vinyl body with loose plastic arms and red metal paddle feet. Two main types are known: one with a spark window in the chest and one with no such panel. A slight box variation showing the spark (or not) accompanies each type.

Color variations: blue, green, grey and chrome silver.
MAD MARTIAN - TOY TOWN - JAPANWindup vinyl character robot with metal stabilizer. Swaying side-to-side dancing movement. Featured at a British toy show, February 1968.
MAGIC MIKE - NEW BRIGHT - HONG KONGPlastic battery operated pedestal robot. Bump and go action, smoke and lit up face. Push button on head for spacey electronic sounds and talking.

A newspaper ad dates this to 1984.
MAGIC ROBOT GAME ROBOTSThree magnetic-based robots forming the centerpiece of the Magic Robot game. The center is a Dux Astroman and the right hand one is an Archer robot.
MAGIC SPACE DOG - YOSHIYA - JAPANTin battery operated version of the KO space robot dog. Mystery bump and go action with orbiting flying saucer. Orange litho. Bow tie litho detail.
MAGNAR THE MAGNATROL ROBOT - GAKKEN - JAPANLarge 10 inch blue plastic robot. pedestal design. Red feet and ears, white head, arm and plastic antenna. This boxy robot has a featureless white face with blue eyes. The battery operated robot has flashing lights and is controlled using magnet tipped plastic rods. By touching the ears with the rods the robot can be made to walk and turn.

Dated to a Gakken catalog for 1971.
MAGNOR, MAGNETIC HELMET ROBOT - CRAGSTAN - HONG KONGMulticolored plastic battery op robot. 9 inches tall. This is a color variation of the Ranger Robot. It is related to the NGS Mr Robot, but is appreciably smaller.

Name on box: Magnor
Manufacturer: ???, Hong Kong
Importer/Distributor: Cragstan, U.S.A.
Height: 9" (to top of "magnetic helmet")
Box number: #2601-2
Timeline date: First sighted in the 1969 Cragstan catalog. On sale in December 1969. 1970 (1970 Western Auto Christmas Catalog)
Power source: 2 "C" cell batteries
Actions: The "magnetic helmet" serves as the ON/OFF switch. With the helmet atop the robot's head, Magnor rolls forward in a waddling fashion with flashing eyes and a clicking sound. He turns to the left at regular intervals producing the "square/turn walking action" listed on the box. Removing the magnetic helmet makes him stop.
Additional info.: MADE IN HONG KONG is embossed on the bottom of the base (in two places!) along with the Cragstan logo. Embossed on the front of the magnetic helmet is some kind of a symbol, perhaps a logo. Using the same molds, but different colors, Cragstan also produced Ranger Robot. The third companion piece is the larger sized Mister Robot. Joe K.
MAN FROM MARS - IRWIN - USAPlastic wind up astronaut. When wound eccentric wheels in the base allow the astronaut to move forward with a waddling action while the arm lifts up and down. Hard plastic with clear round dome helmet with rubber antenna. Red version and the scarcer yellow version with green tinted helmet shown. Other color variations are known.

At least two molds were used: one has a larger eagle and clearly defined toes; the other has a smaller, more compact eagle and no toes.

The earliest sighting is in the 1952 Blackwell Wielandy catalog. It was widely advertised from November 1953 on. United States
MAN IN SPACE - ALPS - JAPANA lightweight astronaut with a propeller is made to fly by the radid turning of a crank, or in the second version, by battery operated remote control. The two known versions of this toy are pictured here. The plastic hand held device is cranked to produce flight. The other version uses two batteries and a motor in a lithographed case. There are slight variations in the wording on the boxes, and some differences in the artwork. Compare this with the Earth Satellite version also by Alps. On sale in September 1958.
MAN ON MOON - COSMO - HONG KONGA large white plastic Apollo spaceman carrying a suitcase and a metal detector type "magnetic suction blinker". The astronaut has a substantial blue backpack. Yellow remote control. Battery operated walking action with turning head and blinking light in the detector. The Apollo theme suggests a date around 1969-70.
MANITIDE NERA, ROBOT SERIE DRAGON - GC GIO CO - HONG KONG A plastic battery operated Japanese character robot. Based on an Attacking Martian design with opening doors and shooting guns. The robot has a yellow body, black arms and legs and a distinctive Shogun style head. Made in Hong Kong for the Italian market. Dated 1980
MAQ EL ROBOT PARLANTE - LEDY - MEXICOMexico Lost in Space robot. Similar to the Remco version but appreciably larger. See photo for comparative size.

