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Johillco Lead Hollow Cast Spacemen - Johillco - England

1 Spaceman standing with arms held up. Device with hose attached to waist in right hand. Clear plastic helmet.
10 Spaceman standing with long space rifle held at his waist aiming to his left. Clear plastic helmet.
11 Spaceman standing with long rocket pole held aloft in left hand, instrument held at waist level in right hand. Clear plastic helmet.
12 Spaceman standing, bending forward with pole device in right hand resting on his thigh, instrument in left hand. Clear plastic helmet.
2 Spaceman walking with hands by his sides, trailing a ball on wire in right hand. Clear plastic helmet.
3 Spaceman standing, right hand by his side, the left hand aloft holding two ball equipment. Clear plastic helmet.
4 Robot standing with both hands held up. The Archer robot. No plastic helmet.
7 Spaceman walking froward with body turned right, knees bent, arms down, holding device in right hand. Crest on helmet. No plastic helmet.
6 Spaceman standing with legs spread, holding space rifle across his chest. Complex space helmet with balls. No plastic helmet.
5 Robot with large rectangular body and short legs. Hands by his sides. Suitcase Robot. No plastic helmet.
8 Official (Intelligent Alien) spaceman standing with feet together and hands on hips, Pointed hat and cape. No plastic helmet.
9 Spaceman standing with legs spread and arms held out by his waist. Empty handed. Clear plastic helmet.