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A brightly lithographed tin and plastic battery operated. Yellow body with black arms and legs.

This imaginative robot advances with walking motion as he raises, shakes and dumps his cart wheelbarrow. It is stylistically a natural companion to the Fork Lift Robot. The basic frame is that of the large battery op Horikawa robots, though the yellow box shaped chest is structurally simpler with considerable litho detailing.

A prototype appeared in a catalog in 1972 and went on sale the same year. The prototype was based on a New Fighting Robot (1971). The model that went into production was significantly different, possibly because a different manufacturer, Suzugen, was used. There are a number of variations of this robot:

Three cart versions: a prototype tin one, a production tin one and the more usual plastic one pictured here.

Three hat versions:
1 Arguably the earliest - a ribbed hat.
2 A plain hat, narrow brim with black stripes and Japanese writing on it (the name of Japanese construction company)
3 A plain hat with a wider brim
A red hat versions exist, though this is probably transplanted from the Fork Lift Robot.

Two leg variations: a plain leg and a leg with considerable knee litho detail

Two feet variations:
The usual short foot shown here, and a longer foot that probably was designed for the Fork Lift Robot

There are other minor variations. This can add up to quite a range of versions.