It's called MAQ robot meaning La Máquina or 'The Machine'
It stands about 14 inches with many actions
1) It talks in Spanish by pushing a lever tht works while the robot is in motion (if you can catch it)

It says in Spanish: Insufficient information. Does not compute. My sensors perceive an external threat. Logical deduction. We have left the Solar System. The atmosphere of this planet is not breathable.
2) Inside the dome the "spinner" actually spins while in motion
3) A red light spins in the panel below the dome. It's a black disc with holes in it so light only shows through in spots creating a sequence.
4) The chest plate lights up. The top portion changes in different rainbow color
middle has moving lined colors, the bottom has white light. It's all done by rotating film.
5) The arms are poseable .
6) A bump and go action which is rather weak because the motor is overstretched.
(Thanks to Bart for this write up and the pictures.)

Lili Ledy was the premier toy company in Mexico and had the rights to G.I. Joe and Stretch Armstrong. Due to Mexican law at the time that restricted imports, Lili Ledy would gain the rights to the toys and produce them in Mexico. Often wrongly percieved as knock-offs, Ledy toys offer alternative versions of US originals. In the case of MAQ, one wonders why the robot bears no sign of its famous Lost in Space pedigree.

The robot has been identified in a 1971 Lily Ledy catalog.
MARS EXPLORER, RED VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPANA red lithographed tin battery operated tin robot on wheels. The head has lithographed versions of blue fly eyes printed onto the flaps that cover the face. The chest panel is marked MARS EXPLORER. This is effectively a combination of robot and astronaut.

Robot moves forward, stops; chest door drops down and guns fire. Face panels open to reveal astronaut face.

There is also a silver grey litho version of this robot. The box for the red version is the one that depicts the silver version of the robot.

MARS EXPLORER, SILVER/GREY VERSION - HORIKAWA - JAPANA silver lithographed tin battery operated tin robot on wheels. The body has a rather abstract pattern of shaded rectangles. The head has lithographed versions of the red fly eyes printed onto the flaps that cover the face. This is effectively a combination of robot and astronaut.

Robot moves forward, stops; chest door drops down and guns fire. Face panels open to reveal astronaut face.

English and Japanese versions of the box are shown.

There is also a red litho version of this robot.
MARS KING - HORIKAWA - JAPANDark grey lithographed tin robot. The distinctive feature of this robot is the fact that it has working rubber tracks giving a tank-like movement. In addition there is a clear TV screen in chest with a lighted space scene. The robot moves forward with siren noise while the television screen light. The space scene is of a Thunderbird TB1 from the Gerry Anderson series.

There are two versions of this toy: a robot head and astronaut head.

The astronaut version is that of the of the astronaut from an Attacking Martian and the box art includes the face detail. The robot version has a fly eye head. The box art for each version reflects the different head, though the rest of the artwork, including the name, remains the same.

The shoulder usually has factory touch ups to cover distortions of the metal formed during pressing. The treads frequently perish. The originals were joined together with metal connectors.

The robot version appears in the Spiegel catalog for 1968 and the astronaut version is featured in the 1968 Galoob catalog. This suggests they are contemporary. Treads. Caterpillar.

On sale in December 1968. The Radar Scope Space Scout astronaut and robot 1st version (1969) use the same heads as the Mars King.
MARTIN THE MARTIAN - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin and plastic battery op. Advances with bump and go action as his body grows, his arms stretch, eyes light and mouth opens and closes.

Also made for Mego in a box with the name Krome Dome. This version, Martin the Martian, would appear to be Yonezawa's own. The robot is the same, the box is different. 1968
MECHANIC ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANBrown/black tinplate battery operated robot. Walks forward while bright light swirls around inside chest lighting up clear lights around edge. Gears spin continuously while in motion. Every few steps he stops and rotates 360 degrees with all actions in motion, after a few spins body resets and continues along his way.

Unique action: Light show reflects off of chin section adding extra fun. This is one of the Yonezawa robots that were made by Metal House and look like typical SH robots.

English and Japanese box versions.
MECHANICAL COMMANDER ROBOT - YONEZAWA - JAPANTin wind up skirted robot. Until the discovery of a box this was known as the Orange Robot or the R Robot (the R on his belt). It is a rare variation of the Yonezawa skirted robot pressing. The ears look similar to those on the Alps TV Spaceman and the eyes look like those used for the Mighty (Athlete) Robot. The blue Cragstan (Y) Spaceman and red Cragstan Astronaut have exactly the same body pressing. c1967 Item No 807
MECHANICAL DALEK - CODEG - GREAT BRITAIN1960s tin and plastic clockwork Dalek. Tin lithogrpahed skirt with plastic upper body. Mystery action. Available in blue, black and (not confirmed) yellow. The mechanism is based on the motor from an earlier ballerina toy which had the same random motion required by the Dalek. 1964 Made in Swansea, Wales.
MECHANICAL MARTIN THE MARTIAN - MAKER? - JAPANOctopus like tentacled Martian tin windup. Four long legs and a long central key.
MECHANICAL MIGHTY ROBOT aka RACCOON ROBOT - MITSUHASHI - JAPANThis is a very brightly lithographed tin wind up robot with spark.

Pressing used for other robots including the Robot 5 by Kanto and the TV Robot by Sankei. M in triangle logo. This has long been called the Raccoon Robot because, in the absence of the box, one of the distinguishing features is the raccoon-like eye mask. The box has the serial no M-1124

Shin Nichi Kogyo company.
MECHANICAL MIGHTY ROBOT EARLY VERSION - NOGUCHI - JAPANAn extremely successful robot judging by the number that have survived. This is a metallic green tin wind up robot with paddle feet. Spark window in chest. This is the earlier all-tin version.

Dated to 1968 in a Helen Gallagher-Foster House Christmas catalog
MECHANICAL MIGHTY ROBOT WITH SPARK - SU - KOREATin and plastic wind up paddle foot robot. This is a metallic blue litho version of the Noguchi original. Apart form the color, the other distinguishing feature is the use of red vinyl for the paddle feet. The feet are easily damaged. Plastic key.
MECHANICAL MISSILE ROBOT - TPS - JAPANMade by Tokyo Plaything Shokai, English name Toplay Ltd. (trademark T.P.S). Small plastic wind up stepover robot with firing missiles and sparks from chest. Chrome silver plated plastic body. Height: 5.5" MADE IN JAPAN is embossed on the back of the head. TPS Japan

Black version also shown.
MECHANICAL MOON CREATURE - MARX - JAPANTin wind up bug insect. There is a litho variation.
MECHANICAL ROBOT (WIND UP EASEL BACK ROBOT) - LINEMAR - JAPANTinplate lithographed wind up easel back Circa 1956. Advances with stepping motion. Rectangular chest design with red circle containing two lightning flashes. Coiled spring antenna on the head.

This is virtually identical to the Yonezawa version except that the robot has a Linemar logo on the back and comes in a front door (One piece) box also with a Linemar logo.

Image Morphy's Auction

MECHANICAL ROBOT (WIND UP EASEL BACK ROBOT) - YONEZAWA - JAPANTinplate lithographed wind up easel back . Advances with stepping motion. Rectangular chest design with red circle containing two lightning flashes. Yonezawa link. Coiled spring antenna on the head. On sale November 1956.

This is virtually identical to the Linemar version except that the robot has a Yonezawa logo on the back and comes in a two-part box also with a Yonezawa logo.

MECHANICAL ROBOT - (RIVET WIND UP EASEL BACK ROBOT) LINEMAR - JAPANLithographed wind up tinplate Easelback robot. Advances with stepping motion. Light blue version with rivet details, a circular yellow chest panel, dial, and black backpack with lightning flash. 6" tall. Sometimes known as the Polkadot Robot. Coiled spring antenna on the head.

Two slight variations are known: red v black ears, Lightning strike backpack v plain black backpack.

The box art depicts the robot's rivet detailing. It does not have a Linemar logo on the front but carries the company's slogan on the end panel. It is a "front door" box, that is the box opens via an end flap, rather that being a two part box.
MECHANICAL ROBOT - MAKER? - JAPANA small red plastic robot with a rectangular body and square head. Simple chest detailing of gears. The robot stands on a thin plastic foot plate. Wind up action: the robot shakes and moves forward. This is a very small mini robot.
MECHANICAL ROBOT - PAPADOPOULOS - GREECEThis is a Greek release of the Noguchi Mechanical Sparking Spaceman. Tin wind up sparking paddle foot robot. This version has thin yellow plastic arms rather than the forward pointing tin ones of the original. No antenna. "Lego" spark window. The distinctive lithography includes a mask effect around the eyes. Greek. Pi logo. Date?
MECHANICAL SPACE MAN - SY/YONEYA - JAPANtin lithographed astronaut robot. Wind up paddle foot with gel covered spark window in the chest. Four arm spinner antenna. Litho oxygen tanks. Two litho versions shown: 1: light blue with white head and brown paddle feet 2: green with orange head and pink paddle feet. Yoneya. Two window box versions shown, slight wording variation. spaceman
MECHANICAL SPACE MAN With Swivel Antenna - SY/YONEYA - JAPANLight blue tin lithographed astronaut robot with orange head and silver paddle feet. Wind up paddle foot with gel covered spark window in the chest. Four arm spinner antenna. Litho oxygen tanks. Yoneya spaceman
MECHANICAL SPARKING ROBOT - NOGUCHI - JAPANTin wind up robot with spark. Stepover feet. original. One of the "W" robots. Variations exist based on different hand and antenna types. This one has the knob hands and no antenna. There is reputedly a version of this robot with a different gel spark window.
MECHANICAL SPARKY ROBOT, SPLIT LEG - SY/YONEYA for FRANKONIA - JAPANSilver litho tin wind up version of the SY Sparky with split, ie separate legs, unlike the more common joined legs. Japan Imported by Frankonia. See also the blue Wind Up Sparky Robot version. On sale in September 1967.

MECHANICAL WALKING ROBOT - ASTROIDS SERIES - TARHEELBlue plastic wind up robot with red arms and legs. The robot has a pyramid like shape with a small blue head inside a large clear plastic dome. The yellow chest contains with a large spinning wheel. Walking action with spinning wheel. Sold in a plastic display box. Part of the Astroids series. Tarheel is a US import company. On sale in 1969.
MECHANICAL WALKING ROBOT - SY/YONEYA - JAPANSmall bullet shaped tin wind up with paddle feet. Metallic blue lithography with dials. Large red eyes. The box art clearly depicts this version of the robot but it appears to have been used for others in the range. Robot 7 has been seen in this box. Robot 7 group.

MECHANICAL WALKING ROBOT AKA SHAKING ROBOT - AOKI - JAPANPlastic wind up robot. Red body, red arms, chrome silver trim. Moves with shaking or vibrating action. This is a Japanese box version also sold with blue arms as Mr Robot. and Robot - Free swinging Arms. Notice that the box uses artistic license to depict a robot with separate legs. The robot should have two antennas. The key can be either a metal removable one or a fixed plastic tipped one.
MECHANICAL WALKING ROBOT BLUE VERSION - SY/YONEYA - JAPANAka POLKADOT ROBOT. Small bullet shaped polkadot windup paddle foot robot. Metallic blue version. The wire key is characteristic of the original versions of this much reproduced style of robot. Robot 7 group. Noguchi connection.

It is probable that this robot was sold in trade boxes. There is no evidence that it is associated with the blue Walking Robot box.

MECHANICAL WALKING ROBOT GREY VERSION - SY - JAPANAka POLKADOT ROBOT. Small bullet shaped polkadot windup paddle foot robot. Metallic grey version. The wire key is characteristic of the original versions of this much reproduced style of robot. Robot 7 group. Noguchi connection.

It is probable that this robot was sold in trade boxes. There is no evidence that it is associated with the blue Walking Robot box.
Mechanical Walking Robot S-1472 - Maker?Red plastic wind up stepover robot. Variation of the silver robot. Large yellow eyes. Box depicts robot walking on a small moon.
MECHANICAL WALKING ROBOT WITH SPARK - SY/YONEYA - JAPANVersion with spinning antenna. Tin wind up paddle foot robot. This is the SY (Yoneya) version. The same robot and box also appear with the Noguchi (N) logo. Carries the serial number 7622 as compared with the 8622 of the Noguchi version.

On sale September 1967.
MECHANICAL WALKING ROBOT, ROBOT 7 VERSION - SY/YONEYA/NOGUCHI - JAPANSmall bullet shaped windup paddle foot robot. Silver version. The wire key is characteristic of the original versions of this much reproduced style of robot. Robot 7 group. The individual boxed version was released by SY.

The robot was also sold in trade boxes of a dozen. The tade box is an enlarged version of the individual box, but it carries the N Noguchi logo.

MECHANICAL WALKING SILVER ROBOT - AOKI - JAPANMechanical Walking Silver Robot, chrome plastic wind up robot. Stepover legs. Spark window in chest. There are two box variations of this toy and a bagged version with header card. Fancy Aoki Toy logo.

MECHANICAL WALKING SILVER ROBOT - ESTRELA - BRAZILMechanical Walking Silver Robot, chrome plastic wind up robot. Stepover legs. Spark window in chest. This is a copy of the Aoki original. Box?
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